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    Assam Violence – A Direct Fallout Of Votebank Politics

    Tarun Gagoi has missed the plot by a galaxy distance. Or maybe more. Repeated instances of violence erupting in the state, resulting in loss of life and valuable, only shows the incompetency of the chief minister. It even becomes more critical as he also unfortunately happens to be the home minister of the state as well. The latest ethnic violence that is rapidly engulfing the north-west part of the state is yet another example of the failure of the state machinery in controlling the mob since everyone was quite aware of the brewing unrest for a long time and still no action was taken to nip it in the bud. More than a lakh and half of people are already displaced and taking shelter in makeshift refugee camps, already 38 people (till last reports received) have lost their lives and around 25000 passengers strangled at various places of the state are few parameters to judge the scale of the calamity which is rapidly turning into the largest humanitarian crisis in our country since independence.

    If sources are to be believed then everyone including the police chiefs were aware of the deteriorating situation from July 5th. The worsening situation by the hours was aware to Tarun Gagoi as being the home minister. Yet no steps were taken to pacify the situation and the people in power conveniently slept over it as if it is a non-issue. Now from Kokrajhar to Sirang, half of Assam is up in flames with every possibility of it spreading to the remaining half sooner than later. While it was well within limits to control it by using the state machinery alone, the politicians and law-and-order protectors looked the other way and let the situation gravitate to a level that 20000 odd army personnel needed to be called in to control the situation. And what we got to hear from the chief minister on this? ‘The government of the state shouldn’t be blamed’. This statement not only shows the CM is still as much concerned as he was to begin with but also the insensitive and idiotic attitude towards all those innocents who quite unnecessarily have to lose their lives. But the real scary part of the statement is the lack of conviction in controlling the situation and an outright clueless approach on the issue at hand, which doesn’t give much confidence that such unfortunate incidents are not going to repeat in future, and a very near one at that. In nutshell when his own state is up in flames, this idiot is running all around the place convincing people, his high command and media of his innocence than taking steps to stop it.
    That said can we really blame Tarun Gagoi entirely for this mess? I mean, could he really have avoided such situation to arise all of his own? Even though a big association of him in letting this chaos to galvanize can’t be ruled out, yet still he can’t be blamed for everything.
    Here is the thing. The first reportage of the clash came in the form of a very surprising official statement. It read – ‘There is an ethnic clash between the indigenous tribal and settled Muslims’. The crux of the nuisance seems to lie in the very official statement that is released to the media. The first question that arises from it is, what is this settled Muslims nonsense is all about and how you can define one to be that? If you say the phrase is self-explanatory in nature as it means the Muslims not native to that place but migrated there to settle then isn’t every Muslim in India falls to that category? Aren’t the Muslims of Gujarat also are settled Muslims then? We in India never had Muslims as its original constituent. All of them have migrated and settled here. Didn’t they? Why so specific about the Muslims of Assam then? Or is there more to it than just a statement? Though the gray heads issuing such statements are not quite aware of the veracity of the statement they are delivering, it still remains something which should deeply be analyzed. Though it can be termed as an innocent mistake and rectified later, as they did with this statement as well, yet the underneath truth shouldn’t be brushed under the carpet.
    The truth is, when it comes to Assam, we have a healthy 30% of the population as Muslim. And most of them are migrants and that too illegal. Here the word migrant has some literal meaning because they are the refugees from Bangladesh who keep on crowding the state every day. The porous and unprotected border line with Bangladesh is not helping the cause either. Even the attempt of Vajpayee government to seal the border by fencing didn’t materialize fully because of a hostile terrain that contains rivers and rare forest land. Though it still could have been done in some manner, the succeeding government of UPA just didn’t heed into this matter of national security and concern. For reasons best known to the big mouths of Congress the activities of fencing were abruptly stopped once they took over in 2004. This lead to a mammoth 600 odd kilometer of border line that still is not fenced nor monitored the way it should be. Random cattle traders, timber traders and other petty criminals keep on switching sides as per their convenience. The movement on this unmanned international border is so rampant that it has become a route to heaven for many narcotics traders. Since we have become too vigilant at our borders with Pakistan, we even can’t rule out this passage being turned into a safe gateway for Jehadis to infiltrate into our country. Lakhs of Bangladeshi migrate to our country every year without any objection and settle on the tribal Bodo lands disguised as natives.       
    Now the question is – What the government is doing to stop this? And the answer is nothing. The government is doing nothing, not because there is a lack of avenues, fund or manpower but because they don’t want to. Free entry to outsiders in Assam hence is more out of design than compulsion. The Congress party which seems head-over-heels in patronizing these immigrants to the hilt doesn’t stop at that. Rather coming on them with heavy hands these guys embrace them with motherly affection. They are issued with ration card, voter ID and even BPL card in due course of time. In a matter of couple of years, the Congress in connivance with few sycophants turned NGOs work overtime in transforming these bloody refugees as our own citizens. And this systematic approach at sabotaging our national integrity is going on for decades together. There are even instances of refugees standing for election on the basis of the official documents supplied to them. These migrants who have swelled exponentially in last decade or so, even now are in majority in many tribal parts of Assam. And these are the same rascals who time and again show their original color by pouncing on the innocent native citizens in the name of their bloody religion. Even though it is not that big a worry, worrisome is the behavior of our government every time such untoward incident happen, which at best in a civilized way can be termed as ‘Ostrich like attitude’.   
    Now one wonders; why all this? How come a responsible government can allow this to happen? The long answer to the question is Vote bank and the short answer is Vote bank as well. There seems a close association of dirty vote bank politics in the region for things to go out of hands. The migrants are in full knowledge of the central government and the powers that be. Rather throwing them out for illegal entry, they are rather nurtured and gracefully welcomed with goodies so that they turn into potential vote banks in the future; or even present. Lakhs of voter cards are issued to random duffers without realizing the consequences in the long run. And the consequences of such overzealous act are there for all to see. Even the migrants are at times encouraged to take the law in their own hands. A classic example of indifference on the part of our government is when the issue of Chakma refugees hit the headlines. A bunch of migrated scumbags created mayhem among the locals only to instigate an ethnic conflict. The then Assam as well as the central government allowed it to carry on for ages till at least a good six dozen died. And what was the response to such criminal act – Rather throwing the rascals out of this country they rather were allowed to settle down with all state honor while our own men were told to lick their own wounds. All because of the vote bank that a golden opportunity to set things on track was squandered. Had we been harsh in dealing with the Chakma refugees back then, I am sure the fifty that died during 2008 or the 38 that are dead now wouldn’t have lost their lives.   
    I am not sure what could be the solution to this. Whatever the solution could be but for sure it can’t be one directional or for that matter even two directional. There has to be a three way cooperation between New Delhi – Guwahati – Dhaka for things to improve. But before that there need to have a strong intent for fixing things once-and-for-all. Does any stake holder have that intent? Not sure about Dhaka but for sure I don’t see any intent either with New Delhi or Guwahati as long as Congress is ruling at both the places. As it is, when asked for a permanent solution for this problem, one senior Bangladesh army officer on condition of anonymity answered – “First ask your own government. Do they really want this infiltration to end?” Golden lines I must say and perhaps the gist of the entire blog.


    1. Votebank politics has ruined India more ways than one. So true in exposing Congress double standards

    2. It looks dangerous - and the same happened in West Bengal. Our great communist party was behind the whole game and they reaped the benefit too!! Its frustrating ... and no solution in sight .

    3. What better is expected of Congress, a secular party. I am sure these same illegal immigrants will prove to be very costly for Congress in future. But the unfortunate part is it's India and its people who suffer.

    4. Dear author, can u clarify the following lines in this post:
      "A classic example of indifference on the part of our government is when the issue of Chakma refugees hit the headlines. A bunch of migrated scumbags created mayhem among the locals only to instigate an ethnic conflict. The then Assam as well as the central government allowed it to carry on for ages till at least a good six dozen died. And what was the response to such criminal act – Rather throwing the rascals out of this country they rather were allowed to settle down with all state honor while our own men were told to lick their own wounds. All because of the vote bank that a golden opportunity to set things on track was squandered. Had we been harsh in dealing with the Chakma refugees back then, I am sure the fifty that died during 2008 or the 38 that are dead now wouldn’t have lost their lives."

      Kindly be specific and explain - when and how the Chakma issue instigated ethnic violence in Assam which led to killings of a number of people. u have touch a sensitive issue and blaming a particular community without any basis.

    5. Tezang u may have forgotten history or probably our schools today teach history that is convenient for some people in this country but Google never forgets and never deletes any history. So google and find out what the chakma issue was.

      About Votebank a very simple solution is to introduce 100% compulsory voting. All votebank nonsense will stop.

      In fact today there are many political leaders who wish to do good work but are hampered and hamstrung and blackmailed by votebanks. If all the voters in their constituency are force to compulsorily caste their vote then these political leaders will be free to take decisions in the national interest and not ONLY In the interest of a few minority votebanks.

    6. @Tezng
      Are you really serious in asking how Chakma refuges started all this? I mean really? Sorry friend, it is a real big story and unfortunately I don't have that much time to elaborate. Try Googling mate. Might just help you visualize the truth.

      Great Day!!

    7. Congress has been always anti - Hindu and it is showing it here too!!If they want to give whole of Northeast to bangla desh let them tell it openly!!Soon whole northeast will become Muslim-Christian majority and India will have to raise another 10,00,000 soldiers to just keep northeast in India's fold as we are doing in J&K with 7,00,000 soldiers!!muslims are allowed to grab land in India but Hindus are not allowed to hold on to their land !!

    8. In fact Congress is the communal party and the likes of Salman Khurshid,Manmohan Singh[yes,"Minorities have the first rights on country's resources"],Digvijay Singh etc!!Its Congress which should be referred to as Communal Congress instead of BJP!!

    9. even god cannot save India from our dumb political class.

    10. An emotionally ruined family , mirrors Indian secularism! Of the two kids, the elder was normal, God fearing and obedient; whereas the younger kid ailing with fits, was adamant, possessive and weak. Family Doctor recommended delicate and sensitive handling of the second kid and avoid physical punishments! The parents resorted to punishing the elder one whenever his kid brother erred, which was often, to make an example, as it was against doctor’s advice to punish him directly! So much resentment built up in the psyche of the elder boy that over a period he turned aggressive, violent, losing respect for parents, institutions and authority!

      The Indian polity and media need to honestly introspect if the country is to be saved from ruination and stop treating minority communalism with kid gloves in the name of secularism, causing resentment and estrangement in majority community!

    11. We all are responsible for this as we have elected this incompetent govt.
      no where in the world happens...livivng as refugees in their own land....

      I think we all have to unite and fight back.

    12. Even after ten years this so called pseudo seculars talks about godhra riots...but why dont they talk about this assam riots...

      Where is Teesta.....?

    13. Even the Remote control and Robot of india represents from assam....

    14. Polticians need to be thron out of our country

      As youth we are not doing anything except Working for MNC's.

      Common We have enough power to destroy these visionless Politicians.

    15. Soon in the name of vote bank politics... this congress will convert hindustan to Islamistan..

      We can stop this only if all hindus unite and vote to a single party.....

    16. Naresh the robot got elected to the RS from Assam with the declaration that he is a resident of Assam!!!

    17. What is the % of muslims in govt jobs, how many Sugar factories and public sector units are chaired by Muslims, How many colleges and educational institutions are chaired by Muslims, why Sachchar committe's suggestions have not been implemented. The problem is the more educated a muslim is the more secular he will be , and the more educated a hindu is the more communal he becomes, and in this context the bigger problem is literacy rate in india is growing. There is need to look at the reality, if someone is suppressed to this extent then get ready for a spring effect. This author has a prejudiced thinking, with lack of knowledge he even has written all muslims are settled, where r u man, read the history of India, if that is the case all hindus are also settled, India was the land ruled by Dravidiens, where from Aryans have chipped in then. Just anti muslim thinking without even knowing what real hinduism rather Vedicism is. Have u ever even read any vedas. U are a hindu just because u are born in a hindu family, go and read ur literature, r u really follwoing the true religion. Its my humble request to u please go thru the translation of vedas and quran. and stop spreading this venom and partition in society, already we have enough of fascist politicians to do so. Get well soon. May god bless you.

    18. Campaign and canvass on the internet for 100% compulsory voting. This will stop all votebank nonsense.

    19. SK
      If u need govt jobs u need to apply and earn it.
      Nobody has stopped Muslims from doing it.

      If u want to chair Sugar Factories u need to make money and buy one or join a political party and be appointed to one.
      Nobody has stopped Muslims from this activity.

      If u want to chair Public sector units u need to appear for the UPSC exams and get selected.
      Nobody has stopped Muslims from doing this.

      Sacchar Commitee? If u appoint another commitee to look into the problems of Hindus, another for Christians etc u will find similar reports being published. Isnt India a secular country? So why do u want a Sachhar commitee only for Muslims or any particular religion? Why not just for the Poor Indian!!!

      Educated muslims are secular? Do u know that the guys who used airplanes as missiles in 9/11 were highly educated. Do u know that the guy in London who gatecrashed Heathrow was a postgraduate professional. Do u know that Jinnah was highly educated?

      Educated Hindus are communal? Gime data!!!

      It is not education or illiteracy that makes a person communal or secular! It is the religion itself. If u claim monopoly over God or certain religious practices, u can never be secular!!! Are minorities in India secular? This million dollar question needs to be answered first.

      Who has suppressed you? How are u suppressed? U need to give data and not make off the cuff remarks!!!

      Spring effect!!! Sure, that is what happened in the Mumbai riots, the Godhra riots and so many other communal riots.

      Nowhere has the author written all muslims are settled. He mentions specifically that Bangladeshi Muslims are settled. Perhaps u wish to ignore this due to ur religious affiliation with them.

      India was a land of Dravidians where Aryans....Cock and bull story!!! Give evidence pls. Why dont u go back into history and find out how u became a Muslim and who ur ancestors were before they converted! Dravidian? Aryan?

      Yes I agree with u all Indians should read the Vedas Quran Bible Guru Granth Sahib and all other good literature from great ancient masters. It will help.

      I would also like u to find out what happened to the Hindus in Kashmir! The people currently living in Kashmir did not read the Koran properly?

      Also what is happening to religious minorities in the various Islamic countries in the world? Are those Islamic citizens not reading the Koran properly?

      Pakistanis are not reading the Koran properly?

      Nobody wants violence!!! But if u play with fire u should not complain if u get burnt!!!

    20. SK if all the money that is being pumped from Saudi and other Islamic states into India were used for the education of Muslims in India instead of building mosques madrasas and funding terrorist activities u would be better off. Dont blame the people of this country of the govt. Nobody has stopped u from getting educated or progressing.

    21. SK if I am a hindu because i am born in a hindu family then u are a muslim why? Because u are the chosen one in the chosen religion with the one and only one God!!!????

      First stop thinking like a muslim muslim muslim all the time. First think like an Indian and then think like a Muslim.

      Minorities in India want everybody else to be secular and broadminded and broad hearted. But they have to look within themselves and find out if they are really secular????

      When u become a little majority in an area u drive out all the minorities and then demand azaaadi and a seperate islamic state!!!!

      Try sermonizing to them!!!

    22. SK dont worry according to our very honest PM then Muslims have the first right to resources in this country so soon u will get everything dont worry.

    23. Suppression? Spring effect? Boy u have the nerve. India did not go to invade Arabia!!!

      The Arabs came and Invaded India barbarically like animals!!!

      That is how u are a Muslim now!!!

    24. Mr. Anonymous,
      Great! I although every word was perfect in meaning and perspective, i chhose to underline the one golden line. EVERYBODY should think like an INDIAN FIRST . Then only like one from a section converted from Dravidian or Aryan or A Vedic. India ki Kha Rahe Ho, Think like an Indian Yaar.

    25. well there is a problem with muslims yaar .. it is seen all over the world ... let them look inwards .. whats the problem ..
      I heard all riots start from mosques after friday prayer where hot headed men gather and lit the fire ..let them allow women and other religious sections inside the mosque .. let their prayers sermons and not be so closed and open to all society .. that way things can improve...