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    Cricket Politics Or Are We Shameless?

    In reply to a Tweet of mine Rajdeep Sardesai scribed – “I support India Vs Pakistan cricket series but let’s not expect it to solve political differences”. I agree as a cricket lover myself to see the old rivalry reigniting in the park like any other cricket enthusiast. What else one as a diehard fan of the game can ask for than the regular encounters involving these two great cricketing nations? No two ways about what Rajdeep said as long as you don’t look beyond the semantics of the game for the heck of it. The moment you look beyond those fours and sixes or the occasional Kangaroo jumps of Javed Miandad to mock the opponent, it is all shoddy. Shoddy not because we are planning to play against the national team of our perpetual enemy number-1 but because the environment that is surrounding us as neighbors is not at all conducive for anything; let alone playing a game of cricket.

    Now here is the thing. Most of the nations across the globe have some differences or the other with their neighboring countries. Differences are at times of minimal magnitude like that the Germans and the French enjoy. While at other instances the differences are too wide for comfort, like that between Iran and Israel. A quick glance at the last half a century relationship that we enjoy with Pakistan, it requires no Nobel laureate’s intellect to realize that it belongs to the latter category than the former. In just a span of sixty odd years since we were separated we have already fought two major wars with a third one like the Kargil which Islamabad is vehemently denying of having any hand till date. The diplomatic relationships are no rosy either. In an attempt at garnering the zonal supremacy, it always was a cat fight among the diplomats of both the sides every time they met. There seems to be a long list of issues between the two countries which no one is sure if it could be resolved someday. From Kashmir to international water dispute; from Line Of Control to the Indus Water treaty; it is only hostility that is all over the place. We two countries are so poles apart that we are not even approachable to amicably agree to disagree. Millions of bilateral discussions to bridge the differences not only have failed miserably but rather have widened the differences further.
    Does anything on the above paragraph suggest that we should get into a game of cricket fro logging everything else? Of course we can in the name of the so called goodwill gesture but is that what we Indians really wish to do or need to do? Attempt at establishing peace is futile if both the parties don’t accept the mutuality and agree to take a step forward. Nothing would be achieved if we commit ourselves to mend our ways for the sake of peace in the region while the other party remains as stubborn and rogue as they were to begin with. I mean after such bitterness which further is kept bitter by design through hundreds of terror attacks on our soil in disguise of a proxy war, do we still believe it is only obligatory on our part to walk that extra mile just because we are a bigger and more responsible nation?  Can we really forget the innocents who were killed by the Zihadis from that side and go on a hugging spree on a cricket pitch? Can we just ignore the fact that it is the terror organizations like LeT, JuD, Harkat-Ul-Mujahideen in connivance with their state owned institutions like ISI plan, design and execute terror attacks on our soil with a sole motto to kill our own brothers and sisters? Can we really forget the bloodshed and go ahead playing games with them as if nothing has ever happened and yet not become a laughing stock and termed as outright shameless?
    Let’s see why we shelved any cricketing ties with Pakistan at the first place. Once the involvement of Pakistan as a state in 26/11 was cleared beyond doubt we thought ‘enough is enough’. We can’t just tolerate someone backstabbing us every time we wave an Olive branch. Along with many things the cricketing relationship also got hit post that unfortunate incident. That was a day and yesterday was another day when we conveniently decided to end the proxy apathy and have a game of cricket sooner than later. Now the question is – What significant that happened in-between for such change of hearts? Perhaps nothing. Then why such a questionable U-turn? All this while our conviction was they not only instigated it but also tried their best to safeguard the rascals who perpetrated such inhuman act on our soil. While we were busy writing dossier after dossier they were engaged with their full time activity of denying everything that we had to offer. All this while we were all but licking our wounds for the death of two hundred odd innocents and they were covering up an unpardonable act officially. From scientific evidence to eyewitness accounts, everything was one by one thrown to the dustbin as if we as a nation are full with idiots to cry foul for an entirely nonexistent phenomenon. Even the self-confession of the apprehended joker didn’t found any takers at their end. The confession of many, starting with Headly to Jundal were out rightly rejected as piece of rubbish. The overture was in fact so much flabbergasting that their external affairs secretary went ahead terming the proofs supplied by us are nothing but piece of literature. Now the question arises again – are these the kind of guys with whom one would want to play a game at the international level?
    When we see the culprits of humanity are still at large and enjoying a state security it hurts at times to realize how oblivious can a sovereign nation having a so called democratically elected government can be for the plight of the innocents. More than India, Pakistan largely is an enemy of humanity, if I may say so. The issue has got nothing to do with that it happened in India but the fact that it was an attempt at massacring humanity and peace. What matters really are the deaths of those innocents and yet the nation, whose citizens are perpetrators of such heinous crime, is as indifferent as Mika Singh to music. And it certainly is not acceptable. For God’s sake, how can we so easily forget the death of our own brothers and sisters and get padded up for a game? Are we that impotent and shameless?
    If not for anything, we at least need to have some sympathy for all those who died because few lampoon elements think the entire planet is against their bloody religion and it is they who are the last men standing and defending it. In the name of religion these buffoons go on killing innocents while their nation which is anything but rogue, defends the act by best of their abilities. Bastards are at the helm of merrymaking and a so called rubbish nation keeps on defending such creatures even though they call themselves sovereign. Filthy, sounds like an outright understatement. Can we really be party to such nations and conveniently forget the atrocity meted out on humanity? Perhaps, we shouldn’t.
    Now it is for the gray heads at our external affairs ministry as well as BCCI to elaborate the reasons they feel are good enough to resume cricketing ties. What is that specifically improved on the points for which we stopped playing at the first place that we all of a sudden decided to revisit our decision? The same attitude in defending the culprits. The same arrogance in admitting their mistakes. The same nonchalant response to whatever we have to share. No action whatsoever against those who were directly responsible and last but not the least, the thugs are allowed to spew venom against India and claim to inflict injury to us by thousand cuts. So why such generosity from our side without gaining anything? What is that we are going to get at the end of the day for such shameless display of hospitality?
    The country needs answers since we deny to be taken for a ride just because few jokers at our end has a sudden change of hearts for reasons best known to them. Answers are needed because the thing is one can’t be right always. Either the decision to shelve cricketing ties at the first place was wrong or this latest shameless decision of resuming it soon. It can’t be right on both the instances and it is time that those who took such childish decisions both the times must stand up and answer. To hell with your ‘Aaman Ki Asha’; had enough - Let’s deliver justice to the innocent dead first.


    1. Are you still in doubt mate? We are SHAMELESS. Period!!

    2. Perfect thought. From the day I started understanding Ind-Pak relationship, i witnessed many efforts for bringing forward cricketing relationship which actually resulted nothing. You will definitely find some morons arguing that sports is above politics and the spirit should never diminish. Ask those morons and they will struggle to give example of even one incidence when cricketing ties helped relationship between the countries. Just look at what Sahid Afridi said in an interview after worldcup 2011. Do we still need them to come here and play? A word for those morons - there are people who are bigger lover of cricket than you and they lost someone in 26/11. A game with the rouged country is like rubbing salt on their injury. Please don't try to imitate the stupid SRK.

    3. This is Rajiv Shukla's mischief. Period!

      See boss Pakistan is nothing but a part of undivided Punjab and Sind.

      Meaning the rascals in Pakistan are Punjabis and Sindhis on the other side of the border just as we have Punjabis and Sindhis on this side of the border.

      The only difference being they are descendants of Punjabis and Sindhis who shamelessly converted to Islam purely for economic reasons or for personal safety reasons and surely not for the love of Islam!!! Exceptions could be there of course.

      Now look at the Punjabis and Sindhis living on this side of the border. Look at the massive superiority complex that they have. Most of them are bullies! And of course nothing can beat them in cheating in business trade or any other transactional event. I call them Mr. Natwarlals!

      Take a group comprisinng a Punjabi Sindhi Maharashtrian Bong and a south Indian and more often than ever u will find the Punjabi and Sindhi trying to boss over the others or trying to outsmart the others more often unethically.

      The DNA of these guys on both sides of the border are same. Possibly the DNA on the other side is a bit more corrupted with Arabic DNA of the barbarians from the west.

      I am so much reminded of the Pandavas and Kauravas. I leave it to u to decide who is who.

    4. My advice is simple. Why waste time and energy on a game that benefits only:

      1. 12th fail illiterate cricketers who suddenly develop an accent once they enter the big league.

      2. Fixers.

      3. Corporates.

      4. The kind of women who drop their clothes at the sight of a wad of currency or a high end car.

      5. The cricket bodies.

      U and me have to slog our backsides for our bread and butter, lick the same boss's backside day in and day out, take the same package tours to the same places, pay our home loans until we retire, ogle and fantasize at all possible women except one's wife who would wear the worst possible things at home but be decked up like a concubine when she goes out, be lucky enough to use her like a sleeping pill at night or use just u know what, and of course be happy with a matchbox apartment or some of u may even have to be satisfied with ur common toilet chawl or slum room.

      It is the 1 to 5 categories who go laughing all the way to the bank at our expense and we are not even aware that we are being had for most of these games are FIXED.

      Now why in the world would u want to watch this game!!!

      As far as Pak is concerned this series is only being planned for votes and u know votes of which kind. Elections are due in some states very soon. This is nothing but pure mischief!!!

    5. Indian Govt. should arrange a meeting of our guest cricketers with general Kasab alongwith dinner with President. This will certainly help in coming election(s).

    6. Basically one of the comments regarding Sindhi/Punjabi is important to understand the issue with us. We are divided. Division has been done historically as per divide and rule policy. This is still being done by rulers (read politicians) on many grounds including religions, castes,ethnicity...and so on. And this is evident more at the time of voting. There is very little hope to see any dramatic change in people's mindset and hence any good change. And who will answer your question?? They have not yet answered any of the grave corruption charges - then this is a non-issue.

    7. Anonymous Indians need to hero worship. Until they do this their day is not over. Look at all the shameless film and tv stars peddling sex and violence on small and big screen as well as at new year get togethers and making a luxurious living out of it. Of course exceptions are there. Rajesh Khanna was one. His movies were clean.

      Our cricketers are no good than these stars. I would rather cheer Pinki Pramanik, Punia, our badminton girl, but pls not that useless sania whatever!!!

    8. Yes we are divided but which society is not divided?

      Human beings are racist by nature. U need to analyze it very subtly.

      Look at how the rich behave with the poor.
      Look at how the clean behave with the dirty.
      Look at how the fair behave with the dark.
      Look at how the upper caste behaves with the lower castes in all religions including minorities.
      Look at how the men behave with women and women behave with men.
      Look at how one religion behaves with another.
      Look at how one lingo behaves with another.
      Look at how one cult behaves with another.
      Look at how one social club behaves with another.
      Look at how one community group behaves with another.
      Look at how one NGO behaves with another.
      Looka at how one state behaves with another.
      Look at how one political party behaves with another.
      ....... and so on.......

      The whole issue is purely economic security and the issue of control over it.

      It is ingrained in human DNA and cannot be removed.

      Yes, we can try to remove it. No harm in that.

      The bigger issue is political leaders trying to cash in on this divide for their personal gains. That is where all the problem starts.

    9. Common! we already played World Cup Semi Finals with them for no options. Then why the fuss. I know we should have banned Pakistan forever. But after playing in 2011 and winning we never talked of the same. So why talk now.

      If we really are concerned about the 26/11 attack then lets ask to have a final battle with them, and destroy them forever.

      We all know we can do this, but we ourselves never support for such a battle due to certain reasons:

      1. Our economy will be demolished completely and our own peoples will be dying with hunger and poverty(suicide).

      2. We know that all the attacks from Pakistan is only through the political class and military. Thus punishing the entire Pak population is wrong.

      3. We will loose an upper-hand in international negotiations against any nation. Thus loosing the international market as well.

      The only tme we could have done it was in 1948.

    10. Also the pseudo secular politicians (sic) played into the hands of pakistanis vis a vis the balochistan episode and then the home minister chidambaram wilfully told that the samjahauta train incident was the handiwork of the so called safforn terror (not a single case has been proved) obviously to pacify the muslim votebank. this has given enough ammunition to the pakistanis and they are very well aware of the govt. soft corner towards the minority community and will continue to cock a snook at india.

    11. Manish was 2011 played in India?
      Was the Pak team invited to India to play 2011?

      Ur points 1/2/3 is not rocket science and even a schoolboy/girl is aware about it.

      We won Independence by waging a war or because of the Noncooperation movement and AHIMSA?

      If u think ur cricket is more imp than the 1000s of familles whose lives have been shattered because of the loss of near and dear ones then pls u may go to South Africa or Dubai to watch ur Cricket team play Pak.

      But u will not see them playing in India. Sorry!!!

    12. Manish Sharmaji yes we are concerned about 26/11 but we need to have an intelligent solution and not a duh solution.

      War is a good solution for a country like the US that has drones and can do whatever it wants without much of international pressure.

      India cannot go to war with anybody in its neighbourhood. There are repercussions.

      China also has problems with India but does it go to war. It uses other tactics and it carries weight

      Similarly India can opt similar strategies.

    13. Answering to Anonymous(1st):

      Yes, 2011 WC semi-final was indeed played in India and our dearest PM (MMS) invited Pak PM (Yusuf Raza Gilani) to watch cricket of 7 hours match leaving behind other important works of a PM (remember every minute of a PM is important). But it was taken litely by media as it was looging as positive aspects of Indo-Pak talks only.

      Of course, the WC was a tournament of ICC but India being a host country has to invite every country playing in WC, which includes Pakistan.

      Cricket is just a game which you had to play even with your arch enemies. Here what we are doing is mixing cricket with politics and terrorism.

      Please note: I am not a fan of Cricket. But I support any sports with anybody and win it for the country, keeping politics aside.

      To the Anonymous(2nd) above:

      Yes sir, even I have not talked of a war with any of our neighbours citing certain reasons. And I am also positive on talks solution to all the problems India has with Pakistan. We should be solving with strategic talks.
      The Cricket Game was an announcement of BCCI for play with Pakistan, and not of Indian Govt. Thus, it is a sporting call rather than a political call. The media should keep it away from politics. But we the people are also interested in media talks of mixing sports with politics. Still when the cricket will show on TV the entire nation will watch with empathy and excitement.

    14. @ Manish

      Series is arranged by BCCI? Seriously? is it that Black-And-White? You mean a non-cricketing tie of last four odd years has got no hand of our Government? Someone must be kidding out here. YANN.....

    15. @DJ
      Of course there is a political hand, even the BCCI was ruled by a corrupt politician. ICC was also ruled by the same person a month back.

      What I am talking about is Sports and not politics. Whats wrong in playing. Emotion is different.
      After 26/11, our then Defence Minister was talking of attack on Pakistan. That is emotional attack, that could have been done. Even all the population was supporting it. But was that feasible in case of India. For US it is feasible. But for no other country in the world it is a sane talk. No country can afford War. There was a bomb blasts in England and the roots were in Pakistan. Even being richer than US as per density and a permanent seat in UN Security Council like US, England neither attacked Pakistan not talked of attacking it.

      You only know, we did played after 26/11, that in India, and nobody was talking such things. We, being the people of India, should support sports.

    16. What is wrong with India's thinking process? A country of 1.2 billion people cannot get more than a single gold medal in the Olympics in the last two decades? That again in shooting! Even if cricket is included in Olympics, there is no guarantee that India will be winning one all the time. Look at the big neighbor to the north! They took most medals last time (2008) and will probably be #1 or #2 this year. India - in the the name of democracy is doing a mockery of the nation! Yesterday, Swarup Das (Comedian singer - in the Great Odisha Political Circus) said ministers are bears who are after the honey of the government treasury and they will be licking that honey as long as they have that post. I am adding a few more lines to that - once the door to the honey is open, there will be other animals, ants, insects, and crooks and retards who will be licking that honey. That is what happening in India. The people are getting fooled in the name of democracy. I see two solutions:

      1. Restrict some forms of freedom and have some emergency measure for nation building (what Singapore, Korea, and Taiwan did). If that is not palatable, then
      2. Employ swat teams of secret police, auditors, etc. whose identity will be secret and they will go after scams, ministers etc. Who will guard them, a select few - with high moral and high patriotism (possible from the defense and other sectors).

      I do not see much other alternatives as we do not want to be like China.

    17. Manish ever heard of a journalist turned politician called Rajiv Shukla. He is the BCCI guy. Very close to MMS and u know who and also a minister now. So see the politics in cricket.

      Every single cricket association is headed by politicians.

      My dear friend this match is being arranged only to please a particular kind of vote bank in India for their votes and nothing else.

      The sorry thing is intelligent ppl like u fall sucker to such gimmicks.

    18. Manish yes we should support sports. Isnt sports associated with Gentlemen?

    19. Those who have opposed sports between the enemy nations over 26/11, I now want to say that India has allowed FDI from Pakistan in all sectors other then three secured ones.

    20. @ Manish Sharma

      son, please get your brain out of your rear.