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    Joining The Government Is Rahul Gandhi's Last Chance

    Rahul Gandhi always reminds me of that emperor who was too arrogant to listen to other’s opinion so much so that he ended up roaming around the streets naked, with a belief of being fully clothed while the sycophants (or may be fearful) citizens praising the magnanimity of the non-existing outfit.

    Blessed with a silver spoon and surrounded by a hell lot of sycophants, the so called prince of the Congress party was never able to see the larger picture or the truth of the matter. Never did the prince realized the writing on the walls because he was always crowded by a lot of ‘Yes Sir’ kind of chaps, who were busy with their buttering acts than bringing out the real concerns or tabling the uncomfortable truths that needs some urgent attention. Never did the prince realized the truth being far from what he is been forced to or he himself being too arrogant, want to see. Little did he realized that politics is not all about having a popular surname and that too a borrowed one at that. Little did he realized that success in public life comes after working for the populace or at least pretending to work for them than parroting the same stanzas every time one opens his/her mouth and flaunting the surname more boldly than what porn sites do with flashy colors.
    But I don’t blame Rahul entirely. Though he shares a major chunk of the reasons for his failure time-and-again, the sycophants that fill the Congress party at every layer are equally to be blamed. Honestly, when one gets surrounded by people who never will allow the person to realize his own failures or mistakes, one’s vision tends to get blurred at an alarming rate. And Rahul as it is a person who never had any vision to begin with. The rapid growth of this complete novice among the ranks of the Congress party without any contribution or achievement what so ever has left Rahul with a belief that he is the savior of the party to start with and a major crowd and vote puller to end with. While in realty he remained a big failure in everything that he touched upon or even decided to touch upon. Rather he himself being proactive in admitting the faults or his party men coming forward to let know the bitter truth, he always was hailed for whatever little success that the party garnered. For every small success he was unconditionally bestowed with all the praise while for failures he still was praised for his efforts and a whole lot of jokers willingly agreed to take the blame.
    A little analysis of the recently held UP elections will tell you where Rahul failed miserably and how a hoard of his party men and women tried to do a cover up so that the media criticizing of the hire apparent remains minimum. A person of his repute and alleged class (pure Congress version) after camping in the state for close to two years in the esteemed company of Digvijay Sing, spending half of those two years in Dalit huts, taking all those non-existing rapes and murders in Bhatta-Parsaul to the prime-minister and vouching close to a million times for development in the state if elected, has to bite the dust the rough way when Congress scored even less than what they had achieved in the last edition, without him being anywhere near the campaigning area. We could have ignored this setback, had it been Rahul Gandhi’s first failure, but No; if I am not pathetic at mathematics, then it could easily be the failure no, something beyond 10 of the prince. Had it been anyone else from Congress, I am sure he would have been thrown out of the context long back, let alone been allowed to commit mistake after mistakes.
    While the expectation was all but a knee jerking treatment of Rahul Gandhi post UP debacle, it turned out to be an entirely different proposition. A lot of sycophants from UP stood up and started taking the blame on themselves, without being ordered (as per Congress HQ) to do so. From Rita Bahuguna Joshi to the motor mouth Digvijay Sing, all were as if in a race to take up the blame for the humiliating outcome. Even though I agree to Digvijay Sing for taking the blame since the shunting that Congress received from the UP voters could easily be directly proportional to the arrogant outburst of few Congress stalwarts like Digvijay Sing and Kapil Sibal time-and-again, it still kind of an irony to see a bunch of so called leaders trying their best to cover up someone whom they think is capable enough to become the prime-minister of the country someday. A leader, if he is capable to lead a nation must also be capable to defend himself and courageous enough to stand up and take the blame head-on for the failure. But No. Logic, ethic and norms don’t go hand-in-hand with Congress policies, more so when it involves someone from the Gandhi family. Hence it was not at all a surprise to see bootlickers numbering in thousands lined-up before 10 Janpath to readily take the blame and hail the prince for his noble gesture of visiting them during the campaign. This is not how one nurtures a true future leader. Rather this is how one brings up a pampered kid who in future invariably either gets caught from a rave party while smoking cocaine or mows down his/her papa’s Mercedes on few hapless daily wage laborers sleeping on the footpath.
    Look at the recently concluded BMC elections. The prince was equally active on the Mumbai horizons since the days that duffer Raj Thakray suffered from a sudden bout of north Indian epilepsy. Surrounded by thousands of police personnel and an equal amount of bootlickers he travelled across Mumbai on local trains and alleged to have consumed few packets of Bhelpuri with his fellow passengers (provided they were not beaten and thrown out of the bogies by his bodyguards). An entire Maharashtra Congress went gaga over the Rahul impact on the common masses of Mumbai, only to realize later that it is Balasaheb Thakray who is still the tallest leader of the state, even though he is 85 while the dynamic and so called 42 year old prince are Amul babies in comparison. And what was the reaction of an entire party after this drubbing, still being in the government? You guessed it correct – ‘Rahul has left a strong impact, even though the impact never got converted to votes since a bunch of jackasses of the party didn’t know how to cash-in the hard work of the Prince’.
    Instances are plenty where the sycophants have time-and-again tried out of the box tricks to cover the failures of the prince for reasons best known to them only. This rampant attempt at unnecessarily highlighting a caliber less individual and project him as the flag bearer of the grand old party has made Rahul Gandhi anything but irrelevant. He in fact has turned irrelevant for the party itself, even though the bootlickers won’t agree to this fact. Joke doing the rounds when Rahul decided not to campaign for the Gujarat polls as a setback for Narendra Modi is only a testimony that someone who is hailed as the leader to watch out for in future is in realty a political joke at large; thanks to all the sycophants which strangely form a large section of the party.
    Now the question arises – ‘What Rahul Gandhi could do now’? The answer is, not much. He has rapidly elevated himself to a position where he has become a white elephant for the party. Henceforth neither the party can be too confident in assigning him full authority in states which are sensitive and important for Congress, nor they can dump him to the nearest gutter as they do with other leaders. The task is cut out for Rahul Gandhi from now on. Yet again, he can't leave his jingoisms either. So while doing a balancing act between his gimmickry and his not so dynamic image, the prince has to remain relevant in Indian politics too. And the only way I see him achieving (if at all) this herculean task is by getting into the government and taking up some responsible job. That said it still looks a double edge sword. Failure as a minister for sure would shut the door on his political future since it would prove him being equally rubbish as an administrator as he is as a so called charismatic vote puller. Though the risks are high it still is a better option for him since if he continues just as a campaign manager in various states and roams around with clowns like Digvijay Sing and many other jokers, the dooms day is not far away. At least he stands a remote chance of reviving his image if he joins the government and shows signs of good and bold administrative qualities. But first and foremost, he must realize – ‘The days of flaunting a borrowed surname has long gone’. True leaders are always rooted to the ground and seldom flaunt their ego to the same people who would cast their votes to decide his/her fate. 
    And yes, breaking all ties with a certain Robert Vadra would be judicious since he is another of those, other than Digvijay Sing, who can get you shot by just standing beside you. So grow up Rahul!!


    1. Why do you worry about Rahul? Let him go to hell. It is better for India if he fails more and goes out of sight.

    2. Dear @Cynical,

      Such is the plight of most of the politicians of this great nation.

      After reading this article, only one question remains in my mind...When will we be back to that Glory as once we were? OR will we ever see that day once again in the future?

    3. Rahul@42 years,is an young,eternal prince in waiting for Congress party sychopants.Dreaming is good for them but reality is always starker!-PK

    4. The wannbe Bairam Khan's of the Grand Old Party have been under the illusion of chaperoning a modern day Akbar. Very likely that they have been mollycoddling a "Bahadur Shah Zafar".

      The decline of the dynasty will augur well for India. Hope your analysis is accurate and the inevitable (good) will happen

    5. It's too early to write off anyone in politics, and this is true with Rahul Gandhi too.

      Whoever comes to power in India, the utmost challenge will be to unite everyone and get buy-in to run the country and change the policies and good governance, whch I feel is very difficult as we are divided today as individual state or caste. We may crave for glory thinking one leader is better than another but as Indian people are more educated they are divided by their own thoughts. Say for example most of Indians think Narendra Modi is ideal candidate for PM post. Our expectations are so high from him, and if he fails becuase his say is mere compared to other regional parties in natonal politics, then we try to get console from other leade may be Akhlesh Yadav or Nitish Kumar etc..
      Corruption is there everywhere, even a person struck with traffic police try to get out of him as soon as possible to get back to his actual work by paying bribe; he/she thinks they don't have time to goto court and pay the fine.. this is our India and we keep on blaming government by knowingly unknown that we only created this culture..

    6. Hope he has some guuts to campaign in upcoming elections in Gujrat. NaMo will finish him off completely, I hope and wish.

    7. Yes, this is the last chance fo Rahul to join the Government. Dont miss the bus BABY...
      Coz I am sure there wont be a tomorrow for Congress

    8. I agree with you Naveen. I have seen an obsession with people hating Rahul. If he is irrelevant to Congress and to the country why write 600 words articles on him.

      People go on describing how he has failed and then give him advise on how he can rectify his mistake. If he did rectify his mistake, the very same people would then slam their foreheads.

      Those who dislike Rahul, when they showcase his failures feel very contended and peacocky. I would say may RG rest wherever he is and not be on the Indian scene.

    9. One Anonymous above wrote the real problem of corruption and how Akhilesh and Nitish have been trying to get a few good things. Uniting the country for a single cause is not easy. However, can we learn somethign from Singapore, Korea, Taiwan (or even China)? Are we folks willing to have some restrictions in democracy in return for a high-handed corruption control police? Can we setup a secret police system who will go after big scandals - like the swat teams, where accountants, highly trained police (like US Navy Seals), auditors, lawyers who will converge on a case and finish it off quick. The court has to have a bench for rapid action to solve these cases. The identity of these people will be kept confidential - possibly in the office of the President (not sure about the constitutionality here). Also, there needs to be some check on them so that they do not go astray. If you vandalize public property, will will be caned. If you rape, you will be castrated. A few strong punishments are needed. It is possible to do it - but needs a strong man.

    10. Whatever you right on this Prince Baba, it has happened in the past and history repeats itself. Even Pilot Rajvi Gandhi had no political experience nor did he serve the countrymen but then...chaired the PM seat. So is in UP, Akiles Yadav (never heard of him before mulayam winning elections) surrounded by samajwadi daakus licking mulayams stuff...is crowned CM......betterment of people, development of Nation, doing Kargil, implementing POTA does not wins elections but rampant loot, a$$ licking of minorities under the garb of secularism does wins elections....compare congress rule to that of NDA rule.....NDA lost 2004 despite good work in 1999 term....

    11. y do u call him rahul gandhi? call him raul vinci first. he has not explained to the nation in which identity he takes pride - indian, italian or(indian + italian)/2.If he has no respect for this country, he should not expect it from this country either.

    12. v need a leader like Narendra Modi. he possesess al the skills of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel(True India n not a pseudo secular Indian)