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    First Stop The Nonsense Then Corruption

    Let me be honest – I am little tired of people accusing anyone and everyone who dares to draw an opposite thought on the movement against corruption. The general perception of one has to be an idiot to question what Anna Hazare or Baba Ramdev is doing is not only scary but illogical. Hell, even the perception is spreading quicker than the number of pseudo seculars in India. Let me clear this. I am not against Anna or Ramdev or even Ram Khilawan Dhobi as long as the idea is nationalistic. And certainly what Anna wants to sell us is not only nationalistic but also the need of the hour. No two ways about it and trust me when I say this because I am no Abhisekh manu Singvi who talks big on morality during prime time and by the time it is night, does exactly the opposite on YouTube.

    For starters, neither supporting Anna Hazare makes you someone of high moral automatically, nor questioning any of his steps makes you one pathetic human being in turn. Or else we wouldn’t have an ostentatious number of grander quality molesters and cell phone snatchers around Anna’s fasting venue. If shock waves have already flown down your spine by reading till here then the exit route of the pain is just closing the browser, not throwing at me those pathetic high morality syndromes since I know you routinely pay the bloody railway ticket tout to book that Tatkal one for you. At least I haven’t done that yet. Hence a suggestion; don’t even try to machinate with the standard throw away of morality like an average cyber networking clown going forward.
    Getting back to the topic; how many of you believe Anna has achieved something? Seriously? And I don’t expect emotionally charged brigade almost in the verge of crying as if they have finally seen how a well-fitting suite looks on Rajiv Shukla and answering ‘A Lot’. Be logical. Will you? You don’t have to choke your throat with emotions every time Anna Hazare name is whispered in your ears. It’s not a bloody Shahrukh Khan Movie script that I am narrating; God damn it.
    Coming back to the question of Anna’s achievement, I would say nothing. Other than keeping himself starved, talking for weeks on various corruptions as if we otherwise were dumb like door stoppers to not have noticed it, letting all his team members repeat the same lines again and again like ACP Pradyuman, making a hell lot of people take out symbolic marches (even I have attended half a dozen of them and even have shouted ‘Anna Tum Age Badho, Hum Tumhare Saath Hain’) across India; the achievements are anything but significant. The only achievement that I can see coming out of this year long agitation is he made our so called prime minister (many might not be knowing) Manmohan Singh to speak not once but twice. To be candid, if one asks me for a perfect example of ideas getting into a cohesive force and then going haywire, I would not look much beyond Anna’s fast. I had my full support when Anna took to the stage a year back. That was necessary for our otherwise doggy government to heed on what the citizenry of the nation wants. But making an overture of it time and again looks a little ordinary. At least not up to the rank which I had set for Anna Hazare and his team. Standing on stage and just blaming the corrupt might look fancy and enchanting but in reality it even doesn’t make the thugs yawn for once. More annoying was the manner in which the fast was called off after some kind of assurances. You take assurances of our political class with seriousness? Really? Then God bless you all. Fool’s paradise could be so gargantuan; I never had such imaginations of it. No sooner on expected lines, the scoundrels retracted back on what they had to promise to an entire nation and we were back at the square one or may be zero out of nowhere. No wonder Anna would have felt aggrieved and so does many. But does that calls for another fast and a possible repetition of the same scenes frame by frame till we again land up at the square one? Couldn’t there been a better route that should have been carved out by the grey heads of Team Anna? Was it that necessary to stage another fast in Mumbai as repugnance, only to call that off for reasons which nobody knows. And we just had the third one which yet again been called off for reasons nobody knows. Not even half of Anna’s own men. This is ridiculous when you actually make a mockery of yourself since you termed this movement as a motion of the nation. Along with Anna an entire nation is mocked.
    If all was not enough, what we hear now? A political party? Seriously, I wasn’t expecting a joke as an end product of this Anna movement. Haven’t we got enough political parties to make the ballot paper a three page affair already? I am sorry I should have termed it as ballot book. Have we achieved anything from all these parties over a period of six decades? We have so many idiots around who readily float a new political party every second day, I could easily do without another. Spare me please. All these political parties are nuisances at large, irrespective of who the founder is. For this, even a simple affair like casting your vote is becoming one confusing matter. My wife, precisely for this only, once had to mistakenly vote for a guy from some ‘Nationalistic Jansangh Ulema-E Hind’ party. Need a break from this. I pled.
    By the way, what this Baba Ramdev is up to? Though I had some kind of conviction with what Anna had to say earlier, I never had any faith on this guy. His first edition of fasts where he had to learn some tough Laathi yoga was nothing but humorous. Flanked by a funny looking chap called Balakrishnan (I seriously feel sorry for him) Baba was all over the place blaming every damn living thing (including Sharad Pawar) of the planet. That was hilarious until a heavy Laathi charge that surfeited the entire drama so much so that he has to run away in a ladies suite. I also feel sorry for the poor disciple on what she might have worn after giving her dress to Baba so that he could protect his modesty. Who will take responsibility for the death of that hapless woman who was agitating alongside Baba? Well go ahead and spank that idiot Kapil Sibal but yet still, the reasons for this unnecessary loss of a life remains unanswered. Can Baba stop winking his left eye for a moment and answer in clear terms, what he has done for the family of this woman, other than crying before the media ‘Hame Barbarata Se Mara Gaya, Pita Gaya’? This is nonsense when you use people for your own personal gain and leave them to die since you believe you have repaid them by providing a plate of Aloo-Puri during the day.

    Alas, he is at it again for the second time at the same venue where he was humiliated a year back, pretty much doing the same Nautanki. Only hope he is carrying a pair of Salwar-Kameez and the venue is well equipped for the agitators to evacuate in the event of another Laathi Yoga session.
    So Guys, cut the crap and pretty quickly at that. Days of Mahtma are long gone. In today’s time an odd Ansan might put you on the cover page of Time magazine but nothing much beyond. Forget about eradicating corruption, it can’t even force the corrupt to scratch their balls and think seriously about the repercussions. And dear Anna Hazare, my faith towards your movement was for an entirely different idea, which certainly wasn’t you forming a political party but for something which I hope you still remember, goes by the name ‘JAN LOKPAL’


    1. It's not upto your mark

    2. What happened! Very inspid writing this time. I guess the fundamental aspect is that our nation does not beleive in ' Live and let live'. Unfortunately, it's 'What's in for me'. This attitude has to change. The younger generation look for 3 things 'Money','Girls' and 'Sex'. Nobody gives a damn about nation. Just a matter of time...when things go from bad to worse real truth is going to come out. And those days are not far of.

      Jai Hind..Happy Independence day

    3. looks like u takin a detour!

    4. This stupid writer is just good at showing off his writing skills and doesn't offer/suggest any solution.

    5. I Second Ramesh Kumar..

    6. You lost steam too early. What options do we (or for that matter Anna) have facing a govt that dilly-dallies on effective laws and does everything to derail lokpal. Congress does not want an effective lokpal to be passed because it cuts their revenue stream, it is not originating from Sonia/Rahul so the credit goes elsewhere, etc. With this situation, I see only 2 options: 1. change the system: float a party, get clean candidates win, enter parliament and show how clean politics can be done (which is what I think Anna team wants to do), 2. fight the system: take up arms. If option 1 fails, option 2 will follow - a revolution is bound to happen. Now, if you see any other solution, pls post it.

    7. ...option 1 happens only in Anil Kapoor's Nayak & option 2 happens only in Amir Khan's Rang de basanti.....followed with candle light march.....i intend to get in to candle making business...forseeing lot of revenues....

    8. Taking about Anna's achievements with these kinds of movements, I beg to differ with you. His kinds of movements has only given us the RIT law in 2005. Now a similar movement(for Jan Lokpal) has passed the Lokpal Bill from the LokSabha. It was not been cleared by the Rajya Sabha where the so called opposition has majority. Don't get me wrong, I am not supporting the corrupt UPA. It is just the counting of achievements of Anna's movement. The same Lokpal Bill was there in the Parliament for 4 decades and was not passed by either of the houses of the Parliament. Lastly, we all know (including the team Anna) that JAN LOKPAL will never get to the Parliament also, so be happy with the LOKPAL.

      Moreover, on forming his own party, Now, I agree with you on some points. But still I am positive on his political agenda also. Just remember when we were having only Congress to be voted to Power(without any alternative) in the Parliament, which was broken by JP's (Shri Jai Shankar Prasad's) movements of similar kinds, which gave us the another alternative to the Congress in the name of BJP. Also there are other parties, but at least we have some alternative now.

      Thus, on a positive note, I hope that Anna's movement also give us something of similar kind.

    9. You just keep blabbering away without providing any solutions.. What according to you should have been Anna's next step?? Do you have any ideas?? If no then stop writing these kind of meaningless stuff...

    10. not expected such a stupid article from Being Cynical, was a regular reader of yours, but if it has sided with Khangress to disrespect the people against it , than i am not with u nd going to discontinue visiting ur page, really disgusted and dissapointed. Be Constructive instead of critics

    11. @Unkown

      My readers (like you)are priceless for me. And trust me I am not getting paid from Congress to write for them. Mine is a free thought page.

      Just complaining since I felt we are just wasting our time by organizing such agitations because this is not going to impart anything on our corrupt politicians. So just thought if there could be bigger and better way available and that can only be possible if we realize we are going to achieve nothing through these Dharna and Anasan

    12. Appreciate ur above reply.
      Criticizing in constructive way is acceptable, but i dn't see any positive in ur article, u dn't suggest any "bigger and better way" to keep common man's issues. If i as a common man dn't hve right to complain than is it becomes necessary i fight elections? Wht r other ways to show anguish to Govt?. U hve to bribe for birth, even death certificates (i hve experienced vry recently) and to whom u will complain abt this.
      If u reply to this then enlighten me hw can i avoid giving bribes for the smallest of the work done from Govt.

    13. @Unknow

      Sure. But not in the comment. My next blog would be on how to avoid bribe. Promise...Watchout for this space. Coming soon in couple of days

    14. Well I believe me I read all comments, and surprisingly I saw all said one common thing, which is you just keep writing and criticizing and not providing any solutions. At the most in your all article either you make fun or suggest people to stay away from xyz...

      I realize the same since I started (6 months+) reading your blog. Well I don't want to repeat what people said here in comment nor what I think.

      But rather like to throw some light on many historical KRANTI in all around the world. Do you remember any huge change has come over to society in few years, I don't think so, they took decades... And here we are dealing with very organized powerful corrupt system, this will also going to take not many but one decade.

      So my suggestion is that use your writing skill motivating people and support any and every movement which is against corruption, because during our Independence many reporters has lots their lives (Great Shahids) who reported so well and create wave of awareness against Britishers.

      I will close my comment here saying that what if people who was supporting independence movement has lots their faith and support during many Shahid's struggle such as Tatya tope, Nana Sahib, Chandrasekhar Azad, Chandrasekhar Azad, and Bhagat Singh... So keep supporting till we are not again free from corruption...

    15. @Unkown & Rest

      As promised, I have posted a piece on how to avoid bribe in India...Your feedback is being eagerly awaited for :)

    16. Any suggestion you would like to make! Yeh bhi nahi woh bhi nahi to kya! I think those bootlickers have atleast a stand and they are better off then you. Smart person will chose best amongst choice available rather then discarding everything

    17. Were u bullied by Renuka Chowdhary or Ambika Soni or Kapil Sibal to stop writing blatant anti establishment pieces or face the consequences of an IT/CBI/DRI/ED/NIA/NCTC/ABC/DEF/GHI/JKL....XYZ raid on ur premises?

    18. Dude If Anna Hazare can change the lives of a whole Village I will trust him to do the same for whole India. Arvind kejariwal is probably the best orator I have come accross recently. Imagine to deal with the crooks of Indian govt when you have no backing whatsoever but a belief that yes India can be changed. I admire both of these. As far as Baba Ramdev is concerned, he is fine as long as he remains out of politics.
      We people in India get bored of things very quickly. The revolutions do not happen in a year.. They continiue for years and need constant fuel of sacrifice. Dont you feel bad that the same moron who did not extend the parliament session on Lokpal is awarded the vice president post again? I support Anna and Arvind and Ramdev. I dont care how long it takes for them to deliver but I am sure they will deliver.

    19. Dear Writer,
      What you are writing is completely true and the thoughts about baba ramdev are really superb. Many people are asking for solution which you didn't provide.
      Only the citizens of India can save the nation. By supporting Anna Movement doesn't mean are really care for India. We should do small things like pay taxes on time, follow traffic rules, stop bribing, care for other people on streets, at home, at work.
      I want to add words of actor Atul Kulkarni on this issue: "Doing nothing will not lead us to anywhere. If every citizen performs his task really well, then our conditions will surely enhance".

    20. nice article
      Nice heading
      awesome writing skills
      I can imagine a day when every some other frustrated tom dick or harry will start yellin anti corruption bullshit standing in front of a mike
      And throw himself at the crowd
      Anticorruption Rockstar

    21. Open Question to Arvind Kejriwal---
      Arvind Ji I am an admirer of yours though I never, not even for once, supported Anna, because I am principally against people who want to be heard without being answerable. This trend in our country was started by M.K. Gandhi, then nicely followed by Bal Thakrey & epitomized by Sonia Gandhi. Then enter Arvind Kejriwal who showed guts to be answerable & entered Politics. Then started all kinds of grandeur of exposures. We loved it then came your fast for not paying the electricity bill which I personally consider your attempt to APE anna & gain some publicity & that's OK with me after all you are in politics now. But then you recently announced if your party come to power you will legalize all unauthorized colonies. I find it contradictory for the person who is a crusader against corruption, As the name suggests "Unauthorized Colonies" are a product of corruption, also this is injustice to honest law abiding citizen who builds house only in authorized/legal colonies even if he pays more, My question is how can you encourage corruption? I can only c 2 reasons for it-1) For you corruption only means money taken or favors given by Govt. Machinery 2) You are also in Vote bank Politics.old adage Be Careful of the Monsters you fight lest you become like them,seems to be coming true.