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    Is Freedom Of Opinion A Crime?

    There is something terribly wrong with this country. Isn’t there? No, not because of the entire citizenry but because of a handful. The same set who unfortunately, somehow manage to hoodwink a lot of people, time and again to make their way into our national politics. By the same colony of folks who approach the common man with folded hands at one time but conveniently show the middle finger at later stages when their job is done. By the same arrogant self-serving congregation who conveniently brush aside pertinent and nationalistic outcry by coining phrases like ‘Elected & Electable’. The same set of individuals who in the name of democracy have only got lies, loot, corruption, indifference, Mafiosi and gimmicks to offer for last sixty six years.
    The latest tantrum that is been thrown at us is a direct attempt at sabotaging our fundamental right of free speech. For reasons nobody knows, our democratically elected (could you believe?) government has gone ahead obstructing the free speech of, just about anyone who don’t agree to toe their lines. From working professionals to businessmen; from housewives to students; a lot of them are been issued with an indirect gag order since the uncomfortable questions that they were asking was too bitter a truth for people in power to shallow. No questions asked; no answers awaited; just like an average street goon who brings along a bunch of his own men to beat the hell out of the person who opposed his eve teasing, our government as confused as a toddler in a topless bar came up with their knee jerk response against the individuals who were time and again pointing at their loot, corruption, communal behavior, appeasement and incompetence to name few. No wonder the questioning mass was getting too irritable for our corrupt and inept government since the questions were hitting them at all the wrong places. But the order to block them from questioning is just not comprehensible and acceptable as well. Being in power doesn’t and shouldn’t mean you hold all the aces and you just can’t be questioned and that too for your bad behavior as individuals, party and coalition.
    Now here is the thing. Contrary to our corrupt and incompetent government’s belief, we Indians have far more serious (not as much serious as that of Rahul Gandhi’s though) and important thing to do than just sitting in front of our computers and vitiate against the government all day. We have a lot of thing to accomplish in a day which also includes our livelihood, our job, our safety which thankfully has gone for a toss because of yet another set of appeasing policies and most important, contributing to the nation building which for sure our political class is not aware of. And we are ignorant and forgiving largely to even direct harms inflicted at us. We seldom (at least majority) venture out on the streets and throw stones at our security forces or burn police vehicles as a certain section of the society do. We are a bunch of idiots who even would forgive the nasty creatures who unfortunately form the majority of our politics if they readily agree to come out and slap themselves in public every six months. That said we still are concerned when things go a little too far. We voice and shout for answers when we see blatant violation of ethics and frameworks that our constitution has laid out for us. We get uncomfortable when we see people whom we have elected to govern are engaged in doing everything but what they are designated for. We feel cheated when we see our hard earned money been slandered and vamoosed by few to satisfy their greed, nefarious intent or may be for party fund. Is it a crime asking for free and transparent governance? Is it a crime to ask people to stop their nonchalant behavior and act responsibly? Is it a crime to ask for the details of the massive loots? Is it a crime to ask for maturity than gimmicks? If yes, then I am sure more than half of India is criminal. Well for the incumbent government at least.
    I am annoyed because I feel I have been taken for a ride by a bunch that in gentler term at best can be termed as sycophants. And what I hear when I ask for the reasons of such vicious attack on my right to opinion? You guessed it correct. I am surprised to know that my acts, actions and questions are a threat to our ‘National Security’. National security? Seriously? Are we as a nation so vulnerable that we can’t even stand our own criticisms? Are those 140 characters that I scribe on my Twitter textbox so intoxicated that we will disintegrate like a pack of cards? Are my questions meant to dig out the truth so potent that it will bring a tsunami of uncomforting eventualities for one and all? There is seriously something amiss amidst the chaos, which is not there in reality but our government wants to artificially project for reasons best known to them. In a democracy everyone has an opinion and you ought to respect that. You can’t just deny people having an opinion on your inadequacies because that is what makes you uncomfortable. If you can’t respect the views of other’s then you stand no privilege of having your own.
    The arrogance of being an elected government is more annoying than their attempt at blocking all sane voices. While looting the nation with lakhs and crores of money in everything they had put their hands on and yet expecting the whole nation to act as a mute spectator like hour honorable prime minister is one thing but going ahead to formulate guidelines to make sure that it happens is a clear case of treachery. Treachery towards the nation; its citizens who have voted with all faith and of course our constitution which doesn’t accommodate such idiocy in any manner. From corruption to power brokerage; from pathetic policy making to appeasement; you can’t just keep on indulging in everything that is bad for the nation and expect the nation not to outrage on whatever platform they get to vent their anger. Twitter is not the bloody Congress party where one needs to have the approval from the high command before it gets published. If you being a staunch sycophant you believe the rest of the nation is like you then the problem is with your psychedelic nervous system, not with the sane minds that refuse to take your nonsense lying down. You can’t control Raja, you can’t control Kalmadi, you can’t control few thugs of Maharashtra from gulping down war widow’s welfare fund money, you can’t control Nira Radia like cancers but can very well march ahead to confront honest people who question your avalanche of ineptitude. Is this what shamelessness is all about or it is an understatement? And please, we already have a lot of communal nonsense on anything and everything one has to say. You can’t term one as communal just because he respects his own religion. We know we are governed by absolute idiots. Hence the attempt at proving that again and again is not so much a requirement. By the way, what is that 20% hate materials are uploaded by Hindus nonsense? If so then what about the rest 80%? Are they uploaded by aliens from Neptune?
    Guys, time to stand for our rights. Absolute bots, who will fail their standard fifth exam nine out of ten times can’t hijack the core ethos of democracy. People having pathetic IQ level can’t dictate terms to us just because they have fooled a lot of people in winning their elections. Sycophants can’t force us to toe their pejorative lines because it satisfies the ego of few who at best can stay overnight in Dalit huts and project themselves as national leaders. We have lot of clowns that we have to negotiate in our day-to-day life and certainly we can do without few more. If the belief that politics of fear would work always then good luck mate. If not anything, it is about time we knock the doors of our judiciary to reclaim our fundamental rights and that too very quickly at that.
    Fair enough dear Congress party, we will see you in 2014 or from God’s grace and a little help from the opposition, even earlier. Ciao!!


    1. You write long and boring. Moreover, always cribbing about something or other.

      Regarding your concern about ban on twitter handles. I personally see it as a necessary regulation. 'Ban' can happen only in China. But, that does not mean India can't lay down a protocol for social behavior.

      True, we are allowed to hold rallys and protest within some limits. Inflammatory, provocative and hate speeches might please the crowd in a heat of the moment, but they are criminalized by government for good reason.

      Same thing government wants for 'free' twitter. Morphed images and derogatory infographics are to be tamed. You felt oh-so-hurt by government's action in this path coz your anonymous handle was asked to be responsible?

    2. "our government as confused as a toddler in a topless bar came up with their knee jerk response against the individuals who were time and again pointing at their loot, corruption, communal behavior, appeasement and incompetence to name few. "
      Perfection, at its best. All of you guys who have read this article and who are reading this comment, whatever, the Poster wrote here, is worth pondering. How on earth did we guys elect these goons on a second term? Even after Ramasethu et al.,26/11? for God's sake. these guys are changing our history too. Time to stand our grounds has come as pointed by the author. i think its an excellent read.

    3. "The horror! The horror!", as a sentiment from one of my favorite movie "Apocalypse now".

      I see these tactics as a good sign, These reactions are the signs of hopelessness and desperation of this govt who itself knows that its days are counted. Only a body having deep insecurity and diffidence will stoop to this.

      And if it seems far fetched look at George Bush administration.... :)

    4. "our government as confused as a toddler in a topless bar came up with their knee jerk response "

      I liked this very much and it fits properly to our impotent, useless and incompetent govt.

      Hope we need not wait until 2014 to kick this inefficient govt.

    5. To the first Anonymous - Its his blog and he can express his feelings. At least he is bringing out a voice against the bad things happening in our country and I feel that is a 100 times better than remaining silent and criticizing the blogger. Give me one reason why you feel twitter should be banned? Any logic that applies to tweeples is also applicable to main stream media guys .. does your Govt scrutinize them? Finally i do not find the writings long and boring... if you want shorter versions, I guess stick to twitter .

    6. I am in full agreement. To give you a common man perspective, i met a guy, who is cousin bro of my local congress MLA, even he cribbed and abused this govt in filthy language. No person i met in last 2 years have said good things about this govt, including people who voted for Congress in every election till date, who are loyal for generations. I have this hunch that 2014 will see grand burial of biggest bunch of thieves, thugs, decoit and idiots even known to mankind, called CONgress in India and don't get surprised if you see these thugs running on road and people chasing them to give it back to them with interest. People are silent, but they are not fool, just waiting for their time, when thug will come back asking for votes, they will be paid back in same coin, with interest.

    7. Now they have started blocking twitter facebook and other social media accounts of VHP and RSS members in the name of blocking pak websites.

    8. @First - Anonymous

      I am not against any kind of regulation if it is a requirement and is a matter of national security. After all we are not yet a fully Banana republic. But my only question is – All those who want to regulate; are they regulated themselves?

    9. Only WE could have elected this govt on the second term..well its useless to be regretful now. This govt has become increasingly intolerant to peoples views..its heading towards becoming an authoritarian govt. What