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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

NE Exodus And A Bunch Of Rascals

Team Being Cynical

Now this is serious. I mean seriously serious. May be unbelievable and we might not agree to admit but if anything we are sitting atop a volcano which in near future may and will explode without giving any warning whatsoever for sure. And when it does we are bound to burn ourselves very badly since the molten lava would be unstoppable to say the least.
This is disgusting and disparaging, all at one go. We yet again have successfully managed to alienate our own people in their own country. No reason; no valid circumstances; no repentance; no resolve; absolutely without any credible condition, we have scared our own brothers and sisters of their life, livelihood, respect and safety. Irony, as anyone may violently agree to disagree but still all of this hatred for whom and what? To take side with a bunch of illegal immigrants who long since have come to our side from Bangladesh? To protect our well preserved votebank? We can’t act against rascals like Asaduddin Owaisi? Or simply we don’t know how to live united? How voraciously we may tout ourselves of being one heck of an example of ‘Unity In Diversity’, we in reality are a bunch of people running all around like headless chickens but full with ego, nondescript religious sentiments and of course a whole lot of idiocy that even would put the most insane human on earth to shame. Let’s not blame the government or any political party for everything. It is we who have made a mess out of the situation and let’s admit it for once, it is shameful.
All started with the fight for supremacy between Bodos and the immigrant Bangladeshis in Assam. Now whoever says they are not immigrants, please honor him on his cheeks with a distinct Congress party symbol. Had enough of this Ostrich like attitude and more than an eagerness to cover the truth under some bloody secularism. Those rascals are a bunch of uninvited guests on our land and still we treated them the way we are taught in our books to treat any guest and now it is time they return back to their own home. We certainly can’t accept them dictating the terms and more annoying, going forward killing our own people. Sorry, there has to be a line and we better draw it now.
The Assam riot itself was a matter of great concern and we pretty much dealt with it as any sane and mature nation should do. Things went back to normalcy after few days. But the knee-jerk reaction that followed is what seems completely out of context. Are we that required to lose our collective shit for few immigrants as we did? First it was a joker named Asaduddin Owaisi who made statements in parliament which made no sense to me. As per him, the Muslim youth will radicalized because of the atrocity meted out to their brothers in Assam. Seriously? Atrocity? Brothers? For once I fail to trigger my brain cells on how anything wrong happening to Muslims anywhere on this planet would radicalize our own Muslim youth. Is our Muslim youth so worthless and jobless that they would revolt for any bloody thing happening to Muslims across the globe? If not then why specifically for the migrants in Assam? Is there a different equation when it comes to the migrants there or I am missing something? More than the idiot’s words the thing that is killing me is the complete non-action against the rabid mongrel for such scandalous statements. How in earth we have still not acted upon such nonsense of the society for delivering outright instigating statements while we are busy running behind those few who are alleged to have spread rumors of north-east exodus through SMS and MMS?
More than the riot itself, the protest march carried out in Mumbai, led by the goons of an organization named Azad Party which is pioneered by rascals like Asaduddin Owaisi is more bizarre at its look, motto and ideology. A bunch of people armed with sickles, daggers and sticks marched down the streets of Mumbai demanding justice for Assam Muslims. I have no words. Honestly, I want each of those scoundrels who were part of that march have their brains scanned and the shortcomings there be termed as one of the most dangerous kind of diseases of the world. How in earth one can even conceive the thought of arranging such a march to outrage over our own people just because the other side, though they are bloody none to us belong to your religion? How in earth you even think of venting your venom on your own people for complete strangers and outsiders who on any given day would never even think second time before stabbing on your back? And would you believe, the protest march was supposed to be a peaceful one? Armed with assault weapons you don’t venture out for a peaceful march. Do you? What followed is an absolute carnage and the kind of naked unruly mannerism that was displayed calls for stringent action; both on those who carried out such sabotage and the filthy heads who planned such a protest at the first place. General bystanders were bitten up mercilessly, media personals were attacked with dagger and sickles, their OB vans were torched. I mean, what kind of peaceful protest is this when you end of hurting many physically. The bastards even didn’t stop there but went ahead and destroyed the Aamar Jawan Jyoti. What kind of protest is this? I mean hell with the sentiments. It has cost the nation in building such memorabilia. Who is going to repay the wasted amount? The agitators? The Muslim community or the hawks of the likes of Asaduddin Owaisi? Who? And you bloody shamelessly call it a peaceful protest?
Guys, this is not done. You can't always play the victim. You always can’t put your religion above the country and get away by playing some bloody secular card. How dare you even think of destroying national property out of nowhere? Is the country made a mistake in being too soft on people because they are minorities? Was it a mistake of our prime minister to announce that minorities have the first right to national resources and you guys took it too literally by assuming them to be your personal property? You cry and find a hate mongrel in everything but seldom look within to find the monster in yourselves. You blame everyone except oneself for the indifference you face in your day-to-day life. The apathy that you guys are facing is seriously a self-grown one. You seldom put country before religion and still expect people to forget everything and adore you just because you are part of a certain community or religion. The boundary of endurance and tolerance has a limit and you guys time and again cross that with such idiocy. Sorry guys, I can at best sympathize at your present state where you like it or not, you guys are treated as an object of rejection, but not more than that. I don’t have any good feeling for the rascals who go ahead and destroy nation’s property in the name of some bloody religion. Others might approve it but for me it is an act of treachery towards the nation and you bloody deserve no leniency whatsoever.
In the meantime, please someone educate the duffers that rumors can spread because of a single SMS and you certainly don’t need five of them. The whole idea of five SMS cap per day is a step which is equal in idiocy, if not more than the protest march itself. This SMS ban shows that we don’t have any system in place nor we going to have one in future. Hence the easy way out with these kind of knee-jerk response. But, first-thing-first, educate the people that there are far bigger priorities in life as a responsible citizen of the nation and for sure religion doesn’t feature in the top 10 of the list. Rascals don’t make good citizens and it should be made clear to all along with a strong statement that we as a nation won’t tolerate rascals going forward.


  1. You are amazing..Hope Every Indian youth read your blog..

  2. dear cynical, i luv your post but i hope you have read that brainless teesta & javed in IE regarding their faithful brothers VIP treatment by Thatbullshit DCP of mumbai

  3. We have a territory called Kashmir protected by Article 360. All these refugees coming from Bangladesh should be moved to this territory. No other place is acceptable.

  4. Great Article, straight on to the point

  5. I agree with you wholeheartedly...The nation comes first, then one's religion..even mine..i.e. Christianity and not the other way round. I believe that the state and its constitution holds supreme and anything that threatens its integrity and functioning to the point that there is complete breakdown of law and order,then there is no harm in taking severe if not extreme steps to quell it. Did any one of the founding fathers care about their religion when they drafted the Constitution? The answer is an unequivocal No! Its unfortunate that one's obligation to our motherland often takes a backseat in such situations nowadays. But being the ever optimistic to the point of being reckless...I have a feeling that the majority in the country is disgusted at what happened and feels the same...Lets just hope for the future of our country, that this presumption is accurate...and we learn from it.And as far as our own brothers and sisters feeling alienated..well we have ourselves to blame for this alienation with the attitude and behaviour we harbour to our fellow citizens...That happened before the Independence and shamefully we have allowed it to continue if not intensify...Still I want to believe that this is not our future and we, the youth have it in us to bring about a positive change..

  6. Very true, but our politicians, media people will never realize this. They will continue their spineless attitude in dealing with this cancer. Only a hard jolt might bring us out of this deep snooze we are in.

  7. wish others could share this view too, i know, im frm assam, iv seen people just step over d border gettin ration card n voterlist in 3 months, this is my india, n i had to run frm post to pillar to proove im n indian while applying for my passport

  8. Thanks, it was indeed a great article. I wish some serious politicians read it so that they can draw some achievable political mileage for actual Indians..
    Another odia..

  9. Nice Article Bro Agreed To Every Bit....

    "Country Comes first Religion takes last Place in the List"

  10. throw out all illigal imigrants from indian soil... first be an indian... i dont care if its the tamilian from srilanka, muslim from bangladesh or hindu from pakistan... trown them out unless they are here on valid visa or are in a shelter as refugees(legaly)....

  11. really frustrated indianAug 21, 2012, 9:48:00 PM

    excellent article to the point...yes country always comes first...please please request to all that the next time when we see these bastards like owaisi doing "peaceful protests"take the sickle from their hands and stick it up their posterior. no this will not be termed voilence as we r protecting our country against foreign elements as a soldier does at border.

  12. The only reason Islam can get away with nonsense today is OIL!!!

    The day oil dries up equations will change.

    It is all about economic security and not religion.


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