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    Around The World In 1800 Crores

    I really don’t care where my maid Kanta Bai goes for vacation or where Sonia Gandhi goes for her either. I mean I have more juicy stuffs like irritating the living daylights out of my wife to accomplish than bothering about someone’s vacation plan or the money they spent on the same. But there is a catch to the vacation plans of both these women. Absence of Kanta Bai shouldn’t be too regular to disturb my household chores so much so that I end up doing few dish washing alongside my wife and Sonia Gandhi shouldn’t go for a globetrotting on the hard earned money that me and million others pay through their noses in the month of February and March every year. I get flabbergasted in both the cases, since I have to do some dish washing in the first while in the second case I see my money possibly getting wasted quite unceremoniously on entities that are not at all deserving of any such extravagance.
    The latest controversy that was blown at our doorstep is precisely on what I have elaborated above and the objection attached thereof. Out of nowhere Narendra Modi in one of his election rallies made this startling revelation, which on its face value looks genuine. If at all I go by the kneejerk response of the Congressi stooges to this claim, my belief on what Modi has to say only gets stronger. To surprise all (well not me for a change) Modi claimed the foreign trip expenses of Sonia Gandhi alone stands at a staggering 1800 crores. We will get to the authenticity of such claims later but first there is an urgent need of detailing. If (I am only saying if) the amount mentioned has any correlation with reality then for sure it is something we must get worried with. It is a lot of money which could and should otherwise been consumed in assuming more fruitful endeavor for the nation. For starters, it is double the amount that government plans to save by cutting the fuel subsidy via their latest price hike. The amount is easily more than the annual education budget of at least 90% of rural and 60% of urban India. I mean it is at least thrice the amount that we budget for our youth and sports ministry. So an amount which is of large proportion like this doesn’t deserve explain on the manners it is spend? Whether it is spent on useful purposes or on absolute non-deserving idiots; isn’t the country and it’s populace who finance from their pockets entitled to know? Forget about the entire 1800 crores; why on earth a tax payer would tolerate wastage of even 5% of the touted amount? I have contributed my money for nation building, not for the visits of someone, even if it is of medical nature.
    But surprising enough the Congress are going south on this revelation. Master in the art of abusing and name calling, they already are all over the place in blaming and shooting the messenger than coming clean on the issue at hand. Promptly enough the dirty tricks department and its loyal lieutenants are on rampage in asking for apology from Modi conveniently forgetting to answer the question that was first posed on them.
    Now here is the thing. In last two years alone, Sonia Gandhi has made at least a dozen long international trips. Please be noted, small trips are not taken into account otherwise Pratibha Patil would appear an angle in comparison. Barring few (even in Congress camp) no one seems aware of the specific reasons the lady travelled so many times. Forget the reasons; no one is even aware of the destinations she travelled. While many would guess and whisper it out in our ears of the probable destination could very well be USA, I for one don’t rule out a conspiracy in there. It could in reality be UK, France, Italy or for that matter even Switzerland. Conspiracy mongering becomes thicker since the reaction of Congress, every time confronted with the question of her destination is anything but transparent. For reasons no one knows, the biggies in Congress are trying it with their lives to hide the underline facts from going public. Is there any harm if the nation knows the exact itinerary of the person who in all likelihood is the real prime-minister of the nation ruling behind the mask of someone else? Is it not necessary for the populace to get cleared on the speculation if their hard earned money is not going down the drains in literal sense? For me, I don’t see any harm if the nation knows the facts since the large skepticism doing the rounds is on the nature of expense and how vital and necessary it is for the nation and it’s exchequer to bear such expenses.
    But Congress’s response to any such queries is highly fishy. Even an RTI filed by one activist on this regard hasn’t yielded any kind of response till now while for a reason of such unethical practice it is only a strong repugnance that is in the offing. I am told the applicant was handed out a strong NO for his request. Such kneejerk response is out rightly against the frameworks. Now the question arises, why Congress is trying so best to keep the things under the wrapper? What they are trying to hide? People from the party can go on air in various TV studios to defend such a stand and blame the rest of the world for asking uncomfortable questions but the fact still remains that there is something dear to Congress which they don’t want the nation to know. It is clearer that they are trying to hide facts since, had it been the other way round, knowing Congress they would have furnished the details long back. After all the accusations are hitting the Mecca of each and every Congressman, the Gandhi family that is.
    Rather than explaining the nation on this long pending questionnaire, the party and its shameless spokespersons like Manish Tiwari are in an aggressive mode. As expected as it can get, the clowns are rather blaming Modi of getting personal in his attacks. Now this calls for a pause from us and ask back some counter questions. First of them is on what criteria a question on the nature of expense when there is so much amount of skepticism around it, amounts to a personal attack? Isn’t she being in public life subjected to such scrutiny; more so when there is a reverting chance of foul play with the public money? The Manish Tiwaris of the world need to be educated on the real issue. The real issue is not Sonia Gandhi travelling across the globe and beyond. It is none of our business and she can even go to hell, for all that we care. The real issue is if she is wasting our hard earned money in all such nonsense. The questions are simple and I don’t see why the responses should be so emotional and gimmickry as Congress trying to deliver them. The kind of response only suggests the presence of a huge pile of rot which the entire party and its machinery is vehement in hiding from the light of the day.
    All said and done, I still can’t fathom how in earth one person can consume 1800 crores as part of his/her travel expense. Unless one engages in eating gold and shitting on Platinum with diamond potty, I find it really hard for anyone to reach such a number. Perhaps we need superhuman like Sonia Gandhi to accomplish such feats. And by the way, if the love for a private life is so paramount then she should leave her public life for good and go wherever she wants to go. The nation would be relieved of a burden.  


    1. I Appreciate that!!

    2. For Congress, this Country is baap ka maal.....MMS hosting dinner where per plate cost is whopping 7200Rs. montek wants a 30 lakh loo to empty his.....Prince gandhi uses IAF planes to visit Assam for nautanki, Pratibha on free world tour for 220 crores, & M'am ji also on world tour......they are utterly responsible for the fiscal deficit.....paisa ped par ugta nahi, kaha se paisa aayega.........saalo pehle paisa gawaya.....dollar ko 55 rs banaya.....ab logo ko ch*&!ya bana rahe ho........free allocation of coal to relatives & friends....the power plants are critically starving for coal.....your relatives are not mining it coz they want to sell it in future for higher price.....shinde wants to import coal (another loot in the making)......allocating spectrum free.....selling thorium free......fooling people since decades & now using ndtv, cnnibn, asianage, hinustan times, TOI, dna, indianespresso, ........

    3. I understand you pain Rokky. But in a way we are responsible for this nonchalance of Congress. We shout a lot but never vote. Perhaps we will change for good during 2014

    4. Congress psychophants compete with each other in playing Nautanki of protecting their Queen, but forget that we are in socalled Democracy where thru RTI people can ask queries. These psychophants club Modi claim to her health to milk some pathetic sympathy from Gujarat voters.

      Modi hasnt said 1800Cr just for treatment, but at a report which claims so far 1800Cr spent on her foreign travel, recent treatment included. We know she makes discrete frequent foreign trips along with her family on a chartered planes either provided by AI or Businessmen. She has 24hr SPG, Blackcat security and expenditure on it is whopping 200Cr per year including cover for her smuggler son-in-law who is considered as Jamairaja of India.

      If we include all this, her splurge over foreign travel could have easily more than 1800Cr in these 8yrs of corrupt UPA rule.

    5. Yes, i hope so, but congress with their "dirty tricks dept." + "dirty media" has succeeded in brain washing the masses, including the middle class & "literate" citizens.......look what happened to anna movement.....as things prolong they lose importance....shinde was right "jaise bofors bhool gaye waise.......". daily dosage of pro-congress telecast on news channels / papers has largely helped cong in infiltrating minds of many.......

    6. I really enjoyed the presentation of this article though the fact we already know.. a comparison with Kanta Bai and Sonia Gandhi quite good.. Nice article

    7. I am happy that you liked it :)

    8. Eagerly waiting for next general elections to show these @$#@$# where money grows

    9. Dear Cynical.. nice one bro.. what i believe is when she travels.. she travels with her own entourage of 40-50 people.. stays in presidential suits worth minimum 5-10 lacs a night.. travels via private jets.. and all these at the expense of our national exchequer.. what a pity..

    10. good article. i feel constrained to say that limiting your criticism to the corrupt congress alone, however, is not sufficient in our democracy. although we are thankful that modi ji raised this issue (well after the fact, however), it should be equally unsettling to us that no person in the opposition parties across the complete political spectrum in nai dillie ever bothered to raise this issue of sonia's expenses which has been staring us in face well over a year. neither did the media show any interest in this profoundly disturbing issue that could have national security implications as well on top of the ungodly loot. it seems clear enough that the indian politicians and the media are the most fearsome direct threat to people's well being - no less than british colonialists - and that the people have nobody out there they can regard as trustworthy agency to look after their interests, and that the people must take the charge away from their politicians for the best management of their own business. india needs a viable model for effective governance. what they now have is an unsustainable imposed burden which they never bargained for.

    11. Absolutely, she would have spent 3000Cr. This socalled messiah of aam admi doesn't even own a Car (as per her filings with LS) but how can she bear medical expenses abroad, if she is just depending on her MP salary.

      So without Govt. support how could she got her treatment, if so, RTI has to be answered with exact figures. Why is she so figure conscious :D

    12. I enjoyed reading your article. A very, very good read. My apologies if anyone is offended by my using abusive words. I have only anger for politicians.

      As patriotic Indians what have we done? As you rightly said most of us don't vote. I too, many years back was of the belief that my vote does not count at all. I still vote for small parties who have no chance for winning. It might be stupid to most, but I have still not come across a button for someone who wants to vote for NO PARTY at all. Like a rejection. There is a term for it. I forgot.

      Our 'Chalta hai' attitude,is another problem. Another is 'Spirit of Mumbai'. We'll bounce back. How much more can the elastic stretch? Bhenchod, how far?

      No secret that Our Government is useless,we need to abolish all parties and politicians. All politicians are corrupt,there is no need of evidence, being one is evidence enough. They are the root cause of all this in the first place. As long as their coffers are filled,they don't and will never give a damn about the 'aam admi'.

      And how many times will we show evidence of the involvement of Pakistan in terrorist activities? Hang the terrorists already. I hardly eat biryani here and these buggers get special treats from taxpayer's money. Other Countries all over the world laugh at us behind our backs saying we're a country full of gullibles or in our language Wapas Chootiya banaya, bhosadika! Countries like America who our so called leaders bow down every single time(our leaders love giving fellatio, and love taking it up the arsehole-anything for the /bankruptcy of India ) make fun of us all the while praising Mohan Gandhi's principles of peace and non-violence while in the same heartbeat they will annihilate other nations for Oil in the name of WMD!

      Corruption in different forms has been destroying Our India since decades, probably just after Independence. Those skeletons have not come out & probably never will. But never say never. All I want to see before I die is that ALL Politicians to be punished severely. None of them are innocent. They have lost that right ever since they joined politics. They should be sentenced to life in a tiny cell. No easy deaths for them. Hundreds of Scams have come out in the open but none of them ever gets punished. Why is this not done? Bofors, 2G, IPL, Coal, Hawala, Tatra, Fodder,Common wealth games, Irrigation,Telgi forgeries, Niira Radia controversy, Satyam, Real Estate(Adarsh & some others of which I'm unaware of), and many whose abbreviations and names I fail to recollect at this moment. There are some seemingly 'petty' 1000 crore scams as well which cannot compete with the huge ones. When will justice be truly served? When will the black money stored in the Swiss Banks come back? When will the guilty be punished?

      It's high time we take extreme measures as people of India. Or else we will suffer dearly in more ways than one. And we will none to blame but ourselves for not acting when the water was way above our waists.Blow them up in smithereens. If I had the resources, I would have done something in a blink of an eye. This needs the minds of many. They all need to go. That's the only solution.That's what they truly deserve. Who will bell the bastards?Get my drift?!

    13. nice one. someone on rediff showed me the way to this site. I assure you here that this time, come what may, I shall vote. I have got myself an election id and every time i look at it as my tool to avenge. Waiting for 2014 or is it 2013!?!

    14. Very good article. Yes, we don't want our hard earned money to be wasted on the foreign trips of people like Sonia Gandhi, who don't hold any official / constitutional posts.
      Let us all resolve NOT to ever vote for Congress henceforth.

    15. Not only a mere resolution but also need to enforce it whole heartily is the key. Hope the wave of 'Vote Against Congress' gets louder by the day. Bloody corrupt skunks

    16. Why should she, in first place, go to a foreign country for her treatment? Couldn't her disease be treated in India? Are Indian doctors so incompetent?

    17. Dear Rokky,
      This is making of our own.
      When BJP under Vajpayee working good, they were shown the door for no reason and invited this Congi's or the demon.
      When the Father of Nation told that the Congress should be dismantled immediately after independence, he was sent to heaven by these demons but blamed a person & section.
      The same congi's wear purest white khadi & looting the nation.
      So, in all Winston Churchill's words have come true & India has become a laughing stock.
      They know, Kejriwal & co cann't win elections because educated not interested in voting & the voters are high on political free money & liquor.
      I think even God must have lost hope in us.

    18. Irrigation Scam in Maharashtra.
      As everyone knows, in Maharashtra the Ministers & their cronies got irrigated so well that the actual farming land development was only 0.1% whereas Ministers assets grew over 1000% in 5 years.
      It's a open secret that these tainted Minister's charge upwards 10% of Project cost for every Project to approve. The bureaucrats act like their pimps & they too fleece the hapless people. The files never move unless paid the proper "weight" from bottom to top.
      Because of such practices, these Projects are controlled by a private lobby who pay the Minister the required cut. Small timers are not allowed to participate in any tenders too.
      It's known to every one that each of these Ministers are worth more than 1000 Cr.
      Please don't go by their pure white Khadi but look into their assets. Owning thousands of acre land to fancy cars (each not less than 1.5 cr) and what not.
      The democracy is dead a longtime back & the old rules are twisted to suit one's needs.
      To cleanse the system itself may take centuries & till such time it's plundering the States & looting the hapless people in the garb of international market & taxes.

    19. Sonia ji has already declared her source of Income and she gets her salary as Member of Parliament only...It is our good luck that she has stayed in India after assassination of Rajiv ji and continue her social work like uplifting of downtrodden people, providing rural employment etc.We would like to thanks our beloved Sonia ji for all good work she did on behalf of us Indians .

    20. Hello Congress bootlicker! Sonia is mother of all evils. She's plundered India beyond one can fathom. All those congress scumbags who work for her get something from the queen bee. One of my close friends know the inside info of she operates. She's a mafia queen.

    21. Yes, money power wins elections & everybody knows who has all of it. Lets not lose hope, they can buy voters with daaru & rupiya, but cannot win you, me & the likes. All it requires is a vote. Lets cast it!

    22. A people get the leaders they deserve.At least Kanta Bai tries to earn an honest living while this vile Italian is living off the plunder of ordinary Indians.Throw her out and her scumbag children to Italy forever.