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    Why We Need People Like Arvind Kejriwal

    The simplest reason is we don’t value our democracy. And why we don’t value it because we never earned it by struggle or fight. We were rather gifted with this freedom for which majority of us have done absolutely nothing. Had we shed our blood and those of the British to get our freedom then, it has been said million times; we wouldn’t have allowed a clueless person like Nehru to be our prime minister at the first place. Since we got our freedom as a throw away piece, we really never understood the value and veracity of it. Had it been the other way round, we possibly wouldn’t have required people like Anna Hazare or Arvind Kejriwal now to start a second round of freedom struggle to give us a feel of what real freedom earned the hard way is all about.
    No wonder the gift of an easy freedom is reflecting all over our country. Corruption, nepotism, scams, connivance, shams, greed; you name it and we have all that which affects us the wrong way as a nation. The number of corrupts have already outnumbered the number of honest people a long time back. From the prime minister’s office to the Panchayat office; from Shastri Bhawan to the local Tehshil office; it is all corrupt and unethical people those are occupying the position of power. We have corruption laced over each and every endeavor of ours’. From production of baby food to our moon mission; it is only corruption that we see as a prominent and common factor in all of this. Sense of nationalism and nationalistic feeling is long been forgotten against the easy green leafs. We are turning unethical at the slightest provocation and chance, conveniently overlooking the core ethos of nation building. When you find, you have to bribe to even get that birth or death certificate, you know it is time for a revolution to change and cleanse our entire framework upside down so that the generations to come doesn’t have to bear the stink of the putrefaction that we are continuously piling up since the day we had our tricolor hoisted for the first time atop Lal-Killa.
    At the top of the food chain in this vast congregation of corrupts are our politicians, closely followed by their kith and kins. No political party is out of this filthy phenomenon. It is only relative among the parties to choose between the devil and the deep sea. Among the two of our premier national parties neither Congress nor BJP, none seems to be clean in any manner. Or for that matter all the regional parties like SP, BSP, and DMK are no saints either. Given a chance these local leeches could very well break all the records in corruption now held by the Congress party. This is why a sense of hollowness and betrayal that comes to our mind whenever we talk about our politics, politicians and democracy. But there is a catch when you try comparing the corruption of a party called Congress and the rest put together. Still there is no match, either in numbers or amount with what Congress has achieved through their mis-governance of more than half a century.
    From the days of Nehru to the present day of Manmohan Singh, Congress always harbored crooks, thugs and highway robbers in their ranks. They intentionally allowed the public money to be plundered for personal and party gain so that the dynasty always have their bank balance floating right up there. Systematically the public wealth is swindled out of the country to far shores and the nation is kept illiterate and oblivion of the truth by design since that is what always helped the Congress as a party and their non-deserving first family. From bartenders to college dropouts; from scrap dealers to a dumb charade king, we were thrust upon with all the clowns of the world when we for sure we know as a nation deserve much better than this. Whenever they were handed over the responsibility of governing the nation, they took the mandate as a license to loot and kept on sucking the nation till it gets all drained out. Internal groups among the Congress brigade are formed to thwart any allegations of mass and systematic loot that come their way and keep on fooling the nation on issues of grave concerns.
     After decades of organized robbery, people have finally understood their modus operandi and now started to seek answers for such hara-kiri. This is where the advent of people like Arvind and Anna starts. It did happen during the time of JP movement and it looks like happening all over again. And it is no doubt, for the benefit of the nation we require guys like Arvind, who would stand up and refuse to take things lying down any more. We require ordinary people from our society to take on these corrupt rascals of Congress in their own backyard to show the real might of democracy.
    Now look at a certain Robert Vadra that Arvind first targeted and quite rightly so. We will get to his loot later but first someone give me an idea on who this chap is and what significance he carries for the nation? Other than marrying Priyanka Gandhi, what else are his achievements that he is allowed to bypass the security checks at our airports. I have no qualms if odd guys are left to go without being frisked but when I see a certain great called APJ Abdul Kalam routinely stands in the queue to get screened, then why on earth we should allow this scrap dealer to evade it? Is it because he is the Jamai of a bartender? AP Vajpayee also has a Jamai, but he was never allowed to go without being frisked. Then why special privileges for this Vadra or whatever? Don’t you think a nation should know the specifics of the contribution this reality Dalal of DLF made towards the nation that we would accommodate such frivolous arrangements for him? Without which we possibly can’t allow a thug to enjoy all the state sponsored benefits just because he happens to be the Jamai of someone in power. Could we? And as far as this privileged guy’s loot is concerned, you can read this post of mine for a better clarity.
    Arvind’s second target was Salman Khurshid. Honestly, I am ashamed to have this Khurshid guy as our law minister. Because I hate to recognize someone as our law minister who in all likelihood is a thug himself. Floating NGOs in the name of a former president, this guy was all over the place in siphoning a lot of public money. This becomes more horrendous an act when we see he has routinely pocketed the money meant for the disabled. That is an outright unpardonable act of burglary. For all the allegations what is the response that we get from the Congress and the man at the eye of the storm? Complete hogwash and unconvincing statements which only further establishes the accomplishment of Salman Khurshid in the loot. Against allegations of forged signatures so that the money meant for purchasing vehicles for the disables can be gobbled up, this man has only tantrums to throw or at best arrange few disabled men to parade at his press conference to showcase his honesty. I won’t be surprised if the people who were paraded, might have got their vehicles barely an hour before the press conference. For a stat, I just cringe to know how many among us believe he is innocent and how many want to see Khurshid relieving himself from his post and go ahead proving his innocence by facts than throwing tantrums and calling people by all sorts of adjectives. If you know for a fact that you haven’t done anything wrong, then why hide behind gimmicks Mr. Khurshid and Mr. Vadra? Why don’t you just come out, be yourself and face a neutral investigation or show us proof that you are a holy cow? Why I see this evidence of ducking the bouncer in both Khurshid and this Vadra chap’s nonsense? Why you guys are evading the tough questions and only throwing verbal volleys in defense? This in a way proves you guys are in fact seasoned thugs who were finally caught with their pants down.  
    All this suggests people like Arvind are not intentionally manufactured as Congress alleging BJP and RSS. They are self-created when things go little too far for comfort. When atrocity, indifference, burglary, nepotism goes on overdrive, there invariably always would be a person who would pull up his socks and oppose all such idiocy. And history is a good testimony of that. For this edition of outrage, you only know the individuals by the name Arvind Kejriwal or Anna Hazare. Facts be told, they are not just individuals but ideas that an entire nation seems to carry for now. They are the outcome of the reality that we in fact have allowed a very long rope for all the scoundrels of the world to have their day in merry making for a long, long time. As I have said earlier; from a womanizer to the current voce box less entity, it is a real long period of inaction and robbery. Its about time it changes for good and for this we need all the Arvind Kejriwals on our side. Jai Hind!!


    1. Your writeup titled "Letter to Kejrival" blasted him. The writeup highlighted an indirect fear of Kejrival eating into BJP votes. But this one is all praises for him. Well i take this piece of yours as a pat on the back to Kejrival for his efforts in stripping all thugs, keeping aside the words you had for him in previous writeup.

    2. Dear Rokky. That letter was for his political ideas which I still don't endorse. He is a good man with a storng and clean moral and I don't want him to waste that being in politics. He can do a lot of favor to the nation by being and doing what he is doing for now.

    3. Great Mr. Kejriwal

    4. you need cut diamond with diamond..... His political decisions re correct , otherwise these political parties will say.... come join politics and fight an election.... if there are good , corruptless people exists, Kajariwal will make it (definitely as NOT as PM, as will have nuisance value, so that coalition govt with him have to listen to his terms and condition)

    5. It is the sheer ineptness of the BJP led NDA Opposition in higlighting
      the corruption & inefficiency of the Congress led UPA, that resulted
      in the political space for anti-corruption movements went to people
      like Arvind Kejriwal, Anna Hazare, the Bhushans and Baba Ramdev.

      questions raised by Kejriwal & Prashant Bhushan of the IAC
      definitely merit investigation. Robert Vadra has earned more money than a
      Tata or Ambani or Birla during the past 5 years as his net worth went
      from 50 lakhs to over 500 crores! What are the unique qualities or
      business talents that Vadra has? What are the unique qualities or business talents that Vadra has? Or
      maybe Robert Vadra could explain how he made this pile of money
      magically by using his business genius. Or he could guide budding MBAs
      or entrepreneurs on how to create a business empire from nothing! The
      only honest work that he does- is doing namastes and sporting a goofy
      smile when touring along with Priyanka & his kids!

      Reddy built his business empire during his father Rajashekhar Reddy's
      tenure as many corporates "INVESTED" crores of rupees in his Sakshi
      corporation or Jagati Publications and other holding companies on a quid
      pro quo basis for favours received. Jagan was investigated based on
      PILs filed by Congress & TDP leaders. The CBI found preliminary
      evidence and Jagan is in jail pending detailed investigations.

      can easily draw a logical parallel with the way Robert Vadra earned
      crores from "INVESTMENTS", "ADVANCES" & "LOANS" made in his
      fledgling companies by corporates like DLF. How could Robert Vadra buy
      plush apartments, real estate & hotels worth hundreds of crores?

      Or how were forged letters sent to the
      UP government which resulted in Salman Khurshid's trust being allotted
      public money?

      It is indeed surreal and bizarre to see the
      Congress sycophants waste no time in running to the rescue of
      "honourable" Vadra-ji though Vadra-ji is not a Congress minister, party
      functionary or MP or MLA!And India's Finance Minister Chidambaram, has
      the gall & brazenness to say that these were transactions between 2
      private entities! Is that not the typical defense Jagan Reddy put up for
      his transactions with Aurobindo Pharma or India Cements or Obbalapuram
      Mining? Jagan gets jail while the entire Congress machinery including
      Union Ministers defend the Jamai Raja of the Congress First Family.

      There is again a weaker but concerted defense of Salman Khurshid & his trusts.

      Under UPA 2, India has become a text book case of crony capitalism! As the joke goes, look at
      CW-G, 2-G, Coal-G and now JIJA G!

    6. Jagan Reddy built his
      business empire during his father Saint Rajashekhar Reddy's tenure as many
      corporates "INVESTED" crores of rupees in his Sakshi corporation or
      Jagati Publications and other holding companies on a quid pro quo basis
      for favours received. Jagan was investigated based on PILs filed by
      Congress & TDP leaders. The CBI found preliminary evidence and Jagan
      is in jail pending detailed investigations. We can easily draw a
      logical parallel with the way Robert Vadra earned crores from
      "INVESTMENTS", "ADVANCES" & "LOANS" made in his fledgling companies
      by corporates like DLF. How could Robert Vadra buy plush apartments,
      real estate & hotels worth hundreds of crores?

      Even Shashi
      Tharoor had to resign because his fiancee was accused of "sweet"
      deals from an IPL team in a tweet by Lalit
      Modi. Where were the same Congress sycophants then? Why we never saw the
      spokespersons swearing by the honesty of Tharoor? Was any charge proved?
      Does not Arvind Kejriwal's charge against Jamai Raja Vadra have more merit than a fraud like Lalit Modi???

    7. There is a Kejriwall in every one of us, but, he is top of us and we are at the bottom most unable to rise our heads, while corrupt people rise their hoods and hiss and show fangs at us.

    8. Opposition did tried to unearth the loots by UPA, the irrigation scam that IAC has raised, BJP has already filed PILs for it. Coal scam, BJP guy from chandrapur is after it since years & has written numerous letters to PMO. Also NDA has raised their voices in the HOuse for coal scam, but biased media havent given them enough limelight, instead have termed them as "irresponsible MPs wasting tax payers money" for not allowing House to function......

    9. What u hv to say: First he hated congress, then he hated all politicians, then started criticizing BJP for comforting some congress cronies, then announced forming political party without consulting Anna. All these are superb quality to become a typical indian politician ( may be a future mamata banergy)! However honest n sincere intentions he may have, he will end-up spoiling name of all political class irrationally, gain nothing for himself and country and eventually help kangress retain power!
      The country has lost a good whistleblower!

    10. DJ: Now do u believe what i predicted in my comment was right?

    11. Well to some extent, if not entirely. As written in Bhagwat Gita, it is no harm or shame if you take sides of a lesser evil to eliminate a bigger evil.

      It is only a requirement in today's complex political semantics that one needs to have some kind of political clout in order to achieve even social goals (if at all Arvind have any pure social goals). By blaming everyone, Arvind in fact going against very fundamental fact. I worry he may lose friends quicker than politicians get a chest pain when the law enforcing agencies come calling on them.

      He should have chosen either of the devil or the deep sea . But surprising enough, he chose none. Only time can tell if this decision of his haunts back like a boomerang or not. So fingers crossed!! :)

    12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X429pihWcYA LOL

    13. The only good thing that Arvind has done is forming a political party. Now with all the things he is doing it seems he is going to be good at it. He is no Gandhi or Nehru, or Vajpayee, nowhere near them. Not even MS. He should stick to something until it is finished instead of hopping over. @being_cynical:disqus lets don't forget that common people have the power of vote. The harbored crooks, thugs and highway robbers you mentioned are elected by people of India. People like Arvind will come and go. We need better systems, reforms, not another party.

    14. Arvind simply lost the game. Now with political ambitions he should be talking about what he would be doing instead of wasting his time exposing our politicians. If he wanted to expose, he should have been stayed with Anna. He lost it, he simply lost it.

    15. Santosh GovindrajuDec 31, 2013, 10:34:00 AM

      I am not a follower of politics nor i keep an update. But now, its Aravind kejriwal everywhere. I was curious and fascinated to know more. I read this article and the only thought that came to my mind is, there has emerged, a man, a common man, who wants to bring a change. And the best part is, its a change that we all, in some way or the other had hoped / thought about. I think this itself, is amazing.
      @Raghu : People like Aravind kejriwal may come and go, but their effort to bring change will remain forever as a inspiration.
      I wish him success.