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    Kasab's Hanging - I See Politics

    We will get to the aphorism later; first let’s talk about the achievement. It was a great day yesterday since we got rid of the most hated figure that we got to know in last five years. The manner and swiftness we showed in eliminating the scoundrel adds to the joy. This is how one should deal with mass murderers and chaps who dare to attack our sovereignty, our people, our peace and above all our nation. No mercy whatsoever and no botheration for what the rest of the world will talk about. No worries for the reaction of those few pigs that still condone and support what Ajmal Kasab and his team did four years back. Country’s repute is paramount at any cost and we shouldn’t furnish excuses in not adhering to it. Job well done, I would say, seeing our attitude of decades towards terrorism and terrorists and our complete disinterest in dealing with hardcore criminals languishing on death row in various jails. It is kind of a closer for many who either lost their loved ones during 26/11 or had to suffer through their injuries incurred by that event. It is a tribute to our brave officers who lost their lives in fighting for us. It is a tribute to those 166 who unnecessarily has to lose their lives because of few fanatics. It is a tribute to our nationalism at large. I agree, the primary conspirators are yet to be brought to book; I agree we haven’t floored Pakistan on the mat for their inaction against the chief thugs; but still whatever we have achieved of our own is worth celebrating. Let’s celebrate the moment and hope all those involved in these mass killings would duly be punished for their crimes in time to come.
    That said it still smells fishy to me. No I am not buying the myth spread by few that Kasab has died of Dengue and our present day corrupt government is only taking the credit via their hogwash and lies. Any government, how bad it might be won’t invite trouble of such magnitude by lying around on a matter which involves at least a dozen nations, including a trouble child called Pakistan. Reparations in the event of the truth coming out later is huge and might very well cast a doomsday on the party’s political future forever; let’s not talk about how big an international embarrassment it would be for us as Indians. So I give the credit to Congress and believe on what they say, that is they actually have hanged the rascal in Pune. If you still feel, there is a factor of lie in there, then I must say, you shouldn’t read this post any further, neither I should keep writing this one anymore since this country is not worth living then and we must not waste a second in migrating to some other country, even if that happens to be Bangladesh.
    So what I smell fishy is the timing and nature of the execution. And yes, the blabber that Sushil Kumar Shinde is doing since the time he broke the news to media persons yesterday. Now here is the thing.The question that came to my mind when I read the news for the first time was – hell, how? No information, no prior news of the hanging and no minor hint even. How could this be possible and suo-moto from Congress who still haven’t acted on Afzal Guru in fear of losing their votebank; even after repeated blames, name callings and outrage? Honestly, like many it was nothing but skepticism that I had on the news that I was reading on my cellphone screen. When the news sunk in; that I realized the possible political angle behind such swift action.
    Let’s compare Afzal Guru’s case with Kasab’s. I am not getting cynical but Afzal Guru’s crime in no manner is any lesser than that of Kasab. He in fact has been convicted by our apex court a good 9 years back. Still the bugger is enjoying his life on expense of tax payer’s money because, we were told million times that there is some funny first-come-first-serve or some nonsense to that effect policy that we have, even to deal with mercy petitions. Since there are few more ahead of Guru in the queue, we simply can’t break the line and deal with his petition on priority. That suggests Kasab’s petition should have been taken up after Guru is dealt with. Since now that we have not only rejected Kasab’s petition but also have hanged him, it clears that there is no such FCFS policy that almost all Congress leaders made us to conceive via their blatant lies or if at all it is there, it can be changed for cases involving national security. Hence the real reason for not hanging Guru can’t be the skewed policy alone. The reason I can fathom behind this inaction against Guru has to be politics and votebank. According to home ministry’s findings, there possibly could be a huge backlash from the separatists in Kashmir if Guru is hanged. In India, backlash by Muslims anywhere has got cascading effect on the rest Muslim community elsewhere. Though dealing with mosquitoes like the Huriyat or other separatists is not an issue at all, for Congress the issue could be of losing some very well preserved vote chunk. Shamelessly, in the name of law-and-order consigned agendas were taken care off and what we see till now is a joke on our nationalism and national pride for politics. While Guru does have a lot of dogs to bark for him, Kasab stands different on this parameter. He doesn’t have a godfather here, who would create political problems for Congress. The national sentiment was also to hang him with majority wanting him to be hanged publicly. So by hanging this pawn it is only credit that is in the offing for Congress to gather by both hands. Though there could be sections which may be unhappy with the execution, it certainly won’t become votebank threatening for Congress. Not at least in near future. So it was only convenient for Congress to hang this joker and start a self-patting session, without much setback.
    Another factor that I see in this proactive delivery of justice is the upcoming Gujarat polls. It is no secrete how precariously Congress is pitted against Modi there and not for any miracle they might very well get wiped out from the state forever. Please do note the word ‘miracle’ here and try to correlate it with Kasab’s execution. Could Congress have found a better ingredient to make a miracle than killing this bastard? Of course not. Whether we agree or not Gujarat as a state has an anti-Muslim sentiment; a proof why Narendra Modi is winning with such ease, tenure after tenure. This factor even have been corroborated by many political analysts. More than anti-Muslim the sentiment in Gujarat is anti-Pakistani. So not only executing a terrorist responsible for taking so many lives but a terrorist of Pakistani origin is a double whammy for Congress. This way they made sure that they are addressing both the sentiments that go so much against them, when it comes to the voting day. From nowhere, the party which touted to be terrorist sympathizer and weak in dealing with terror has now become a party serious about national security. That is one heck of an achievement against the cost of a rotten life. Laughable though but for sure a trump card played well by Congress as part of their last ditch effort to regain some ground of respect in the state. Might backfire, which no one can be so sure; but for the moment it is only basking in the glory for Congress.
    Another thing that forces me to think beyond the obvious ‘May Be’ lines is the upcoming winter parliament session. And all know Congress has its plate full with headaches to deal with this session as well. Paramount of them is to defend the Damad-E-Hind who is accused by Arvind Kejriwal of corruption and misuse of power. No wonder BJP would try to corner UPA on the issue of Robert Vadra and will deliver the punch where it hurts. A lot is at stake for the sycophants since the repute of their party Damad hangs in balance. So as best as you can guess, when it comes to the image of the Damad, a dozen of Kasabs can be used as scapegoats. I have this level-2 feeling that the hanging could very well be a diversionary tactics from the issues of corruption leveled against many ministers, including their beloved Damad. Even the media would now go gaga on the hanging for next one week, a timeframe where majority of opposition’s agitations, accusations and debates would be over. Had media remained occupied and aired minute-by-minute debate surrounding Robert Vadra, it would have been embarrassing for Gandhi family and a dent to the public image, if he has any of Mr. Vadra. So to allow the adorable Damad to breathe easy, choking someone of his breaths in hangman’s noose is a very simple bargain for Congress party. Or I am wrong with this deduction?
    To end the post, I want someone to advise Sushil Kumar Shinde to cut the crap a little. Advise him that, statements like; PM and Sonia got to know about the hanging from TV since they didn’t had prior information, only casts doubts on his own character and the authenticity of the hanging claim. When we have informed both Pakistan and Kasab’s family members on the date of execution, claiming our top leadership was ignorant of the developments is little bizarre and whole lot suspicious. So Mr. Shinde must refrain from such brainless utterances since making a clown of oneself is no fun. By the way, we must also deal with Rajiv Gandhi’s killers soon. Whatever kind of person he may be, but you can’t make a joke of us by killing our PM and then go on leaving happily ever after. But first handover this Guru chap to the hangman please.


    1. No time to hound out all sympathizers of this Rat and his brethren and shoot them point blank like street dogs!!

    2. During Indo-Pak partition in 1947 all Muslim majority regions are to be merged with Pakistan.

      Indian regime betrayed and annexed both Hindu majority Hyderabad state and Muslim majority Kashmir state.

      Any type of hegemony will have awkward repercussions and collateral damage.

    3. then officers in JAIL . Leaders will get BAIL & Enjoy Like for example GUJARAT

    4. Author: You should split your commentary into more paragraphs..its really hard to read..

    5. The whole Kasab story is a mockery.....rather this is how we indians are - assholes!!! Time he was captured to his hanging is a big joke story.
      1. It was read in media that Arthur jail was modified for this lone surviving terrorist & crores were spent in it. This means we doubt our jails, its strength & security.
      2. There was a threat that kasab can be attacked in this jail, so some special cell was designed / strong walls were constructed, blah, blah......again despite 26/11 we doubt our police/military capacity, that any other kasab can easily flock in to high security jail & greet him.
      3. Kasab had preferences, this paki doesnt like ghaas phuus & wants non-veg, so what, we will serve him that....atithi devo bhava....
      4. The lawsuit of kasab, changing lawyers & all timepass for these many years was another joke.
      5. Finally having struck with dengue, his fate was inevitable so lets hang him.....and was cremated with all islamrituals in presence of a maulvi....wow.... is this what pak will do to our POW / countrymen?.....Captain Kalia & 4 bodies in kargil were given to india which had no eyes, jaws, fingers & burn marks all over......