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    A Congregation Of Cheaters And Liars

    I remember, once our Apex court raised some serious concerns on the number of parliamentarians entering the house with shoddy backgrounds full of crime and Mafiosi. At that time, if I remember there were good 30% of the lot those carry some real questionable past, at least not acceptable with the people’s representatives. The statistics haven’t changed much since then. In fact it might have gone up and a conservative estimate could put it anywhere near the half way mark. That is a concern which is something not new. Along with the goons clad in white and Gandhi topi on their skull we seem to have added a new breed of concern to our kitty. Along with the criminals now there is emerging a bigger threat to our democratic framework. That is the advent of crooks, manipulators and outright liars. In connivance with our paid media these dual standard morons are creating havoc on the psyche of the people by brandishing blatant lies; every time for everything on every occasion.

    The ongoing Delhi protest seems to have given platform to many of such scoundrels to vehemently lie and project a completely different picture to what really happened on the ground. While a lot of people were on the street with a conviction to come up with something concrete to clamp on the menace that our women face in their day to day lives, our government rather being considerate to such genuine demands are seen all over the place with their crooked ideas to not only sabotage the movement but also picture the intention altogether wrong.

    First it was their favorite pastime that they employ. This is something that is dangerously getting routine; every time there is an agitation against the government. Be it Anna Hazare fast or that of Baba Ramdev; or the latest one instigated by the students of the city. Invariably always, the first casualty in any such protest is the Delhi Metro. On the expected lines they shutdown many of the Metro stations, in and around the protest venues. From India gate to Vijay Chowk, at least 9 of them closed their doors on the commuters. No explanations given on the reasons behind such kneejerk response of the government. Even no answer yet to the valid question – “Metro kya tumhare baap ke paise se bana hai”. No, not that I am expecting any answer from this chameleon government though. This barefaced mishandling of public freedom was not enough since they imposed 144 in all protest venues. As per the rule, 144 prohibits gathering of more than 4 people armed with dangerous weapons. So, few genuine questions and a voice for accountability is dangerous? Oops!!, got to give that to our government for their clandestine step in safeguarding their own interest.

    Second heinous act that these Congressi did is when they claimed to have a discussion with half a dozen protestors. Must be six of the modern day Mr. India since no one seems to know a bit on how they look, talk and breath. No one is even sure of their genders either. But those magic six were the ones whom Sonia Gandhi met not only once but twice. Well that’s not enough? Then here there is more to it. Both Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi alleged to have assured them of strict action against the perpetrators. Forget about the magic meeting for a second; could someone clear me on what authority and position this mother-son due not only talked to these protestors but also assured them of strict actions? Even if we give that authority to Sonia G, who is Rahul Gandhi by the way? Who is he to assure the crowd on such sensitive matters? On what authority? Is it kind of a mandate that anyone from Gandhi family can stand up and talk on behalf of the government? Then why a perpetually busy person like Rahul would break his sweat in such frivolous matters? Let Priyanka’s kids to do the honors.    

    Infusing NSUI goons in the crowd to start the violence is another scandalous ploy that is not expected of a government. But that’s how Congress party survived all these years. Didn’t they? If nothing works, it is best to have your men on the ground to create mayhem so that the rest genuine people could be blamed for it. That’s precisely what they did and that lead to the death of a Delhi police constable. To take advantage of this artificially created situation on their favor they readily have ass lickers like Barkha Dutt at their disposal. Even before Tomar could be declared dead, these media crooks started blaming the crowd and their violence which resulted in inflicting grievous injuries to the cop. But lies fall flat on their faces sooner than later.

    Look at this picture taken right after Tomar collapsed on the ground. Look at it very, very carefully. I definitely see a lot of injuries on his body. Don’t you see them? Can you also see the couple of lumpen elements that are sitting beside Tomar and looking visibly worried? Why shouldn’t they be since they are the ones who according to Barkha are the cause of his death? One of them even is heavily bandaged herself. Dare I say, she got those injuries from the stones she hurled at himself. But that’s not the point. Since people like Barkha and Rajdeep have already gone ballistic on the savage avatar of the agitators, Tomar ought to be injured because of the mob violence and the two who are helping him regain his posture, ought to be the lumpen elements.
    But lies do have a small lifespan. Really, really small. Taking advantage of the situation created by their own goons, government can go ahead announcing the protestors as barbaric, they can round up a dozen innocent people for inciting violence, they can accuse Arvind Kejriwal and his party as the root cause for everything, including emergency of 1971 but hey, truth has to come out triumphant one day. Bad for Congress and the rear lickers that truth came out little too quickly. Likes of Barkha thought their lies would further be corroborated since Tomar died. The tweet of the drama queen is anything but testimony of any such belief. ‘It should never have have come to this’. True Barkha, it never should have. But hey, for starters, why don’t you ask your pay masters in south block to explain their interest in injecting NSUI goons in the crowd. If that hadn’t happened, nothing would have happened there after. But it still is amazing that, at an occasion like some innocent’s death you didn’t spared your lies to come handy then. Here also, this nuisance on our TVs never forgets to mention the cause of the death, knowing very well, that is not what the case is. So uncouth and filthy in her imagination she could be.

    Dr Sidhu must now have at least one enemy in the form of Barkha. How magnificently he spilled the beans of this Padma Bhushan awardee. No? So Tomar didn’t have any internal injuries. Not at least grave enough to cause his death so quickly. Ditto is the case for his external injuries as well. And what’s our diva has an answer for these findings? There you go. If nothing works, manipulators like her resort to emotional blackmailing. Though, Tomar’s nonexistent injuries were made political to begin with by Congress, the moron seems to realize it at a very, very late stage. Suddenly she feels the death would be made political to frame the government of lying and cheating. That may or may not happen, but the lady with a liar’s mouth foresees it since she is very well aware of the facts. She knows very well that Tomar didn’t collapsed because of a stray stone but he got a heart attack at a bad, bad time. Humanity? Cry from someone who made the fatal condition of an individual as a political platform to suite her masters is talking about humanity? That is like a prostitute lecturing about chastity and virginity. Utter shamelessness. And by the way, I no way trying to compare the diva with the prostitutes since I hold the prostitutes much, much higher than people like Barkha when it comes to the purity of their moral and ethics.
    Now that the lies were caught and it is right there in the open for all to judge what the government would do, you may ask. The shorter answer is nothing and the longer answer is nothing again. They are that kind of shameless. Shameless enough to hoodwink the nation time and again; shameless enough to offer only lies and deception to the nation for everything, shameless enough to keep that straight face when caught with their pants down; shameless enough to display their high quality sycophancy for a particular family. On a second thought, should we expect anything better from this moral less government or anything better from the paid media and people having masters in rear licking like Barkha?
    First we elect a party where individual’s career depends on their quality of slavery for a particular family and then we expect them to be leaders. Strange, No? A political outfit which sheds gallons of tears for the terrorists of Batla house but blame innocent students of hooliganism and then we expect them to be honest to the nation. Strange, No? The best that we as voters can do for now is to desperately wait for 2014 to come and dare we forget all the garbage that are thrown at us by this worthless and corrupt government. Dare we forget how systematically a mess is made of our nation by one cunning party. Thugs and liars are neither fit for governance nor decision making.



    1. Why blame only MLA's and MPs? 'Ms Pratibha Patil had reduced to life imprisonment the death sentence of a convict who had raped and murdered a six-year old girl in Uttar Pradesh in 2001 and extended clemency to two other convicts who had gang raped and then brutally killed the 10-year old daughter of a jailor in the jail premises in Madhya Pradesh in 1996' writes Rajesh Singh in Daily Pioneer

    2. Looks like the doctor who differed on the cause of death post mortem report has withdrawn his dissenting note. Is it ?

    3. Not sure if he has changed it but again truth doesn't depend on a single person's acceptance or denial..

    4. A new mother son duo is taking shape in Delhi. Its the Dixit family!!!

    5. http://capitalmind.in/2012/09/india-a-country-of-thieves/

      You should read this.
      We are all sailing in the same boat.

    6. sometimesbullsometimesbearDec 30, 2012, 9:48:00 AM

      We need to identify the problem first.

      There are multifaceted causes for the Delhi incident and other incidents.

      One of the problem areas is the glamor industry.

      My solution is simple.

      Levy 20% additional tax over and above the maximum 30% income tax on Performers like Rakhi Sawant/Malaika Arora/Mallika Sherawat/Katrina/Kareena/Priyanaka and other Performers including male ones like John Abraham and other male hunks who MAKE A LIVING OUT OF TITILLATING THE AUDIENCE AND EXCITING THEM!!!

      Since the producers of the Performance are also responsible, they should also be taxed 20% extra.

      This 20% extra money earned should be used to have Fast track courts/dedicated judges/special investigating teams for lust crimes/and all other possible gadgets and training that can be provided to this group.

      Accepted that men need to behave responsibly and decently, it is the equal responsibility of women to present themselves decently and not blindly imitate Western culture, dress habits, and behavior!!!


    7. Shocking speech by Hyderabad MLA Owisi at Nirmal. Youtube has videos. Listen to the longer version. No FIR filed till date and the AP govt is tight lipped. Remember when varun ghandhi was hounded by the so called secular press ? why this silence. The kinds of derogatory words he has used in his speech is unbelievable.

    8. Editor of this blog is mad man because India under Sonia ji is developing fast. During NDA period India was experiencing negligible growth rate but Only Congress managed to secure very high growth rates...Editor is biased and narrow minded like other chaddees

    9. u r sick minded man... first check ur mind...LOL