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    Wishing Congress A Happy 2013

    I was travelling over the New Year period. When people would be drenched down with all possible sorts of Alcohol and getting apprehended by our efficient cops for a compulsory blow job, I was taking a flight back from my deputation. That was an experience when things get messed up for you out of nowhere and you find yourself doing the worst thing at an altogether wrong time. Case in point is of mine, where, rather being with my family, I was travelling. That was a horrendous experience, thanks to my bad planning.

    But hey, I am not alone who has this New Year’s Eve all screwed up. To my companion I find the astounding Congress party beside me, sulking and licking a way too many wounds. Rather been seen partying like rabies infected dogs, the entire Congress fraternity, along with their queen and the heir apparent were busy plastering duct tapes in many holes of their governance, policy making and inaction. Not only the New Year’s Eve but in fact throughout the year the party was seen doing pretty much the same to save themselves from some imminent humiliation. Not that they were successful but for sure have made enough strides in making sure to get down to some pathetic double digit score from their 200+ ‘Elected & Electable’ figure; come 2014.

    Looking at the precarious situation that the party finds itself in, for the first time I am feeling genuinely sorry for them. But hey, as you sow, so shall you reap. Don’t you? Most of the problems that Congress has managed to get entangled in is self-inflicted. Most of the events and the aftermath thereafter could have been avoided; provided the top brass of Congress has shown some maturity, sensibility, some brain and a whole lot less arrogance. While a bigger mandate should have made the leadership humble, it in fact made absolute morons out of them; so much so that they thought the definition of democracy is ‘by the party, of the party and for the party’. While people reposing faith (read EVM rigging) for the second consecutive time should have made the party obliged for the opportunity, they thought the citizenry should feel obliged instead for they who are governing them. In the name of governance the only thing they managed to accomplish is sabotaging the ethos of democracy and when that happens, invariably always it backfires, sooner than later.

    Baba Ramdev’s agitation and the subsequent attack on democracy might leave a lot of people speechless. Does at any point one democratically elected government can afford to silence the voice the way they did at Ramlila ground? First it was that tireless effort by Congress party and its allies that engineered some never heard scam figures. To top it all, there was little or no interest on the part of the government to take the crooks to task citing some coalition Dharma nonsense. Even their own men like Kalmadi were also not touched but hogwash was thrown at us every time tough questions were asked about his conduct. First came the denial and when things went too rotten to emanate foul smell, our PM stood up and fringe his ignorance nonchalantly. What kind of government we have chosen where the chief is not aware that one of his colleagues is actually piling shit right under his own chair? Forget the God damn scams; the fact that our PM is not aware of the mess collaborating right under his nose is a worrisome fact.

    People may blame Dr. Singh for his ineffective leadership but I see arrogance there. Plain and simple arrogance. Arrogance of the mandate that they got in 2009. It is only arrogance that made them take a step as heinous as beating helpless protesters at Ramlila ground. Arrogance because they thought, being in power necessarily means showing who the boss is. No explanations given for the death of a poor woman during that midnight crackdown. They don’t need to because they are arrogant enough for any such explanations. Look at absolute nutcases like Kapil Sibal. Do you find something called sensibility anywhere near this man? All that you see is arrogance. What else one can say about a person who is shameless enough to stand up in the parliament and claim the loss in 2G is nothing beyond zero?

    Even during Anna Hazare’s fast, it is the Congress party which failed as a party in power. While all that the man was asking for was tougher laws to curb the menace called corruption, Congress party reacted to the situation as if their lives hangs in balance. Even they went to an extent in maligning the movement itself. When half of the nation was rallying behind a man, the party in power has the audacity to term the movement itself as immoral and illogical. What would you call this? Arrogance!! When all those are seen taking out rallies and fasting beside Anna since there is conviction in them to have stringent measures to cure the corruption cancer, Congress in other hand saw that as political conspiracy and went ahead naming team Anna as BJP agents. What would you call this? People at Congress headquarters were so blind by their ego and arrogance that they conveniently failed to see the writing on the walls.

    If you think maligning the voice of the masses wasn’t just enough, look what they did after that. Not able to withstand the public pressure and for having astounding thugs in their own ranks, it is none other than our PM who promised the introduction of an all-powerful Lokpal bill. It is a good year and half since PM’s announcement. Did we have the bill in place yet? What has happened to PM’s promise then? Like his earlier promise of 100 day period in price control, this one also went south. At the nick of time, buggers in Congress who unfortunately call themselves as leaders took the promise as nothing but hogwash to pacify the persisting pressure. On expected lines, rather felicitating our PM’s promise the rascals got engaged with their bag full of dirty tricks. From Rahul Gandhi asking the bill to be constitutionalized to greats like Kapil Sibal who proposed a committee formation for drafting; it was all about shifting the goal post that we saw at force. No concerns for an old man who was at the 12th day of his fast or for the nation which was anxiously waiting to see what justice their representatives would do to their legitimate demands. What would you call this? Shamelessness.

    Let’s not touch upon their perpetual self-righteous spokesperson called Abhisekh Manu Singvi. A person who talks big on TV screens but end up getting cozy with a fellow woman advocate in his chamber doesn’t deserve any kind of discussions. People like him should be lambasted for possessing such dual avatars and arrangements must be made to deliver couple of tight slaps, every time he opens his mouth on morality and ethics. But hell, the entire party is shameless. Aren’t they? After a brief hibernation, the colorful man of the night is back on TV screens and vomiting his hypocrisies as he always does. But, hey; have we forgotten the reason that the woman agreed to clannish around with Manu Singvi? Of course against some favor in the form of a judge’s post which this rabid sex starved mongrel promised as he is part of an equally power hungry leeches congregation. Ethos and ethics might very well go to hell.

    Even if this is something which is not self-inflected per say, but Congress party certainly should have been better off without. From nowhere another girl got gangraped in Delhi and thrown out of a moving bus. Hang on!!, this is something which is very routine in Delhi but just that this particular case caught the eyes of our lecherous media. A city which might just have more cases of rape reported than the rest of the nation put together, what it’s CM has to say about women’s safety? Well absolutely nothing. She is another example that showcases Congress’s shamelessness and arrogance. All that the lady knows is the art of shedding gallons of crocodile tears, provided she has that time left after her full time sycophancy of the dynasty. Callousness at its best when she being the head of the state remains in oblivion about women’s safety and only wakes up to deliver shit for an excuse every time one such unfortunate thing happens.

    And did you hear the root cause what Madam Shiela has to offer for such exponential rise of crime against women in Delhi? Yes, the bloody migrants those are pouring in to the city daily. Such a convenient excuse to get the monkey off. No? I have a simple question for the lady – who the hell is native to Delhi anyway? Aren’t all of them who are residing are migrants at large? I am not sure if it is the forefathers of Shiela madam who have built the city from barren lands but it sounds like a third graded joke when she speaks about the migrants and blames them for every Goddamn thing that goes haywire in the capital. This is shamelessness since, she being the CM, rather proactive in taking the responsibility is passing the buck to some illiterate migrants as if there are no other cities which doesn’t see influx of working class people on daily basis. That said, I feel the dumbs of Delhi deserve this and her kind of nonexistent leadership. Her pathetic governance could just be the rightful gift to the people of Delhi for choosing this lady for the third time in a row, who is so fond of ducking her accountability.
    All-in-all, Congress camp might be delighted that this 2012 ended. And the icing on the cake, as far as fooling the nation is concerned, has to come at the fag end of the year. A critically injured girl was sent to Singapore, overruling doctors’ advice only shows the level of compassion this wretched government carries for the populace. Just that their face would be saved and their incompetence would be covered up, these jokers didn’t even thought about the human angle attached to the poor girl’s condition. Since her death at Safdarjang hospital might have brought bigger furor, our slanderous government shifted her to a foreign country to die there alone. How moronic one can get needs no parameters to gauge henceforth. And unfortunate we the people who have in fact elected such a government full of scoundrels only. I have started to pity on our voters even.



    1. U must also write a post on how opposition performed in 2012. BJP was also equally ridiculous. Government is failing, opposition is failing, media is failing. Cricket team which used to bring joy is also failing. God save our country
      If BJP continyes like this, vote divide or not, we have no other choice but vote for AAP

    2. Opposition (read BJP) demanded Capital punishment for Rape, Opposition demanded action against 2G, CWG, CoalG. Opposition debated FDI & its negative impact. OPpn. shouted against office of profit bill, minority quota, removal of POTa, raised concerns on ceasefire violations, bangladesi migrants, assam riots, grains wastage, fiscal deficit. But as written by cynical the con party is thick skinned, shameless, ethicless, chors. with M power (not muesli power like NDTiwari) but muscle (CBI), money & media (IBN, NDTV, Ind express & likes) all the voices against con party are supressed.

    3. The survival of India - a future and bright India - depends on the scrapping of British era laws, Babudom, civil service, educational system, peongiri, drivergiri, and above all the parliamentary system. The youth need to work with emerging parties to develop a new system that will get rid of the octogenarians running the show!

    4. Editor of this blog is mad man because India under Sonia ji is developing fast. During NDA period India was experiencing negligible growth rate but Only Congress managed to secure very high growth rates...Editor is biased and narrow minded like other chaddees..

    5. Good joke Rahul ,,,I almost laughed,,

    6. When are you taking on Akber uddin

    7. You seem confused with corruption rate, inflation rate Which is sky hi in UPA rule, with growth rate!!! aam admis want growth rate and not the other way

    8. This blog is hated by a upper caste like myself, BJP is III class party which was born by burning secular fabric of nation in the form of demolition of Masjid. Congress is great, it has done lot of things and increased face value of India globally. From near nil industry in 1940's India is now 7th largest industrialized nation.

      Talking about Gujrat it was No.1 state since 1947 and during Modi is showcasing as if Gujrat developed under him, from 2004-2011 under GDP growth of nation has more than doubled.

      You upper caste leeches have no right to write a line about MMS