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    The Story Of Habitual Hate Mongers

    I remember the advertisement of CEAT tyres, where it literally warns us by saying ‘Our streets are full with idiots’. Not sure if it comes to the tyre manufacturer’s interest or not but wish they could come up with another where they warn us by saying ‘Our society is no different from our roads’. That is, full with idiots again. From those Bihari rapists of Delhi, if that is what Raj Thackrey want them to be called, to Raj Thackrey himself. From the average black ticket selling touts to our Babus sitting pretty in their A/C rooms; it is all but idiots who seem to be in plenty in our society. There are people who want to loot the society and there are this other lot who have their fulltime job of conning around. There are people who just don’t belong to any civilization and are rot in themselves and there are this set of people who don’t believe in the mutual harmony among the sections of society. They are everywhere. In every corner, every household. These all are idiots and it is time we categorically recognize and abjure these filthy entities, if at all we are serious about preserving our long standing social fabrics.

    But the idiots need not be blamed alone for their idiocy. We the rest, who are the so called white collar chaps should be blamed equally for allowing such idiots to flourish in our society. We never are very fond of questioning their absurdity and sought answers. We never find it necessary to take all such idiots to task, either by instant mob justice or via the longer route of our law because we never find it as our concern. We never object the tantrums thrown at us time and again since we believe that is someone else’s responsibility. We simply allow such idiots to keep on living among us and rot our society, ethos, social fabric, morality from within.

    One such idiot is Akbaruddin Owaisi. Don’t be too perturbed if you haven’t heard of this rascal yet. He is not worth it, so no shame if you are not aware of the rabid mongrels roaming on our streets. That said, for the benefit of the readers to correlate this human being with the context of the post I have this small introduction of him at my disposal. To describe this joker in one word, I perhaps won’t look much beyond the word ‘scoundrel’. Other than being a scoundrel, he happens to be the younger brother of MIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi. You haven’t heard of MIM before? Or even this Asaduddin chap? No quibbles, since none of the two are worth knowing either. MIM is a small political party from Hyderabad with one member in parliament and three legislators in state assembly. The only representation this party has in our parliament comes in the form of Asaduddin Owaisi, who on any day is no better than his younger brother and someone who thrives on the jaded bed of communal abhorrence.

    Before we move on to the moron in question lets meet his elder brother first. When whole of Assam was burning because of ethnic violence, this Owaisi chap was busy formulating his own nonsense. How unfortunate it is to have such third graded entities in our parliament can very well be gauged from this man. When the concern was for the number of illegal migrants squeezing into Assam from Bangladesh and creating problems for the natives, this man equipped with his narrow communal mindset only saw Muslims. For reasons best known to him, he along with his equally obnoxious sister party members went on a rampage in Mumbai. It was goons who were at business that day and destroyed crores of public property including the Saheed Smarak. Are you about to utter ‘bastard’ then urge you to hang on a bit since I am not finished yet. Now comes the real shocker. On the very parliament which touts itself to be secular, this filthy creature stood up during the discussion on Assam riots and all that he offered the nation and the rest of the parliamentarians was venom. Pure and absolute venom. He in fact warned the nation that if the difference in standards between the communities is not balanced in urgency, there is a good chance that more Muslim youths would be radicalized. And we as a nation must prepare for more bomb blasts, terror strikes, and ethnic violence.

    Now the question arises – how this clown could utter such nonsense and still come out of the parliament with his Kurta intact. Why none in the well of the house just pounce on this pathetic piece of life and teach him the fine art of slapping? Odd punching wouldn’t have done any harm either. According to this miserable pound of flesh, the Muslim youth are such jobless and worthless fags that they can get radicalized for every god damn thing happening to Muslims in any part of the world. Heavens, how on earth the Muslim youths hasn’t taken him to task yet? Why none at the Islamic religious centers objected to such filthy utterances of Owaisi since what he suggested goes directly against the religion which supposed to teach peace? Why even the speaker of the house didn’t found it fit enough to throw this scumbag out of the house forever? Didn’t this jackal insulted the very ethos of our democracy? But he is still out there and laughing at us and with all probability there won’t be any action against him ever.

    This precise inaction against people like Owaisi in fact encourages the other Owaisis of the world. And no wonder the first dingbat to get impressed by such pathetic achievements has to come from the family. At a recently held public gathering the younger scum seem to have shamed his elder brother for still possessing some civility. Now this is serious and whenever I go through the clippings of his hate speech, it only provokes me to demand death for all such hate mongers. As per him, he believes there is humanity and relative peace between Hindus and Muslims because there exists a police force. Had the force not been there, it would have been chaos. Just when you thought, ‘someone please shoot this bastard right now’, he opened his mouth again and threw a challenge that needs some serious debates. He challenged the government to withdraw the police force and see how the 15 crore Muslims of India kill the rest 100 crore Hindus within no time. Now this is something that is not at all a cooked up story if you still carry the impression that, only a man with some serious case of mental disorder can utter such garbage and that too in front of full public view.

    But people like Owaisi brothers are plenty in our society. They are plenty because nothing is done against them as a deterrent for all such future hate mongers. Given any country, a person like Akbaruddin Owaisi would have been dealt with iron fist, while in ours he rather was seen roaming around London after spewing his venom. The authorities got up from their slumber only when the social media cried foul on his remarks and demand for immediate action. Why such disinterest for punishing all such infected entities? Why the Andhra government didn’t acted suo motto but waited for the outrage to occur? Politics can be bargained on grounds that doesn’t affect the national interest but not with intoxicated individuals like Owaisi. MIM could be a political partner at the state and central level till recently; you might be ruling the Hydrabad municipality in alliance with MIM but that no way sounds ethical for Congress to overlook outright antinational activities. But is that a big task for Congress to perform? Could a party which survived with the legendry divide-and-rule policy ever be able to look beyond their vested interest and votebank? They simply can’t punish the rowdies like Owaisis since that would adversely impact their vote chunk. Country, its interest and that God damn national fabric can go to hell. While random pickpocketers are routinely apprehended and beaten black and blue for stealing a wallet, these mentally sick and not fit to be called as human individuals are let lose to keep on barking as and when they feel like. In the name of secularism these jokers are allowed to display their fangs at an alarming regularity while Congress shamelessly prefer to play Ostrich each and every time such guttermouths emerge on the scene.

    Even our media has a role to play in allowing morons like Owaisi to survive. A man as filthy as Asaduddin is a regular participant in most of the TV channels. If may I ask; what are his specific achievements to feature in each and every bloody topic that the country wants to debate? He is not part of a big political party with potential to script the political dynamics of the nation either. Why this rotten egg is so adorable to our media then? Hell he is not a visionary or great educationist either. Look at this Tweet of Sagarika Ghosh, who once hailed Asaduddin Owaisi as nothing short of messiah for the masses and probably the next best example of humanity after the father of the nation. Now this lady has got into a business of terming all those who fairly and squarely catch her lies as jobless. To be honest, I got to give this to this lady since all of us are not that blessed to be in a position which is actually light-years away from our reach, if qualifications are taken into consideration. What you call this when our paid media hails nutcases like Owaisi with all the flowers and sweets but fail to deliver the punches when genuine filthiness is showcased? It is just because the paymasters want the thugs like Owaisi to remain in clean books, the sold out media start licking posteriors even before it is actually required. What else one would call the Owaisi worship of Sagarika Ghosh or Barkha Dutt, when the rest of the nation knows; there are a couple of rabies infected dogs roaming free.

    The attempt at defending such morons even after all this, is exemplary and on routine lines. Convenient enough, Sagarika didn’t forget to mention the name of Togadia though what Mr. Togadia has said, all through his life, put together might not match the veracity of hatred that this idiot displayed in one of his speech. But still, Togadia features as a bigger hate monger than this Owaisi jokers. Could someone please educate this sold out jurno that Togadia never participated in any of their programs, nor did he ever showed his urge to wipe out every Muslim given an opportunity. Togadia never was her darling nor did she ever pronounce him as a messiah for the masses. It is the befuddled Owaisi that she always found as a true pillar of secularism and invited him to vomit his grubby idea of secularism time-and-again. Now that, the notorious band of brothers about to get a strip down, the guttermouths in our media have launched into a self-inflicted disease of protecting mutual posteriors. How precarious the situation may be for the brothers, our media chaps are hell bent on defending such rogues, even if that means equating milder jibes of Togadia with the utterances of this hate monster.   
    Hope justice will prevail and the moron is taught with a lesson that becomes a learning for a lot of people. A person as dangerous as Akbaruddin Owaisi doesn’t deserve a place in our society. In fact not in any civilized society. The place he belongs shouldn’t go beyond the boundaries of an asylum. Though the decision of chemical castration of the future rape accused is a distance dream, I for sure see a couple of genuine cases where the methodology should be applied immediately. Though the crime might be different but the punishment just fits since the former raped a hapless woman while the later duo raped the national ethos itself.



    1. Had the same kind of language been used against Muslims imagine the havoc created by them.I request all the pseudo secularists in India to listen what akber spoke.It is of this 'janedo' attitude we have become punching bag to everybody.Hindus will anyways compromise and akber goes scotfree.

    2. Srinivas ChallapatiJan 9, 2013, 11:44:00 AM

      Owaisis represent MIM which is of Razaakars of erstwhile Deccan Nizam State terrorists owed to kill Hindus then asking for merger with Indian union. So they were terrorists, they are and will be in future. But Congress party brought back these mullah terrorists from oblivion in 1960 by lifting the ban on their party MIM.

      Father owaisi then acted as if he owed his alliance to Indian Union but was only acting against the minority Hindu community in Old city of hyderabad. Many Hindu families migrated to secunderabad leaving their homes, properties sold at cheap rates for fear of their ladies being raped and being thrashed in public. All this due to great Congress party which believes in secularism!

      Last few decades with the help of such non Telengana CMs at the helm, these bostards of MIM having field day. Most of this blame falls on CM YSR who has handed over Hyderabad to MIM and kept his administration off the site. Not even electricity , water bills can be collected from the old city.... It is known fact to most of us that it is part of Pakistan and not India.

      All this happening while Burkhas, Rajdeeps, Prannoys of the world busy in raping Modi character of Gujarat day in day out in Public but never bothered to highlight Hindoos' plight in Hyderabad. Iam sure many such places exists in India mostly in UP/Bihar. But Hindus there are dead pissed off like Andhra Hindus and suffer.

      So is Akbaruddin correct in saying lakhs of Hindu 'naa mardh' cannot equal single muslim 'mardh'

    3. Why Togadia can never be equated to Owaisis ---

      Many of us being secularists shy away from noticing the difference in the ideology of both VHP or RSS and start saying both Islam terrorism and Pro Hindu organisations are one and same, but it sans any truth.

      Watch Owaisi hate speeches and then Togadias' or Varun's etc... the difference is out there. In his latest hate speech Akbar not just heckled Hindu gods, dieties but also questioned the very roots of Hindus? Their reverence for Cows, festivals and lamented Hindu warriors, finally saying Babar is the father of our nation and even glorified rule of aurangzeb whom even Pro congress historians denounced his barbaric rule.

      Before challenging each Hindu in India, he was praising the Muslim invasions against Hindustan and building such long lasting structres like TajMahal, Lal khila, Char minar which he confirmed the impressions of islamic dominance over Hindustan.

      All this while, he was being cheered 'Share - e - Deccan' chants by huge crowds of around 50000. He also confirmed Mohammed is the greatest and strongest god and hence helped all the invaders to crush few lakhs of Hindu armys with great punishments. He bullied Hindus as weak, meek, impotent persons leaving their beautiful ladies in the laps of Muslim invaders.

      He also challenged 100 crore impotent Hindus will be wiped out from India with just 25 crore potent muslims if Police is not giving protecton to them and so warned Hindus to lie low. He thundered 'this land of Hindustan belongs to Muslims, it was , it is and will remain' with Muslims regaining it soon.

      It is very clear from above, this 40+ aged MLA from Hyderabad representing all communities in his local area, was instigating his community men to show their power to Hindus, inciting them to violence, waging war against Indian union, denigrating Hindu religion beliefs, gods, dieties; but he was scot free until BJP Hindu (real Hindu not dead Hindu like most of us) Lawyer felt he was insulted and dared to file against Akbaruddin.

      If you find equivalent hate speech by any of Pro hindu Politician who is being a MLA/MP elected to discharge his duties without fear or favour, who shall believe in Indian constitution, then You let us know. We will file cases against him as well.

    4. History tells us Hindus were at cross roads with some being drawn
      to Buddhism, some denigrating rituals, some fighting selfish battles
      WHEN Muslim invaders attacked then India and such divided society helped them to crush with impunity and made us slaves for over 1000years their barbaric rule continued.

      Hindu society is at present is in similar situation with many influences political, communal, cultural, geographical, social, effects, it is for us to either to retain our identity or loose it. We shall rather try not to repeat same mistakes otherwise history repeats itself.

      Nepal is one such recent example where Hindu society was divided and soon maoists took over the country and is in deep shit economically, culturally in shambles.

    5. @BC

      I watched the hate speech video on utube and felt bad as a Hindu. This fellow talked about muslim warriors, their power etc... but never said a word on freedom movement, leaders like frontier Gandhi (he is a pathan and hence MIM shall love him) or any such muslim leader atleast. He could have told Muslims also worked for freedom, but seldom he has any stuff of that positive nature.

      Also it is a fact that no large scale muslim leaders or their community never tried for freedom, rather these 25Cr population got freedom piggybacking on Hindus' and even Sikh sacrifices. Akbaruddin may be thinking half muslim Nehru and Muslim slave Bapu represented him in 1947. This moron shall get punishment stripping him of his MLA post and subsequent ban on public addressing and right to vote.

    6. Problem with your guys is there are chasing money, hi jobs, properties, western culture, bollywood and forgot your roots. Your traditions are limited to some Hindi movies showing Punjabi rituals..... Iam proud to be a christan today for not disliked by even MIM in India, as we are always for love and not fights

    7. All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen is a secular party, however Bharathiya Janata Party is non secular party. Owaisi can talk bull s**t in the parliment house, nothing wrong; However Varun talks sense in public meeting is wrong. India is no more a country for hindus. Even in the islamic countries the muslims don't enjoy this much of comforts/convinience/safety

    8. BC
      Why are you crying over what Owaisi said. Hindu gods are indeed weak and made us meek as well. Can you answer the following ?

      Historically, why not Hindu gods helped our kings to resist the mighty muslim invaders so as Hindustan remained for Hindus?

      How could muslim invaders could crush down Hindu kings if they are not assisted by their god but our god left us to fend ourselves?

      Why not hinduism if so great, not preached and practiced world over while Islam is most revered even today ?

      Why erstwhile Hindu countries like Singapore, malaysia, Indonesia, Mynamar embraced other religions leaving Hinduism ?

      Why even in BC times, natives renounced hinduism and embraced Buddism if not it offered better prospects ?

      How could Lord shiva allow his Lingas at Kashi and Somnath be broken to pieces, taken to Mecca by a human MUSLIM INVADER if he is REALLY a saviour of Hindus ?

      Hindus pray to mother earth but continue to drill, rig and get water, fuel etc... Will you drill your mother ?
      Same as of Cows, you pray to her but milch, squeeze, and finally sell in market. Whats wrong if a Muslim buys it to eat ?

      You pray to Agni, Vayu, Jal in the morning but on the other hand use them for ur benefit rest of the day. Hows this ?

      All this make me to think Hinduism is not a religion with staunch values and base but a story teller imagination.

    9. Because 'Only savages and barbarians wage war'. Hindus is Sanatana Dharma which follows the principle 'Live and let live'. That doesn't mean we're imbecile and weak. Your posting shows how good is your conviction and belief. Grow up and ask the same question yourself everyday.

    10. Certainly I will grow up, if you just answer to all my questions, can you pls ?

    11. BC, atleast can you answer my questions to Hindus, as you seem to have lots of gyan and Bhatti towards your section of socitey

    12. Venki, whom did u vote in last polls? Must be for Khangrass ?

    13. u pig eating porkistani faggot. since fukruddin chudaisi is you role model so go and suck his cutlet.u all r such section of people who r blind deaf....u have such a grt culture that everyman thinks of marrying 6-7 times,making bombs,butchering people etc....1 suggesstion why nt go to porkistan and settle there. u can get jannat by getting blown to bits .....

    14. problem is that satish no body is interested and has so much time in justify our religion to you. We are very happy as the way we are as we not go around killing people and if any body does so we condemn it. Remember we hindus are close to 80% and still we r secular country(I guess its our biggest mistake).

      So satish if u r hindu, be happy for that as atleast it is the same religion which gave you every possible right to question its teachings if you percieve it to be wrong. And if u are not an hindu then pls PISS OFF. Pls let us practice our religion.

    15. Our present Home Minister is much more a glaring example of hatred promoters. I was shocked to see a Home Minister of the country basing his allegations on such serious issue on media reports and newspapers. As the HM, he is expected to be the source of news for media whereas he is doing the reverse. If he depends on media for making allegations, who will act? If he has real information, he is expected to act as per rules, not talk to media to show his face on TVs. On the other hand, he, as a person holding a very important position, must understand that issue is important and not the parties. Terrorism is dangerous, whoever indulges in it and it is for him to act rather than speak, that is, if he has really authentic information. Otherwise, what he did is immature and not matching his position.