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    Hence Proved, Congress Bureau Of Investigation

    This corrupt Congress government would never cease to surprise me with their antiques every now-and-then. Quite regularly this government would fall to a new low there by arousing question marks on our very democracy and democratic frameworks. Be it getting their hands dirty in every kind of corruption acts or misusing every constitutional body for self-gain, they would invariably always raise the bar of manipulative governance to a new high.

    The latest raid on Stalin’s house by CBI is one of such instances where this pathetic government yet again tried their best to play out some vendetta politics but unknowingly ended up shooting their own foot. But before we move further, there is a larger issue that involves the alleged nexus of Congress and CBI, which needs to be explained. The new backronym that BJP associates with CBI as ‘Congress Bureau Of Investigation’ has some substance to it than just a political gimmick. Over the years, or at least from 2004, Congress has used CBI to their convenience, in order to get the support required to make up the numbers. Every time Congress was in ducks in want of the numbers to be in power, they have blackmailed people with CBI to tow their lines and come up with their support. And knowing our crooked politicians, each of them can go behind the bars any day for the sheer amount of criminal activities they get engaged in to. So a menace of CBI to open one or many of the cases certainly amounts to a genuine concoction of threat and blackmailing for these thugs to fall in line and help Congress bailout yet again.

    Look at Mulayam Yadav or Mayawati. Both of them are high grade staves. Both of them have dozen cases of criminal activity pending against them in various courts of UP. If law prevails, as it is touted to, then these two humans would be behind bars for the rest of their lives, even before you could finish reading this line. So magnanimous their crimes are. But they not only are roaming free but also are seen shouting absurdity on the floor of the house, every day. How is that possible, you may wonder? And the answer to your wonder is their persistent sustenance for Congress in thick and thin. Not that they want to support of their own but rather were forced to support by dangling the CBI sword up their skulls. When CPI(M) left Congress middle of nowhere during nuclear deal, Samajwadi Party readily extended their support within no time. And how Mulayam Yadav was rewarded for such a gesture? Yes, 3 of the long running CBI cases of disproportionate asset again SP chief were dropped at once. Brilliant I must say when the premier investigative agency of India were so sure of their findings that they decide to close cases against a notorious man, within 24 hours he lends his hand of support to the ruling government. Ditto was the case with Mayawati. Though she hasn’t gained as much as Mulayam has, but her unconditional love for Congress goes a long way in convincing many the reasons behind numerous graft cases getting dropped against her.

    Not only occasional support, but CBI is smartly used by Congress to garner the continuous support as well. Though Mulayam Yadav and his party were seen criticizing Congress policies, more occasion than one, SP still remains flocked together in fear of the big uncle CBI. Every time Mulayam shown signs of a revolt, he was duly red eyed by CBI to fall in line. Ditto again is the case with Mayawati. Same is the reason why A. Raja was never touched upon for close to two years since Karunanidhi was head-over-heels in love with Congress party.

    But look at what happened now. Since Karunanidhi didn’t remain a good lover as he was a couple of years back, the same CBI was let loose to act in haste. That too within 24 hours DMK decided to move out of the coalition. And what are the specific allegations against Stalin for CBI to conduct an early morning raid? His son was alleged to have in possession of a Hummer which belongs to a pool of 17 imported cars that never paid the due custom duty. Fair enough, but does this case falls under our custom department or CBI? What CBI has got to do with cars plying on the roads without paying their import duties? Though CBI has never seen in last one decade, doing anything credible but still, is it supposed to raid houses to investigate illegally imported vehicles? How laughable it can be when we see our premier watchdog sniffing around in search of shit than guarding the gates to scare away the prospective thugs. This is how Congress has systematically degraded the stature of CBI by using it to neutralize political opponents. They have used it to buy support of highway robbers, statue makers, fish vendors, cattle food eaters, money spinners and yes, even accused rapists. How CBI was misused to frame Narendra Modi is beyond anyone’s doubt. The misuse went so overboard that our Apex court has to trim the agency by directing them to stay away from Gujarat riots investigation and stop interfering in the matters of the SIT constituted by it.

    Even if we agree to believe the crooks of Congress, who are explaining the absence of their consent in the early morning farce, there is something else which sounds ridiculous. More than the raid it is the reaction of our priminister and finance minister that needs some immediate condemnation. As per the books, CBI acts on its own wisdom and certainly neither our PM nor our FM has got any business to either pat their backs or denounce it for any of its actions. Disapproving the act of CBI within two hours of the incidence, that too by none other than our PM looks a whole lot fishy. Why our PM is so worried of a particular investigation? Doesn’t he have better and important things to take note of than running around condemning one establishment or the other? If this doesn’t imply the obedience CBI shows to their masters in Congress then I am not sure what else it is.

    Whatever it may be, but in any whichever way it shows both the Congress party and CBI in very, very bad light. Either the raid has to be the fallout of a political vendetta or too minute of an accusation for CBI to spring into action at the first place. I really don’t care if the CBI acted on their own suddenly while they were sleeping on the accusation that was filed in the month of February till now or they were been advised by their bosses in North Block to go ahead and teach the DMK a lesson for breaking out from the government; but the timing couldn’t have been any worse for the Congress party. No wonder, the Congress party of late is extremely ill advised so much so that they are offering reasons on a platter for the opposition to laugh around loud.
    More than just a political disaster, it also sent out a loud message to all their remaining allies. Be there as a party to the pan India loot or else we will let loose CBI to dig out what even your great grandfathers did in their youth. Must be scary for many of the thugs that are still hobnobbing with the Congress party. No?


    1. Same happened with Jagan in Andhra Pradesh. As soon as he formed his own party, the government agencies are all over him slapping cases at will. Its has become necessary for him to go back to Cong if he wants to come out of jail.

    2. my dear friend mulayam,mayawathi,jagan, karuna etc. .. are not saints, they have looted public money left and right. remember when YSR was the CM, he ordered for CBI inquiry on Jagan in Paritala Murder case, knowing well that he will come out with clean chit from CBI. Its not the problem with CBI its the problem with the Government.One thing is for sure these looters should have been hanged for their misdeeds, but its because of the congress political play they are surviving.

    3. "jiski laathi ooski bhains"

      If BJP was in power then CBI would be doing their (BJP's) bidding. Unfortunately CBI and most other agencies are always used by the ruling party as a weapon.

      Solution is to limit influence over these agencies, but obviously that's easier said than done.

    4. Mulayam/Mayawati in UP, Karunanidhi/Jayalalita in TN, Yeddy in KA, Lalu in BH, Choutala in HR, Amarinder in PB are facing CBI inquiry in Disproportionate Assets cases.
      But CBI is not investigating Chandrababu Naidu for some "corrupt" reasons.