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    The Crooks And The Tamils Of Sri Lanka

    I find this demand of DMK to pass some kind of resolution against Sri Lanka in connection with the alleged war crimes on the native Tamils, a little laughable. It was absurd when we first sent our IPKF Jawans to Sri Lanka and let our own people die for no credible reasons whatsoever; it is equally absurd now that few hawks of our political spectrum demanding strict action from India so that personal and local political mileage can be garnered. We behaved like headless chickens back then when we asked our soldiers to pack their bags and we are behaving the same way now since we feel Sri Lanka is our personal property.

    In all of this and the history of LTTE with respect to association of India, I find couple of crooks who stand out from the crowd. One is Rajiv Gandhi and another is Karunanidhi. And I will explain why these two entities would stand out among all the crooks; those who have built their political career on the ruins of Jafna.

    Sometime back I had the opportunity to have a little chat with the mother of a slain IPKF Jawan. Not only her son but her son-in-law was also posted along with her son on the rocky mountains of Jafna. As thankful as she can be for the all mighty, she was happy at least her son-in-law could manage to come back alive, unlike her son. When the news of this insane decision of Rajiv Gandhi broke out, the regiments were asked to get prepared within eight hours. Eight hours to pack their bags, ammunitions, write letters to their dear ones, call back home, take a bath, get a shave and board the train to Chennai from where they were supposed to travel to Colombo via air and water. We must remind ourselves here that many of them in fact got that eight hours to say one final goodbye to their motherland since they never could manage to return. A conservative estimate could put anywhere around 10%, the number of soldiers whose dead bodies either couldn’t be recovered or were so much decomposed that they bear no signs of identity. The woman in discussion is one such unlucky mother who couldn’t even get a chance to see her son’s face one last time. Her son is one of those hundreds whose dead body didn’t return to their motherland. Let me assure you, the tears haven’t dried up on her eyes and her politically incorrect abhorrence for Congress party and the so called Bharat Ratna sums it up beautifully.

    Who is responsible for the plight of this mother and probably many more? Though Congress clowns run all over the place, competing among them to show, who can lick some first family posteriors better; none dares to explain the reasons why their so called great visionary leader took such a devastating step. Honestly, I did intentionally tried to establish a credible reason behind Rajiv’s decision but failed to make out even one. Such magnanimous was the hara-kiri. Now for those who jump around with some Rajiv-Jayawardhane accord, must be slapped right on their cheeks. Either they haven’t gone through the details of the accord or they simply don’t understand English. It is nowhere mentioned in the accord that India would readily supply with armory support to Sri Lanka. Not at least having an army base installed on their land. In fact no sovereign nation would ever want to have foreign troops taking stock of the situation on their own soil, provided it is not Pakistan we are discussing. The best the accord offered is help from India on humanitarian grounds or at best on financial terms as and when the government of India deemed fit.

    Now somebody must explain me, how sending our forces to counter LTTE, which is purely a Sri Lanka’s indigenous problem, amounts to humanitarian gesture. Forget everything. Didn’t Rajiv Gandhi sabotage the long standing nonsense called ‘Panchsheel Treaty’, formulated by his own grandfather, in the process? How in earth, us being a mature nation even think of interfering on the internal matters of another country, let alone sending our troops to fight someone else’s war. And such a brainless twat is conferred with Bharat Ratna that too long before our authorities thought of honoring Netaji Subash Bose with the same. This perhaps can only be possible in India. A fool at large is termed as a visionary and made the Bharat Ratna.

    No political gain insight, no gain diplomatically either but one fine morning our useless then priminister makes a decision that the rest of the world could be laughing at since then and would perhaps continue to laugh on. If the laugh alone wasn’t enough, what is the manner our forces were rewarded by the Sinhala government? The moment Premadasa dawn the crown he literally kicked out our brave soldiers from his country. Same 8 hours was what Premadasa offered us to get our asses out of Sri Lanka. Great repayment to all those lives that we lost on a foreign soil. Though it may be judicious to call the treatment was well meted, a sitting priminister getting the butt of the rifle landing on his bald head while taking a guard-of-honor doesn’t put our self-esteem in good quarters. I am not even getting into the incident where few LTTE cadres blew themselves, taking the Bharat Ratna along with them. For many, including me, it was justice done finally to all the departed souls who thought of fighting for their nation but had to lay down their lives for an absolute dreadful cause.

    Now lets examine why Karunanidhi is another crook in the lot. He, to start with, is one big opportunistic clown who did nothing all along the time Rajiv Gandhi was coming up with his unspeakable posturing but now wants to be a messiah with a black pair of sheds for the entire Tamil brethren. And why he didn’t oppose that time? You couldn’t guess it better since such a step of Rajiv Gandhi was putting the then CM of Tamil Nadu, MG Ramachandran in great deal of uncomfortable position. Taking advantage of Ramachandran’s ill health then, Karunanidhi almost conspired with Rajiv to send our troops immediately before MGR could come back from Baltimore, USA, where he was getting treated. In fact Karunanidhi was envisioning killing more than two birds with half a stone.

    This is where I find Karunanidhi a high grade crook, even higher than Rajiv Gandhi. The moron never opposed when Rajiv Gandhi was behaving childish. Nor he ever shown any objection in joining hands with subsequent Congress governments at center so that loot money could be poured into DMK balance sheet with ease. Now when he sees his, his sons and his party’s future is anything but pitch dark, he decides to get up from his slumber to shout for the Tamil cause. Wondering if he was laying eggs since 1987 that he didn’t realized the apathy of Congress party against the Tamils in general and got to realize the same once Raja managed to pack thousands of crores of 2G money into DMK coffers. I am sure, had he managed to get back to power and didn’t had such a precarious position in the state, he would have conveniently farted the issue of Sri Lankan Tamils or the alleged war crimes as a bout of indigestion. Since now the wheels have turned one full circle and Jayalalitha is all set to drive home the advantage, this old fox is back with his cunning ideas.
    Hope the nation is watching and taking a note of the gimmicks that this Karunanidhi is employing. The drama that DMK is playing in the form of withdrawing their support to UPA is nothing but a bravado to gain some lost grounds in the regional politics. For those who think, Karunanidhi may be serious for the first time in his entire life and wishing something genuine, then I urge them to wait for the opposition to call for a no confidence motion on the floor of the house. Either the thugs, like their party patriarch, of DMK would join back UPA coalition on the morning of the motion or would simply abstain from voting. The idea is not to harm Congress, in turn harming themselves, but to throw tantrums on the backbone of cheap regional politics.

    But you know what? This bugger Congress along with its entire baggage of rot and blot deserve such treatment. Be it from the nation or from their own allies. Bloody parasites on our national sentiment and national pride.


    1. It was Jayavardane's brainful Act and our Rajiv's brainless act.
      In the process, Indian Soldiers started looting the Srilankan Tamils (many Sardarjis caught in the customs with huge cache of gold ornaments, looted in Sri Lanka). This caused enmity deepen further, resulting in full blown batte between LTTE and IPKF

    2. Karuna isn't gaining any lost ground. Protesting students are asking why DMK accepted gifts from Rajapakshe during an official visit.

    3. The Sun network which is owned by Karunanidhi blanked out ALL coverage of those final days of battle. All these so called "Tamil brothers" kept quiet even as media in other languages - English included showed the massacre and also terrorist Prabhakaran's body. Because the next day was elections in TN. HAving kept quiet when the cold blooded massacre was being carried out, speaking out now lends credence to the notion that the DMK is shedding crocodile tears, having lost its way in local TN politics.