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    NaMo, A Nightmare For Congress

    How important NaMo is for our present day crook media and an equally crosier political party called Congress? If this is what I got to ask to an average Congress stooge, I will never wait for the answer because I am sure, what I will get for a reply. For them NaMo would always remain an irrelevant entity in the political spectrum or at best a regional leader, not at par to even be brought in to the context when a discussion is going around the magnanimity of a certain Rahul Baba. Ditto is the case for our media.

    Every time NaMo operates on the turf of Congress or Rahul Gandhi, the buggers in Armani suits go ballistic in pronouncing or rather denouncing NaMo as any potential threat to the Gandhi scion but at the same time track the man wherever he goes, except while visiting the loo. Such hypocritical fagots are these media goons are. Same is the case with Congress even. Though they gutter mouth the credibility of a man who has defeated them more than one occasion, they will readily take note of how NaMo’s political career is shaping up, both within the party and the country as a whole. And not to forget their filthy attempt at letting loose rabid mongrels like Digvijay Singh to utter rubbish, every time NaMo eclipses their theatrical heir apparent.

    The latest elevation of NaMo into the core team of BJP for 2014 elections has spiked the clowns, both in front and behind the cameras to keep barking the same old stories with varied tantrums. While the barking could be treated as a gibberish passé, so conventional to Congress party, I do see a strong reason for such outcry.

    In a way, the inclusion of NaMo to the top slot, more than just indicates who the BJP’s PM candidate for 2014 general elections could be. While Congress is in dilemma to have their useless Yuvraj pitched against a seasoned and delivering political master and end up losing everything, including the borrowed surname and repute; BJP on the other hand rose to the occasion and perhaps made their intentions very clear of offering the nation, the best candidate for the top post. Rahul’s personal fear of facing a real man is not helping the Congress cause. As a reluctant and out of shots politician, Rahul knows his limitations and strengths. And that strength is certainly not having the courage to take it head on with a man as tall as Narendra Modi. All that Rahul capable of doing is to run the world’s largest open theater soap opera of Ekta Kapoor fame and hobnob with poor Dalit farmers of UP while getting clicked merrymaking with his Colombian drug mafia girlfriend the very next day. He knows it; hence he shies away from the race for the top post by making statements like ‘Power Is Poison’ or some nonsense to that effect. Even the Congress cronies are aware of the outcome if the Yuvraj is left to face NaMo in a real battlefield. Not only Rahul Baba would have anything left at the end of it but he may not also have the options of theatrics in future as well. A direct fight between NaMo and Rahul will ensure the false image that the sycophants are trying to build of Rahul Gandhi in front of the nation would crash down like nine pins, pushing the Yuvraj to virtual oblivion. So I don’t blame Rahul Gandhi turning philosophical with ‘Power Is Poison’ nonsense, since otherwise it would be catastrophe come 2014 May.

    Another thing that might be giving jitters to Congress is the way our political semantics are shaping up. They for sure know a volatile Nitish Kumar is not that volatile as he may look like or so as our paid media desperately trying to project. I am sure, Nitish and JDU would be the first one to fall inline the moment NaMo is officially declared as the PM candidate. Nobody hates power, which also includes Nitish Kumar. Like Rahul, Nitish also knows his strengths and weaknesses. A government in Bihar without BJP would be as tough for Nitish as it would be for BJP to form anything at the center without JDU. It is a mutual cooperation where Nitish very well knows, it is NaMo who is capable of pushing BJP beyond the 200 mark on their own. A number anywhere around 220 will certainly attract the departed partners like BJD back to the folly. Eventually, BJP may not require Nitish and his members to claim for the government formation. And here Nitish sees his loss. He is too smart to miss the bus and may be power to some philosophy which he himself doesn’t believe to the last syllable. For political jingoism he may tow the new found line of minority appeasement, but come to the equation of numbers, Nitish for sure is a man who knows where to put his money. All the political grandstanding is for regional gain which would stand nowhere in the context when the discussion goes behind closed doors in Delhi. This is something the Congress party is very much aware of. They might roll out red carpet for Nitish, every time he visits Delhi but they are aware that it is nothing but plain posturing.

    Another factor that scares Congress is a woman going by the name Mamata Banarjee. Ask any political expert and he/she for sure would agree to gamble his/her life with the fact that, in no way Mamata going to ally with Congress ever. ‘There is no permanent enemy or friend in politics’, but this doesn’t apply to Mamata Banarjee; so bizarre and unpredictable she is. That said her association with BJP is a relative possibility, knowing she was once part of NDA.The moment NaMo makes BJP cross the 200 mark, Mamata would be an absolute certainty to join in and that too without much farce. Ditto again is the case with Jayalalitha. As it is, AIADMK never has enjoyed any kind of rapport with Congress ever. At this juncture I also see no reason why Chandrababu Naidu won’t become a party to this great migration. First, the man is long out of power and the only way he can have some is by uniting with BJP. If not the CM post, he should be assured of a plump portfolio in NaMo’s government. Same can be said about Naveen Pattnaik. Being from the same state, I can assure you of my political understanding of the region. Naveen is another guy, much like Mamata, would never join hands with Congress. Not even during his worst times. BJD back in the NDA ranks can easily assure a good 15 seats for NDA.

    The only glimmer of hope for Congress to still continue hanging with the skin of their teeth is UP and the two opportunistic clowns known popularly as Mulayamsingh Yadav and Mayawati. A little arm-twisting and a bit more of CBI with a promise of a huge amount of another ‘M’ called money later might just keep these two heavily corrupt individuals sticking to Congress. That again doesn’t look too fool-proof for Congress since either of the two can start dictating terms without giving any warning. Going a step ahead than Mulayam, Mayawati can even blast badly on the face of Congress on any given morning.
    So the reluctance of Rahul Gandhi to race for the PM post is anything but expected. First, he never would make it anywhere near with a probability of him failing miserably midway looks like a certain possibility; second, none this time would even care rat ass for the surname as people have got educated about the outcome of continuous patronage for a particular family that has yet to produce a graduate, let alone a statesman.

    So we can understand Rahul saying NO to PM' post but, hey; what could be Rahul’s reluctance to get married? Any guess?


    1. hey do you realise how many Modi (praising) posts you have put up in recent times? Shill?? :)

    2. very well put , if BJP gets more than 200 seats than all the other sympathatic parties will fall in line

    3. I have traveled the world and have spoken to people who see how a political system strangulates its able population. One Singaporean told me India needs a benevolent dictator. Unfortunately, it is not easy in India. The colored masters of India have devised such a system with the Babus and Goondas that the average man cannot touch them - forget about an Arab Spring type uprising.

    4. Nitish joining NDA is a big question mark as he has openly shown his anger towards NaMo being nominated as PM candidate. Jayalalitha has already announced that her party will contest elections without any alliance here in TN, surely eyeing on a horse trading during the govt formation, she will not mind NDA or UPA.

      NaMo becoming a PM has many obstacles within and outside. Irony: people's choice is never considered in this democracy. If UPA forms one more term, India will be renamed as Italy

    5. Superb....You write it the American style....Blunt truth and straight on the face.......Great to read....will keep on reading your articles.

    6. LEts pray that UPA 3 does not take place or we might have to migrate out of india

    7. 1. CWG
      scam, Kalmadi sent to jail, Kanimozhi & Raja sent to jail in 2G
      bribery, Chauvan made to bite the dust for minor slip-up in Adarsh.
      MM Joshi caught red handed dictating CAG about figures, JPC finds 2G
      loss at 2,400 crores (now recovered fully), 2G expert price rejected by
      all players, talk time goes up due to no benefit to telecos, common man
      is now affected, all b'cos of MM Joshi's dictation to CAG.

      3. Coal Scam, BJP all of a sudden silent ? B'cos 80 percent scam has happened under BJP state govt.
      K'taka BJP govt, dubbed as most corrupt govt by HC, shame on BJP. All
      ministers tainted. CM sent to jail, Mining scam & BBMP scam alone
      totals 1,00,000 crores. 26 ministers tainted. Total corruption under BJP
      more than 5,00,000 crores.

      5. Kasav & Afzal shown where they belong ! RSS & BJP fielded Jethmalani against Afzal death sentence !!
      6. BJP & RSS cadres caught red handed hoisting Pakistan flag in K'taka. BJP MLAs watch BLEU film in assy.

      7. No punishment for Kingpin who mastered 3000 murders in Gujrat

      8. Helicopter deal sealed in 2003 by BJP led NDA not UPA. Bribe taken by MOD, of NDA.
      getting smart by being honest, BJP is clearly an anti-national party.
      Hail Sonia, the tallest & honest leader of India since 2 deacdes

      9. Record economic growth under MMS, GDP doubled in just 6 years 2004-2010.

      Only congress can fight Fascists & impending civil war due to uppercaste propaganda
      10. Jaitley Telephone tapping , by BJP's Siddhanshu Misra !!

    8. 2014 : BJP will fail to get past three digits b'cos of Modi. MMS will become PM for 3rd time and after brief time he will be succeeded by Harvard graduate Chiddu.

      2015 : Modi popularity will slide and courts will make right decisions on his criminal past. Modi will resign and may walk into Tihar.

      2016 : Modi will be awarded death sentence, brahmin RSS will be happy to send off Modi. Sushma will declare herself as PM candidate for 2019.

      2017 : Pranab'da before relinquishing office will seal the fate of Modi. Court will order he be burried inside Tihar fearing rise of fascists. Modi will be laid to rest next to lesser criminal Afzal Guru.

      2018 : Sonia will be awarded Nobel Prize for keeping away Fascists from occupying seat of power of world's biggest democracy. Sonia will be world's tallest leader powering complex India into another golden era.

      Jay Sonia Mata, she is bigger than Bharath Mata, which is just idol of RSS.

    9. Modi's number aagayya !! Read TOI, CPM demands Narendra Modi's trial in light of SIT report''

      Come on Sanghi bloggers write some thing , He may go to hell even before Maya Kondnani & Babu Bajaranghi. 2016 Modi will be hanged to death in Tihar jail, only Adanis will claim his body, he has no family, he abandoned his wife immediately after ,marriage, no kids as well....

      Modi timeline


      2014 : UPA-3 will storm into power, Modi popularity will slide rapidly, US will name Modi as terrorists, RSS as terrorist organization.

      2015 : Indian courts will make U turn in Modi criminal cases, Maya Kondanani & Bajarangi will testify that Modi was king pin of riots.

      2016 : Modi will be hanged inside Tihar jail, Kashmiris will oppose his burial next to Afzal. Adanis will claim his body.

      2017 : Reservation for muslims, dalits & dalit converts in all sectors based on population percentage.

      2019 : Land-slide victory for Congress, death of UPA, death of Fascists, NEW INDIA''

      2020 : Death of Internet Sanghi bloggers by 2020, dalits will take over internet and grow India into powerful nation,

    10. dushman ka dushman dost hota hai. no other logic...

    11. The nonsense mentioned above can't even be called a Daydream....poor fellow...

    12. Arre Pratul Gupta!! I want to say only one thing..you are using only one or two texts and posting them to every damn article on this website which does the correct thing by bashing Congress...
      It seems like u r also being paid by Rahul Gandhi for doing this. Wake up dude...the world is changing..Modi will be the only reason that Mahatma Gandhis's dream of dissolving the congress after nation is independent, will become true. And people like you will then criticize Congress the very same way that u r criticizing Modi right now. Get your facts right, bro...hope that God grants you some power to think correctly. Amen!

      A guy who doesnt like bullshit!!

    13. !!!!!Gujarat before Modi- Icons and landmarks like Amul, Anand University, IIM, Kandla Port, IIFCO, KRIBHCO,Tata Mithapur Sada Ash Salt, Petrochemical complex Vodadra, Bharuch, Chemical zone from Vapi to Ankleshwar, Textiles Ahemdabad, Arvind Mills, Gandhinagar, Shipbreaking Alang, Narmada Dam, Cotton, Sugarcane, Tobacco, Edible Oils Rajkot, Agrochemicals Pesticides, Drugs and Pharma, Cipla, Cadilla, Lyka, Atul, Dyes and Chemicals, Fertilizers, GSFC, GACL, GNFC, GSPC, IPCL, GMDC, Hazira complex Reliance, Essar, L&T, Ports GMB, Art Silk, Synthetic Textiles Diamonds Surat, Oil and Gas Halol Khambhat Ankleshwar, Cement Gujarat Ambuja, Binani Cement Kutch, Jamnagar Refineries, Dahej Petro complex, Navodaya Schools, General Motors, Mundra Port, rise of business class, Tatas, Ambanis, Mafatlal, Lalbhais, Diamond merchants of Palanpur, Art Literature Theatre.

      Gujarat during Modi- Godhra, Riots, Genocide, Mass Murder and Rapes 2002, fake encounters, hate speeches, death of culture, Tata Nano, toothless Lokayukta, Major Roads by NHAI (Delhi), swine flu, malnutrition despite Central funds, rise and rise of Adanis, Adanis, only Adanis, Gujrat debt at record high Rs.1.5 trillions. Modi fit for serving tea to Adanis and Ambanis''

      2012-2013 FDI : Maha 27 percent Gujrat 2.7 percent (right 2 point 7 percent) , so muuuch of hype about Modi by Uppercaste M'fkrs

    14. Sonia
      figures in World Leaders List_________ MMS figures in WOrld leaders
      list_____Sonia is behind world's biggest social initiative the
      MNREGA______MMS behind India powering through economic
      reforms________MMS & SOnia has brought J&K Voilence down by 500
      percent reduction in fatalities_____Sonia & MMS 7
      new central universities____8 new IITs, 10 New NITs___6 New AIIMS___13
      cities Metro funds___7 New IIMs____Lok Pal & Lok Ayukthgs
      Bill____Progressive programs based on Justice Verma
      commission__AADHAAR___16 Flagship Social programs for
      these 16 programs allotted 16 Lac crores in 12th Plan an increase of
      123 percent over 11th Plan._____Citizen Rights to Grievience Redress
      Bill 2011__National Pharmaceuticals pricing policy to help poor access
      costly drugs at susidised price___Best Minimum support price for farmer
      produce means more prosperity of rural folks.____12.8 lac titles to
      SC/ST ditributed free of cost from 18.5 lac hectares land.___Minimum
      Wages act strengthened___ESI hospitals with more doctors and
      equipments__21 new textile parks launched____India rated 3rd largest
      economy in the world by pipping Japan__7.05 lac RTI applications
      processed___In 2012-13 alone farm credit allcated is 5.75 lac
      crores__digitizing of governance___The Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Bill, 2011 to power Infra growth__>Janani Shishu Suraksha Karyakaram (JSSK) ___50 percent reservation for women in Panchayats__Japan city near Bangalore___Bangalore-Mumbai corridor, Chennai_ Bangalore corridor,
      Pune_Mumbai Corridor and many such identified for industry
      belts___J&K Terror fatalities reduced from 500 to 110 in last 4
      years_____Kasav & Guru shown Hell's door thanks to MHA swift
      action.___Annual rate of poverty reduction__1994-2004(0.5
      percent)_____2004 to 2012(1.6 percent)_____@@@@@@@@@_____________@@@@@@@
      Modi figures in criminal list, he figures in Human rights voilators
      list, he figures in war crimes list_____Modi is booot licccker of
      Ambanis and Adanis_____Modi made Gujrat 3rd most debt ridden state in
      just 10 years______Massive privatization helps private companies not
      people________14 criminal cases still active on Modi___Will sleep next
      to Afzal guru anytime soon____Shame on BHeemar Janata Party____Shame on
      Upper caste propaganda____Shame on uppercaste Media____Shame on Chaddis.

    15. NaMo is nightmare to himself, he should now get ready to gallows, US and International Human rights have slapped Indian judiciary so tightly that it's matter of time he will be convicted and Pranab'da will be eager to send NaMo to hell. Shame on BJP, they are shaming India by projecting a murderer as PM candidate, ....all looks like uppercaste propaganda to show door to OBC leader.

    16. Hey...Please change your name...You are not "Being Cynical"...You should be named "Being Rational"

    17. pratul gupta ( maybe u r a mullah or father hiding in a sanatan name), saying ill about modi ji or sangh will not change the ground situation. i challenge u that pseudo sicular 'khan'gress will not even cross 100 mark.

    18. People who think Modi is going to save India - assuming BJP rakes the numbers on its own, or Modi sycophants are in for a rude shock. I don't care what he did in Gujrat in 2002, it is the totalitarianism and regionalism of his is what worries me. Modi is extremely arrogant and it is this pride that will take him down. Also I believe Modi's elevation has deep politics behind. Most in BJP are not very happy with Modi's style, so they have got together and decided to give Modi a chance. They know he s going to botch this and that will end Modi Puran permanently. Reminiscent of BJP getting into power and screwing it.

    19. So anyone who is against Modi is now a Mullah? Its a shame that people who listen to gayatri mantra on their ipods and watching some baba's pravachan on aastha channel now think they are the flag bearers of Hinduism. Tea vendors and poop cleaners are our new upholders of Hinduism. No wonder this is Kaliyug

    20. that shows ur narrow mindedness of thinking on caste lines, no matter u guys r hypocrites of highest order ,who can get a modern education but not its wisdom...ghanta u r true to ur word..no one can shake off conviction....

    21. bjp didnot screw up in its last term. go get some education so that u can develop some rational and objective thinking .and please promise me ,if modi becomes PM n does something revolutionary, that u will commit suicide .

    22. again bring caste here..no wonder party like c0ngress can rule bcz of retard so-called educated indians..

    23. 22 July 2013 Ecomonic Times


      Gujarat has slid from fourth to eighth in the ranking of states for rural spends, and from seventh to ninth in urban expenditure, according to a comparative analysis of data on monthly per capita spending between 2011-12 and 1999-2000, both of which are put out by the National Sample Survey Organisation.

      Gujarat may be the poster boy of development and economic growth, but is one of the few states that have slid in economic rankings.Consumption expenditure of people in Gujarat is growing at a slower rate than the national average, according to a comparative analysis of data on monthly per capita spending between 2011-12 and 1999-2000, both of which are put out by the National Sample Survey Organisation

    24. BOLD ^ Gujarat is growing at a slower rate than the national average, ^

    25. Guess you don't know the real meaning of growth in % and what it is when transferred into numbers. A simple example for your pighead to understand.

      If you are Nanga-Punga types (like most of the Congress ruled state), buying a Chaddi would be 100% growth. Now if you are all dressed up in coat and suite, the same Chaddi buying exercise may be a mere 2% growth.

      Thats how it pans out. Congress ruled states and the nation to some extent infact have remained Nanga-Punga because of this wretched party where as Gujarat is a all dressed up man in a sedan. So while a growth of Rs 100 (in numbers) for other Congress misruled states is a growth of 30%, a growth of Rs 1000/- is just 5% for Gujarat.

      Hope dickheads like you have something called brain to understand this.

    26. Dude, you can ban me ...let the readers know how narrow minded forum is yours !!

    27. Thakur Rajesh SinghJul 26, 2013, 12:54:00 PM

      This Munisaammappa rascal is a pure mullah terrorist who actually hails from kerala and operates under different fake Hindu and Christian names like Munis(along with Shivling pic), SRC, Ron, Golden, Madhavan, Tamilian, OBCGeorge, SamTruth(along with Shiva's pic) on rediff and yahoo forums. Seeing the fervor with which he posts, one can simply not comprehend the hatred and venom he has for Hindu and NamO

    28. Hahahaha...bc kya banda hai ye.. Bhai Jaise Mulle jihad ko marne ko taiyar hain...hum NaMo ke liye marne ko taiyar hain... aur tu abhi yahan ghus hi aaya hai to ghasse kha...

    29. This mindless creature resembles Digvijay Singh, a more informed one than Diggi. Has a good knowledge in spreading bullshit about an Indian and has aptness of a kind like an Italian who are expert in offering green grass to horses where what to talk of grass being green , not even brown straw is found but the exteriors are resonant with greenery when even sand of the sea-shore looks green, horses come but they stand only to look at the person who brought them here.
      I may make myself clear in this way that Khangress (party of khans, mullahs, mulayams,mayawatis, khurshids,alwis,manish tiwaris, rajiv shuklas, azam khans ,akhileshes, abhishek singhvis, kalmadis, a.razas, karunanidhis , narendra singhs , a bihar minister, bhim singhs, another minister in Bihar, nikus,) ,will show the way to the grass where it is seemingly green and that grass which on lights and focus may look only green when that is only pebbles and sand.
      Window dressing ,appeasement, that too, at the cost of the rights of the majority community (denial of the rights)are the basic tenets, they have been taught by the Nehru Gandhi family and now an Italian Lady .
      Leave aside Namo , who is sure to be there for unfurling the national flag on 15nth August 2014 , even if the creature immolates himself 1000 times in birth after birth, Namo will prove invincible. And there is no spot like ACHILLES HEEL in his body, Mind it , You worshipper of Italy , Gandhi and Nehru, your days are numbered. Please give your full address , where you will be putting yourself after April 2014. We will not chase you but only post you the photographs of our Great leader NAMO for you to see that he is there whom you never believed will be there.
      He has committed a Godhra , has committed genocide, has debarred the state machinery from acting when minority community was burning, is an arrogant man, is this and that whatever you call him , it does not matter at all. We need a saviour of India as a country we have found that man and he is NAMO

    30. अभी जवाब मिला नहीं है . मिलने में थोड़ी देर है , यही कोई ६-८ महीना . मेरे बड़े भाई जी , क्या आपको शर्म नाम की कोई वस्तु से वास्ता है या नहीं. की वो भी इटली की कोख में छोड़ आयें हैं. नेहरु और गाँधी वाद का अच्छा पैमाना दिखलाया है आपने .बात करतें हैं गोधरा की , 'जब खाके नशेमन ही न रहा तो टूट के बरसा बादल भी ,
      अरे कहाँ गयी थी वो काली घटा जब आग लगाईं लोगों ने .'
      आप महानुभाव के हिसाब से कारसेवक मारे गए तो बहुत अच्छा था , और जब हिंदू भड़क उट्ठे इनकी मौत पर तब आपको बहुत बुरा लगा . फ्लेश -फ्लड के बारे में आप जानते होंगे , की जब ऐसा होता है तो सर्कार नहीं सभी देशों की सरकारें भी पाँव लगा देगी तब भी मातम होगा जैसा की उत्तराखंड में अभी हुवा है .
      उन औरतों, युवतियों, नाबालिग लड़के लड़कियों के बारे में आपका क्या ख्याल है जिनको एक समुदाय के लोगों ने कश्मीर और जम्मू से बाहर कर दिया है . जो दिल्ली की महारानी सोनिया जी की बनाई हुई सडकों पर अपने देह और जमीर का सौदा करने के लिए विवश हैं .आपके ही पूज्यनीय कांग्रेसियों की ऐशगाहों में अपनी इज्जत बेचती हैं और हरेक सुबह अपना चेहरा ढक कर इनके चरित्र निर्माण स्थल से बाहर आतीं है और सारे दिन गुमनामी की जिंदगी जीने के लिए फिरती रहती हैं . ये लोग क्या उस इशरत जहानों से कम दोजख वाली जिंदगी जीने या मरने में परेशां हैं . कभी सोचा है आपने ?
      यह देन किसकी है , नरेंद्र मोदी की ? जवाब दीजिए . जब बाबरी मस्जिद तोड़ी गयी तब अररिया , बिहार के जिले में ब्राह्मणियों का बलात्कार कर उनके स्तन काट लिए गए , कहाँ दी आपकी धर्म-निरपेक्ष सरकार . जब गाय पर पेट्रोल दाल कर सलाई की तिल्ली से आग लगा दी गयी थी ,कहाँ थीं आपकी यह बहरुपिया सरकार .
      थोड़ा दम धरिये , आपको मालूम पड़ जाएगा नरेंद्र मोदी क्या चीज़ हैं .