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    Rahul Vs Modi – A Battle Of #HashTags

    I don’t blame Rahul Gandhi alone for the entire range of gaffe he has managed to produce till now. A major part of the blame can be bestowed upon the lack of something called brain and another major chunk to the number of sycophants that routinely convince the brainless that he is no less to an average Nobel laureate when it comes to intellect, articulation and maturity. When you have professional rear lickers crowding you with false praise, one generally tends to get his minimal thought process blurred. So I give that to Rahul Gandhi here.

    The recent address of Rahul on CII platform or today’s FICCI addressing of Narendra Modi, made one thing clear. The difference between Rahul and NaMo is much, much bigger than I ever thought it to be. And the difference is in every sense. Here is a man who came to politics from a very humble background of a Chaiwala; struggled his way to the position he is in; made friends and foes along the way; understands the nuances of politics as well as nation’s demography; has shown astounding governance as a chief-minister and of course a man with a mission without withstanding slightest of nonsense. Now look at Rahul Gandhi in comparison. He is a man with no vision or ideology except a bag full of gimmickry and a borrowed surname. Someone who might not have known what struggle is all about. No effort whatsoever imparted to reach to the position he is in. Even if one genuinely tries to draw similarity between these two men, he would greatly struggle to put even one.

    Beehive metaphor, or as it is been touted by the congress stooges makes one more thing clear about the prince. That is, he perhaps knows nothing about India. A country which has 40% of its population still struggling to eat plate full, someone belonging to the party which ruled the independent India almost 90% of the period, standing up and talking about inclusive growth is nothing but a cruel joke on the face of the nation. Had Rahul Gandhi or his ancestors who misgoverned the nation for decades, were serious about growth, we wouldn’t have those many poor suffering in our country now. Even if we can’t hold Rahul responsible for the misdeeds of his ancestors, his own approach towards the so called growth model is anything but suspicious. Suspicious because in last 10 years we have seldom seen this man taking proactive steps towards the nonsense he so vehemently vouched for in his CII speech.

    Now 10 years is a long time for reforms to implement. It is even doubly easier for someone who has all the power at his disposal; had there been seriousness and conviction. Have we ever seen Rahul talking on important issues, let alone growth? The man who wants to turn an angle all of a sudden was all but silent when everyone else was talking about the mega 2G or CWG scam. He was silent when an entire nation was rallying behind Anna Hazare for Lokpal. He never mouthed his opinion when students were getting canned and water cannoned after the Delhi gang rape incident while he can pillion ride to Bhatta-Parsaul to bring home all those fabricated mass-rape, mass-murder nonsense. The sycophants can celebrate the ‘coming of age’ Rahul Gandhi blabbering at CII; it still can’t take away the truth behind the selective gimmickry of the prince. And the truth is the approaching general elections and the ground that this theatric personality is rapidly losing to a seasoned and delivering politician. The truth is the battle that Congress is losing out to BJP on social media. Rahul knows very well the bygone times where his forefathers could get away easily after each hara-kiri, aren’t going to come back. There is now a rational watchdog in the form of SM that would tear apart any mistake or theatrics. Even if without SM, he knows his mistakes and gaffe are too stinking to cover up. He knows his standard jingoisms inside Dalit homes taking him nowhere; not at least when he is pitted against NaMo. So this is one last ditch attempt to improve the personality or the lack of it so that he at least can do a face savor act, come 2014.

    Even the Congress grey heads and clowns alike, don’t see a future for the drama king unless the battle over social media is brought to some kind of level playing field. And the comedians who are taking a lead in this cyber battle are the likes of Manish Tewari and Kapil Sibal. No wonder why the Congress has planned to invest around 100 crores to safeguard the prince by deploying paid lieutenants on various social media. Gargi Rawat’s (a jurno from the Nehru Dynasty Television [NDTV]) Tweet on this sums it up very well. I will take that tweet of her as insider info, looking at the closeness the channel she works for and the party of thugs enjoy.

    Look at this Sanjay Jha, one of the many slaves who are ripping benefits out of the forced 100 crore budgeting of Congress. Here I feel pity on Rahul Gandhi more than when I started with this post. If one can have only such morons as supporters, it shows, the remaining days for drama are numbered. While the supporters of NaMo are there on their own, without being paid a penny, this man’s foolishness only exposes how desperately the congress is trying to buy support online. The idea of the exercise is not to change the perception of Rahul that is so diminishing but to buy artificial perception and congratulate each other for every hash tag that trends against Modi. This tweet alone reflects the tireless efforts of the paid morons in protecting a dimwit stupid ass from getting hounded in the real world. Have anyone ever seen a bigger sinister plot to protect the dynasty and the idiots that constitute it? Though I seldom reply with aggressive tweets, this buffoon forced me to change that policy. As far as my reply is concerned, the idea was to show Sanjay Jha his originality and where he stands in terms of truth and rationale.

    I don’t think anyone has ever described Rahul Baba more accurately than the way Chetan did with this tweet of his. Isn’t Rahul a comet? Or perhaps the Helly’s comet, that one sees once in a generation. A lot of fanfare goes both pre and post the viewing while the utility of its presence in the sky for the nation is as vital as Sharad Pawar is to the agriculture ministry. People in Congress and the slaves those are paid from the pool of 100 crores for their tweets, can dance nude in joy, every time Rahul Gandhi changes his innerwear but for many, a clueless and witless person like Rahul Baba doesn’t really matter more than an average stand-up comedian that we see daily in Comedy Circus on Sony. Not sure of others but me and my friend circle hook up to YouTube to go through one of the so called spectacular speeches of the heir apparent, every time we are upset and there is an urge to roll on the floor laughing.

    And how correct Chetan is with his warning to the corrupt and theatrical morons of Congress; though he might just have missed the tense by mistake. I would be extremely surprised if the beehive hasn’t yet realized how the caretakers are systematically looting them for some time. Because for me the routing that Congress received in UP, TN and Gujarat is nothing but the poisonous and painful stings that Chetan talks about in his Tweet. May be the fatal sting is right about the corner; as early as this Diwali.


    1. Rahul Gandhi is perfect example for "Peter principle"

    2. Bachhe ki jaan loge kaya?

    3. You seem to be blinded in your hate against the congress and so on....well honestly you do have a point at some aspects, and i do agree with that but to call this site being cynical is misleading....your way too biased and its better if you admit it...Definitely not being cynical more like i hate congress or i love rss, If you really want to be a true cynic why dont you look at the other side? They have plenty of flaws too, why don't you be more neutral? For example,think about the false propaganda hindutva has claiming that aryans originated out of India which is backed only by psuedo science and very little evidence

    4. Bulshit.... where Aryans oiginated from....Whatever the writer writes is real blunt truth......And that too without any bais as i find.

    5. Unlike Modi, MMS/Chidu/Sonia are supported/controlled by CIA.

    6. ......so much for having a constructive argument...

    7. lol, you sound like a congress stooge !!. Get a life... go do some dallali or give some stupid ass speech preaching rahul gandu.

    8. '2013 : RSS NRI Guuju Bhai spend millions for Modi's image________2014 : Huge win for secular UPA-3 is 325 strong, Modi popularity will come down_____Babu Bhajarangi & Myaya Kodanani will testify that w/o Modi's support they would not have killed people. Few cops will also testify that it was Modi who was behind riots.______________2015 : A fast track court will order death sentence to Modi___________2016 : All courts will reject mercy petition including Pranab Da______________2016 End : Modi will be hanged inside Tihar jail, no one comes to claim body of Modi, Modi will be burried next to Afzal Guru.________________2017 : UPA-3 gets Nobel prize for keeping away Fascists away from seat of power.___________2019 : Congress whitewash, with 300 seats, Rahul PM.

    9. Thakur Rajesh SinghJul 26, 2013, 12:28:00 PM

      One thing is for sure : You are a genuinely talented person !! good work !!