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    Karnataka Handed Over In A Platter

    Our media is in a real bad habit of coming up with so called exit polls after each election voting is over. In a race to show, who understands the nuances of Indian democracy better, these media houses start airing their exit polls immediately after the polling booths are closed for the day. There in fact are people like Yogendra Yadav who have made a fortune in coming up with skewed numbers after each and every poll. No denying that the numbers these political Gurus come up with doesn’t vary much from the reality of the counting day, still the manner in which our media houses show up their understanding of our politics looks little bizarre.

    Well as of me, I don’t believe much on these exit polls. A group of clueless idiots going ahead asking few thousand of the potential voters of their choice and furnishing numbers doesn’t anyway reflect the true psyche of the entire voting lot. Fancy names like CVoter or some nonsense to that effect might interest a large constituents to remain glued to their television sets and listen to the blabbers of enlightened specimen like Yogendra Yadav but for me, the reality when the EVMs finally gets unlocked might throw a surprise or two. Same can be said about the latest exit polls of recently concluded Karnataka elections. Same people; exactly the same kind of discussions with unsubstantiated numbers flashing on the screen with different color schemes; same TuTu-MainMain between a Congress and a BJP representative either rubbishing or vindicating the outcome of the exit polls, depending on which side of the expected result they are in; it was some kind of action replay of earlier exit polls went whole through yesterday evening. To say the least, it was annoying.

    That said I have a mixed feeling on these latest exit polls. Being a staunch BJP supporter while the horrid numbers for the party was disappointing, at the same time I was happy with our democracy. I was happy because; from the core of my heart I was delighted to see the people of Karnataka doing justice to the five year long mis-governance and corruption activities of the ruling BJP. The exit polls gave me a glimmer of hope that our voters no more remain the oblivious, sold for a bottle of liquor types anymore. They now certainly are judging the candidates and the party, purely on the basis of governance, honesty and delivery. If these are early symptoms of what we can expect during 2014 general elections, then I am sure how precarious the condition of Congress would be post May 2014. I was happy that people are now serious about their own wellbeing by coming out of their cocooned mindset of worshiping absolute nutcases on the basis of history and family names. I was happy that people in true sense are expecting their representatives to be more truthful and accountable to their jobs. The moment the sorry figure for BJP started flooding in to my TV screen, I immediately tweeted my joy, not as a BJP supporter but as a strong believer in our democracy.

    Now if the exit poll turnouts to be a horror flick for BJP on 8th May, there has to be something which must be blamed. There has to be some fact finding that must go within and outside BJP purview to nail the faults and going about admitting it in public with a sincere promise of them not getting repeated again. Someone from the top layer of BJP must admit the mistakes and apologize to the people of Karnataka for betraying them after getting a good mandate in 2008. But is BJP game for it? Are the jokers from Karnataka BJP cell openly admit their hara-kiri and beg forgiveness from the people?

    From Reddy brothers to Yeddyurappa, the party made blunders after blunders to land up at such a receiving end of the public wrath. In a highly educated state like Karnataka, it was a great mistake on the part of BJP and its top brass to cover up seasoned crooks like Reddy brothers. Honestly, I was never expecting such a stealthy stand from Sushma Swaraj. It is no secret; it is only because of Mrs. Swaraj that the Reddy brothers got such long ropes to play with national resources. Had there been no hands of blessing of Mrs. Swaraj, the brother duo would have been behind bars much, much earlier than they finally did. That was the first big mistake of BJP in their 5 year tenure. A party which was seen cornering the crook Congress on various corruption allegations at center was readily sheltering notorious morons like the Reddy brothers. People certainly didn’t take it very well. As captain Sparrow of the ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ fame said – ‘Good people have so much to lose but bad people got nothing in comparison’. People never expected honesty from Congress hence rampant act of looting by their party men never come as a surprise for the people of India. I mean, that is what Congress is doing for last 60 odd years. Looting the nation, that is. But in reverse, a party like BJP which claims itself as a party with some difference with untainted stalwarts like Atal Bihari Vajpaye once leading the lot; an act of corruption emanating from their didn’t go down well with a lot of people.

    Second reason that I see is the handling of Yeddyurappa. When the need of the hour for BJP was to act swiftly against corrupt Reddy brothers, they conveniently sat over it but at the same time, for reasons not conceivable to me, acted too quickly against Yeddi. Even till date nothing has been proved against Yeddi. Just to negate the bad name BJP has gained post Reddy-Bellari fiasco, no thought was put in before asking Yeddi to go. Yeddi going out and forming his own party was expected to hit the BJP’s fortune. Because the voters those were going to vote for Yeddi were never Congress voters. In the absence of Yeddi’s new party, those votes were destined to flow in to BJP’s boxes. The southern bastion of BJP which has the maximum Lingayats in the voters list was divided in the middle, post BJP-Yeddi split and that is what reflecting in the exit polls. I wish BJP hasn’t played into the hands of the opposition and sacked Yeddyurappa without any substantial reasons.

    But can you really stop the morons of Congress from displaying their foolishness at the slightest opportunity? You certainly can’t. Look at this Sanjay Jha and his foolishness so vehemently written in those 140 characters. Of all the people, a Congressi is lecturing about honesty and sincerity. That is like Dawood Ebrahim advocating for peace. No? While the BJP is expected to lose a good 11% of their 2008 vote share, the corrupt Congress party is gaining nothing from it. It in a way shows, people are definitely disappointed with BJP but are not happy with Congress either. Whatever the mandate Congress going to get is purely because, there is a lack of alternative in the state. Even the clandenstine HD father-son duo could be more notorious than BJP-Congress put together. So the joy filled sycophancy of Sanjay Jha and many like him are a clear sign of foresight bankruptcy and if at all the mandate shows some kind of ‘beginning of the end’, it has to be that of Congress in next general election. As I said in the first paragraph, if the voters have turned intelligent, as I thought them to be, clowns like Jha would get no place to hide their rotten faces once 2014 general election results start pouring in.

    All in all, it is not a win for Congress but a loss for BJP. Had BJP seen the writings on the wall, they wouldn’t have handed over their first southern state on a platter to their opponents. I am sure; the rear loving Congress stooges would shower all the credit to the college dropout heir apparent but in reality he has got no impact on the fortunes of Congress party in the state. It is just that the opponents badly lost the plot a good couple of years back and made the path of the notorious party to power a lot easier. Toadies may even hail Sonia Gandhi for the outcome but that is anyway far from being true, which all including the clowns of the party know very well. For me, none should take the credit for the expected victory of Congress in Karnataka, except the BJP itself and few of its top honchos, including Mrs. Sushma Swaraj. Hope the lessons learnt as far as BJP is concerned and that too in a very bitter way.


    1. 1. Casteism returned to state with high intensity__________
      2. Record corruption, HC said K'taka most corrupt in India_________

      3. 26 Ministers tainted by courts and police cases________
      4. BJP national leadership dancing to corrupt Gadkari and Yeddi._____
      5. BJP has no leadership at all to lead Nation_______
      6. BJP & RSS workers hoist Pakistan flag in K'taka._____

      7. BBMP sacm 30,000 crores, BJP MLAs burnt the office to wipe of traces of proof_____
      8. New land grab scam emerging to be about 2,00,000 crores, Bangalore BJP MLAs sole beneficiaries._______
      9. BJP MLAs with RSS background watch blue film in assembly while discussing drought in state.______

      10. K'taka HC, Santosh Hegde term BJP govt as most corrupt in India._____
      11. Total K'taka BJP scam tops 82.8 billion dollars, which is world record._____
      12. 12,000 crores worth land alotted to RSS sisters concerns_________

      13. Land grab by Yeddi & Eshwarappa in Shimoga valued over 8,000 crores________.

    2. Sushma the moota maal lover is sending professional MILFs namely Smrithi Irani, Meenakshi Lekhi to play with Teddi's Moota Maal for LS2014 re-entry

    3. Good article.

    4. Being Cynical, the poll prediction is now very scientific and they give numbers based on intensive logics. The predictions this time was really acurate the CNN IBN predicted almost 99 percent right about seats of all parties

    5. Ultimately another good land deals for Vadra in karnataka

    6. Being Cynical : Now that K'taka results have been declared and congress won more than three times that of BJP, you may delete this article ......and in future avoid getting tight slap K'taka poll results. And coming to 2014 LS polls don't count chickens before they hatch. The uppercaste RSS propagandists will have shock of their life.
      1. Modi fake fame is drastically going down the drain.
      2. Cong. true intentions are best judges by people of this nation and not biased keyboard warriors.
      3. It would be uphill task for BJP to even make a ton mark, the leadership has no honest face, whole India is seeing the maturity of BJP jokers in parliament.
      Get ready for a very tight slap and I request the RSS chaddis to retire from arm-chair dadagiri or call it keyboard warriors.

    7. Congress vote share has increased by 2% and BJP's vote share decreased by 14% which only imples that Yedyurappa despite being framed in corruption charges could take away 12% of the votes alongwith Sriramulu party and independants!!What it implies that

      1.BJP leadership made a huge mistake and Advani threw out Yedyurappa only to lose karnataka!!
      2.Congress did not win in Karnataka and Voters didnt favour Congress!!.It just retained the vote share it had in 2008 but since BJP's vote share got 3 way split,Congress came out winner despite not being the overwhelming choice.