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    The Serious Business Of Grammar Correction

    What are the responsibilities as the law minister of this country? Yes, you are precise; you are supposed to correct the grammar of each and every investigation report that CBI or any of the investigative agencies dig out. Bringing about new laws, formulating frameworks to clear up the piling pending cases in our courts, some kind of judicial reform or any of such frivolous stuff is childish of an act for the law minister to perform. A law minister shouldn’t worry at all about the painful slow nature of our courts because that is certainly not his lookout. All that his job warrants is some serious business of grammar correction and may be going a step ahead proactively to eliminate names and facts from the report so that his/her government doesn’t get entangled by the opposition.

    Jokes apart, this is what Ashwani Kumar is doing since the days he was installed as the law minister of this country. It is just that his latest grammar correction spree saw the light of the day else in all probability this great English geek might very well have corrected the grammar of many more reports. The rampant clean chits issued to various corrupt Congress ministers in those many number of graft cases could be a direct fall out of Ashwani Kumar’s enormous English literary skills.

    Honestly this is bizarre. A fact finding report where it details how the public money and national resource is siphoned off by a handful of thugs, goes through the table of someone who is party to the aforementioned crime, before reaching the desk of our honorable courts. This speaks volume of how rotten we have gone down with our governance and transparency. This is what the present day corrupt Congress government has done to the credibility of every public office. They have made holes into the repute of all those offices which were once touted as the epitome of honesty and transparency. Systematically to hide their own misdoing and loot, organization after organization were red eyed to tow their lines in coming up with fractured and misleading reports to fool the nation. Even after such systematics sabotage, just to make sure no derogatory line passed onto the public for an outcry to start, the UPA government has pathetic lieutenants like Ashwani Kumar posted to go through the reports line-by-line. How far this Congress government and the sycophants of this corrupt party can stoop to could very well be the toughest thing to imagine. Just when you think, you have seen the worst in terms of governance and honesty, someone from the Congress would come up with yet another of the spectacle, thereby raising the bar of dishonesty to an all-new low.

    More than the nefarious act of Ashwani Kumar, it is the manner in which this blot on our democracy which we all know by the name Congress reacted to this news is flabbergasting. When it was dishonesty of some first grade and a shame on our constitution, the shameless of Congress were ready with their bizarre explanations. First it was the mild denial that a holy cow like Aswani Kumar could possibly never have done anything silly. When it all looked fishy, the same shameless lot came up with yet another of their bizarre spectacle. According to them Ashwani Kumar was just making sure that a grammatically incorrect report shouldn’t land at our court’s doorstep. How nice of Ashwani Kumar to think of such high standard for the English that our investigative agencies scribe in their reports. No?

    Here is the thing. Does Ashwani Kumar have any business of going through the confidential reports, which are of judicial nature; even if the intent was to correct the grammar? Is he allowed to go through the pages which otherwise are sealed and supposed to be opened before the honorable judges? The act of Ashwani Kumar looks more inexplicable when our apex court was critical of the kind of investigation that was going around getting the truth in CoalGate. No wonder our apex court didn’t take the adventures of this grammar Nazi too lightly. If at all one cares to read through the observations of Supreme Court on this, it is much more than a rap on the knuckles. It was a direct accusation on Ashwani Kumar on how he tried his wicked best to manhandle the truth in striking out phrases where the PMO along with its boss was blamed squarely for the mess. Even the second affidavit filed by CBI nails the lies of Ashwani Kumar and the whole congress party.

    But you know what? When rest of us believes the act of Ashwani Kumar is nothing short of criminal conspiracy against the nation, the morons in Congress trying to brush this under the carpet by terming it as an act of impropriety. Only impropriety? Seriously? Since when the act of shielding highway robbers and dessert thugs, is an act of mere impropriety? Since when obstructing the truth to come out is an act of impropriety? Since when a moron who conspires against an entire nation for self-gain is termed as a rude person? Since when a party with each of its constituents being corrupt to the core is allowed to sawed away their act of looting by terming it as pure impropriety on the part of few?

    I am struggling to decide, if I should laugh or cry, looking at the situation we have landed up. A moron who intentionally tries to defend his incompetent boss by modifying confidential reports is the law minister himself. How funny and sad at the same time when we see a thug himself is made the custodian of law. If that is not enough, the crooked party, rather sacking such rotten entities from responsible posts is actually justifying the missing integrity with the moron. To justify that what they end up doing? Yes, ask the attorney general to stand before our apex court and tell blatant lies without even blinking the eyelids.

    This is perhaps equivalent to the idiom – ‘Country going to the dogs’.


    1. Why Aswani Kumar would be shifted. bcoz match already fixed between SC and Govt.

    2. Why Aswani Kumar would be shifted. Why can't the buffoon be suspended instead?

    3. Why Aswani Kumar would be shifted. bcoz Match already fixed between SC and govt.