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    Let’s Play Ostrich

    I have jokingly said this many times. Our national pass time is playing Ostrich. Hey, hang-on; did I just use the word ‘jokingly’? The line which when I used for the first time in one of my blogs, it was only an attempt at a sarcastic representation of our psyche. Little did I know then that I am actually scribing a rude reality quite unknowingly. Since the day I used the line for the first time, till today, I was more than just minutely observing our pan India behavior and to put it mildly; we all are nothing but a big colony of Ostriches. Leading the pack of Ostriches is our elected government of the day and of course all the notorious constituents of the Congress party; Sonia Gandhi and down.

    Take example of our action/reaction or whatever after each terror attack. I always find it extremely funny; the way our politicians, starting with our priminister conduct themselves post any such horror. Little talked about absolute waste materials like R.R Patil is better since for him eventualities like 26/11 are ‘Bade, Bade Sehron main yese CHOTI baat hote rehte hain’. CHOTI baat? Really? Had that man possessed any shame, he should have quit politics after his boot out and had we guys have any shame then we wouldn’t have elected such a scumbag again, even if he fought any elections. But he as well as we rascals are shameless to the core, which is why he not only fought the next elections barely four months down but we also elected him wholeheartedly.

    Anyway, back to the topic. So whenever a moron decides to blow his ass on a city square, killing dozen innocents with him; what our priminister offers as a consolation for the nation? Yes, he assures all of us that the perpetrators will not be spared and they would be severely punished. Or at times adding a ‘Theek Hai’ after this standard line of his. We congratulate each other for having such a considerate priminister at the helm and he goes the other way patting his own back till another dozen get killed at some other city square. He comes back again, invariably wearing the same sky blue color turban and utters the same lines, with or without a ‘Theek Hai’ and the cycle continues. Have you ever seen any perpetrator ever been punished? Now don’t bring that moron Ajmal Kasav to the context. Without a certain Tukaram Ombale none would have ever known, who this Kasav was. Hanging of Kasav is not at all a testimony to the seriousness Dr. Singh means for each of his blabber post a terror strike. Look at a certain George Bush and his seriousness post 9/11. “We will catch all those who are responsible and punish them”, were his exact words. Rest as they say his history and we can only sit and admire the seriousness of his lines and how he meant each syllable to the molecular level. In contrast, rather being authoritative, our PM sounds more like a helpless and uninterested chicken. He leaves a lot of his assurances to probabilities and future tense. We will catch; we will punish; we will set an example and most important; you all are jackasses to believe what we say.

    If the nonsense in the form of addressing a worried nation with lies is not enough, the way this government tries to give a spin to the whole terror angle is flabbergasting. When the world knows, whom to blame for the spilled blood of innocents on the street, our smart hacks in Congress see a Hindutwa terror in everything. Votebank takes precedence and we see people of Hindu origin like Swami Ashimanand, Col Purohit, Sadhavi Pragyan were packed behind bars for charges nobody knows. A top layer empty entity like Rahul goes ahead discussing the so called biggest threat to India in the form of Saffron terror with odd American senate over a hot cup of coffee. Foul mouth mongrels like Digvijay Singh are routinely let loose to spew venom against Hindus. For every terror explanation the trio named earlier is furnished to show how Islamic terror is a myth while Saffron terror is all that is prevalent in India. Now that the charge sheet for the terror attacks where the trio is alleged to have masterminded, doesn’t find any mention of their names, the morons who were all but blaming the entire Hindu community for all the terror acts are nowhere to be seen. Hope arrangements are made to drag out the scumbags like Diggi and team and asked to explain their nefarious intent and made sure to be slapped black and blue in absence of a satisfactory explanation or admittance of guilt.

    Even look at the Ostrich like behavior for general law-and-order problem. Women are getting raped left-right-and-center in Delhi but that doesn’t deter Shiela Dixit from wasting public money on advertising her own rotten governance. When people were asking as basic as safety in our cities, the lady was all over the place on NDTV stage managed shows to shed gallons of crocodile tears. When all that we asked for is an uncomplicated assurance that our women would be as safe on the streets as they are in their homes, we ended up knowing the number of daughters that our political hawks have, starting MoS Home and down. As if it was a race to let know who have got more number of daughters back home. Only good thing that Lalu never tried to come up with his numbers. That would have posed a mathematical challenge. While all the fake voices in Congress were showing concern for the depleting women safety, our kids were getting canned and water cannoned for demanding this basic responsibility from this worthless and shameless government. This was quite an explanation of the intentions when the morons say; they are with the people of this nation and they understand the sentiments of the populace.

    As I said in the first stanza; we are full with Ostriches and we even don’t tolerate if someone tries to be different. If someone like Anna Hazare acts little responsible and starts bothering for the recklessness in governance, the Ostriches in the Congress activate their dirty tricks department to malign the person. In parallel they even try to sell snake oil (selling snake oil is a trademark of Congress. After all they are selling them since the time of Chacha) to the nation with fabricated rhetoric and jingoisms. The moment one asks uncomfortable questions on the very Ostrich like behavior, we have rascals like Maniac Tewari coming forward lambasting the patrons with theatrical lines like ‘Elected & Electable’. When the law finally catches up with one of the Ostriches for any of his earlier misdeeds, the dirty tricks department is pressed into service at once. In collaboration with a sold our organization like CBI, clean chits are issued quicker than you could finish uttering ‘Bhen..’.

    Hope the Ostriches would be dealt with severe terms in next general elections and would be packed to a place they so deservingly belong. Yes, a Zoo that is.

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