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    Naxalism - Does The Government Have 'GUTS' To Tackle It?

    This post is written and donated by Pradeep T (@pdeept), Guest Writer

    Let’s start with our so called leader’s reactions immediately after the bloodbath..!!

    Sonia madam and Rahul Baba said, "This is an attack on our democracy!". PM Manmohan Singh uttered "The biggest problem that our country facing today is Naxalism. Everyone should be inextricably united to retaliate this".. And, the reactions list goes on and on.

    This is not the first time that our PM is saying something like this on Naxalism; we have been fooled over many times, over the same issue, repeatedly. Be it in the meetings of state's Home Ministers or in the meetings of DGP's or even in nation development board meets. Supreme Court termed CBI as CAGED PARROT. But, in reality, Mr. Manmohan Singh is actually a parrot by himself, singing the same song, Theek Hai!!

    Let’s go to a decade back to dig some history!

    In 2004:

    Congress led UPA was sworn in to form a new government. It had the support of Left Front who strongly believed in Communism and its principles. At the same time, the Naxal activists in the country have been operating in 2 groups. Namely, 'The People's WAR Group' and 'Communists Maoists Centre'. Co-incidentally, they decided to operate as a single group, by creating 'Communists Party Of India - Maoists (CPI-M)'. From then on, this group created lot of distress, and their operations has been expanded to the most backward places like, Jharkhand, Chattisgarh, Odisha, etc..

    During Naxalism infancy, the then government didn't give much priority over these issues. Since, they had the support of Left Front, they thought it can be used to conduct peace talks with Naxals. But irony, we had someone called Shivraj Patil, the then Home Minister, who was more worried for his clothes and appearance than tackling this Naxalism. Due to an indifferent HM and many other systematic loopholes, Naxal groups grew stronger day by the day. By 2009; Naxals were almost ready to wage war against the nation. All this while the government was mum on these developments. The best they did was to wash their hands by issuing inappropriate statements.

    In 2010, these Naxals massacred more than 75 CRPF Jawans while the UPA government remained in their convinient coma at that stage. Rather taking stringent actions against the Maos, the newly appointed home minister blabbered the same shoddy story. Yes, it was Mr. P, Chidamabaram. Days are not near, when these Naxals will eventually metamorphose into 'China Liberation Army', which will easily usurp the reigns of our nation.

    It is been close to 3 years since we talked about taking concrete steps to curb the menace, and still the Naxals continue with their bloodshed of innocent people. And, this time, their target was high profile congressmen of Chattisgarh. The state congress president Nand Kumar Patel and his son Dinesh, soon to be CM candidate aspirant among the backward class of Chattisgarh Mahendra Karma and other 28 members were killed mercilessly by the Naxals. Even a senior leader and ex minister, Vidyacharan Shukla is been seriously injured and struggling with his life. What we get to hear from the so called Mai-Baap of Congress like Sonia, Rahul and Manmohan Singh, is the same thing "we will take action against them".

    If we take the stats of these brutal killings of Naxals, over 600 soldiers have been killed so far. Even their army has grown in unimaginable numbers. More than 47 thousand Naxals are there including women. Out of which, close to 10 thousands Naxals are actively involved in Naxalism, and remaining people are acting as porters, who have the responsiblity to manage the supply-chain e.g the required ammunitions like guns, bombs and other weapons. Also, they are convincing other people from nearby villages to join their group and fight for them.

    The intelligence reports say, the Naxals are getting their illegal arms from Nepal. Even after having knowledge of such arm infiltration, our PMO and our Home minister's office are sitting still. Can't they do anything? Or is it that convinience called wait and watch policy or simply is it the minority votebank that is consuming a majority chunk of UPA government's time to ponder about anything else? For a change Mr. P, Chidambaram acted proactively to tackle this issue. He conducted various meetings with all the chief ministers of Naxal affected states. He even went ahead and ordered our army to launch 'GREEN HUNT' operations against the Moasists. It was the first time that Naxalism has been treated at par with terrorism. But all of a sudden, nothing seems to be working, Or was it another of those hogwash that this Congress government is infamous for?

    Today, India's biggest problem is not from the radical thinking terrorists, but from these insider Naxal extremists who are becoming more powerful each passing day. By Just issuing statements and shedding crocodile tears in gallons, our politicians will solve nothing. One should have a political vision and GUTS to overcome this. Can we expect this from our Government?

    I guess the answer is a resounding NO!!!


    1. good one Pradet.. impressive :)

    2. home ministers shud be targeted...not innocent civilians

    3. Mr writer, any one can kill 1000's in matter of weeks and say we went and wiped out with guts.....these are social issues needs time to tackle.....UPA govt has used development to tackle Naxalism........tribal funds have increased by 1200 times over last 3 decades......we should see people laying their arms out of development.....killing is easy as easy as you imagine !! But it takes guts to 'kill' the naxals in right way....wait for some time UPA will defeat Naxals !!!

    4. Good one Pradeep. You write good. Featuring in Being Cynical is itself a proof of your writing abilities. Keep the good work and hope to see more from you in future.

    5. For the first time in my life, I felt nothing for the victims of this incident... Coz I believe they all were politicians n that too from the worst political party... Innocent civilians, duty bound police personals etc have lost their lives coz of these politicians.... They always treated themselves as untouchable.
      People die everyday... We all k now what is the value of life in this country.... More than 55 years of miss governance has made a mess of my nation....

    6. I think UPA GOVT should get 1 era of rule before it can combat naxalism...isn't it????mr pratul gupta....stop giving worthless statements like upa govt is spending crores of rupees for development in naxal areas...I will tell u after 65yrs also ppl in odisha and chattisgarh are spending nights without electricity and water...to start development doesn't mean spending mindlessly u have to restore peace and then doctors and engg ,teachers will go there and there will b development...in present scenario who will go to provide service in those areas...think before u speak...

    7. I do not understand the selective outrage at the Killings by Maoists. Is this the First time? More Brutal killings have been done by Maoists in the Past. Maybe the privilged people were not killed during those time.
      I am sick of the parroting by our PM that the culprits will be brought to Justice. It appears that the PM does not have enough words in his vocabulary. He parrots the same monotonous words. Everytime something happens, he descends from Delhi and uses his SOP and utters the same monotonous words.
      I would like to Know the reaction from Following people:
      HM, will it be same like in Delhi in December " In Big country, incidents such as these happen".
      Mohajir, Shakeel Ahmed, "Who will be the beneficiaries from these Killings? Will it be congress?
      Lastly I am amazed at the speed at which Sheila Dikshit rushed Gurgaon to see the Thug of Emergency and RGa rushing to Raipur. Why was such speed missing to see the rape Victim in Dec'12?.