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    Let’s Teach The Thugs A Lesson

    I rarely make a sells pitch. I never urge people to buy my lines for anything. No, not even for BJP or for that matter even Narendra Modi. I always put my viewpoint for all to read through and decide the best ot of it. Seldom have I asked people to forgo their own wisdom to tow my lines as the Mullahs around the world do with a false promise of 72 virgins up there. But now the time has arrived for a paradigm shift to my approach in calling a spade a spade. Now that the nation is almost in the verge of being served to the dogs in a platter, it becomes more than obligatory to pitch for truth, honesty, accountability and if possible a better governance.

    We are barely a year away from the next general elections. And to say the least, we can’t just afford to miss this opportunity to resurrect some wrongs that this UPA government did in last nine years. Should we decide to press the snooze button on the voting day to enjoy our extended sleep, well into the afternoon or decide to remain nonchalant of the situation that our nation is going through, we would end up giving the same set buffoons another chance to milk the nation for another five years. Looking at what we are been offered, with respect to governance and honesty, it is no secret that, if these crooks are voted back to power once again we along with our nation will go for a spin. As responsible citizens of this nation, we must not allow the morons who have looted the nation tirelessly for last nine years, to come back to power at any cost. We must ensure that the rascals are shown the door the most unceremonious way. And for this to happen, we the voters are required to brush our maturity level and skill of judgment to a new scale.

    Just count the number of scams this UPA government accomplished in last four years. I know it will take a good hour to come up with the numbers alone and for the amount of money that was siphoned in all these scams, you may very well have to write a software program for assistance. So magnanimous was the scam rate of this corrupt government. Every ministry of this government is neck deep in one scam or the other. No constitutional institution was left untouched from the nefarious intent of these Congress wags. From CBI to ED and now even CAG with a puppet installed for specific dictations; every institution of repute was auctioned out to cheap greed and personal gain. Mind you, the scams that our media is unearthing are those which the UPA government managed during their first stint. It gives me jitters to even imagine what they could have done during their second stint, which I am sure would blow out in next couple of years. Many would argue, there could possibly be lesser number scams during UPA-II since they pretty much remained occupied in defending their UPA-I misdeeds all through these years, leaving far less time for accomplishing fresh ones but jokes apart; are these the kind of credentials that you want to see in your next government? Not sure of others but for me, I would rather accept a dictator on any given day than these set of crooks who have made a mess of everything that they put their hands in to.

    Not only the ministries and the ministers, even the extended Gandhi family was all but busy accumulating public money by misusing their power and position. Robert Vadra is one such entity with no credentials but allowed to become a billionaire from a road side scarp dealer. Government lands were handed over to opportunistic real estate sharks at throw away price since that is the wicked way how the scumbag Damad-E-Hind could make a lot of money acting as a middleman. When the Vadra chap was exposed, all that these Congress sycophants did was to defend the rascal with their lives and as part of a routine hogwash; they institutionalized a self-formulated committee, which eventually gave clean chit to this high-end Dalal. Do you really want such a government to govern us which is not accountable to the nation but a particular family? Isn’t it an insult to the largest democracy of the world to accommodate the most corrupt government of human history? Aren’t these thugs a blot on democratic meanings since for them it is not ‘Of the people, by the people, for the people’ but ‘Of the Gandhi family, by the Gandhi family, for the Gandhi family’?

    If you are a Hindu, you have got more than just corruption a reason to teach these morons a lesson. I am a Hindu and I feel disgusted the way these scoundrels have made a mockery of Hindu sentiments and Hindu ideologies. Systematically, in the name of secularism, it is the Hindus that were shown in a bad light. While the world knows the root cause of all these terror activities, the bastards here fancy with new found jargons like ‘Saffron Terror’. A pathetic priminister stands atop Lalkila to announce ‘minorities have the first right to all natural resources’ and yet, he still is held as the flag bearer of secularism. Being a Hindu I object to such pontification of my fundamental rights where my priminister advises me to forget my legitimate claims just because I am a Hindu. It equally hurts me as a Hindu to see skunks like Digvijay Singh, with their foot permanently parked in their mouths, insult all Hindu organizations and sentiments while openly hobnob with apprehended terrorists for votebank. I don’t have any qualms if you go ahead in a rear licking spree of all the terrorists of the world for personal gain but no way can tolerate if Hinduism is unnecessarily brought in to the context. Appeasement becomes the norm for democracy and I object to such mollification of facts. I certainly can’t tolerate when I see innocents like Sadhvi Pragya, Col Purohit, Swami Ashimanand are arrested, just to show the existence of a ‘Hindu Terror’ angle. Why don’t I see the Digvijay Singhs, Chidambarams, Shindes of the world and all the morons of Congress to come forward and apologize to all the Hindus for their foul mouthing since NIA failed to find any evidence against the above mentioned trio? It would be a shame on all Hindus if we forget such official humiliation of our religion by a worthless government and that too for the self-gain of hawks in Congress and their allies.

    Pity if you fall prey to these notorious Bharat Nirman nonsense that this Congress government is playing in all TV channels as the last ditch attempt at fooling the nation. In the name of Bharat Nirman, all that they are trying, is to sell the snake oil, much the same way Chacha Nehru sold us a good sixty odd year’s back. First they will loot our money and then waste hundred crores of our money again to come up with nasty advertisement full of lies and dishonesty to cover the shit they have piled in last nine years. I object to such open hypocrisy of an elected government.

    So please stand up and make sure to erase such nuisance from our democratic frameworks; if possible forever. Congress as a party is a disgrace to democracy where they fancy the idea to curb any voice of dissent with 66A. They are a disgrace since they believe in beating our children and water cannoning them as their protest for a safer nation was not going down well with their reputation and image. They are a malice since all they accomplished in the name of democracy is to loot the nation and fill their own coffers. So time has come to teach these morons a strong lesson and show the real power of citizens when it comes to democracy. Let’s reclaim our democracy from the clutches of these looters. Let's work towards a better India post May-2014. Please!!


    1. To be very serious mate, not just you and me but most of the people who read this please pass a word to the rural people about the happening, there are fools in rural areas who still think its because of the hand(Symbol) they live and they need some lessons why not someone make a video of bharat sarvanash of the last 9 years, when i see bharat nirman more than i feel angry i feel pity for the poor souls who believe and when Our deomocracy is sold @
      1000INR on the election day what more can we say about the foolish people

    2. BJP should boycott all english news channels and newsapers!!I wonder why they come to TV studios at all when all they face is humiliation,insult and ridicule!!

    3. At the end of the day, as Katju says, Indians are mostly idiots. On election, all that matters is a packet of Briyani, country liquor, and 2 thousand rupee notes. Be it an ordinary collie or a cyber coolie. Such is the tragedy of present day india.

    4. Ditto. I have the same question. IS BJP so dumb not to realize this ? Perhaps, at the end of the day, politician needs the media and vice-versa. If BJP wants to make a mark in 2014, they better get some of the media reaching the rural folks in their good books immediately.

    5. 2013 : RSS NRI Guuju Bhai spend millions for Modi's image________2014
      : Huge win for secular UPA-3 is 325 strong, Modi popularity will come
      down_____Babu Bhajarangi & Myaya Kodanani will testify that w/o
      Modi's support they would not have killed people. Few cops will also
      testify that it was Modi who was behind riots.______________2015 : A fast track court will order death sentence to Modi___________2016 : All courts will reject mercy petition including Pranab Da______________2016
      End : Modi will be hanged inside Tihar jail, no one comes to claim body
      of Modi, Modi will be burried next to Afzal Guru.________________2017 : UPA-3 gets Nobel prize for keeping away Fascists away from seat of power.___________2019 : Congress whitewash, with 300 seats, Rahul PM.___________

      before Modi- Icons and landmarks like Amul, Anand University, IIM,
      Kandla Port, IIFCO, KRIBHCO,Tata Mithapur Sada Ash Salt, Petrochemical
      complex Vodadra, Bharuch, Chemical zone from Vapi to Ankleshwar,
      Textiles Ahemdabad, Arvind Mills, Gandhinagar, Shipbreaking Alang,
      Narmada Dam, Cotton, Sugarcane, Tobacco, Edible Oils Rajkot,
      Agrochemicals Pesticides, Drugs and Pharma, Cipla, Cadilla, Lyka, Atul,
      Dyes and Chemicals, Fertilizers, GSFC, GACL, GNFC, GSPC, IPCL, GMDC,
      Hazira complex Reliance, Essar, L&T, Ports GMB, Art Silk, Synthetic
      Textiles Diamonds Surat, Oil and Gas Halol Khambhat Ankleshwar, Cement
      Gujarat Ambuja, Binani Cement Kutch, Jamnagar Refineries, Dahej Petro
      complex, Navodaya Schools, General Motors, Mundra Port, rise of business
      class, Tatas, Ambanis, Mafatlal, Lalbhais, Diamond merchants of
      Palanpur, Art Literature Theatre.


      Gujarat during Modi- Godhra, Riots,
      Genocide, Mass Murder and Rapes 2002, fake encounters, hate speeches,
      death of culture, Tata Nano, toothless Lokayukta, Major Roads by NHAI
      (Delhi), swine flu, malnutrition despite Central funds, rise and rise of
      Adanis, Adanis, only Adanis, Gujrat debt at record high Rs.1.5 trillions. Modi fit for serving tea to Adanis and Ambanis

    6. Advani : A thug who demolished Masjid, bought permanent rift b/w Hindus and Muslims, Hawala Racket Kingpin, praises Jinnah in Pakistan, an iron man but was run over by lamb in 2009.

      Modi : Tea server to private empires like Adanis and Ambanis, murdered muslim kids and women, took Gujrat to 3rd most debt ridden state in India, charged by international human rights groups as a mass murderer.

      Shame on upper case mother f'krs, they don't have better leaders to defeat congeress. My vote is for congress, b'cos to me win matters, Congress will defeat BJP hands down in 2014.

    7. Munisammappa @ that wht u will call 1984 riots as? kisko chuitiya banata hai sala