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    15000 Is Not Just A Number Anymore

    We all love myth. Don’t we? In fact many of us love even outright lies. Routinely we love the lies peddled by others while at regular intervals we push our own set of lies to continue with the happy feeling. Our history or those who have written it also loved their set of lies. Like, we were told Akbar was a great king with lots of affinity for Hindus. Ditto was Tipu Sultan. Aurangzeb was a moron, so as the entire English contingent. India got independence because of only two gentlemen going by the name Jawaharlal Nehru and Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. Bhagat Singh and his gang were never there. Hell even we have a father for the nation, though we don’t have a mother anywhere near to be seen. Height of lie peddling is when we were told Hockey is our national game.

    There are plenty of lies that fly around our nation since ages. God only knows why we accommodate so much of lie so conveniently and if that is not good enough we even administer them in our text books for generations to keep on getting fed with lies. No wonder why we are producing idiots, generation after generation.

    But a careful observation would tell you the motive behind each of these pan-India lies. Absolutely each of it has a story of vested interest at the backdrop. While the obvious ones of ornamenting Mughal rulers or absolute useless entities like Chacha Nehru with all the praise has open reasons for all to see, the lesser ones like Hockey needs bit of more investigation. In whichever way you try dissecting any of the prevalent national lie, you invariably always would find Congress party in the beneficiary column. From our freedom fight to the so called IT and telecom revolution, we are lied about the true masterminds behind such achievements. And you don’t necessarily have to be a rocket scientist to guess the agenda behind such lies.

    I have said this once while presenting a keynote in an engineering college. Not sure what we may have achieved or lost because of Gujarat 2001 riots but for sure it has given birth to a lot of liars. In fact it generated vast employment opportunities for a lot of people through the cottage industry of lie peddling that mushroomed post 2001. People are seen lying blatantly for last decade and continue to do so without being obstructed or questioned. Our entire media is also a party to this lie peddling for a long, long time. Lies about what happened in Gujarat to lies about what didn’t happened; we have this complete spectrum of lies told in different veneer and flavor. Liars went so overboard with their attempt that they even convinced citizens to pass on their lies to our honorable courts.

    The latest spectacle from these established lie factories is the number 15000. We were told, again by these uncouth liars that Modi, one fine morning landed in Uttarakhand and rescued (within 24 hours) 15000 of Gujratis, those were stranded post the horrific flood. Here is the thing. Neither Modi nor the BJP ever claimed to have rescued people from UK, let alone the number 15000. Then who claimed or proposed any such number? Yes, the liars of our media deliberately peddled an unbelievable number knowing very well even a full-fledged army just managed to rescue half of that in four days of their 24/7 rescue act. The whole attempt was not to show Modi in great light or make a super human out of him, if you think that way but to have an avenue readily available to criticize him. No one cared to clarify, either from Modi or BJP if the lie in the form of a strange number flying around is ever claimed by any of them. None even cared to see the good of Modi in evacuating his state’s people; not just doing aerial shorty gimmick like Manmohan Singh or Sonia Gandhi. No applauded for a leader who thought of working on the ground to help people than just throwing tantrums or flagging of relief trucks as an act of grandstanding. But that is what exactly the lie peddling is all about. Simply to achieve nefarious agendas in disguise of blatant and unsolicited lies.

    Look at this moron, one of the many beneficiaries of the latest lie industry of 100 crores that Congress established to counter NaMo. No sooner the media, the syndicate in lie manufacturing with Congress bubbled 15000 out of nowhere, clowns like Sanjay Jha were at their business in peddling it further. Even at times turning philosophical and throwing their nonexistence morality as if it is the Congress party that is the only entity perpetually bothered for the wellbeing of the citizens. While those who matter in this whole 15000 nonsense remained silent, the slaves in the form of foot soldiers like Jha were all over the place. The same morally bankrupt lot though never questioned Rahul Gandhi and his birthday bash in Spain when people were dying here, to counter the ever popular #WhereIsPappu hashtag, lies were fabricated to corroborate the #Feku tag they so desperately want to come in level terms. That is how a lie is manufactured and processed to hide one’s own incompetency and gimmickry. The nation? Well doesn’t matter if it goes to hell in the process.

    Look at one of the mouthpiece of congress and perhaps another beneficiary of the 100 crore lie industry. Wasn’t it convenient for her to share the link of an article written by another joker, going by the name Abheek Barman? How funny it is to see a lie first getting peddled and the clowns jumping on it later to analyze and come up with scientific reasoning. How big a fool I always was to think Comedy Central is the best humor channel available at my disposal? Abheek does every bit of calculation to come up with finest mathematical formula to show how it is impossible to evacuate 15000 people in just 24 hours but never explains how he is busy all the while in dissecting a lie peddled by his own men, not Modi or BJP. He forget, in a way he is proving his own lie peddling syndicates are in fact buffoons of highest grade.

    People like Abheek are the output of vested agendas and decades of lies. Though his article doesn’t go beyond the standard of a fourth grader’s essay; a prestigious daily like TOI were shameless enough to publish such school boyish stuff in their editorial section. That shows how a convenient lie is such a matter of interest for a leading newspaper since their paymasters want the lie to be published and forcefully shoved down the throat of sensible readers. That is where the profit is. Though all such guest opinions do carry a small introduction of the writer at the bottom, Abheek was spared from having one. Perhaps because he is the son-in-law of a present MoS in the Congress government, the disclosure of which otherwise would have made the lie too obvious for all to pick. Such clandestine our media is.

    Hope the lie factories and the cottage industries spread across the nation to malign BJP and NaMo see their deserving end post 2014. Hope people see the nefarious rotten agendas behind each one of the lies, aimed at fooling, deceiving and dividing the nation. But alas, that is how Congress has ruled the nation. By lying around and dividing the nation to multiple parts.


    1. We must through out congress as early as possible to save a great nation INDIA.

    2. " Here is the thing. Neither Modi nor the BJP ever claimed to have rescued people from UK, let alone the number 15000. Then who claimed or proposed any such number? "

      WTF was/is BJP doing since this report came out ??

      WTF was/is Modi doing since this report came out ??

      Since both BJP and Modi are quite, it's evident that the report was paid by BJP and Modi to 'up' his image which has taken huge beating within BJP. The writer should show some maturity in articles !!!

    3. Sonia and MMS figure in world's top leaders. Sonia is behind world's largest socio program MNREGA which has provided 20 crore enrollments till date, it's a world record. MMS has dedicated his life to power Indian economy for decades in various stages and capacities.

      Modi figures in criminal list and is the only Indian CM barred from entering USA. Modi is trying to appease big-brother by giving away large land parcels to US MNC but still he is unable to get the VISA. Modi gets black flag in most countries.

      Uppecaste/RSS/BJP Propaganda won't work as it's impossible for a murderer to become PM of this nation.

    4. Shame on your ignorance though educated. I pity you.

      btw, NREGA is also one of the biggest scams involving biggest number of people. wastage of 70000cr in non productive works just providing 8cr employment on PAPER, actually not benefiting the unemployed.

      Doesnt matter Modi gets US visa or not, but US President will be in India to greet him post 2014. Now Indian need not lick US, its other way round.

      I thing you got nice kick with FDI retail by UPA.

    5. Yea, he will be greeted by Afzal Guru Ghost in 2015 when he will be hanged and buried next to Guru.....

    6. come out of your mosque, give your actual name. you bloody paki

    7. If Hindus behave in divided society as on today and doesnt see the danger of their religion being totally debunked and eradicated by two religions christianity, Islam, they will perish. Look what happened to Paki HIndus who were down from 11% in 1947 to 1% by 2007.

      But then history is proof that Hindus doesnt react even when their temples are ransacked, demolished (by muslim invaders) not even bother about who rules them even today by an Italian.

      They like invaders, foreigners to loot them. They lost 'swabhimaan' except few like chatrapathi Shivaji.

    8. RSS M'fkrs can't adopt Tiranga as their flag ?

      RSS M'fkrs hoist Pakistan Flag during elections in Musalman areas !!

      RSS M'fkrs put meat and bones into Hindu temples in Musalman areas !!

      One RSS M'fkr in Kerala recently died while transporting bomb, many RSS are terrorists!!!

      Many RSS M'fkrs are languishing in jail for terror !!

      RSS M'fkrs were driniking go-muthra during freedom struggle, many musalmans dedicated their lives not RSS M'fkrs.

      Sonia is new Bharath Mata, no need for her to recite Vande Mataram, she is taking care of India like her baby.

      RSS M'fkrs r@ping Bharath Mata by hoisting pakistan flag on Indian soil.

      Hard luck e-soldiers of chaddi party, Cong will win big in 2014 and 2019, BJP will be a 10 member party in parliament.

    9. this is called frustration.....good one bt sorry 2 say that u r frustrated bcoz congress is doing nothing for the country.....u also knw it but not trying 2 believe it....hard luck dear....for ur support to a party who doesn't know where our country is heading...

    10. don't post such comments bcoz ppl will be laughing at ur maturity .....hahahha.....really many ppl most be laughing what u r writing....but keep it up..practice makes a man perfect.....bt don't practice it much or it will make urself a big FOOL..

    11. If you notice, Modi never reacts to any news about him whether positive or negative. When someone is in the news as much as him, and media is mostly hostile to him, best strategy is to ignore media.

    12. You are a member of the lie peddling gang

    13. Are you saying that if you are not ruled by Italians you would not be divided? You gave example of Shivaji but the fact that maratha empire leaders were not united lead to the british ruling us cannot be forgotten. You think Modi is going to unite all Hindus? Do you even think realistically that all Hindus (forget about the sickular ones) accept Modi as their leader?

    14. ghanta, if you are Hindu let me put a query to you.

      TTD kept silent while a temple in tirupati (mother of Lord Balaji ?) was almost demolished by rock mafia, why only BJP party shall come forward to question it along with some seers ? Why not Hindus as group come on the streets and protest it? If so, then BJP is not required for us.

      In contrast, a temple of 10sqft space near Charminar was not allowed but even then 6000 muslims out on street beating us (minorities in Old city)

      A police man told me "Muslims come in large numbers, there will be pressure on us to act"

      So divisions among Hindus need to be forgotten for larger good of the country. I may not personally like Modi but Iam ready to give him a chance to rule the country, as I am fed up with corrupt congress rule.

      But if you are corrupt and convert class, then you may ignore my feelings.

    15. I agree Chatrapati Shivaji tried to unify Hindu kings but most of them are lazy and are ready to live on alms of the Sultans or Britishers. In history Shivaji is the last king who fought for 'Hindu rashtra' and to seek freedom from the torturous rule of Muslim invaders.

    16. may be! you like looters to screw you ?.... lol

    17. My only question to you. We have seen BJP in power. Did your life change as Hindu? Do you really think your life will change significantly if BJP is to come in power. BJP supports the seers as that is the party's agenda. It really does not care for your feelings if thats what you think.

      And BTW I am a hindu brahmin who knows his udatta from anudatta. Thats vedic pitch accents. But you may never know as you are blinded by Modi's hindutva

    18. Then he has paied for the news or he is happy that large no. of people will believe 'bunch of lies' !!!

    19. do u have answers to my post ?

    20. Bakhti is of two ways 'chaitanya rahitha bakhti' and 'chaitanya sahith bakhti'

      Chaitanya rahit bakhti is in most of Hindus today, where they pray for them, their family welfare and crave everything for 'themselves'. They dont even care for other people of their casts, let alone inter caste. They dont worry about their religion as they think for 1200yrs they were slaves, dont mind remain that way if they have some advantage. I find you in this large group.

      Chaitanya sahit bakhti: is where a Hindu is not just self serving (which every human has ) but also observe propaganda against Hinduism, policy matters which are discriminatory, question such acts of anti Hindu and be vigilant about happenings inside his caste and religion. Keep his caste unto himself but think as a Hindu while in community.

      You expressed you know some 'anushtan' etc...whats the use if you dont have commonsense?

      Brahmins did great damage to Hinduism by keeping all their knowledge on Vedas, Upanishads among themselves, whats the use if you know well but not ready to share with less educated. See now, no one gives value to Sanskrit, which was once the official language of Hindus. Not even, brahmins like to learn it now. this is your achievement as a Brahmin.

    21. Your question " We have seen BJP in power. Did your life change as Hindu? Do you really
      think your life will change significantly if BJP is to come in power."

      I can ask a counter question "if your life changed in Congress rule of 60yrs ?" You may say, my grandpa was watching films in a make-shift theatre but now I go to mall to watch it. Such progress happen even in Bali or least Pakistan which is muslim country.
      But look at inflation, price rise, job loss, scams, mis use of CBI/CEC/CIC you name it, Congress have a scam for it.

      But I could see a stable life in BJP rule. How ?
      I was buying rice @ 22 (now 50) , wheat @ 20 (now 40), edible oil @ 60 (now 120), vegetables @ 10-20/ kg (now 40/- minimum), Dals @40 (now 80-120), less said better about the meat.

      Next inflation was stable at 3% and even under 3 for 1-2 yrs. lending rates were around 7% max and I could see many materialistic benefits to me as a voter.

      I was not watching only scams, scams and scams. Except for one tiny Tehelka (run by a congress man wife) expose, I haven't been disturbed by 2G.CWG.SG, CoalG, RailG,..... endless list of scams that keep watching today. Not a day passes off without a scam or misuse of congress leader.
      This effects me as Iam a vigilant voter, not just self serving. Think about nation as well, not just your benefits.

      So I want Atalji model of development and be sure to get it.

    22. GOOD REPLY! Yes,we upper caste hindus can see through his game.He is power hungry and does not tolerate
      rivals.He either gets them killed or sidelines and makes them irrelevant.Remember Haren Pandhya?
      Who killed him? Ask his wife.And what happened to
      Keshubai Patel and Togadia?And worst,he is fascist by nature.Our hindu culture is tolerant and peaceful.
      He is only using slogans like Hitler to come to power.Then you will see the real Modi!

    23. Agreed.But we must also see that a power hungry man does not become PM because he is a fascist with criminal bent of mind.
      He does not tolerate rivals and either kills them(remember Haren Pandhya-who killed him? ask his widow for answer) or humiliates and makes them irrelevant e.g.Keshubai Patel,Togadia,etc.If he becomes PM, God save India!

    24. Does it matter whether I am Hindu/Muslim/Christian ? You will cry on the final moment of Modi's hanging

    25. Atalji model of development didn't reach the mass, hence he was heckled out of power in 2004 !!

      FYI, as per Dr.Swamy, Vajpayee was informer to britishers during quit india movement. Vajpayee wrote apology letter to Indira after emergency to come out of jail. Vajpayee was drunkard and his foster daughter was his real daughter as per Dr,Swamy !!

    26. Dr Swamy that you are paraphrasing is a Brahmin? AND you are an established Hindu-hater masquerading as a lower class person? VERY convenient to quote a Brahmin to prove your point where on the other threads YOU go on and on about how "upper" caste hindus have been bad to the "lower" caste Hindus?... PORKI ALERT!!!!

    27. LOL Modi will be hanged when you manage to get ur prick hard!! ... It does matter whether you are a Hindu/Muslim/Christian since I've seen you whine about caste discrimination by "upper" caste Hindus.