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    Thank You!!

    Not sure how I should start this. After a long, long time I feel little skeptical if the beginning of a particular post is in the manner and way it should be. Exactly the similar feeling I had when I for the first time took a couple of A4 size papers to write my first article about the notorious Dhobi that we had in our engineering hostel. Never thought more than a decade long writing spree would turn a full circle and one day land me in a spot that I would be required to write such a post to start with and if at all yes then, I would struggle a great lot to put the prologue in a proper shape.

    I am both excited and highly grateful to a lot of people. I am still continuing my writing with same passion I started it back in 1997 is largely because of the people who followed my writings with the same passion that I had while writing them. I owe my perseverance and gill for writing to the lakhs of readers of mine, who not only have read me all these years but also were generous enough to come back with their uncomplicated and honest feedbacks. Sometime very brutal on the content that I put for a particular post while many times with praise for writing something they can correlate with their own anger and frustration for the laid out issue. No doubt, such generous gestures in letting know what they feel about a particular post of mine always helped me to connect myself with those lakhs of individuals whom perhaps I never may meet personally. That is quite a feeling when you know there are people whom you may never meet but actually are acting as some kind of inspiration for you; each and every day of the year. That is a rare and very privileged feeling, let me assure you.

    Today when I saw my blog dashboard, it was a pleasant surprise that greeted me. The feeling of welcoming the 2000000 visitor to my blog was an experience that perhaps words may fail to describe. Honestly, when I started posting my articles in to the digital space a good ten years back, I never thought to hit a 2 million reader base one day. Never, and I mean it. The idea never in fact was to achieve any number in any manner.

    For a major part of my initial writing days, I restricted myself to the orthodox means of papers and pencil. Partly because, there weren’t easy avenues available to access internet back then and of course it always came at a premium. I still have many old articles of mine with me which bore that classy look of some messy writing (thanks to my handwriting) with correction at many places to accommodate a new word or a phrase. During 2000-2001, I finally managed to open an account in Blogspot. The account remained idle for close to a year and the apathy only broken when I took a dial up connection of BSNL. My initial posts (many I have removed from my blog and archived them) were not at all political. It was more like jolting down whatever I saw funny or interesting around me. Initial traffic to my site weren’t that encouraging either. A double digit visitor number in a month was an achievement that time. The total number of visitors in the first year since I lunched my blog was at a dismal 217. I still continued with my writing, picking funny happenings in my day-to-day life.

    But the incident of Gujarat riots changed my perception towards many things. One of them being the topics on which I should write henceforth. A lot of hypocrisy and lie peddling went around post the horrific incidence and it still is going on. I for the first time saw people whom I always thought carried some ethics and value system, telling lies without blinking their eyelids even for once. Even I saw establishments which are institutionalized to find truth were far from doing what they are designated to do. A systematic abhorrence went around, fueled properly with lies and agendas to satisfy few. For the first time I felt, hang-on, there is something terribly wrong with our nation. Isn’t there? How come we as a nation can tolerate so much of lie, double standard and apathy? Aren’t we going to oppose such blatant miscarriage of our democratic framework and institutions? Are we so indifferent towards the very symbols those define us as a nation worldwide? I deliberated for some days to just grasp what could be happening around me. When I found the answer, I felt like suffocating. In the name of democracy and secularism we in fact were fed with snake oil all this while and I decided not to take it lying down any further. Never thought to make a Tahrir-Square with my writings. The idea was to inculcate the self-satisfaction; that I am opposing all that I feel are wrong for the nation. Doesn't matter if someone is listening to me or not. Never bothered if anyone else is there to second my opinion nor expected to bring a tsunami in our political class, those are making a mockery of our democracy. The idea was to simply put my anger in words and let know, whoever reading them that I am angry with the scheme of things; that I am angry with whatever is happening in my country in the disguise of few dreaded English words.

    The content of my writing took an all-new shape since then which I am not sure if are for good or bad. I took the decision of writing on our politics the moment I felt, this not how a nation is built. This not how the world’s largest democracy should function. This is not how we should carry ourselves in the eyes of the world. Not sure about others but the gross manipulation of facts for personal gain, at times even keeping the very interest of the nation at stake were simply not acceptable to me. I reiterate, the idea was not to inculcate a sea change in our system but to let know the powers that be that I am angry and what is happening is something I completely disagree with.

    Not sure if I have succeeded in changing the perception of even a single individual or not. And honestly I never bothered if I could really change someone to see the wrong that is going on in our country. I along with my blog have travelled a long journey of 13 years. Met many of you (virtually as well as physically) along the way. Many of you are in direct contact with me over phone. Many of you called me to know how I am doing when I tweeted about my bad health once. I have taken all your opinions in a sportive way to continue my lone battle against all the wrong that we conveniently choose to ignore every day. But you know what; at some point I always felt, I am not fighting a lone battle. I have this lakhs of my regular visitors who believe in what I am saying and they are equally angry with the state of affairs. Your thousands of comments always made me more determinant to keep writing about wrong even though I receive all those threat mails; mails to sue me for speaking the truth, in regular intervals. I always believed, goons who feel the nation is their personal property certainly can’t shake the handful of those who speak the language of truth.

    Let’s together try to handover a far, far better nation than what we have now, to our next generation. Let’s do something so that we will be able to keep our heads high in front of our grandkids than hanging them in collective shame.

    To end I have this line to scribe - Main Akela hi Chala tha Janib e Manzil Magar Log Saath Aate Gaye aur Caravan Banta Gaya

    Thank you again to all of you for being there.


    1. Neelesh MansharamaniJun 27, 2013, 3:16:00 PM

      keep up the good work.. being a content manager myself, i really appreciate your efforts .. and now dont take these words cynically .. :) Cheers Mate..



    2. Thanks Neelesh. Hope we will have a better India someday.

    3. Really really appreciate all the effort put in over the years... its a pleasure leading your articles

    4. sir please do write about KANIMOZZI being again elected as a RS MP from TAMIL NADU with the help of congress mps...


    6. I started reading your blog from last 1.5 years, I like your posts some times I disagree on some of the points but end of the day I connect with your thoughts. When I see your posts and comments/feedback I feel happy that I am not a loner in this country with this kind of thinking. Hope we can spread this thinking and people to come out and talk openly , away from hypocrisy. Then we can bring changes to this country. Hope it will happen
      Thank you sir, please continue with your writings.

    7. Keep writing .....I started reading your blog from last 6 months..I like your ability to convey the facts....connecting people through the content which will make everyone understand and think about the sorry state of affairs in this beautiful country...Keep going.....Let's hope your effort should not go in vain in making people of this great country to understand the realities and make decision with conviction..