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    Modi’s Elevation – Why Our Media Is Rattled?

    This is a Maxi Post

    A lot of people were waiting eagerly. Most of the lot from Congress camp and our media, even lost their sleep over the weekend. As expected the Goa BJP meet left a lot of people in jittery and restlessness over the last three days. Knowing how badly they have governed and how precariously their winning prospect in 2014 general elections is placed, the entire Congress party was expected to be a lot nervous but why our media was equally nervous; or even more?

    More nervous than the Congress party in fact were their mouthpieces. From NDTV to Headlines Today, CNN-IBN included, were as anxious as an average class Xth student waiting in front of the board office for the results to come out. Why is that so? Whether Modi gets elevated or not; how that affects our media so much that they would be so edgy? While the reaction of all our prime anchors were more irritating than the pathetic discussions that went on all channels whole through yesterday, I was kind of busy deducing the exact reasons of any such frantic reactions, that too for a pure internal matter of BJP. A long thought led me to believe; along with Congress our media even feels insecure of their future with the advent of a certain Narendra Modi to the national political scene. While Congress sees a serious drubbing in 2014 general elections, our media sees the prospect as a potential destroyer of all the easy money sources that they are so used to. It is no secret that once NaMo gets to where a majority of the nation wishes him to, the survival would be far more difficult for many media houses as the money fountains would dry up at once. One can guess how badly few media houses like NDTV & CNN-IBN will end up in. Organizations which never had shown profit in their decade old presence but still running their business without any hiccups only points to the directions from where easy money is pumped into them to continue peddling all the lies that help Congress leech onto the power.

    So as a desperate measure, the entire event of NaMo getting appointed as BJP’s 2014 election committee chief was overshadowed by a bunch of worried lot from the Congress party and their friendly media by continuously hampering on non-issues and trying their best to project a divide within BJP because of this decision. To their benefit, the absence of LK Advani and an early exit of Sushma Swaraj from the conclave played a great fodder to snowball trivial issues to bigger proportion, even if that means sidelining the main news of the day. The idea was to mislead the nation so that the impact of NaMo remains as minimal as possible. Whether they have succeeded in skirting mountain of a mole is not yet clear but for sure it degraded the ethics that surrounds journalism to a great extent.

    When it comes to misleading the nation, who else other than Digvijay Singh can better that than our Priminister? There you go. The permanent jackal was at it again, that too quite early in the morning. Guess there was a lot of sleeplessness among few. For a change LK Advani got a sympathizer in Diggy Raja from nowhere. Diggy finds BJP an ungrateful party for dumping its founder. But you know what; few people even forget their own history while big mouthing morality. Not a long back, the same Diggy was instrumental in bringing Sonia Gandhi to the Congress helm through backdoor and kicking a loyal and aged Sitaram Keshri unceremoniously. Very grateful act was that on the part of Congress party. No? Or everything is fair in love, war and opportunity for licking few dynasty asses? BJP shifting the baton from the aged lot to its younger brigade is an act of baloney while Manmohan Singh announcing to leave the seat for Rahul Baba, every second day is an exemplary statesmanship. Forgetting true Congress greats like Subash Bose, Sardar Patel and Lalbahadur Shastri but keep worshiping the Nehru dynasty is a show of gratitude while LK Advani had been asked to give way for the new set of leaders is back stabbing? I think, the sycophants do have an entirely different definition of morality and gratitude.

    While Diggy started the shit playing, our media joined in to the party to take away the topic to a whole new level of nonsense. Sekhar Gupta may not be on Twitter but his lieutenant Prabhu Chawal was working overtime to compensate his master’s absence. And those who don’t know how big a posterior licker this Sekhar Gupta is, then I would advise them all to go through the history of this sycophant. So for Chawla, NaMo’s elevation is far less important a news to discuss than the absence of Vajpayee’s and Advani’s pictures from BJP official banners. How observant this guy is. No? Hope in the same length he must also have marked the absence of Bose, Patel, Shatri or even Narashimha Rao from the Congress banners during Chintan Sivir. Or once the dynasty is captured, Nehru and down in the pictorial depictions, it doesn’t really matter even if the great old man and the original Gandhi is forgotten? Who allows such deliberate storytellers to hold important posts in our media is beyond me? Or has it got something to do with this Chwla family name as I find all Chwlas, from Navin to Piyush at the same usefulness level?

    When it comes to Modi hating can you really leave the ‘Congress ke taraf se thoda defend kardena’ girl too far behind? Well, no and she proves it in this tweet of hers. She is another of those sold out lots who find Advani’s absence is the news of the day, not the real one. Dictionary visual of irony she says. Really? By the way; what is this infatuation for banners with Prabhu Chwala and Barkha Dutt? While the former talks about the absence of few the later talks about the presence of some. Honestly, can’t blame her since she must be used to see the pictures of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi at all the inappropriate places. What the contribution of Rahul Gandhi in the matters of healthcare policies that one wishes to have him in all official banners of infant safety mission? She doesn’t find Rahul or Sonia’s image on the billboards of National Highway authorities as a dictionary visual of irony when it is Atal Bihari Vajpayee who kick started the project. She doesn’t find Sonia’s images on planning commission bulletin while she doesn’t absolutely have any contribution for the same as an act of irony. Only irony that the original paid journalist finds is Advani’s image on BJP’s banner. How silly it can ever get than this?

    Like Barkha, the numero uno can’t be too far behind either. This man was having his own set of problems, thankfully nothing related to the banners and billboards though. He rather took the responsibility of reading through all the tweets of BJP chaps and come to his own conclusions. Look at the parallel he draws between the independent India’s first certified sycophant with the present BJP national spokesperson Tarun Vijay. In his intellectual brilliance he forgets to note that while Baruah’s utterance was laced with crooked buttering, Tarun was more euphoric with NaMo’s elevation. More off, Tarun’s tweet congratulating the nation has a context behind it while Baruah was all but desperate to showcase his rear licking abilities just like that. But do you expect sense of judgment from our sold out media? Certainly not and that’s what Rajdeep Sardesai proved yet again beyond any doubt. Modi as the new Indira, he asks. Not sure whom he was projecting bad. Was he asking if Modi is as bad as Indira was or was it a plain goof up in excitement? Goof up because indirectly bad imaging the lead Mai-Baap of Congress might hamper his extraneous source of incomes.

    Ditto is the case with Numero Uni, the first lady of our media circle. Someone correctly said, when there are no ways left, the morons turn philosophical at once. Her dual convenience with respect to social media was at it again. At times she finds, social media as a tool too powerful to build fake rapport like that of Modi while this time she questions if the support that pours in for NaMo in places like Twitter and Facebook are good enough a yardstick to judge his popularity on the ground. Again, I can’t blame her since our media is master in making fake tweeter accounts to tweet in support of their agendas as showing the same fake tweets during their shows helps them peddle the lies in a better way. Hence it’s all but natural for her to think Modi employing the same mechanism to garner lakhs of followers and supporters as a testimony to his popularity. How self-explanatory few become with their habitual conspiracy mongering habit. No? And by the way, I never saw her mentioning other cartoons of Ajit Ninan highlighting various scams that UPA is neck deep in or the puppets in Congress that perpetually lie on the ground to lick some Italian feet.

    Rahul Kanwal is another who is fast learning the act of rear licking; faster than anyone ever did in our media history. People who support NaMo within BJP and outside are suffering from a virus, he feels while jokers lining up for spit licking in front of Rahul Baba is an act of bravery. I never saw him commenting on the hoard of sheep lining up in front of 10 Janpath to take the blame of UP electoral failure. I don’t see him explaining the exact virus those hundreds are infected with who readily appreciate a chance to clean Sonia’s toilet bowls with their tongues. I don’t blame him either because the media house he belongs is always seen on the first row and drooling heavily for their throwaway from the dynasty every now-and-then. So he is strategically placed there to figure out the kind of virus that the BJPwalas are infected with and the possible cures that Rajnath Singh can employ but not the drool droppers, those otherwise are seen crowding in front of Sonia Gandhi’s residence.

    Even the panelists in all such discussions were full with people who have made a living by just hating Modi. For them, the facts and proofs well laid out are smoke-screens. It doesn’t matter if Gujarat now stands at a different league, compared to all Congress ruled states. It doesn’t matter if the minorities feel safer in Gujarat than the so called secular Congress ruled states. It doesn’t matter if the social stature index in Gujarat is a dream for any other state of India. It doesn’t matter if the big business houses rally behind NaMo and hail his governance for providing the most conducive environment for doing business. All that matter was the malnutrition in the state. Hang on, that was during Gujarat elections and the ploy failed badly as well. Now what the Aakar Patels of the world have come up with is something different. Now the outcry is for the number of Hindi medium schools outnumbering the English medium schools of the state. How such people who are so serious about our education system fail to see the absence of a decent college in Rahul Gandhi’s own constituency Amethi? Or they aren’t paid for that? How the nonexistence of enough schools in Congress ruled states are ignored while the discussion hovers around the number of different medium schools in Gujarat; is clandestine to say the least. Ohh, yes, we don’t have enough call centers in Gujarat as well; that is another proof how badly NaMo has failed as a chief minister. Now what is left there to blame Modi of his bad, bad governance? May be a missing Gujarat team in IPL?

    All-in-all, it was a hilarious day. A day where we saw a lot of jokers coming out of their holes and going viral with a lot of lie peddling. Media hooted for these jokers as that is where there interest lies. A Congress-Free and Congress-Dalal-Free India means a doomsday for these Media Crooks. The effort to play down Modi force was so forceful that a bug with his IQ in the negative, going by the name Sanjay Jha was hopping from one news channel to another and displaying how badly he was suffering from verbal diarrhea. Hope Rahul Kanwal finds a way out for the cure of this disease.


    1. if NaMo is a virus all the congis are going to die of plague!

    2. All these anti-modi crooks are inflicted by virus called fartitus.

    3. Cycical, why are you licking modi back all the time, any specific reason for licking modi back.

    4. There is a difference between supporting and ass licking. Guess you may never understand it. Support for someone comes after thorough judgement of facts unlike ass licking which comes naturally and blindly at that as well. Great day!!

    5. Why are you licking the behind of feku? He has thrown out Advani who has given so much to the party and saved feku's ass several times. What has feku given in return or what are his real contributions except extolling non existent performance.

    6. And your Chahita Sonia G and Raul G have thrown out many from Khangress in greed of power. Remember Sitaram Keshri? Anyway, Raul himself also got thrown out of college after continuously failing each exam. So throwing out and get thrown out is a culture with Khangress, not BJP.

    7. Don't say just 'Sanjay Jha'. He is 'Sir Sanjay Jha'

    8. man ...just honestly would like to say that you have shown real face of media...awesome...would like to make you chairman of IBC to weed out these .... lickers...but you know the truth is that in this country people don't cast their vote but vote their cast and for every politician except Modi self interest comes above national interest...

    9. I would say that Jha character was suffering from verbal diarrhea due to constant rear licking and toilet bowl licking habit, he does not care if it is a toddler or aged granny as long as it is from that cussed family of nehru gando family!

    10. I like one dailogue from the Abhishek bacchan- Mani Ratnam movie -
      "Jab kisi k bare me log bolne lage...... to samaj lo uski tarrakki ho rahi hai......"
      Is it not the same about Namo everywhere these days, people going against him or otherwise, he maintains the pivotal point of discussions......isnt it ?

    11. So, ultimately who is the hero of the day? I guess it has to be Namo again..... He need not had to do anything to make himself garner appreciation than joining hands to his party cheif Rajnath Singh....

      Credits to Rajnath Singh, he took a step unprecidented, Advani ji got a chance to go for PM seat at least 3 times before Namo, if he failed how many more chances does he want? If Rajnath visions Namo's chances or fever more than Advani in current battles, why not appreciate him for taking a decision, if he fails, what is the big thing which Advani has never faced in his life kind of, If allies dont think its an opportunity to make use of Namofever in their stand and tackle congress out and earn themselves a good in public as well as Namo govt, why is Namo or Rajnath been, hilariously though, brought in to secular and communal brags ? questions not answered are something which will affect the current heads in power.....

    12. poor sitaram... went to p e e at the wrong time... never mind NaMo will make them repee oops will repay at the right time..

    13. RSS M'fkrs can't adopt Tiranga as their flag ?

      RSS M'fkrs hoist Pakistan Flag during elections in Musalman areas !!

      RSS M'fkrs put meat and bones into Hindu temples in Musalman areas !

      One RSS M'fkr in Kerala recently died while transporting bomb, many RSS are terrorists!!

      Many RSS M'fkrs are languishing in jail for terror !

      RSS M'fkrs were driniking go-muthra during freedom struggle, many musalmans dedicated their lives not RSS M'fkrs.

      Sonia is new Bharath Mata, no need for her to recite Vande Mataram, she is taking care of India like her baby.

      RSS M'fkrs r@ping Bharath Mata by hoisting pakistan flag on Indian soil.

      Hard luck e-soldiers of chaddi party, Cong will win big in 2014 and 2019, BJP will be a 10 member party in parliament.

    14. Modi needs 600 strong police force to address a 1000 students in New Delhi, capital of India ! He fooled the elite college students about 'Gujrat' sucess.....he gets black flag welcome not just in India but worldwide!!!!

      At SRCC, however he forgot to tell that Gujrat is 3rd most debt ridden state in India due to freebies given to private companies and US MNCs for Visa stamp !!.....he never said about fake encounter sand morality.....he never told them about malnourished kids of Gujrat.....he never told them his real feelings that one day he may be hanged for his crimes !!


    16. U r congress guy. Why is it u guys are not looking at what is good for the country rather than filling your pockets. U Indians will always be a third world country because of your attitude towards your country and progress for your people.

    17. plzzzzzzzz share wid us how much money congress is payin for making ur identity fake...share wid us hope we will also get money....come on don't b selfish...or is it u Rahul who is writing dis...

    18. hats off to you cynical................gr8888888888 work dude..

    19. Modi is rattling down BJP into a regional party !!

      1. 30 strong allies under womaniser Vajpayee is reduced to 2 allies (Udhaav & Akali Terrorist Dal) by the rattler cum murderer Modi.

      2, Advani and his clout is still murmuring among each other and are scared when rattler Modi will send them into corner just like pushing Advani against the wall !!

      3. WIth the kind of galaxy of BJP leaders it will be surprising to see if they cross 70 seats, BJP now dominated by criminal lawyers, propagandists and immature media savvy camera liking, tweeting leaders

      4. Modi a confident and flamboyant liar will stoop low to the extent of saying China spends 20 percent GDP on Education !! The very modi's Gujrat is 14th in education spending in India, he should know that he canb open his mouth only after listening lecture from 13 top CMs !!

      5. Once BJP gets below 100, it will split up, b'cos there are lot of leaders who are deprived of power since decades, one group may well support UPA-3 for stablitiy !!

      6. In 2019, there will be two BJP's , BJP Modi (led by smriti irani) and BJP (Sushma) !! Rahul will white wash and cong will come to power, Modi will certainly face gallows once his popularity goes down after 2014, judges are waiting for ripe time to smoothen the rope around Modi.

    20. NOBLE PRIZE FOR SONIA would do to shut U up?

    21. 22 July 2013 Ecomonic Times


      Gujarat has slid from fourth to eighth in the ranking of states for rural spends, and from seventh to ninth in urban expenditure, according to a comparative analysis of data on monthly per capita spending between 2011-12 and 1999-2000, both of which are put out by the National Sample Survey Organisation.

      Gujarat may be the poster boy of development and economic growth, but is one of the few states that have slid in economic rankings.Consumption expenditure of people in Gujarat is growing at a slower rate than the national average, according to a comparative analysis of data on monthly per capita spending between 2011-12 and 1999-2000, both of which are put out by the National Sample Survey Organisation

    22. @Munisammappa so much Hate for a tiny human life, get well soon

    23. @Munisammappa not to Pratul sorry for typo :)

    24. being cynical u exactly right

    25. Wonderful. Your knowledge, language and thoughts are perfect! As rightly said by some one here, you should be made the Media Head in India, so that you could show what is real and correct.
      Good luck!