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    Open Letter To LK Advani

    Dear Advaniji,

    You disappointed me thrice in as many days in last week alone. Without wasting time in going round and round, let me crash on to the Mudda directly. First, being the patriarch of BJP you shouldn’t have resigned from all party posts, that too for a childish reason. If at all you were itching to write your resignation letter for some reason, you shouldn’t have taken that back quicker than you furnished them. You really made a mess of yourself, your party and of course your political wisdom.

    Honestly, I wasn’t expecting such stupidity from a seasoned politician like you. Not at least someone who supposed to have learnt the fine art of politics from none other than Atal Bihari Vajpayee. That is like the best student of Sachin Tendulkar getting bowled by the likes of Piyush Chawala. Horrendous is the word I find to best describe your self-screwing up of last few days.

    First, could you please explain your absence in Goa? Hang-on, we will go to that later but first, could you please tell me what your specific reservations against Narendra Modi are? I am sure, unlike many you won’t have any reservation with the so called Congress defined communal image of Modi. In fact as per the Congress definition, you are the original communal chap. Modi just modeled himself on you. No, this is not me but the stalwarts of Congress bitch around when both your and Modi’s name is taken in combination. For the same intelligent chaps of Congress, Modi in fact is the mirror reflection of Advani. Now one wonders, who can be the person on this earth who would have so much reservations against his own mirror image. Well that person perhaps goes by the name Lalkrishna Advani. No?

    More than your flimsy resignation drama, it is your complete unwillingness to read the writing on the wall is what is more flabbergasting. Do you want us to believe that an astute politician like you just can’t realize the direction where the popularity wave is flowing? I am ready to believe Jesus Christ died of over drinking but not you realizing the popularity index of Narendra Modi, which could be more than the combined popularity of rest BJP bigwigs. I know the feeling and the hurt one feels when a three decade long hard work and aspiration is hijacked by a newcomer. I know how low it feels when the sweet fruit of persistent work is consumed by someone else while the person who has put in all the effort is asked to stand in a side and keep licking his lips. You feeling dejected after decades of effort is understandable and quite natural as well. But resignation? Seriously? That is like a game of cricket among a bunch of high school going kids; the owner of the bat always running away with the bat or blackmailing others to fall in line, if he isn’t made the captain of the team. Are you in the same league as these school kids, Advaniji?

    The day NaMo won Gujarat for the third time; you seem to be in a mission to downgrade the achievements of your own most successful chief-minister. And you are supposed to be a mentor, or as it been touted by your support group. What kind of mentorship is this Advaniji? Just because you see your own position is threatened by a more competent person, you rather encouraging your disciple, you go ahead exercising your dirty tricks? That’s so funny, you know. Shivrajsingh Chauhan has done a great job as MP CM and no two ways about it but Narendra Modi hasn’t done any less either. But you conveniently take shelter of your anxiety and go on honoring each BJP CMs with praise, except NaMo as if he is as bad a CM as Lalu always was. Praising Raman Singh for his work shouldn’t anyway sound downplaying the good work of Modi; at least not from the words of the so called tallest leader of the party. But you got carried away. Didn’t you? This is so unexpected of an experienced politician like you. The great Advani getting so much carried away with greed for power that he just doesn’t want to accept the obvious. You did a Mulayamsingh right there. So unbelievable, I must admit.

    Your internal tug of war with RSS is as clear as the honest land deals of Robert Vadra. But that fight should have been limited between you and the RSS. How does that make any bloody sense on your part to object every human being enjoying a good rapport with the Sangh? I just see a George W Bush Jr. kind of act there. Either you are with us or against seem the beeline statement you want to make at all RSS patronage candidates of BJP. Just because Narendra Modi is a blue eyed boy of RSS, he automatically becomes an enemy in your eyes? That is like Delhi police going ahead and thrashing all the Nepali boys of the locality since one Nepali is alleged to be involved in a bike theft. Are you at par with Delhi police, as far as IQ level is concerned, Advaniji? As human, more than a leader, you must decide which a bigger threat to your position is. The RSS or each one coming with a RSS background.

    And please don’t cry foul on how Vajpayee was made the PM ahead of you. Don’t tell us how your tiresome Rath Yatra across India never benefited you but Atal Bihari Vajpayee instead. To put it plain and simple – Atalji always was a far superior candidate for the post than you. Same is the case now. As depicted above in the picture, you may be busy building that chair since 1990 but you simply is not fit for that. Call it destiny or natural justice; it is the fittest that always given the chance. Being a strong believer in Hindutwa, you must turn few leafs out of Mahabharata and read the chapter involving Pandu, Dhritarashtra and the throne of Hastinapur. To put it straight faced, Atalji was way better than you back then and Narendra Modi is way better than you now. As it is, you screwed up the chance you got during 2009. Hope one need not have to remind you of your failure and that too a bad one at that in 2009 general elections.

    Now the time for BJP is to look out for changes. They are been out of power for last 10 years and one more failure in 2014 will see the party disintegrating like Pakistan. And I am sure, as one of the first few of the party, you won’t appreciate seeing your party going to oblivion like Kunal Hanshraj did from Bollywood. And the man who can bring back the shinning days of BJP is NaMo, whether you want to digest it or not. Few dreams remain a dream always, so be it. You seeing yourself as the PM of the nation lost its chances when you can’t make BJP win 150 seats even against an incumbent and worthless government during 2009. That election itself is a testimony that you should bundle all your dreams and park it in a corner and let the competent guys take charge. Enough gimmicks were thrown around by you in search of some vested interest. Time has come for all to rise above agendas and do what is best for the party, not individuals.

    Honestly, for change to happen, bloodshed and sacrifice is imminent. Your resignation gimmick was exactly one of those. How I wished, Rajnath Singh would have accepted your drama gleefully and moved ahead in building a strong team for 2014 challenge than wasting his time cajoling you to take back your resignation.


    A BJP Supporter.


    1. Please someone dispatch this letter to Advani's. He badly needs to read this and understand the mood of the nation. Useless old fart obstructing what the entire nation wants

    2. 'it is the fittest that always given the chance'.Rajiv Gandhi, DevaGowda, Gujral, Narasimha Rao, and now Mum mohan Singh. Not so sure.

    3. Hope Advaniji realizes the emotions of our country who is eagerly waiting for a change in the leadership.. NaMo ki jai...
      This is from the heart of a patriot...

    4. I would gift a big full size mirror to Advani - ji on his comming birthday....... wherein he would ideally see his face and ideally understand his own step , where he is and where he should be ........ also, what dreams he should see and what let others see...

    5. bjp supporter, why rss not adopting tiranga as their flag ? why rss was caught hoisting pakistan flag in k'taka ? how modi saved 15,000 with a dozen innovas ? why advani ia against rss ? why advani still not coming to media about his resignation and withdrawal ? why most developed state ruled by prospective pm gave post dated rs.2 crore for UK relief when akilesh gave immediate grant of 25 crores ? why rajnath begging muslim vote and at the same time asks them to forget 2002 ? what bjp is doing with ram temple funds

    6. 'it is the fittest that always given the chance' - true for democratic parties, not for parties believing in dynasty and full of sycophants

    7. Bastard, go ask this question on flag to your 'secular' muslim friends with whom you sleep for votes

    8. calm down sir !! LoL...why BJP took no action on porn watching MLAs first in K'taka (3 MLAs) and then in Gujrat (2 MLAs) ? Why BJP MP Minister involved in Sodomy ?




    10. Hey,use civilised language man.Why you get worked up? whoever wins,condition of us,aam admi remains same,be sure.

    11. patriotism is last refuge of rogues and criminals.

    12. pl respect old age and dont abuse him.We r a democracy and he has rite to oppose. Let elections come.We will know what people of India want.Gujarat is not India and India is not Gujarat,remember!

    13. of cousre,Atalji was way better.That is why he wanted NaMo to step down after his failure to stop riots in 2002 and had rebuked him for not following rajdharma.Dont forget that.If Atalji was active,he would have opposed what is
      happening in the party today.Sadly,most leaders are selfish and spinless,they want only positions after elections.Giving one man sole power
      will be death knell of party and country,mark my words.

    14. great queries, man commenable job, but these questions they can understand...anyways keep it up..

    15. i like ur views...keep it up Bro..

    16. So finaly BJP MP look porn movie of Congress governor nd tiwari so who are worse, this is not ur fault u just like pigs wallow in the gutter and feel very comfortable!!

    17. Munisammappa Guest just like pigs wallow in the gutter and feel very comfortable!!

    18. 1) Tiranga can not be adopted by an organisation - its our national flag. few years ago common people were not even allowed to hoist tiranga in private buildings - but these things are not taught in madarsas.. so not ur fault
      2) RSS hoisting Pakistan flags - so when did hardcore muslims joined RSS. All the pics on net show ppl wearing skull caps.
      3)if your queries are based on Congress paid media's reporting then you need to read carefully. TOI has published resentment over its "15000" article. At least Modi was on ground zero in Uttrakhand.
      4)BJP has got Ram temple funds - when was this fund collected ??

      Just keep on shooting in dark.......