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    The Systematic Lie Peddling Called Bharat Nirman

    When I was in college doing engineering, I marked a systematic approach with a bunch of my classmates, every time the exam dates were announced. Terming that as ‘approach’ would be an understatement since it should be best put as hysteria. Hysteria to cover up many things in a short time including reading through the semester books they never opened in last six months. Seldom have they achieved anything with such last minute panic. Hence, invariably always they end up choosing the easy path of cheating as the means to score their points. Morality and ethics goes out of the window when rest all will be busy preparing for their papers next day, this moronic lot would be busy tearing up pages from the text books and placing them strategically in different body parts for the upcoming challenge. Someday they would succeed in fooling the authorities and someday they won’t. Bottom-line, their engineering life was based on cheating and flouting lies every now-and-then.

    I see the same approach.. err hysteria with this UPA government; more precisely the Congress party. Every time the prospect of elections, legislative or assembly looms large, Congress goes on a tizzy of hysteria to accomplish many things in a short span. As expected they never achieve their initial goal and end up telling lies and employ various means of cheating. Both in person or otherwise. What else you will call the contents of this tweet of mine? May be a grand political hysteria where we see an incompetent government, neck deep in corruption charges, trying its best to cheat the nation with a lot of lie peddling. Like the friends of my engineering college, it is that last minute frantic attempt at covering up their avalanche of nonperformance under colorful lies in the name of Bharat Nirman. Whether they would be successful in fooling the masses yet again or not is a separate debate, the manner they believe they can hoodwink the nation with these flimsy grandstanding is commendable.

    630 crores is what this corrupt government is planning to spend. While the whole attempt is diabolic to say the least, it is hilarious to know that such a big amount would be spent by the government to alert people on things they have done for them. 630 crores? Seriously? For me, this itself clears at least one thing; the government has actually done nothing in these four years or may be nine years. Had they have achieved a tenth of what they are showing in their advertisements, the nation wouldn’t have to be told of things they gained because of such outstanding governance. People would have seen them happening in front of them. People would have felt the development in their gut. I agree you require advertising your achievements at times but spending 630 crores on them shows that, you actually are advertising lies instead of truth. Because truth seldom requires this much amount to prove itself. I am sure a good 70% of what UPA wants to peddle through this ‘Bharat Nirman’ nonsense is untruth. One more interesting thing that emerges from this HT column is that, the money this UPA government is planning to waste in spraying perfume on their otherwise rotting achievements is sponsored by the same public whom this whole exercise is aimed at fooling. Why else a finance committee is required to approve the same, had it been from the Congress coffers? That is another insult-to-the-injury. First a party gets engaged fulltime in looting public money and then to cover up their loot they spend few more hundred crores of public money again to come up with divisive advertisements. How absurd things can get has a new definition henceforth I guess.

    Let’s keep aside the matter of morality; as it is expecting the same from Congress is a real tough ask. Let’s rather concentrate on the lies they peddle through these BN advertisements. The best that BN offers as a lie is the one where a bunch of villagers listen with their mouth open when another of them explains what he saw when he was in Delhi. Honestly, if after 65 odd years of independence, citizens get a jaw dropping experience by hearing about something called escalators, then it shows how pathetic we were all this while with our development. And who ruled for the most part of these 65 years? Rather showing advertisements which are potential of erupting laugh riots, Congress should have been ashamed of their misdeeds. But again shamelessness is another trademark of Congress and we should leave them with that.

    Back to the advertisements. So it is the Congress that brought Metro Rail to India. Much like all the good things, including law-and-order, it is the Mai-Baap of Congress party (read Gandhi family) whom we should thank for the metro rail as well. If you rewind back a little, it is the year 2002 that we first saw metro in Delhi. And who was at center during that period? Definitely Congress, no? Even the first metro that came to India in Kolkatta was because of Congress and Gandhi family, even though it was the CPM that was ruling in the state that time. Such melancholic big mouth liars these Congress stooges are. All that they want is to fool the people in believing the magnanimity of Gandhi family in shaping India and all those sacrifices tucked therein; Chacha Nehru and down till Robert Vadra. As a sample, let’s look at the proposed Bengaluru Metro project for which the Congress party wants to run away with all the credits. A simple revenue sharing (published in Bengaluru Metro Corporation’s official website) report would suggest the amount of lies that is peddled through the advertisement. It is only 25% that the government is funding for the whole project while the state government (govt of Karnataka) is funding 30%. Even in the revised cost, the funding of central government is reduced to 23.47% while state’s funding share increased to 31.16%. And which party was in power when the MOU for the project with the above mentioned funding pattern was signed between the state and the center? Even if BJP was never credited for this project, the Congress hacks want to shower themselves with all the credit by spewing lies in the BN advertisements. Hope they do take note of the escalators at every Bengaluru Metro station to continue having jaw dropping expressions among the rural villages of Karnataka.

    Ditto is the case with our National Highway projects. Though Atal Bihari Vajpayee is the person with the vision of golden quadrangle and kick started the project without much noise, Congress wants to even credit themselves for what Vajpayeeji did during his tenure. No sooner Congress got back to power in 2004; Vajpayee’s pictures were taken off from all the mega road projects and replaced by those of Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh or at places with those of Rahul Gandhi even. That is how a mega lie is brewed at grassroots level to sabotage the truth. Idea is very simple – to project the Mai-Baap of Congress as the Mai-Baap of the entire nation; specifically for the poor and illiterate of our villages whom the Congress always wants to remain perpetual poor and illiterate.

    Look at the landing page of this Bharat Nirman baloney. Look at each bullet points, or the so called steps required for Bharat to be Nirmaned in its entirety. Do you see supplying of healthy drinking water or some nonsense to that effect at the top? Hope you have seen how people in Maharashtra were begging for water from the tankers that were watering the highway side plants. If this is what the state of this drinking water supply target in a state ruled by the Congress, you can imagine how precarious it would be in other non-congress ruled states. Not only the drinking water but each and every bullet point in the page tells a story of a bigger lie that it hides. A quick glance at the details of different departments catering to each bullet point will tell you how seasoned liars these Congress stooges are. Each of the details present in the official Bharat Nirman site is far, far from the ground reality. As like their abjured and morphed website, the TV commercials are also full of gossip, lies and false grandstanding with a sole intention of fooling the nation.

    How I wish we had something similar here as what Florida does have back there. Imagine how many of these Congress liars would have been cooling their heels behind bars because of their pan India regular public and digital farting. I am sure if our police get strict as their counterparts of Florida, most of these Congress morons would find themselves in a very volatile situation. When I say most, that includes their heir apparent to start with; who in fact is the fart master of the party, closely followed by the likes of Digvijay Singh and Kapil Sibal.


    1. famous quote "instead of saying bharat nirman haq hai mera people saying bharat nirman shaq hai mera" summarizes everything...

    2. Modi's gallow days are coming and Sonia's Nobel Peace Prize is on the way !!! What a contrast !!!!

      World's two greatest and biggest pro-poor, pro-people programms are from India and from Congress party of India. 65 percent of bottom line Indians have security over food and 20 crore Indians are enrolled in MNREGA. Almost all developing, developed and even UNO has poured showers of praise on these two big programs which are going to written in human history. Sonia deserves accolades, she deserves double Nobel Prize for her pro poor stance, Mother Theresa looked after may be 2000 leppers But Sonia is looking after 65 crore people, She is modern avatar of Bharath Mata !!

      (Dalits against Fascism)

    3. UPA Achievements are a plenty, had the opposition co-operated with govt., many good legislation would have been passed for stronger and better India. BJP opposes whatever Sonia/Rahul proposes, they opposed Lok Pal, they don't have Lok-Ayuktha in most developed state Gujrat, modi is happy carrying out state resources to private barons.

      New Universities, IIs,IIMs, AIIMS,Metros in 16 cities, 16 pro-poor initiatives at a cost of Rs. 50 billions over current five year plan, terror reduced vastly, Avg GDP during last decade highest and best in India's history, best rate of poverty alleviation was during UPA-1/2. AAdhar, increased computerization, RTI, Lok Pal, increased autonomy to CBI as per SC,

      Citizen grievance act, land acquisition act with a pro-land owner approach.
      Toppling of many BJP govts and replacing with congress, many NDA allies openly supporting UPA, BJP now rules just 4 states over whole India, it's BJP Mukth Bharath Nirman all the way.

      Dalits, Minorities, OBCs of the nation salute Sonia for successfully taming upper caste propaganda and making policies that includes all sections of society.

      RSS ideology has never mixed well with Indian constitution, their ideas have never worked for India, it works out only for uppercastes and their greed. RSS using Vande Mataram and Bharath Mata to divide nation on religion, both concepts are that of uppercaste propaganda.

      Congress lavoo Desh Bachao

    4. Instead of Nehru, had Patel been made prime minister, how would it have been different for India?

      There would have been greater discipline. After Independence, we lost sight of our duties and started remembering only our rights. With the Sardar at the helm of affairs, we would have been constantly reminded of our duties and it would have given character to the nation.

      Do you think dynastic rule did a lot more damage to the country than anything else, especially the reign of Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi?

      As far as Mrs Gandhi was concerned, she did a lot of damage, definitely to the polity of the country. In fact, it was she who weakened the Congress. She could get votes with sheer charisma. But she was not prepared to tolerate leaders of stature in any state.

      That is why she saw to it that Kamaraj in Tamil Nadu, Nijalingappa in Karnataka, Sanjeeva Reddy in Andhra Pradesh, S K Patil in Maharashtra, every one of them was relegated, and the Congress lost many stalwarts because of that. And every state unit became totally subservient to the Centre.

      The Congress leader of every state was seen as a peon of the Centre, whereas the leader of the local regional party was seen as a master. He shone brilliantly as against the Congress leader. That is why regional parties started flourishing in this country. That was a disservice done by Mrs Gandhi.

      She allowed free rein to the corrupt. But she was able to provide a determined leadership to the country. In Punjab, it is my belief that she encouraged Bhindranwale in the initial stages to embarrass the Janata Party. That is another disservice to the nation. As far as the Sri Lankan problem is concerned, even today we have remnants of the problem created by Mrs Gandhi. She started funding and training the Tigers.

    5. History cannot be re-written with imaginations, who knows Patel could have been as blunder as Indira ? who knows ? Why assume Patel would have been better than Indira or Nehru ?

      it's over and Indira's period has it's merit !! She is the woman of the 20th century !! Even today she is among the pearls of Indian leaders and commands lot respect even from RSS leaders !!

    6. first of all patel is contemporary to Nehru not Indira....Nehru - patel had enough clashes in terms of their ideology and their correspondence is well recorded to show how they both functioned and the after effects of blunders committed by nehru's policies are still to be seen in India.... RSS always criticized the draconian emergency imposed by Indira gandhi for her own political interests

      Field Marshal Cariappa in his speech to RSS volunteers said "RSS is my heart's work. My dear young men, don't be disturbed by uncharitable comments of interested persons. Look ahead! Go ahead! The country is standing in need of your services"
      Dr Zakir Hussain the former President of India once told to Milad Mehfil in Monghyar on 20 November 1949 "The allegations against RSS of violence and hatred against Muslims are wholly false. Muslims should learn the lesson of mutual love, cooperation and organization from RSS.
      "Noted Gandhian leader and the leader of Sarvoday movement, Jayaprakash Narayan, who earlier was a vocal opponent of RSS had the following to say about it in 1977 "RSS is a revolutionary organization. No other organization in the country comes anywhere near it. It alone has the capacity to transform society, end casteism and wipe the tears from the eyes of the poor." He further added "I have great expectations from this revolutionary organization which has taken up the challenge of creating a new India"

    7. Well, there's no proof required that RSS has done good work in the past.....what about today ? Present ?

      First time RSS inspired BJP MLAs were caught seeing porn clips when serious debate on drought was going on, RSS is allowing entry of discarded criminals from other parties (Babu Singh Kushwaha of BSP, Vithal Radadia of cong etc etc).

      In shakkas they spew venom on Sonia/Rahul/Indian constitution, I am sure RSS has gone nuts at present !!