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    From Encounters To The Puppies

    When it comes to some Hindu or better be, Modi bashing, can you really leave the biggest of the modern day flag bearer of secularism, Barkha Dutt too far behind? To do justice to her enviable secular image, Barkha yet again arranged a show in her flagship lie vending platform called ‘We The People’. A spectacle to debate and deliberate how ill-fated and holy cows all those alleged criminals were. How unfortunate of the holy cows to get slaughtered by our vicious police force without any crime. To help her retail the lies, she as usual has her set of Congress mouthpieces. From lawyers to the spokespersons of Congress, all were there to pass that false sense of judgment in moronizing our police force. And how apt it was to have a subject line – ‘Encounter-ing The Truth’ is anybody’s guess.

    As a layman and with nothing to do with encounters from either side, it was kind of enlightenment for me. The grey heads made below few points unequivocally clear, which in one sentence could be put this way: “Come what may, our police force is nothing but bunch of jokers”. Feel so pity for AA Khan and the other encounter specialist cop present in the debate. For those unfortunate ones, who missed it, here is the gist of Barkha's show.

    • The criminals have all the human rights of the world obtainable at their disposal which even doubles up if they happen to be from the secular minority category. While police does have nothing
    • Police have no rights to shoot the criminals, even if they fire at them indiscriminately
    • There are thousands of NGOs to cry for the departed criminals while none there for the police
    •  All those who take side of the police in any of such encounters are equally notorious as the police force itself

    But there is a backdrop to this show of Barkha. Long before the episode was telecasted, the secular queen was all over the place with her apprehensions, which she always has, the moment someone articulates the word Muslim. Look how she finds it funny to see none emphasizing the life imprisonment awarded to 13 cops in a 2006 fake encounter. Really? Only if she answers, who are the chaps who highlight anything in India then it would set the tone on how such news is missed from getting its due limelight. When people like her are busy all this while with NaMo’s Puppy comment and that too the one which was blown out of context, so much so that they even easily forget to cover the death and calamity of the Kedarnath reverberation; one only finds it sidesplitting to see her aspersion on issues not getting their due. Ditto is the case with the lie of 15000 that TOI so expediently peddled for the morons in media like her to jump in to market it further; sidelining more pertinent issues. That is how sold out jurnos of our time do a self-assassination by their xenophobic overture of playing the moral card. Had she or any of her brethren been so worried for that particular news, I wonder who was stopping her from airing that when she was all busy skirting the Puppy issue or the 15000 nonsense that her masters were asking her to highlight?

    Keeping aside the encounters and the legitimacy or the lack of it for the moment; I guess for our media and its bimbos nothing takes precedence over any small bit of soundbites surrounding Modi. These are the same set of morons rush towards the likes of Digvijay Singh and Manish Tewri for their compost when they see a leeway to snowball any of NaMo’s exclamations but turnaround when they are finished with their antagonism and play the moral card.

    From encounter to Puppy, the media seem to have wheeled a full circle in its attempt at maligning NaMo. That’s what the precise job of lie peddlers. No? Another Bimbo who passes of as a journalist by mistake has to have her say when it comes to Modi. She, the one who advocates for a waterless Holi in order to show respect to the Maharashtra draught affected people’s plight but keeps enjoying her bit of swimming in the pool, can’t be left too far behind in the Modi hating business either. Her whole persona or the lack of it is based on the existence of Modi alone. She finds the imaginary Puppy and its crushing as a gruesome statement against the entire Muslim populace of India. Wow, how is that for a generalization? Am I really hearing such religious and secular disquiets from someone who so openly welcomed the arrangement of a beef fest in Osmania University, not so long back? All for the bloody secularism, no? Or hang-on; is that perhaps what secularism is? At least with our definition.  Modi has to beg an apology for the crime he hasn’t committed while bimbos having botched sense of ideology can go ahead insulting Hindus by their rotten amplification of beef Biryani. Idea to form a separate body to monitor only the terror cases involving apprehended Muslims goes down well with such clandestine characters from our media but an analogy of NaMo, nowhere related to Muslims becomes a talking point and an act of communal gambit.

    Media is not alone in their endeavor of spreading hatred against Hindus or Modi in particular. We have poets getting into the field of hate vending off late. Cutting the mature sense of judgment in the middle, we always have these ‘too clever by half’ types like Javed Akhtar. No wonder why this entity is so dear to the likes of NDTV, when it comes to hosting a collective hate scattering program against NaMo. Javed Akhtar types are in fact the byproduct of this screwed up perception of secularism that is so prevalent in our country. No surprise why he finds a no-nonsense individual like Modi possessing the habit of putting his foot in his mouth but startlingly no mention of a certain Digvijaya Singh, who holds a master degree in this very act. He instead finds Diggy an erudite individual because he always insults Hindus for every damn reason; which is perfectly in line with our version of secularism. For Javed Akhtar, mentally retards with no values at all can very well be projected as the UPA PM candidate but for him NaMo needs to grow intellectually. Which to some extent looks logical to me since, for our so called intellectuals, if you do not hate Hindus then you should be lambasted. If this is the definition of intellectualism for an intellectual like Javed Sahib then NaMo is dumb and entails way too much upgrading.

    Spin doctors are not only limited to the media bimbos. In fact the entire NDTV taskforce is busy verbalizing the new age characterization of secularism. And boy doesn’t Modi and his commentaries come handy? Look at the headline in the NDTV portal today. And Barkha Dutt feels sorry for real news missing the queue. No effort was given to intricate on the points Modi derided this rubbish UPA government. No analysis is done if what Modi pointed out are real flaws in our governance or not. These are the kind of news which one anticipates from a sincere news agency. But these NDTV types are not in the profession of news distribution, I guess. They are there to banquet dishonesties to help their paymasters in the government, by any means. ‘Burqa ’ has to be within quotes and has to be at the top of their headline; not the mismanagement of the nation in the hands of these UPA morons. Because pseudo secularism is supreme. Even above nation’s growth or systematic screwing up. Burqa fits the bill of NDTV to peddle some more communal hate for NaMo. Burqa is an impeccable Muslim word and that too concerning women, which can easily be brood to give it an unspoiled communal color. This is exactly why Ishrat Jehan’s encounter is all that our media associates with whole of India while other 297 police encounters in the same period are easily unheeded.

    By the way, other than our media crooks, unlike the earlier dramas, I have heard little soundbites from our Congress spokespersons on NaMo’s latest speech at Pune’s Ferguson College. It in fact bewilders me to see, other than our media no filthy communal spin being given to NaMo’s speech by the seasoned spin doctors of Congress. Or are they unanimously busy mourning with the first family for the sad and untimely demise of Uncle Ottavio Quattrochhi? When it comes to Uncles and Aunts from Italy, Modi can wait for some time. Is it that?


    1. I feel sorry for you boss. You expect too much honesty, that too from our media and a party full of thugs like Congress.

    2. Election is still 8 odd months away and BJP desperateness is showing up since almost 2011 to storm to power for the sake of power. It's dis-heartening to see there are fundamentals willing to pay Rs.5 to go and listen to a liar part excellence !!!

      1. As per china official figures China spends 3.97 percent of GDP on education, Modi lied to young people saying it's 20 percent, just trying to make look UPA in bad shape.

      2. In 2011-2012, the expenditure on education by Gujarat was 13.9 percent of the budget, but it was ranked 14th in the country. Modi should be talking about education only after 13 other CMs talk !!

      3. In Health and education privatization Gujrat leads and Modi is lying to the young Indians, to the media and to the educated class.

      4. UPA-1/2 : Present education spending under UPA-2 gone up to 4.02 percent of GDP, NDA allotted only 1.67 percent, UPA has put more than double efforts on education than NDA.

      5. 15,000 Gujratis saved with 12 innovas in 2 days, nice fiction for kids

      6. Modi tweeted "I have Advani's blessings' after his elevation as poll chief, next day Advani resigned for same reason

      Modi has proved himself a professional liar par excellence not just once but several times over !!!

      Shame on RSS, Shame on BJP, shame on these bunch of misleading morons, shame on moronic BJP projecting a murderer and liar as PM of India.

      NRI and private barons trying to save Modi from Gallows by faking him as future PM of India, this will not work out, Modi will have his gallow days for sure.

    3. Police have no rights to shoot the criminals, even if they fire at them indiscriminately

      Respected writer, the four people were bundled and kidnapped by Gujrat IB & Police 2 days in advance they were moved from one farm house to another, FIR of encounter was drafted before they were shot in cold blood !!! The WHite beard, Modi and black beard Shah had given green signal to eliminate them as per arrested policemen !!

    4. Let the chargesheet of CBI be argued in courts. Like the Ehshan Jafri nonsense, this one also fall flat on its face once it goes to court. Before that, lets not be judgmental.

    5. You morons does not understand anything!!!! You take the words straight and hit under the belt, shameless fellows.

      1) their 3.97 % of gdp is 20% of Indian GDP even when the population is nearly same.
      2) Again having high GDP and per capita income, 13.9 % of Gujarat is much higher than any comparable state.
      3) To understand this point, you need more economics knowledge.
      4) Did u try to find what was spent on education in India before NDA came to power?
      5)TOI has already published apologies. You still hanging on to that lie.

      Come on!, kid grow up. Don't sell your moral for cheap money.

    6. Chaddis will never know anything oter than chaddi literature which is worse than madrassa literature !!

      1.Another funny twist !! yesterday in all TV channels, BJP was weeping in response to Congress agression with data !!!

      2. Hahahah !! Gujrat is ranked 14th in education expenditure, it's shame that Modi is tallikg about education !!!

      3. Not economics, see the rise of privatization in Gujrat !!

      4. Hahahah NDA 1.67 percent and UPA it is 4.02 percent , UPA more than twice better than NDA, hence people elected it twice after showing BJP door !!

      5. Hahahah a lie, why Modi didn't seek public apology from times, he still feels many might have though he is super man after reading the article !!!

    7. there are people like you who with all their hatred for nationalist, talk craps. You mean to say you got no problem with 2G, CWG and likewise scams. For you, Diggi, Doggy, MT (empty brain) and all are the nation-builders, who only pop-up on every attack of NaMo. Pappy and the bar-girl is leading the national perfectly. What a shame on so-called our secular literacy. Think outta box.. Shining stars like NaMo always faces criticism like this, and we should never expect him GOD. he's a man with vision (may be the fakest one), but at least he brings a light of hope. Whereas Pappu n Bar girls are willing to retain the seats by all hook n crooks.

    8. Troll Troll Troll Troll Troll Troll Troll Troll Troll Troll Troll Troll Troll Troll Troll Troll Troll Troll Troll Troll Troll Troll Troll Troll Troll Troll Troll Troll

    9. Having lost war to India in 1971, Bhutto of Pakistan told his countrymen 'we will make bomb even while eating grass'.

      These very anti-India muslims today are of same lineage. So they are ready to vanquish themselves, to keep BJP out. So no reason, rationale, logic, nationalist feel in them.

    10. and lemme add few more lines. If NaMo causes so much of division, then why are all the mediacrooks and congi stooges following each and every word of him. why are they giving so much care to him, if he is a murderer. There are hundreds of thousands in India who have got the vision and brain, but medias dont give the due. And top of the all, what made you to peep in this blog and put your view, if NaMo does not deserve your comments

    11. Dude, the black beard is under CBI's cross-hair, it's matter of time the white beard comes under CBI's cross hair....... and then it will be matter of time the beards are sentenced to death !!

    12. Sorry dude, Muslims are also humans, just watch, J&K will become peaceful and tranquil and few years later it will be POK people demanding plebiscite to join Indian union, there is no bigger force than love and trust on earth........Congress policies if continued even Pakistan may go in for plebiscite to join Indian union, realizing the true Akhand Bharath !! RSS ideology is short sighted and immatured, congress has intellectuals that can move people not just Indians but also neighbors !!! India is regional power by 'mutual trust' not guns and missliles !!!

    13. Narendra Modi knows his gallow days are coming, it's the private barons who are interested in saving him by projecting as fake future PM to dodge Indian judiciary.......RSS also wants Modi to be hanged so that they can milk maximum to install upper-caste propagandist power at centre !!!

      Dalits and Muslims will not allow this to happen, they know congress is intellectually strong and matured to lead nation.

    14. 2G scam was handiwork of Vinod Rai and Nagpur RSS HQ who plotted with the help of JPC chief MM Joshi. RSS also reportedly spend 200 crores (RSS sister concerns sold prime land in MP & K'taka for this purpose) on bribing media to give maximum coverage and damage UPA credentials.

      MM Joshi was kicked out as JPC chief

      Auditor openly says it was MM Joshi who penned the report

      Vinod Rai fails to explain the logic of loss calculations

      Expert price rejected by all Telecos including BSNL & VSNL (this shows expert pricing is idea of RSS stooges in govt.)

      JPC finds Rs.40,000 crore loss during NDA rule !! Rs.2300 crore loss during 8 years of UPA (all this money recovered in Nov2012 as per SC directive)

      Moral : Media & RSS misled nation, Rs.40,000 crores scam of NDA is buried along with Pramod Mahajan ( a pervert who was murdered by his brother for alleged multiple affairs)

    15. There is nothing permanent and Governance also not out of it's ambit. Mahatma Gandhiji wanted to avoid rebellion by minorities after independence therefore he tried to be good to minorities but he couldn't keep India united though his efforts were for good. Now India is bustling with many communities all jelling together well. If Congress stops interfering by appeasement then our country will only improve. Even muslims must be fed up of fake appeasement by Congress and must be wanting to live happily with others but Congress doesn't allow them to.

    16. Pakistan wanting to join us.? Good joke, paid slave. Were you on drugs supplied by RaolKundy when you typed this?

    17. "all this money recovered in Nov2012 as per SC directive" - wow, that's hilarious man... Did the Chief Justice sent you this info? Looks like the BJP/Modi bashing industry operating online is well-fed and well-oiled with oodles of stolen money...

    18. Gallow days -?? - Do you understand what that means? Even after finding not even an iota of evidence against him for the last 11 years all the while chased by people in media/CBI/IB/Judiciary who can only be called paid prostitutes of the GOP...

    19. Bstd, do you understand what you wrote - "Police have no rights to shoot the criminals, even if they fire at them indiscriminately" ? Paid traitors like you need to be shot dead like pigs.

    20. Dear Munisammappa, We will ask your opinion after terrorist shoot your wife or kids or parents.
      Till then shut your mouth. You are one of the chutiah for whome hundreds of peoples died in bomb blast and terrorist attack had no values but some fkcing terrorist is more important.

    21. What r u smoking?Can I have a joint?

    22. It's always believed that terror within is more dangerous than terror outside, of 12 blasts, 8 have clear handiworkf of RSS and it's sister concers. Shame on M'Fkrs, the RSS

    23. Rs.2300 crore recovered as per SC ruling !! Rs.40,000 crores is in BJP coffers, Mahajan's US/UK/Spain investments !!

    24. hahahahaha.................really upa govt is spending too much on ppl like you 2 spread these types of news....hope u tell us your real name...I am damn sure you will vote for bjp...though upa govt is paying so u r saying bad about nda govt....

    25. The same RSS was helping ppl in UKhand as they have done before all over India and among the beneficiaries were Mother and Sister FUCKERS, yes, that's you 'sickular' ppl. And you are right, the most dangerous ppl within India are NOT the minorities but Bastards like you who sleep with them for votes. Go home and F%^&k yourself

    26. ....this is propaganda, RSS has no helicopters no mountaineering training, how can they save lives, they might have gone there to get left overs from dead bodies like mangalsutra, gold ring, money etc etc and hand over to Modi for campaigning !!!!! ....RSS good at spreading lies !!

    27. Filthy Bastard, who told you that RSS went there with helicopters? And what you described is exactly what you prostitute-sons do and do please send that to Raul Ghandy. You need to be castrated in public for what you said...

    28. I feel pity for you, your parents are III rate, and it shows up in your language

    29. hi fool where ar u nowadays ?