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    India And The Fallacy Called Secularism

    Genetic compositions define themselves in a human the day he/she is conceived. That could also include any disorder. The same can be said for a nation as well. The genetic framework, which in case of a nation is its core values and constituents are incorporated at a stage when the idea of a nation is conceived. Seldom would you find in a nation where the forefathers thought of incrementally inculcating core ethos over a period. That never succeeds on its own. Even if forced, the ethos never get emboldened into the gene of the nation at a later stage. It may look as if the notion has gone deep within the bloodstream of the nation but in reality it remains a chaos waiting for its right time to burst open and create complete mess of a situation. That’s India for you.

    There are lot many things that we are trying to force into our national bloodstream over last six decades but we are far from being successful. When I say ‘WE’, I mean our utterly contemptuous political class which has this bad habit of trading the nation and its interest against filthy personal and political gain; that too quite regularly at that. One of such wretched hormone that our politicians are trying their best to inject into our core ethos is ‘SECULARISM’. Be noted here that, we as a nation were never designed as a secular country by our founding fathers. It is only the political rich dividend that brought about the advent of this dreaded term into our constitution at a very late stage; as early as 1976. Even if you may not have forgotten, let me remind the era of absolute disregard for anything that defines a nation by a mother-son going with the name Indira Gandhi and Sanjay Gandhi.

    And who let this opening left to be manipulated and sabotaged by the scoundrels to follow? You guessed it right. None other than the father of all modern day national problems – Jawaharlal Nehru. Post the partition (could have been a blessing in disguise) Nehru announced, India is not a Hindu nation but never clarified what India is. That’s what precisely happens when you let a clueless person to rule after a hard earned freedom. As clueless Nehru himself was, he left the nation equally clueless to define itself. Even this becomes more unbelievable when one sees the bloodshed that went into the 4 month long India-Pakistan partition. Jinnah, with an eye on power (I don’t believe he ever cared for the Muslims) demanded what he found legitimate at that time. Mahatma was left with no option when the entire Muslim league rallied behind Jinnah’s demand for a separate country for the Muslims. Nehru anyway was never interested in leaving his greediness for power. By religious lines, India and Pakistan were created way back in 1947, with an idea to have separate countries for the Muslims and the Hindus. People (both Muslims & Hindus) were given an option to migrate to the country of their choice within a specific time window. Pakistan went ahead and declared it an Islamic nation while jokers at our end kept on pretending and playing their dirty games and done nothing to define what we are. They could have declared us a secular nation if they wanted but they never did knowing very well the public sentiments after what happened to thousands of Hindus when they were migrating. Charlatan entities like Nehru and Gandhi tried to remain in the good books of the world community and the Nobel peace prize committee while in return the nation paid a huge price and continue to pay till now.

    From 1947 till 1976, we as a nation remained an orphan, as far as defining our religious orientation goes. Not to mention, during the said period, we had seven mega scale riots that we witnessed with an estimated 2200 people lost their lives. Now the question arises, why on earth, after remaining oblivious for 29 years we had this 42nd amendment introduced into our constitution; that too in the middle of a controversial emergency period? Few know the truth but refrain from elaborating and there are the clowns from Congress who would call the forty second amendment as a long standing vision of Nehru, materialized by his daughter. But they won’t answer why Nehru himself didn’t do the honors in 1947 itself if it was his so called ‘long standing vision’. Because the answer to it is – political gimmick and morons from Congress seldom admit the gimmickry attributes of their Mai-Baaps.

    Like her father, Indira Gandhi was a cunning and self-serving individual. Hell, people think her to be a great priminister. Never mind, back to the topic. After her sabotage of the poll procedures and subsequent display of complete disregard for the law of the land, she was anything but at the bottom of the popularity index. This also reflected in the post-emergency polls which saw Congress party saved themselves by the skin of their teeth from getting eliminated from the Indian political scene. She perhaps had foreseen her debacle a good year back. To revive the situation she had very few options at her disposal. One of them was of course to reignite her 1971 ‘Garibi Hatao’ gimmick and another one is to divide the nation on religious lines. Both of these options, ‘fool the nation’ and ‘divide and rule’ comes very naturally to each Congress man and Indira proved herself no different in that art. While her retard son was busy usurping every penny of the national treasury she decided to amend the constitution so that she can capture a vast Muslim vote bank. This piece of personal profanity brought about the culmination of the dreaded word ‘SECULAR’ to our political context and to say the least, it still remains the most abused word in our political forum till date. Little to say, post Indira of 1976, the paramount for each subsequent Congress government remained at appeasing the Muslims and drawing avenues to further strengthen on their minority vote bank.

    But she was far from observing the lines of secularism herself. Because a true implementation of secularism refrains morons from appeasement politics which she could have least shredded away with. The famous ‘Blue Star’ operation speaks to a great length on how secular Mrs. Gandhi was. I doubt if she would have dared to take the same step had it been a Mosque, not a Gurdwara or the terrorists holding up inside were not Khalistani but of the Jehadi nature. Though the Congress clowns would swear by their master and defend the decision of Indira as a neutral affair, my guess on how truthful such explanations are is as good as yours.

    Her son took the dirty definition of secularism to an ornamental new level. Sahabanoo, a 62 year old with five kids happened to be the nemesis of the phenomenon called secularism. This time, Rajiv Gandhi even decided to defy the rulings of our apex court. Rather being helpful to the plight of this woman, fear of losing a conservative Muslim vote bank took over his mature sense of judgment, if he ever had any. A community where women are considered nothing beyond an object for abject discrimination, our apex court’s ruling would have ensured equality to the female race. That’s where the Mullahs were fuming and that’s where Rajiv Gandhi decided to bake his political cake; in the process throwing the secularism out of the window. Uniform civil code was set aside promptly by another amendment and that is when the definition of secularism took a whole new meaning in India for ever.

    In the present context, secularism has further graduated itself to an unbelievable level of insanity. It has now become a platform for spewing venom and hatred for Hindu community. Which once meant appeasement and safeguarding one’s vote bank (far from true definition though) in the vile of it, now it means Hindu bashing. Name calling of all Hindu Gods and Goddesses by filthiest of adjectives has become the backbone in proving oneself a secular. One can’t term the act of the apprehended terrorists as ‘Islamic Terrorism’ but explaining a gathering for Ganpati Puja as ‘Saffron Terrorism’ is fine per our homegrown flavor of secularism. In our books of secularism, dreaded terrorists like Osama Bin Laden and Hafeez Saeed are to be addressed with a polite ‘JI’ tucked behind their names but the Aadi Guru Shankaracharya of Hindus can be addressed as a fraud quite openly. Spectacles of such wretched display of secularism are coming from Congress and many other political parties on daily basis. If one wishes to note each of such spectacles he may run out of words, papers and ink as well. Such is the veracity of the art of bashing Hindus vis-à-vis secularism has turned in to.

    Honestly, it is even scary to imagine what the next level of secularism could be. Perhaps being born as a Hindu itself will become an act of communal propitiation. Or may be, in tomorrow’s India the definition of secularism could very well be the call for wiping out each Hindu from this nation; in line with the ideologies of true seculars like Akbaruddin Owaisi and his brother. Or may be even worse. Who knows!! 


    1. Simply brilliant BC. One of the best from your factory. Just loved it..

    2. We hindus are only to blame. Canvas for 100% compulsory voting. This will help to some extent to at least let hindus have a voice in running this country. Else this country will be and for be only for votebank lobbies.

    3. Great Article! India still has not learnt from the past and continues to commit the same mistake over and over again. Wish there was a rule to abolish a party totally and also to put a cap on party formation.

    4. Mr. Cynical, I see in your posts, You always Blame and Criticize Congress and Nehru-Gandhi family ? I never saw you criticizing BJP, RSS who killed Gandhiji. Imagine if, instead of Congress, had BJP ruled most of the time, would you Blast them the same way the way you do to Congress and the Family ?

      I seriously doubt that.

      FYI, Narendra Modi is known as #Feku or #Fekuexpress on Twitter. His false claims of growth in Gujarat have been exposed by gsurya and shaurya shekhar. He is a person of Hot Air, Nothing Else.

      Had Advani not touched the Babri Masjid, riots would not have taken place, nor Mumbai would have been blasted in following 1993 blasts.

      If Ram is Important, so is Allah, Jesus, Buddha and Other Gods. God is One, we know him as 'Paramatma'.
      You like Hinduism so much, right ? Then barring India and Nepal, why NO OTHER NATION ON EARTH has Hindus as Majority, its mostly Islam and Christianity. It speaks for itself, how good a Casteist and Stone Worshipping
      religion is. Can you explain why Dr. Ambedkar and many Dalits converted to Buddhism, if Hinduism is such a Good Religion ?

      As a Secular Nation, we have NO OFFICIAL RELIGION. Moreover, inspite of being a Hindu Majority Nation, we have a -

      Sikh Prime Minister
      Muslim Vice President
      Christian Defence Minister
      Christian Chief of Ruling Govt.

      Naa Janam se, Naa Dharam se, Insaan jaana jate to apne Karam Se.

      Dont ever Support Modi or even BJP. They are MUCH WORSE than Congress.

      If India is a Car, Congress are its tyres. Congress kept this Nation United, which BJP would have divided it.

      Congress hanged Terrorists while BJP released them in 1999 Hijack.
      Congress brought FSB, while BJP only talks about Mandir, which will
      not really help this Nation.
      Aam aadmi wants Roti, Kapda, Makaan, Shiksha and Swaasth, not Mandir,Masjid,Church etc.

      Hope this is clear to you.

    5. Here is my reply dear reader. Have some patience and read through

      "I never saw you criticizing BJP, RSS who killed Gandhiji" - I am not sure who killed Gandhi but for me that was a blessing in disguise. Had that man alive for few more years Nehru in connivance with him would have pushed the nation further

      "Imagine if, instead of Congress, had BJP ruled most of the time, would you Blast them the same way the way you do to Congress and the Family ?" - I am not blasting them just because they ruled for a long period. It because they made a mess of this nation. And I am sure BJP in the same period would have given us a far, far better nation that we have now. Testimony - 6 years rule of NDA

      "Narendra Modi is known as #Feku or #Fekuexpress on Twitter. His false claims of growth in Gujarat have been exposed by gsurya and shaurya shekhar. He is a person of Hot Air, Nothing Else" - All know how these trends were made to happen on Twitter. Things would be clear when Twitter India head will be sacked. I am not sure if you have gone to Gujarat or not but if not then plz do and then talk. Development is felt in your gut. You go there and feel it for yourself. I am not dependent on jokers who tweet for money and their so called agenda based nonsense (like gsurya)

      "Had Advani not touched the Babri Masjid, riots would not have taken place, nor Mumbai would have been blasted in following 1993 blasts." - So you are justifying terror attacks and riots instigated by Muslims. Then why cry for Gujarat riot. It started because of 59 charred Karsevaks first. Deal was settled through the riots. No?

      "If Ram is Important, so is Allah, Jesus, Buddha and Other Gods. God is One, we know him as 'Paramatma'" - Did anywhere I said NO to this. But being a Hindu Lord Ram is paramount to me and I don't see it a crime to defend my GOD.

      "You like Hinduism so much, right ? Then barring India and Nepal, why NO OTHER NATION ON EARTH has Hindus as Majority, its mostly Islam and Christianity" - Hinduism never believed in propagating through force (like Islam) or by conversion (Christianity). More off Hindusism never supports 5 wives and 60 children out of them. So the small number.

      "Can you explain why Dr. Ambedkar and many Dalits converted to Buddhism, if Hinduism is such a Good Religion ?" - These jokers were never my role model. So it really doesn't matter where they migrated with their religion. And BTW in the same vein have you taken into account how many thousand intellectuals from Europe are getting converted to Hinduism through Iskon and others?

      "Dont ever Support Modi or even BJP. They are MUCH WORSE than Congress" - Support comes after fact checking and sensible analysis of truth unlike ass licking which comes very naturally and blindly at that. After 56 years rule of Congress if 72% can't fend food for themselves speaks on the governance of Congress and after that if one still finds them better than anyone then its not support but ass licking

      "If India is a Car, Congress are its tyres. Congress kept this Nation United, which BJP would have divided it" - Like Sahabanoo? Through statements like - Muslims have the first riot to natural resources? Like giving speedy justice to all Sikh riot vicitms?

    6. Super reply BC to this sycophant ass licker. Bloody clowns who are blind themselves are expecting all sane person to follow their path and start worshiping few Italian asses with Dhup and Aarti every morning.

    7. Abey chew-tea-ye,
      do you even have zilch of the idea whatever you're talking about under the false proxy hindu name, you f'kin pig.

      If congress was in there in 1999, we would've lost Kargil by miles.

      IC 814 was a diplomatic failure and NDA's governance wasn't perfect. However, when you start with Congress's list of such failures, man, IC 814 pales out!

      A typical Hindu never falls into matters of dharm, religion. It was only Islam which started religious shit-fests, in order to self-protect the Hinduism, an ideology had to be developed.

      Do you even know gsurya and other turd, have bungalows worth crores in Bangalore by the blessing of her highness?

      Saale, apne baap se puch jaake pehle- Islam tab apni pant mein mutata tha, jab Hinduism laakhon saal purana ho gaya tha.

    8. Bhaai puncture tyre ko change karne ka time aa gaya hai.Waise congress ka itna gungaan kaise kar lete ho?

    9. Mr. Adityak my simple question to u.

      Are Minorities secular??????

      Do Minorities consider Ram, Allah Jesus Buddha and other Gods as one??????


      Do they consider their God to be the ONLY God and their Prophet or Saint to be the ONLY PROPHET?????????

      Second question!!!!

      If Narendra Modi is hot air what are SG and RG? Take an SMS poll and u will get the answer!!!

      If BJP had not released the terrorists in the 1999 hijack would the 180 passengers in the IA plane come back alive???? My mother and father were in that plane u BASTARD!!!! I hope some of ur near and dear ones were there in that plane and u would have been shitting in ur pants!!!!

      Third Question?

      Why has ur Gandhi family not been able to give Roti Kapda Makaan Shiksha Swaasth in the last 70 years of their rule??? People still shit in the open!! They dont have water to wash their butt forget drinking water!! Do u expect them to wipe their butts like the WHITE MAN???

      Fourth FACT!!!
      U are talking about Babri Masjid!!!! Tomorrow we wil have a Dawood Masjid and an Osama Masjid and also a Hafeez Masjid!!!! Do u know what it means???

      On the contrary do u know that Hindus visit the Ajmer Dargah!! Do u know why....Because that man was a man of peace and not a rascal, looter, plunderer, rapist, barbarian, muderer, thugh like BABAR!!!!!!

      Will our dear minorities visit the Siddhivinayak Temple? Tirupati???? Vrindavan??? Somnath????

      Fifth FACT!!!

      U have the cheek to criticize stone worship and u call urself Secular??? Yes we worship stone gods and that is our choice given to us by the constitution of India. The very fact that u show no tolerance towards that shows that u r a thorough communal person!!!!

      In any case the stones are better than ur plaster of paris idols in ur church and the cloth chaddars in ur mosques!!!!

      Do u know that the uranium which lights ur bulbs and drives ur fans ur trains ur vehicles is also stone!!! Do u know that the silicon chip that runs ur computers is also basically stone??? Do u know that the earth on which u live and spend ur entire lifetime is just a huge STONE!!!!

      Have u gone through the Vedanta? DO u know what is Advaita philosophy? IF u had then u would know that Hijnduism is not just stone worship!!!! It is also worshipping the Impersonal Brahman which is exactly the same as the impersonal Allah in Islam and the impersonal Father in heaven of Christianity!!!!

      So u see Christianity and Islam touch just a part of Hinduism while the philosophy of Hinduism encompass everything!!!!


      Which vote bank do u belong to????

      It is votebanks like u who pressurize politicians for ur selfish interests to get goodies and DIVIDE the nation!!!!

      100% compulsory voting is the ONLY SOLUTION. Vote banks like u will become redundant and all will be equal before the LAW!!!!

    10. I do not belong to any votebank. I am a Rationalist Indian. I am a Citizen of this Nation. Only that I believe Religion should be SEPERATE from Nation. No person of ANY CASTE, COMMUNITY, RACE OR RELIGION should be Alienated, Discriminated, Harassed because of his/her origin.

    11. BTW, in 1999, when the Plane was Hijacked, It was taken from Kathmandu to Amritsar, and then to Kabul. Why was the Plane NOT Halted or Grounded there itself, since Amritsar is in India ? Isnt this Inteligence Failure from then BJP Govt ?

    12. What makes u think that if the plane was grounded in Amritsar my father and mother would not have been shot dead in Amritsar itself along with the other fellow passengers?

      Use ur brains!!! Does it require INTELLIGENCE to understand this????

      I respect ur right to be a rationalist Indian just as u should respect my right to be a Secular Indian.

      Is Religion separate from the nation when u give reservations to Muslims and also promise to give more..18%....

      What makes u think anything in this blog is aimed at alienating discriminating harassing any Indian from any background??? Can u give any evidence???

      The blog owner is just pointing out the alienation and discrimination and harrassment that Indians born as Hindus have to face in this country. Is it not allowed? iS IT COMMUNAL IN ANY MANNER????

      Rationalists like u do not open ur mouth when pppl visit Azamgarh or call Batla House encounter as false. U do not open ur mouth when ppl block obstruct roads and traffic in the guise of praying. U do not open ur mouth when day in and day out at 5 am in the morning we are disturbed by a blaring sound from a loudspeaker atop a place of religious worship. Why do they have to disturb everybody? Does any other place of worship of any faith have loudspeakers on their places of worship???


    13. Dear AdityaK :

      (FYI, Narendra Modi is known as #Feku or #Fekuexpress on Twitter. His false claims of growth in Gujarat have been exposed by gsurya and shaurya shekhar. He is a person of Hot Air, Nothing Else. If India is a Car, Congress are its tyres. Congress kept this Nation United, which BJP would have divided it.)

      The above bold text (taken from your comment) explains you not a Rationalist Indian, instead I have the strong feeling that you are a born CONGRESSI.

      Where BJP govt hardly in power after the liberation of the country & The Congress dynasty is keep on sucking the blood of indian common man, i have a doubt that they might have succeeded in injecting their (CongressVirus) blood also in some of the people.

      The above comment is just my view, it has nothing to do with any particular person, If it matches with somebody, it; just a coincidence.


    14. adityak: u may be rationalist, secular or whatever but u r in a minority.....
      for most of the muzzies, religion comes first and after that anything else......
      Why do muslims vote for a candidate who is in a best position to defeat BJP candidate, if they r so secular?????
      This kind of stupid, illogical thinking is what led to the invasion of India by islamic invaders and the result is there for everyone to see......
      u speak of babri masjid........
      who was this babur ???? a looter, marauder, thug, invader who destroyed thousands of temples.......

      u moron, have u ever read what happened to the famous library of Nalanda University which was destroyed by bhaktiyar khilji...........
      if u cannot have a balanced debate, then better don't post some trash. u r just one of those who parrots what the media wants u to......
      educated ppl will not fall to this trap....
      go n lecture in the hinterlands, where the illiterate masses of the nation would hear to ur balderdash....

    15. Surendra Singh TomarSep 2, 2013, 8:36:00 PM

      I agree 100% with your reply. Please keep it up with your great work. Your whole nation except some misled souls like adityak is proud of your effort.

    16. AWESOME BEING CYNICAL.......hahhaha....uski to le lee...

    17. Dear Secular bastard, my questions/advice for you -
      1. First do not hide behind a Hindu name if you claim to be a rationalist. If you have balls, post your real name.
      2. "NM is hot air" - Is it ? So Gujjus who have strong biz. acumen are total fools to elect him thrice? Oh yes, you ppl. will peddle a lie that they are afraid of him including the Muslims!!!
      3.Why no other nation has Hinduism? - That's because Pisslam and Xtianity spread by the sword and false propaganda respectively. Go to Indonesia, Cambodia to see how Hinduism spread and thrived there peacefully. Even today, Indonesia is proud of their Hindu history - the real secularists.
      4. "Casteist and Stone Worshipping religion" - This proves your anti-Hindu stance. If you are secular, you do NOT have any FUCKING rights to criticize any religion. Oh yes, we know, Indian secular bastards are anti-Hindu. That's their brand of secularism.
      5. BJP released terrorists - Do you know that in the all-party meeting scheduled in 1999 your Conparty scounderels demanded that the (BJP) govt. accede to the terrorists demand?

      I can clearly see you are another proxy to Munisammappa, Sita Patil, Praful Gupta - all paid prostitutes of the Conparty.

    18. Adityak, you have mentioned barring India and Nepal, no other country as Hindu majority. You are absolutely right. This is the exact reason it is necessary to protect Hinduism in india as it is the last refuge of Hinduism. BTW, there are more alcoholics in the world than others, does that mean alcoholism is the best way of life ?

      It is not about which religion is best. It is about our right to believe in our religion .

      BTW your words reveal religion clearly. Dont think others are fools

    19. Wow its interesting to see history being rewritten. The proposition that India's founding leaders didn't have secularism in mind gives a hilarious insight into history. This means all that fight against ML or against DIVIDE & RULE policy of British or specifically against separate electorates or the successful Home Rule Movement were things conceived by historians in supervision of Nehru who was hilariously with a choice to consider whether to make India a Hindu Rashtra or to continue remaing the same , I.e. opposing tactics of ML or RSS /HMS

      Now, certainly that idealism failed , atleast in politics. And its true that pseudo-secular politics is there. And its true that we need alternative. BUT the alternative to a disease is not another disease. So the answer to pseudo-secularism is Secularism , not otherwise or else do start to respect Jinnah for he was echoing the same thing as what was being done by many Hindu forces.

      But it is made more complex to imagine if a Hindu with truely secular credentials were to see a continued obsession of a percentage of muslims to mix religion with politics or the fact that nation as a concept comes second in preference or that the design of Islam itself or else some disease which has made indoctrination into terrorism more frequent.. or when religion itself is a shield in bringing a common mould of law or a necessary level of humanity...isnt it ? Now reverse the question..how good is to be a hindu obsessed with religion ,to a point we obstruct reform, or bring the concept of nation only second to religious identity..or that one day Hinduism would be queried for a design-fault to explain rising levels of evil things.. so we shouldn't become thd evil we hate.

    20. Abhisekh which hindu obsessed with religion has obstructed reform? When did Hindus ever obstruct reform.

      Even if a hindu is obsessed with his religion it is a right guaranteed by the Constitution and convent educated brain washed fake american imitations like u cannot take it away from the Hindu!!!

      The rest of your diatribe was just an attempt to showcase ur English vocabulary and is neither here nor there.

      History can never be accurate unless videographed minute by minute. All history carries some sort of bias and malice of historians!!!

      For eg I learnt in my school days that Sir Dadabhai Naoroji was a freedom fighter. But my son questions that if he was a freedom fighter than how did he get the prefix Sir? Why would the British give him knighthood if he was fighting them???????? Get the point?????

      No nation is secular in this world. Even America carries with it the might of Jewish and Christian lobbies!!!

    21. you are absolutely right

    22. When the cops found a great degree of success in Batla House encounter, a large part of them IM's leadership was wiped out. The remaining ones were on the run. The organisation was in disarray. The security agency had a great chance to take the Hydra out forever and all they needed was a little political support for it. But to the contrary the ugly 'secular' politicians in power rose to defend the terrorists. The likes of Congress/Mullahyam/SP/Pigyraja/Amar Singh etc called it fake, offered support to terrorists, communalized the police success, pissed on Mohan Chand's sacrifice and built enough political pressure to bottleneck police efforts to end the group. The agencies were forced to chase dead ends in the hunt for 'Hindu terrorists' merely to satisfy the highly communal secular brigade's show of balancing act.They not only allowed the fragmented IM to escape, but a chance to regroup and rehabilitate and now the result is for all to see.

      The amount of successful strikes of the revived outfit is thus a slap on the face of the nation that elects these communal and morally bankrupt who have subverted and communalized even the fight against terror for their votebanks resulting in a scenario that no Muslim criminal or suspect can be touched and where the police now are forced to protect rioters and criminals on religious lines. Modi's 'negative' politics of hatred that Congress is barking about is not responsible for Patna blasts. The likes of Piggyraja, Amar Singh and co are responsible for the blasts for protecting IM when they were at a striking distance to be taken out of the game. The blood is once again firmly on 'Secular' hands and it is a shame the Hindus can't unite and see this game through. India with the most terror attacks in the world is the only nation that refuses to acknowledge and act against Islamic terrorism that the whole wide world as we breathe acknowledges only because our politicians care more for winning elections than keeping their voters safe. The farce of 'compensating' the rising body count from tax-payers money has taken precedence over preventive strikes and preventing such citizen deaths. Its come to a point when terrorists are allowed success even when agencies give states hard intel as in case of Patna, Gaya and Hyderabad blasts and the political class willingly sacrifices its innocent citizens to avoid taking action on votebanks. Strong anti-terror laws were scrapped, new agencies created to toe political lines and create a mess of turf wars. The nation's defenders started fighting among their ownselves instead of the nation's enemies rooted inside our borders allowing them to operate and get away with impunity successfully. The opportunity to stamp them out was frittered away and turned into an exercise in strengthening these radical elements.

      The nation suffers while a few worthless trash-pile of netas live on for the sake of corrupt power and riches trampling on every mechanism in the nation that can be subverted for their political cause. The people must prepare for more deaths and violence and abandon all hope of the secular political class they have time and again reposed their faith in to come out of their criminal votebank pandering and to work for their safety. We the citizens must blame none but ourselves for This sad pathetic situation. We gave these secular brigade power at the expense of our Hindu integrity and allowed them to turn it into a dirty word. Now it is only fair we reap what we sow and pay the price.


    23. Can you explain how
      Congress is 'better' than BJP in respect to Sikh murders and Bhopol
      catastrophe mismanagement? Who communalized terrorism by calling Batla
      encounters false, accusing RSS of killing Karkare and making Kasab a hero and
      who refused to accept Islamic terrorism and yet went to town talking about
      Hindu terrorism? Vajpayee released a terrorist under political prisoner to save
      190 Indian lives. What about Kanishka bombing under Indira where the whole
      plane was hijacked and blown? or Emergency? Or this new Article 66A to declare
      internet emergency to curb freedoms of speech? What about scams worth lakhs of
      crores? Half the world talks about impressive Gujarat but you will selectively
      harp on a deliberate and Congress appointed man's word designed to engineer
      lies? Lets look at how better Congress has been than BJP in dealing with
      communal riots and expose the crap you are defending:


      Bengal....5,000 to
      10,000 dead ...CONGRESS RULE.


      DEAD..........CONGRESS RULE.


      DEAD........CONGRESS RULE.


      DEAD.............CONGRESS RULE.






      Assam.....5,000 DEAD...CONGRESS RULE.


      Delhi...2,733 DEAD...CONGRESS RULE



















      2008-2009 Nandigram riots under Congress-left combine over land



      is so responsible for the Rs 70,000 crore Maharashtra irrigation scam, 2G,
      SpectrumG, CoalG, etc.