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    VHP Parikrama Yatra And The Secular Morons

    I have put on this habit of starting my blogs with a question of late. This one may not be any different from this recent grown habit. So here I go – does the Hindus have got any rights to perform their rituals, yatras, and celebrations in this country or not? We will go to the technicalities vis-à-vis the planned VHP yatra at Ayodhya later but to start with a simple ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ to my earlier question would set the tone of this post. Objectifying every damn thing that Hindus do or propose to do after getting inebriated with a good doze of that false notion of secularism is one thing but when morons stand up and ridicule every aspect of Hinduism as a potential ingratiating for raising a communal tempo, it calls for an outright rebuttal with facts. And that is precisely what I am going to do in this post.

    A kind note of attention to the morons who feel the word called ‘Hindus’ or anything to do with Hinduism is the worst communal thing to happen in India. Please stay away from this post. Because this post would be a no-nonsense and fact based analysis, which our secular rabid mongrels don’t like to read. For the secular brigade, it is all about peddling lies and keep on ornamenting Hinduism with every possible bit of moronory to keep the fear psychosis alive. And certainly this post would be a jolter to those scoundrels who have hijacked the very essence of our constitution a long time back.

    To start with, let’s do some myth busting. There would be a lot of morons who would question the timing of the 84-Koshi Parikrama Yatra. As per them, the yatra happens every year around April or May. They will also add that, the said yatra is already over for this year. Hence this renewed yatra plan of VHP to organizing it for the second time is nothing but a political gimmick. They will also add that how VHP, hand-in-glove with BJP is trying to polarize the UP voters. So much for the lie. No?

    First thing, the said yatra has got no standard schedule. Like the holy month of Ramzan, this yatra also depends on the orientation of Moon. Hence to say, the yatra happens every year during April-May is a blatant lie or at best an attempt at showing the VHP in a very bad light. I agree, since 1992, the yatra happens in April-May as routine affair but none marks that the same yatra happens one more time as per the orientation of the moon. None of the secular morons would tell you that, the said yatra also happened twice in 2012 as well but it wasn’t opposed then. No moron will also tell you that every year around February VHP issues the itinerary and gets it approved from the UP government. It is happening that way post Babri demolition. It happened that way, as early as 2012 but only this year that the Mullahs masquerading as the secular flag bearers of India have a problem. Can the seculars who suddenly feel the yatra is a potential threat to the so called secular fabrics of India clarify if VHP has actually shared the schedule with them on February 6th or not? They won’t because truth is what the theorem of ‘Indian version of secularism’ doesn’t permit.

    Here is the chronology. VHP shared the schedule (for both Yatras) in February. UP government approved the April-May yatra and promised to go over the second yatra request once the Kumbh Mela gets over. Even the secular government of UP was initially reluctant for the first yatra permission looking at the Bandobast they have to do for Kumbh Mela. They only approved the yatra after consultation with Azam Khan. We can have a separate board for Haj pilgrimage or for that matter we can have an entire ministry to cajole the Muslims (I don’t think the definition of minorities goes anything beyond Muslims in India) but for all Hindu related issues we have morons like Azam Khan to decide. Anyway, that is a separate debate and we can ponder at that in a separate post. Coming back. The UP government was supposed to get back to VHP on their yatra request, not later than end of June. But reasons best known to Akhilesh Yadav and the hoard of secular morons his party houses, they preferred to sleep over the request. That is why a committee of VHP headed by Ashok Singal met Mulayam Yadav on the first week of August to take a note of the progress of their request. But how our media bimbos like Arnav Goswami pictured this very meeting in his gas bag called Newshour? Ohh, yes, it is the secrete connivance of SP and VHP+BHP to up the communal ante in the state; Arnav would made you believe. This is how visionless and professional lie peddlers our media houses are. Who is the real communal in this latest farce, we will get to that.

    Now the so called meeting of connivance is history, so does the thousands of VHP members arrested yesterday for hosting the yatra after being denied permission. House arrest of Ashok Singhal or detaining Pravin Tagodia at the Lucknow airport is also history. What the present is the sorry state of Hindus in their own land. We have a pathetic government in UP, which if referred as highly communal would still be an understatement. They can go to the extent in suspending an honest IAS officer, just to appease the minorities but come to the interest of Hindus, they will point fingers at a possible communal flare and start projecting bad light on Hindus. SP as a party can employ their goons to destroy the walls of the Mosque so that framing Durga Nagpal can remain a watertight affair, even if that may conjure some communal disharmony when actually there are none but ask them to corroborate any Hindu sentiment they see evil in everything the Hindus do. This is where our dirty politics and the Burqua of secularism have landed up in. If Hindus have to take permission to hold their yatras and can hold them only after a bunch of louts fail to see any sense of communal disharmony, I wonder how nobody is asking who gave the permission to scoundrels of the Azad Maidan protest. Who gave the permission to the morons of Kishtwar to start rioting after their Friday prayer? I am sure none will ask neither anyone will answer even if asked because that is how the so called secularism of India is kept intact. That is perhaps why no one is asking tough questions about Godhra train massacre but there are thousands of morons readily available to shed crocodile tears at the sheer mention of Gujarat riots.

    I don’t know who this person is but the truth in this tweet which may look as a piece of humor tells it all. It tells how Hindus have been systematically marginalized in their own country. In the name of secularism we have appeasement to offer. In the name of secularism, it has become a style statement to bash Hindus at the drop of a hat. While Hindus require permission to worship their lord, another community is given a free run to create havoc, as and when they want. Fear of a certain Narendra Modi has gone so deep within the bone marrow of these morons that they are not thinking twice to hurt all Hindus. Such dirty state of affair now prevailing that it seems to be a crime to call oneself a proud Hindu. Bastards do polarize the entire nation so that the fear in the air remains intact, which in turn will pour into their votebank but come to talk about Hindus, the same morons find Hindus are THE communal lot of India. Irony, we have hoards of pseudo secular nut cases from our own religion who blindly propagate this false notion of secularism and encourage open and official Hindu bashing. I being a Hindu need permission to worship lord Ram but others can freely block the highways any time of the day to read their Namaz. It is only secularism that empowers a moron like Digvijay Singh to adress Osamaji and Tundaji but calls the Shankaracharya as a fraud. Perhaps I need to revisit the dictionary to check if I am missing something, as far as the word ‘SECULARISM’ goes.

    You may wonder, whom to blame for this sorry state of Hindus in India. There are many responsible morons but truth be told, if we are really looking for the guilty, we may need only look in to a mirror. Hope we as Hindus, to safeguard the very existence of ours are not going to forget the election dates of 2014. Jai Sri Ram!!


    1. Awazon Ki Bazaron Main Khamoshi Pehchane Kaun - Bottomline, we Hindus need to rise for our own sake. If not we will remain be marginalized by these secular morons. Gone are those days when silence has more power than the cacophony of noise.

    2. in the present circumstances election 2014 is the only hope to bring a change of guard!
      Every hindu must first convince him/herself that openly announcing being a proud Hindu is far more secular then so called SEKULARS and if he/she is convinced then talk about value system and rich heritage/civilization we have as hindus. This is the only way to come out from our pathetic state.

      Do you think UPA II was formed by WINNING elections?
      UPA II was formed by clever manipulation of EVMs.
      The aim is NOT to win an ABSOULTE MAJORITY in the LOK SABHA.
      because that would require MANIPULATING too many EVMs rendering DISCERNIBLE EVIDENCE.
      Only 20 to 25% of the EVMs in obscure locations, after properly studying the VOTING PATTERNS & which will not raise any suspicions will be chosen.
      A ""MANIPULATED EVM"" will register ALL the votes in favor of a PARTICULAR PARTY only - irrespective of who the voters vote in favor of.
      With the President of India - another corrupt thief - in their support, this UPA GANG will make sure one of their MORONS will be called for formation of Government.
      If the situation becomes too hot & riots occur in the event of their foul game being exposed, the ARMY with another CORRUPT CHIEF is at their disposal to quell the riots.

    4. aur koi raastaa hai? nahi to phir bhagwaan hi maalik hai! vote dene jaaun ke nahin!

    5. There is only one solution. 100% Compulsory voting.

      This is the only solution. This will ensure that 80% Hindus vote and vote correctly.

      This will end all vote bank pressure.

      Democracy is correct reflection of the aspirations of the people as per their numbers.

      This will do the needful.

      Please demand 100% compulsory voting for 2014.

    6. what do you think....SP is ruling UP only because of Muslims or BJPee is not ruling UP only because of Muslims??? there is huge number of so called upper hindu community who vote for SP just to get 5 year license of blind trade gundaraj.

    7. Pls stop watching the Times Now Newshour. Boycott it and spread the message.

      This anchor called Arnab Goswami is just trying to sell his program and build his brand image rather than find solutions to problems.

      Look at the way he conducts debates. He has already made an opinion before the debate and tries to push it into the throat of the panelists and the viewers by continuously speaking and asking questions and answering them himself.

      Especially if the opinion of any panelist is not in tune with his, he will not let them speak. ABSOLUTELY BIASED JOURNALIST!!!

    8. My dear friend if the voting percentage is 60% the remaining 40% who do not vote are only Hindus. . If they start voting everything will become doodh ka doodh and paani ka paani.

      Most imp this vote bank pressure will stop. Think about it.

    9. Yesterday the MLA from Madhya Pradesh gave him good pasting on newshour. Dont worry for every ser there is a sava ser. He will be shown his place.

    10. u said absolutely wrong,

    11. I have stopped watching news, reading newspaper, as I feel humiliated for being a Hindu. Now a great relief in reading your blogs as it reflects my ideas.