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    Rahul Gandhi And His Bloopers

    Rahul Gandhi has got this unique ability to throw stupidity at a rate which even will make Bret Lee little envious. Not that I ever expected anything other than stupidity from the Yuvraj though. But the alarming regularity at which the prince comes up with his spectacles, each time forces me to drop the limit of stupidity to further low. Power is poison, poverty is a state of mind, we don`t need infrastructure are few of the stupidities which the Yuvraj has showcased during his unenviable political career thus far. Knowing his capabilities, I am sure there are many to come in future so I am saving little laughter of mine for the occasion to arrive.

    Coming back to the topic. The latest prank the Yuvraj played was very recent and probably one of his best till date and may remain one of his best for years to come. Though I may very well be underestimating his capabilities to churn out bigger blunders in future, but nevertheless I still stick my neck out and claim this to remain one of his all-time top ten bloopers, if not the best.

    Tearing piece of papers seems to be the best pastime for the Yuvraj. Isn`t it? He tore that SP manifesto during UP election rallies. Didn`t he? Tearing other`s papers can still be considered an act of political gimmick and let be passed that way but gatecrashing your own press meet and tear your own piece of legislative is something that looks awfully imprudent and arrogant as well. The authoritarian attitude the Yuvraj showed when he almost side kicked Ajay Maken from the press meet he was holding to defend Congress`s yet another loot machinery is something which grossly looks out of place. As if at the first place the ordinance to protect the convicted thugs from disqualification as per the latest Supreme Court ruling was not enough, Yuvraj arriving in a hurry to the very press brief where Maken was defending why his party feels the thugs should be protected and terming the ordinance is nonsense, makes the whole issue one big laughing stock. The ordinance was nonsense and for the first time I tend to agree with the prince but the manner it was told, there by undermining many people including the priminister in the process is something that doesn`t gell with any democratically run establishment. I know Congress and democracy don`t fit too well in a single statement as it is all about dynasty there but that said, the prince should have mind his words and actions when he thought of making a mockery of the entire system. No?

    Rahul Gandhi`s arrogant action raises many more questions. Well not why they thought of an ordinance to protect the morons at the first place. Dacoits and Congress go hand-in-hand. So it is all but natural for Congress to defend the thugs by any means. That was not at all a surprise; not at least for me. The question that I want to ask is – was the Yuvraj not aware of the ordinance when it was being passed by his utterly corrupt cabinet? Now someone please don`t crack a joke that such an important legislation was getting formulated by the Congress party without the knowhow of Sonia and Rahul Gandhi. That would be the last line in the planet I want to believe. When I am sure the sycophants might be seeking permission from one Gandhi or the other even before visiting the loo, an ordinance being passed outside the knowledge base of the mother-son duo is as good as believing Hafeez Saeed and his humanitarian acts. If the prince had such strong reservations against the ordinance, so much so to even gatecrash his own party`s press brief to blabber; may I ask what he was doing when this ordinance was getting cleared by his cabinet? Laying eggs? The sycophants may term it as `an afterthought` for an excuse but even if it is an afterthought, the manner in which Rahul Gandhi displayed his one-upmanship and arrogance; could that be overlooked so easily? Can the rear lickers clarify if the half retard has any idea to which extent he has dented the very fabrics of democracy by his nonsense?

    If after getting a bad dream, which the sycophants term as afterthought, Yuvraj thought of opposing the ordinance; was it necessary for him to do it the arrogant and authoritarian way he did? Had this moron possessed minimal of commonsense (again commonsense and Rahul Gandhi don`t fit in one statement either) and leadership qualities, he should have waited for the priminister to return from USA. He should have waited for a discussion with the priminister before going gaga on such sensitive issues at his own party`s press brief. Tell me one government or a political outfit where you would see absolute nutcases with no authority whatsoever go blasting his super seniors at a press brief? Show me one democratically run government where morons get freehand to make a joke of the priminister and his authority therein? Not only that; after making a comedy of the priminister the moron could get away easily as well. Who gave such undisputed power to this college dropout retard to flaunt some high degree of arrogance against the priminister of the nation? I have said this before and I am saying this again – the Congress party and all the Gandhi nonsense therein may consider the importance of Manmohan Singh at a similar level with their drivers but I being a citizen of the nation object to such open humiliation of my priminister. Not at least at the hands of a jackass retard who on his own merit may very well flunk in clearing the examination for the post of a peon.

    How sinister it can be? The priminister is there on a foreign soil engaged in an all-important dialogue and this good for nothing moron raises from his bed and makes a joke of the priminister at a press brief. And would you believe, there are even bigger morons who are suggesting, Manmohan Singh must resign now after such humiliation and undermining of his authorities by the good for nothing number 2 of the party. Wow!!, what a convenient way to misplace the rotten facts on the ground. And the rotten fact is – show me one organization where a dimwit junior insults his senior for no apparent reason and the senior is there by asked to resign? Had this lout of a party called Congress got any shame left they should have sacked Rahul Gandhi the very next moment he blabbered at the press brief. But here surprisingly the morons are discussing how insulted the priminister must feel and resign. The priminister, if he had any spine must throw out this baggage called Rahul Gandhi immediately for showing open dissent against the party, democracy and above all the priminister of the nation. We had way more than enough for accommodating absolute nonsenses in our political arena and it is time we set right some precedence. It is time the priminister acts and acts tough on this rogue of an arrogant idiot and show him his real place.

    And by the way, did you marked the predicaments of all Congress spokespersons? I tell you, it is really tough to be in those shoes. The clowns were all busy defending the ordinance decision of the government for last three days and all of a sudden they had to take a double `U` turn to defend the magnanimity of the worthless Yuvraj on the same channels. Though the spokespersons got some time to realign their arguments inline with prince`s blooper, I feel sorry for poor Ajay Maken, who had to both defend and lambast the ordinance in the same press brief. Hell of a task I tell you. 


    1. Thoughts perfectly put into words. Rightly said, if anything Rahul Gandhi must be sacked immediately. Provided Congress are not that shameless as we thought them to be.

    2. It worries me real sick due to the fact that there IS probability that this moron may become PM in future.

    3. I'll tell you the real game-plan behind entire episode.

      Well, I smell the rate here. This was completely planned by this baby's mother to uplift his baby's image in public. Just to show public that he is capable of raising voice against his own party and can do better for nation.

      Otherwise he has no guts and intellectual powers to do something like this, so this was purely baked by this own party....

      what do you say.....

    4. Looks like he lost his mental imbalance. Raul needs serious psychiatric evaluation. He had done one in 1985, time for another. Besides, another insider info is that he was on 'Cocaine'.

      BTW...I tried posting the same on First Post, within few minutes, they deleted it. I later tried again. This time they blocked me. Is there a way to get around this. FP is freaked out everytime I post something. Feel like someone should hack all these paid media websites.

    5. Sanjay KewalramaniOct 5, 2013, 8:29:00 AM

      Accding to me this is a big political plan of congress n used Rahul as tool in this they r able to achieve 2 major things.
      1) Bihar is one of the few major state with number of seats can play a factor in the next general election. With Nitesh HVING soft corner for Congress n if he joins Congress then numbers add to the seats of the Congress.
      Now, by putting Lalu out of picture they Hv managed to stop the vote cutting as the 2 major force in Bihar now will be Jdu and Bjp.
      2) there r no major decisions made by the new VP of Congress since his enlightenment to the seat. N if he has to be protrayed as the next PM of our GREAT NATION he has to be seen as the man fighting out odd decisions of his own party. It is only a clever ploy to show him as HERO. I hope the ppl of this country are able to see through this n will use their power to VOTE for the right candidate.

    6. i m blocked from FP too...dint abuse anyone...dint attack anyone mentioned my opinion and stated some facts....decided not go to FP at all...they can suck a duck.

    7. Very true! Watch this video -

      Why ask the same thing at ~3:00 ["What was the basic discussion?... What was your logic?" - goo.gl/HXNdv6] and ~6:30 ["I called up makenjI just like that, asked what is going on?" - http://t.co/byA7WYzey6] if it were not a drama put up by Congress?