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    Why So Much Clamor For Devyani Kobragade?

    Before I get moving a disclaimer is the need of the hour – I have stayed in the country of snubs called US of A for a good period on a work assignment and I hate every aspect of that conceited country full with hypocrites who feel they are a notch above the rest of the world put together. Hence, whatever I am going to write in this blog must not be considered as my inherent love for that wretched nation as people find it fancy to associate with every IT professional. I hate USA as much as I hate Congress party, Pakistan and the uncle of my neighborhood who never returns back the cricket ball. This piece of mine is purely based on facts and our knee jerk response which no way looks like the response of a mature, sensible and holistic nation.

    Devyani’s case has two aspects and both of them need little introduction, as well as analysis. First is if she actually committed an offence as per the USA legislation; second is if she was ill-treated even being from the office of the consulate after her so called arrest. Honestly both of these two aspects are debatable depending on which side of the fence you find yourself. If you ask me, well, she in fact committed a mistake, if not a crime according to USA laws. As far as the second aspect goes, I simply don’t want to comment on the second aspect of this farce as I am not sure of the facts either way. Nevertheless let’s dig deep into the issue.

    The USA labor laws are very strict and enforced even stricter than one can imagine. The laws stand valid for all sectors of labor engagement irrespective of the nature of the service the job is offered for. It is an entirely different argument to ask where the so called law enforcers of USA hide themselves when routinely their students from the high school go to their classes equipped with fully loaded guns and shoot down odd students for fun. If they can’t do anything about such dangerous precedents becoming so rampant why pounce on a woman for a frivolous reason? Well, it is their country and it entirely depends on them on what and how they want to build their society. If they want to overlook such incidents but concentrate on foreigners to see if they are breaking minimalist of the laws then good luck to them. We don’t have any qualms as long as none of us our own gets manhandled for no reason. That said, do you really think Divyani Kobragade was/is a holy cow and is only framed with such allegations as her father wants us to believe? No, don’t weigh the level of her crime, if I may say so. Crime is a crime after all. And please don’t pop that ‘Racist’ nonsense for every second damn thing.

    As far as I know, US laws mandates for minimal wage for every sector. This has got two benefits. First it assures that the employee is never ill-treated and second it assures some kind of social security for every individual in a long run. The bargain is simple – if you can afford to address the minimal wage clause of the labor law then only employ someone. It is no point in shouting later that the so called minimal wage/hour could very well end you up in paying someone more than what you possibly could be earning. That is nonsense of an argument. None has requested you to employ someone to serve you at the first place. If you are employing someone then bloody pay him/her as per the law. If you don’t then you automatically are violating the law and in case of Divyani a VISA fraud which to me sounds pretty much justifiable. The letter of employment which the work VISA aspirants submit at the USA consulate clearly mentions about the wage the aspirant is supposed to earn once he/she is there in USA. The letter is taken on the face value since the employer would have authenticated with their consent to adhere by what they have promised in the letter. I am sure either Devyani or the GOI must have stood as a guarantee when the VISA application of the maid was being processed. Once you let your consent known to the consulate about what you are going to pay your maid, there is no walking back on that. If you do, you breach the clause of trust which automatically boils down to the violation of a law. And no wonder, if you are not from a banana republic then for any violation of a law of your land it warrants an immediate action and that precisely what happened with Divyani Kobragade. On this part I see no fault of the USA government at all. It is a different thing that we are very used to violate laws here but still roam around showing middle finger to one and all, including our IPC and CrPc. But the same we can’t expect from every other country.

    As I said, I am not going to discuss if Divyani was strip searched and locked up alongside prostitutes and drug peddlers. I am not sure of the same and as it is I never base my argument on hearing one side of the story. We can’t jump around like a colony of Kangaroos just because one of us told his/her side of the story which we never bothered to authenticate by giving a patient hearing to the other side. That said, if the USA authorities have done what they are accused of then it is a terrible thing to comprehend. And we as a nation must not accept anything less than a public and unconditional apology from one of the big fishes of the USA administration. But for that, we must wait for the facts to come out unlike making the entire nation a Big Boss house as GOI has done with their childish response, with a little help from Arnav Goswamy.

    Tell me one nation which acts so funnily when attacked diplomatically by others? I guess you won’t have to go much beyond ‘India’ to furnish a name. But then, our response to every hostile situation was always been funny. No? Nations send few of their scoundrels on a Dingi to create mayhem on our land and we get full time busy in a bizarre dossier-dossier game for years as a response. Countries decapitate our soldiers unprovoked and we threaten back by not including their players in our IPL and discontinue any cricketing ties. So what is the big deal if we turn a cry baby and start removing barricades outside USA consulate when one from our diplomat’s office is humiliated? If we really want to blame someone for the humiliation of Devyani, let’s start with the most deserving of the lot. Yes our spineless government and an equally spineless MEA headed by a joker who knows nothing about his job. The seed for the perpetual humiliation of every Indian was sowed when we never reacted strongly to the ill-treatment meted out to one of our Ex-president. Had we have taken the rascals of USA to task when APJ was frisked, Devyani perhaps wouldn’t have been stripped for a crime that don’t ask for a strip search. The GOI then remained nonchalant of such humiliation because the person concerned was a known trouble maker to all the nefarious ideas of the Congress party, including his staunch objection to let the bartender queen to become the PM of India. That small but yet gruesome convenience of self-service only assured that we as a nation lose whatever little amount of self-respect we had left before the world. The logic is simple – you make a joke of yourself the world adds more to the mockery and that is precisely what USA did with the case of Divyani Kobragade.

    Funny that the joker Salman Khurshid asks how in earth the family of the maid got their USA VISAs when they had FIRs lodged against them in USA. I want to ask the clown, how the hell they managed to pass through our immigration at the first place when they have pending cases? But you know what, such comedies are always expected from clueless fagots. It is happening from the days of Chacha Nehru to this moron Khurshid.

    But you know what the most interesting part in this mess? Yes, the response of our nation and GOI. I see a lot of outraged people without caring to understand the case and the history of it by an ounce. You may wonder when a government can take it easy when one of its ex-president, that too of the stature of APJ is humiliated but act so violently for a comparatively lesser known entity. Well the answer lies in finding the answer to the question on how Devyani Kobragade managed to have a flat in the Adarsh society, which was meant for the war widows. You will get the answer if I tell you; Devyani’s father is another of those morons who is charge-sheeted by CBI in the Adarsh scam. It may very well be the possibility of an arm-twisting by ‘Papa Kobragade’ for the government to act tough with a threat to spill some uncomfortable names otherwise. Possibilities are many and all of them look quite logical to me. Only time will tell what are the facts and what are the gasbags in this mess of an issue.

    But hey, hasn’t a USA court summoned the bartender to appear against a 1984 Sikh riot case? Could the GOI be reacting hastily because their queen is attacked so openly? After all the proverb “Khiskayee Billi Khamba Noche” has some real life implementations in plenty. No?


    1. Hmmm, different perspective. Neither I can accept nor I can deny to what you have written. Anyway, an interesting read as always.

    2. fabulous written and no words to describe regarding the article..... was not getting the correct info from the TV news channel regarding why all went frenzied and so much of love and affection... hats off to u sir...and may god bless u for ur endeavour for creating awareness among the people of INDIA..

    3. Indian soldiers get beheaded by a country whose PM's brother and the chief minister of a province has been recently feted in India. Indian fishermen get arrested and tortured routinely and the appeals of an elected CM to the PM goes in vain. Our governement is ready to give away acres of land to a neighbour inspite of the opposition from the affected state. Now we have the drama of every one raising up against USA. What if USA sticks to its stand. Will our FM, EAM, other sundry ministers and PM stop going to USA. Will they recall their chilkdren studying/employed /settled in USA. What a farce.

    4. धन्यवाद ड़ जे

    5. As a country where you stand when you plead with another country ' to not issue VISA ' to your own country's elected representative?
      You perhaps missed to fit this vital point in your article!!!

    6. Very Frequent Words / sentences used by AAP members:
      1.> Corruption!
      2.> Corruption!
      3.> Corruption!
      4.> I would have replied to you if you were rational
      5.> You are a paid BJP / Congress person
      6.> Hamara Neta chor hai
      7.> Hum Gandgi saaf kar denge.
      8.> Tum log Bewakoof / Ghatiya ho

    7. No, It would not be better than the deals being done right now. It would be worse! Because They are the same page with Congress. Do you live in Delhi or NCR? If you do, you would remember what AK said on radio after getting the NEWS that they have bagged 28 seats. He said, "Now I want much more money for the National Elections, people please be ready for that"!! I mean how would you swallow that? He is anyway not a leader stuff for most of the people! He is just a greedy -whistle blower at best, who requested Bartender to stop a Transfer! O YES! That is also not a corruption for AAP (as if Bartender would do anything without asking money! and now congress also can't raise that topic because bartender is involved)

    8. Sanjay KewalramaniDec 23, 2013, 4:04:00 PM

      hi, just like other times you have been spot on AAP forming the govt. with the help of Congress after all the drama of asking the ppl of Delhi whether can form the Govt or not. Lets just open the eyes ppl they have got 28 seats and if they just were tearing apart Congress for corruption and they will get the so called unconditional support from Congress. Do these politicians really think that we public are really fool and can't see through these plane games just to get this case of KISSA KURSI KAA???
      I believe any party in regional or at centre the target is to keep BJP out of power. Can anyone really think on those lines??
      If the AAP was so damn against Congress and wanted to form the Govt. I believe even if they would have gone with their proposal to Bjp, they would have got an outside support to form and do the governance. But this is absolutely unbelievable what they have done today.
      I hope the curious case of Arvind Kejriwal and his party AAP will end soon and ppl will realise soon that "HAATHI KAY DAANTH KHANE KAY OR DIKHANE KAY ALAG HOTE HAIN".

    9. R Patel of GujaratDec 24, 2013, 10:06:00 PM

      For your sake and the country's sake READ the manifesto of AAP. Please, before it is too late for India.

    10. R Patel of GujaratDec 24, 2013, 10:11:00 PM

      Read the Manifesto.

    11. I think its too early to predict if AAP is a B-Team of congress. I was also surprised when AAP took support from congress to form the government. But congress is not an alliance of AAP. Taking support and being an Alliance are two different things. When the whole country is against congress or better to say anti-congress, then why would a new party like AAP take risk to dig their own grave???

    12. Mentally retarded? You seem to have a unique brain best to be put in a preserved shit bag! And how do you define fluke? "Fluke is 1,5, or Max 10 seats..." ? I guess you are trying to quantify fluke the way it suits you. For normal people with sound brains, fluke is about not completely knowing to get a success but getting lucky with it.
      So getting success or not is important in a fluke. and there is no data to suggest that most of the AAP representatives have any success rates in any elections prior to this one, so this was indeed a fluke! but you seem to be biased against the author! Pity you! And there is no Complete participatory democracy in true sense in the world. So, We are experimenting a new phenomenon here. And btw there has to be a limit to participation of common people, because there are many matters of national/ regional importance that common people might not be fully aware or even may be biased about. But those discussions have to be done only at the highest levels with the help of experts. You seem to have a poor knowledge of affairs even of your own country.
      AAP's emergence is nothing new. There have been many parties who have done good work in the starting, TDP (they even got more success rate than AAP in the first elections), BSP, SP and many more parties started to have an ideology and got fair amount of success but they are still regional parties aren't they? And Arvind Kejriwal would soon be out of Public's fancy. Because they can't go on blaming others for all the problems we face, now for a fair amount of time they will have to do good work and make India better than Many other countries (started fancying already? :P, natural to you!). And why giving a chance to Arvind Kejriwal? why not to anybody else? including me! I mean there will be many people with better honesty levels than this Arvind!

    13. Dear "Mr. Pseudo Author" (I am sure about this)....You seem to be jumping off, without even understanding the comment.

      TAke your own words "And btw there has to be a limit to participation of common people, because there are many matters of national/ regional importance that common people might not be fully aware or even may be biased about. But those discussions have to be done only at the highest levels with the help of experts." - First of all, I clearly said that people should be at least aware of such bills/ laws to be introduced. There are bills introduced in the parliament, and passed too in 10-20 minutes without the public even knowing what it's all about. Is that a fair practice??? Second, you yourself claimed "matters of national importance". What AK did was not matter of any national/ regional importance. It was a decision to be taken by them. It's their own personal decision. If they wanted to go to public for an understanding about their take on decision, whats the issue. It was not about any political decision related to national/ state security...

      And so far as giving a chance is concerned, there are thousands like you fancying their chances at being in limelight and serving the nation. Being in office, typing few letters and showing yourself as an avid intellectual won't get you there. For that one has to take a step and get into the dirty mud. He did that and thus is deserving to be given a chance - not unlike us.

    14. Er.. not one to nitpick,but the Photograph you have on this article is of Krittika Biswas not Devyani K

    15. CynicallySkepticalDec 31, 2013, 9:49:00 PM

      Sorry! Have no sympathy for US.
      But US over reacted on a minor issue and that position is against India and not Devyani. For her crimes here she should be prosecuted here.
      Your position seems to be similar to the 65Ts who petitioned Obama against Modi.
      Isn't this like the Saas-Bahu asking the neighbours to intervene. If you can't get her prosecuted here for corruption (if she is involved) you are happy that US sullies India's name for a minor offence??

    16. You kidding. Do you think the Indian official have "Balls" to prosecute her in India? If so she would have been in Jail rather than in US for Adharsh scam :)