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    Jan Lokpal And The Curious Case Of Arvind Kejriwal

    In my last few posts I was desperately trying to uncover the veneer that Arvind Kejriwal was wearing for some time. All that I want as the harvest of my exertions is for the people to see the real face of Arvind Kejriwal. All that I want at the end is people to realize how in disguise of being a backer of anti-corruption Arvind in fact was/is supporting the very corrupts who he pretended to fight against. Hope people are smart enough to gauge what material this Kejriwal chap is made up and how in the name of ‘fight against corruption’ he is a proxy agent of the very corrupts that we all are fed up with. If you haven’t read those two pieces of mine, I will urge you to read them first at here and here.  

    Now since the love-love relationship of Arvind and Congress party is more or less established, we may not venture there any further. It is now more stimulating to analyze what the future holds for Arvind Kejriwal and his moronic party AAP. More so when our parliament passed the Lokpal Bill today.

    But before we go there, I want to ask all of you a very simple question – for how long you think Arvind and his party AAP can survive in our political scene? No, don’t answer me but keep that in back of your mind and try to correlate with the post as it opens up. This would be a very small exercise for you to get rid of your misconception if you feel AAP is the best thing happened to India after independence and we need AAP to govern us till eternity. For the rest, just map if my thought process matches with yours or not.

    Arvind Kejriwal rose to fame by virtue of a lone agenda. And that is corruption. Most of us will agree corruption is a malaise that our nation is suffering for quite some time. But that is not the only problem that we as a nation are challenged with. Even if we eradicate corruption 100% that still won’t ensure food in every plate or 24 hours electricity or medical facility for all or education to every one of us and many more such prevailing shortcomings. Corruption could be a cause of many problems but not all. There are policies to be made; we have this vast economy to manage along with bridging the deficit in many sectors including the trust deficit as a nation we are facing vis-à-vis the potential foreign investors. We have to maintain a certain level of social harmony in a vast diversified country like ours. I am sorry; appeasement is never a step towards maintaining a harmonious atmosphere. Trust me when I say this, we as a nation are sitting atop a volcano itching to erupt without giving any warning. Thanks to our over appeasing politicians and governments, the day this volcano will erupt, it will sweep away many things along with it.

    Coming back to the topic. Has anybody ever heard Arvind talking about anything else other than corruption? You may argue he doesn’t have to as he is fighting his battle against corruption. Fair enough but then he shouldn’t aspire to fight politics and form democratically elected governments either. I will appreciate a corruption free society but at the same time I would also anticipate my government to deliver on other expected lines. This is where I see no future for Arvind Kejriwal. His future even looked bleaker after I went through their manifesto for the Delhi elections. Each and every promise in that piece of paper talked a great lot on how clueless Arvind is when it comes to governance. He claims to reduce the electricity bill by 50% but I doubt if he had done any mathematics to see what the financial implications on the state for any such jingoism. Ditto goes with his promise of 700 liter free water to each household on daily basis. I am ready to stick my neck out and say – the phenomenal success of AAP in Delhi is largely because of these two points. People went gaga over AAP since the idea of half electricity bill and no money for water consumption was too juicy a proposition to not drool around. This again proves where corruption in society stands in the list of concerns when it comes to day-to-day livelihood. Now that the seats are won and Arvind realizes his grave mistake in promising too much without doing any kind of homework, he is shying away from forming the government. Because if he does, he will be thoroughly exposed since in no way his gas bags (read manifesto) could be materialized. Within a small time frame Arvind will look as naked as the politicians he was accusing of being corrupt all this while.

    This could perhaps be the reason why he and his team of clowns are hell-bent in opposing Anna Hazare and the amended Lokpal. Because one could rarely built a prolonged career by just accusing others. The entire Milky Way may be corrupt but that doesn’t prove you are the last hope left. For that to happen at some point you need to stop blaming others and take some responsibilities to showcase your metal. Else, you can fool the public once or at best twice by finger pointing at the shitty asses of others but not always. There will be an intersection where people will turn back and ask uncomfortable questions against your own credentials. Arvind is smart enough to realize this and he also realizes that he doesn’t have particularly impressive replies to answer back the citizens when that uncomfortable situation eventually will arise. Hence the safest way to remain relevant and in public eyes is by keeping that platform of finger pointing available always. And that platform can remain intact only if the Lokpal remains pending perpetually. Or else Arvind would be forgotten by the public quicker than they forgot Jugal Hanshraj.

    That is perhaps why the lose mouth morons of AAP are all over the place in defaming Anna and the latest proposed Lokpal Bill. Because they know, the moment the bill is passed by both houses the death warrant will be signed against their respective political career. They can’t possibly be left with the option of blaming every god damn living thing in India. That is quite dangerous a scenario for the false pious mask that each member of AAP is so accustomed in wearing for last 3 years. They may not admit but the entire AAP gang knows very well the 28 seats they won is just a fluke. They also know if they go into a poll in six months they will land up getting half of what they won or worse even getting wiped out completely. Arvind is too smart to realize with their loving Lokpal and finger pointing option out of the equation, they pretty much have nothing left to shout about. To make the matter worse they don’t even have anything noteworthy of their own, except some wild farts to tell the voters of Delhi.

    Now since the Lokpal is passed, I see some doors getting slammed on the face of Arvind Kejriwal. No wonder why he along with his bounty of jokers are so jittery with any such development. People of Delhi, are you guys listening?


    1. Don't worry, the days for this third grade Vaand called Arvind Kejriwal is numbered. As you mentioned, they may very well get wiped out if Delhi goes to poll again.

    2. No worried at all.. ppl r more smart than all these jokers in congress, BJP and Mr. Kejariwal (if he is also corrupted or have bad intentions). Many points I am not agreeing to you but still I am not denying your point of view completely. Lets wait and watch, who is the dog here ? All parties and people r corrupted. Nobody is flawless and we dont expect anyone to be perfect. Insted of giving congress or BJP another chance in Assembly elections, if people want to try out new card, whats wrong in that. If he fells or forgotten, who cares..but if his ideas worked out, then it will b good for people of society, Even if he succeed 30-40 %, that delhi people will accept with both hands..So dont jump to conclusion on based on assumptions, prejudice mind, but think logically and good for people../ society...nothing more but minority government can be taken away in 1 year..thts good for society for a trial purpose and to give a chance to Kejariwal as he will be on his toes TO SHOW HIS PERFORMANCE IN QUICK TIME because if dont show his performance, anyway, elections will come out...

    3. It looks very clear from your first line that you are heavily biased against Arvind Kejriwal - (In my last few posts I was desperately trying to uncover the veneer that Arvind Kejriwal was wearing for some time.)

      The same goes with your rest of the lines. Looks like a child desparately trying to get something which in case of yours is to defame him.
      My dear, in a country like India where the dirty politicians are 90 % of the time busy in looking for money and misusing power, why should Arvind need to raise other issues that the corruption ? It's linked to every development, every common man and is the sigle issue which cured by even 50 % can see India and it's poor citizen, go miles. You want Arvind to make a list of 1000 problems and lose his focus ? He has done a perfect thing by concentrating on 1 or 2 promises which other parties and politicians makes in 100's in their agenda's and fulfill not even a single one. Do you have that list ?
      You say that he should have not tried to go political! So, you wanted him to fast again and again and keep begging the deaf and dumb politicians to pass Lokapal till his death ? Havn't you seen what happened to the Lokpal in the parliament after assuring for it during Anna's and Arvind's fast at Delhi ? It was humiliated by all the parties and again kept in bag. The second rally of Anna in Mumbai, do you even remember that ? Only cows were there in the field.
      These were the dirty and corrupt politicians who challanged them to fight elections and then change the system, if they can. Anna, after his flop Mumbai rally which was his home state, ran away from that challenge.
      I was not a big fan of Arvind but I really liked his courage, the way he chose the way to come to power, fought and came forward as a winner and the way he has ! He is a real fighter and will do good. And make no mistakes, it is his win in the Delhi elections that the bill has been passed yesterday, otherwise, no power could have done that. The afraid politicans and parties ! Saw there fates if they were not going to pass it this time.
      When uneducated, silly, people like Mulayams, Lalloo's, Munda's and Soren's can rule the states and ruin them, why can't Arvind Kejriwal come in politics? He has got all the guts, a vision and above all, a will to do good and there is no doubt that he will do it.
      Best wishes Arvind. Don't worry, when Hero - Heroines, criminals, Jokers can become politicians, you are best eligible. Welcome to the Fore. Do good. Our best wishes are with you.

    4. There seems quite a handful supporters of AAP and Kejri. I guess, I wasn't wrong with my perception when I said - "I never thought there are so many dumbheads among Delhi voters".

    5. Dear Pradeep, employing paid bloggers is a tradition with Congress; no other party, let alone BJP. And by the way, I never accuse some one just for fun. I do an analysis and then vent it out. If you are a regular reader of my posts, as you claim to be then you must be aware, I was critical of Arvind even 3 years back when there were no speculation of him forming a political outfit.

      If you haven't read those posts, I will request you to please do it. As far as Arvind goes my predictions were bang on target from day one.

    6. Being cynical is now same like Mainstream media. No matter what...MSM supports Congress and BC supports BJP....Thanks for entertaining and informing till now. Let me look for something rational.

    7. Dear Author,
      Whether Mr. Kejriwal will be forgotten or not, but the way you are getting biased to others it is becoming very unnatural of you to get reduced to like other MSM personalities like Barkha, Mrs. & Mr. Rajdeep of the long list. Is your calling spade a spade is just fading or it is limited to one party only?
      What if, Ak has done his mathematical homework really well and Delhi-ties accept him more than before? What if He provide good & clean governance which is a dream of the nation?

      You are now heading towards oblivion which is the last thing many of the readers like me wish!!!!

    8. My only question is - if AK has done his homework then why he is not forming the Govt when he has the support with him. As I mentioned earlier, he can implement all his promises and show how things should be done. Since he is not doing that and throwing gimmicks in the form of asking people of Delhi to answer back in YES or No, I have my reservations against him.

      The day he takes up the responsibility, not just blaming others, I will admit my mistakes, which I readily do whenever I find one and worship him as a hero. Till then he will remain suspicious in my eyes.

    9. Dear, it looks good to make a point, but dragging beyond a point makes makes it more "cynical" and more "rhetoric".
      Lets talk on some real stuff :-

      Do you think, the Lokpal whcih has been passed is an AAP ( and Anna) effect. As they never thought that public perception is so negative.
      Dont you think because of AAP effect, BJP never tried to make a GOVT. which is quite contrary to the track record of BJP.

      Dont you think, because of AAP effect and goel ji was replaced by Harshwarshan.

      And the most important, because of this AAP, has created a curosity youth in India Politics. Atleast now youth in not considering politics as bad. They want to participate and thinking that "yes , politics can be a way to reform the society"

      And let the AAP comes to power, if they are cant perform as they have sed, I would be the first one to criticize them. Lets not prejudice on them.

      And dont want to predict whether he will fail or pass, as I am no "Nastrademus" but yes, we have reaped some hope, there is nothing wrong in that.

    10. The author seems to be mentally retarded when he says "They may not admit but the entire
      AAP gang knows very well the 28 seats they won is just a fluke."....Ohh really?? Fluke is 1, 5 or at max 10....Coming so close to majority is not fluke dude !! This is a fact which other parties realized as well. Congress and BJP now very well understand the threat of AAP in Loksabha elections, and the power of being people oriented. No party ever in the history thought about the every people who elected them, and AAP's approach is the first of it's kind.

      80% of the bills in parliament are passed in 5 minutes to 2 hours. Isn't that a worrisome sign? How can u decide about a bill in so less time? Don't the people who elected u deserve to be participated or involved or at the best aware about such decisions "which are for them".

      When did you hear that 3 seats shy of majority, some party is afraid of forming Govt? No one talked about horse trading as well - that a positive sign, and all due to the after impact of AAP results...Rather than blaming AAP, should not we blame BJP that they ran away from the responsibility of forming a Govt. despite being the largest party??? When you are yourself afraid of forming a minority Govt, u expect others to be brave and considerate of people's mandate??? Isnt that a joke??

      In fact the parties were always afraid of taking stern decisions because they thought their vote bank will slip away. It was an appeasement politics. And that the reason the politicians are afraid now and bringing AK down. They are afraid they will no longer be treated as VIPs, with traffic coming to a halt when they move, getting priority in everything...why should they be??? After all they are public servants..Why r they being treated as VIPs. 30% of our police force is only involved in security of handful of VIPs..Are they so much important than us??

      At least now a common man can think about participating in politics. At least now we can come out of caste based, secular, fekular and what not kind of politics. All thanks to the surge of AAP.

      How they fare is a different matter altogether. First they should be tried than ridiculed.

    11. Hello Author,

      Before going to little more deeper comments by readers, i want to you understand your very first basic on what corruption has been doing "But that is not the only problem that we as a nation are challenged with. Even if we eradicate corruption 100% that still won’t ensure food in every plate or 24 hours electricity or medical facility for all or education to every one of us and many more such prevailing shortcomings."

      Thats absolute false. There are more than enough rules, benefits and programs but none are getting effective in our current corrupt india. Well....i dont think you even deserve a detailed report on each problem and how its not solvable in our largely populated ...least governed country. You dont have enough "masala" to understand it. Do you?

    12. No, I don't have enough Masala. All the Masalas are with opportunistic Arvind Kejriwal

    13. fanatics of aap supporters will u plzz answer why AK is not forming govt????

    14. IF AK HAS ENOUGH MASALA why not forming govt n why smsing and getting trolled????enuf is enuf....and lets not fool d citizens and come to party of blaming each other...and have some thoughts to make development why AK is taking support of CONGIS...and congis has also said it openly....cannot they slammed the congis and how much AK IS NOW SHOUTING AGAINST CONGIS n so called Gandhi dynasty

    15. the moment AK will say he will support congis though he does but fools like u never understand and keep ur head bury in sand.... then we will give u a reply.... the same aana hazare is being criticised by AK and lets not muddle this things.... let him form govt and then abuse others...and freebies by AK has already done by congis for past 10yrs ..... and more freebies means doom situation for delhi as well as india.... so open ur eyes otherwise u will be lost in the name of AAM ADMI...n regarding author he is best 1 available in the current scenario...

    16. Adrash ji... from where this congress came in to the picture and Bharat Ratna.. who the helll was talking about them .. you can praise who ever you want.. it doent matter whether.. its BJP/BSP/SP.. thats your choice.. I just mentioned some of the facts ( above).. Lets talk on them.. if you really want. otherwise u can keep laughing.. the way u were doing..

      Have the guts and say that yea.. you favour BJP blindfoldedly..
      If somebody is writing a blog claiming"calling spade, a spade" and trying to be reasonable. So the only point is , author can say that he is speaking on behalf of BJP. Then it all makes sense being in BJP and crying high.

      So please dont put a lable of being "perfectionist-cum-genetically natradameus-cum-highly intellectual-cum-blah blah..

      And Yes ofcourse.. being a mueseum owned-self-praised-highly-intellectual-property, you can continue with your laughing bro..

    17. Dear Author,

      How will you form a government with only 28 seats & getting external support? Don't we know these parties won't allow him to rule freely? Why don't u ask the same question to BJP while they have 3 more seats? Let them ask for unconditional support from AAP/CONG.

    18. To try and reform a dysfunctional & corrupt government

      by operating from within that ‘defective system of
      governance & legislation (i.e., India-style Parliamentary Democracy)’

      is like ‘a person standing inside a
      bucket and trying to lift it.’

      [Laws of physics simply won’t allow this.]

    19. I am not supporter of AK nor want to comment why AK is afraid of forming Govt with open support of parties. The very fundamental of saying that corruption is not the main issue, i just dont want to agree on that. The reason being, all (almost!) poverty problems and mis governance by us as citigens in due to unaccountabitlity and corrupt framework.

    20. Dear Author,I have been following you for quite some time and dont believe that you are paid by BJP.But I am sure that you are a blind fan of Modi. And this Modi mania is affecting your writing. I agree that some of Kejriwal's promises seem to be unachievable,but what about the transparency he brings to the table?Can any party including BJP claim to do that?Can Modi disclose the funding for his rallies? And I am sick of hearing the B team rant.They decimated congress,attacked the family and still get the tag of Team B? We have to rise above party and individuals.Ignore AK or NaMo.Just look at the change which their ideology can bring

    21. So I guess we should leave all hope?And As Modi Ji is also inside the bucket,so un se bhi na ho paayega?

    22. Maybe he is not sure about taking congress support to form an unsteady govt?

    23. He is not supporting the congis.Its the other way round.And its a ploy by the congress to discredit them.And even that support is given on news channels only.Not in writing

    24. Strength, thy name is Arvind, prove your worth, they will try all rubbish to stop you.Never mind. Mud is to be bypassed.

    25. The author seems to be quite a intelligent soul with a very good learning of English. All readers can go through his all previous blogs can find that its nothing but just a blind supporter of BJP. So yes, before anyone start reading this blog, should make a mind that this blog is written by some unknown BJP spokeperson.
      Once you know that this blog is written by a spokeperson, then without reading it fully, you can get what exactly it might be there in the blog.

      You will amused to know that whatever you might have thought before reading this blog.. this blog has nothing more than that not a single extra point.

      I am not so sure whther this has been from a paid blog or an attempt to get paid. But its a nice and a mean effort.

      AAP has done mistakes, no doubt, but if somebody is writing about someone one should be well educated should put talk about both side of the coin.

      Anyway all the best to the Author for making a desperate attempt to be get noticed by his masters. Hopefully he will :-)

    26. hahaha...lol at ur mindset..the moment u shower praise on congis then u become a bharat ratna and if some 1 praises bjp or says truth then he becomes fanatic or paid writer.... desperate measures is being taken by ur masters pradeep and the AK who goes on fooling the ppl...and still laughing at ur level of IQ ....

    27. is pradeep mittal a real person or AK HIMSELF WHO IS WRITING IN THIS BLOG.... I think AK HE HIMSELF MAY BE...hahah

    28. Just one clarification - Is Adarsh the author of this article? Else, how would you know he is the best?? Apply some brains and think whether this article is written with an unbiased point of view...CERTAINLY NOT

    29. "The generous offer of Congress was expected to be declined by AAP at
      once and after that the gimmick of ‘thinking over it’ for the benefit of democracy
      was to be acted. Once both these acts are finished, the clown turned crook
      turned Congress-B team would accept the offer to form the government. How nice
      it is for all; "

      First you say this and imply AK will form the govt with Congress support as was his plan all along since that was the reason he wasn't shaming the Gandhis

      "So why don't he just form the Govt and implement all that gasbag he was selling the people of Delhi for last one year?"
      And now you say this implying he's shying away from forming the govt since he can't deliver on the promises he made.

      Can't have it both ways now can you? Either judge/bet on him forming the govt or not. Let me ask you a simple question, at this stage what action would AK take that'll have you convinced that he's a genuine chap?

    30. Do yourself a favour and tone down the condescending language, I know you have to stick to your moniker of being cynical but it doesn't warrant talking like this all the time. You've already had to eat your words (about incorrectly predicting the no. of seats AAP is going to win) so better keep them sweet enough to swallow.

      I had posted this in your previous blog post as well. Your "damned if he does, damned if he doesn't" stance reeks of bias. If AK forms the govt he is in cahoots with the Congress, if he doesn't he can't deliver on his promises... so which action of his will prove to you that he isn't the stooge you're hell bent on proving him to be?

    31. Now that Arvind would be forming the Govt after taking support from the very corrupt he pretended to fight with where are the jokers who commented here hiding? Didn't everything I predicted fall into line, dot by dot; comma by comma?

    32. "Do you see the love in the air? The drama is well rehearsed, I must say. The generous offer of Congress was expected to be declined by AAP at once and after that the gimmick of ‘thinking over it’ for the benefit of democracy was to be acted. Once both these acts are finished, the clown turned crook turned Congress-B team would accept the offer to form the government. How nice it is for all; No? After all, you rarely get to have your government after getting routed precariously in the elections. Just wait for 4-5 more days for Arvind to turn up before media to announce his decision to go with Congress offer as he, along with all the seculars of India, also doesn’t want to let the communal forces to come to power."

      Ahh.. Each word of my blog here is coming true without missing a punctuation.. Great going secular opportunistic morons..

    33. What is wrong in taking support?Is this a coalition?At least let them form a govt and then lets see whether they get the scams of the 8 supporters + BJP's MLA exposed and get them prosecuted

    34. Prosecuted? What are you thinking that they have achieved by winning 28 seats? After Departmental inquiry, They will have to file FIR's for every scam that they find, and then get investigating agency / Police go through the probe. They can't go to Press/Media houses every time they find out something and sensationalize issues after they form the government. Motto of the story is "Congress is Back to power" This is a unholy "Coaa" ("Crow" in english)
      COngress + AAp = COAA (Crow)

    35. You say you are fighting against few rascals and then end up taking support of those very rascals. You still don't see the wrong?

    36. Khujliwal is indeed B-TeamDec 23, 2013, 1:50:00 PM

      Dear Rahul, I also don't believe that you are paid by AAP, but I am sure that you are a blind fan of Arvind Khujliwal's tactics.....If you agree that some of Khujliwal's promises are unachievable, then why do you not treat that as a corruption too? Is it only the corruption of money which is called corruption? and immorality (taking support of Congress even though they fought against it, to taste the power? ), fake promises, fake dreams breaking trust to the voters should not be treated as a Higher degree of Corruption? Change that AK's ideology will bring = make false promises / support Communist system / inflame " Us - against - them " to get votes.

    37. Well,they had to have a shot at governance?Otherwise they would have ended with the tag of running away.The situation is such that this is the best they could have done.

    38. At least they can take the necessary steps.Wouldnt it be better than the deals being done right now?Look how Maha CM and gov show the middle finger to Adarsh Prosecution

    39. I would have replied to you if you were rational

    40. No, this is not the best. The best they could have done is to form a minority Govt and asked for the support of honest MLAs from both Congress & BJP (those who are elected). If they have got few then that is a bonus and if not, we should have repoll in Delhi. By joining hands with Congies, AK proved which this author and many like me were shouting for some time.