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    The Most Divisive People Of India

    I always reiterate how the word ‘Secularism’ is extremely abused in India. And most of you, irrespective of your political inclination would agree with me here. While we concentrate on the word ‘Secularism’ and dissect its use or misuse to its last granule, we conveniently forget another word which is equally misused if not more. And that word ladies and gentlemen is ‘Divisive’. Yet again, I don’t see much of a disagreement here either. One of my readers mailed me yesterday citing her dissatisfaction on how I only distillate on secularism while not highlighting other equally sabotaged phenomenon. She was correct with her dissatisfaction, let me tell you. In fact she highlighted the word ‘Divisive’ to me in her mail. Hell, how could I miss this; was the first thing that came to my mind. To respect her request/anger here I am to elaborate how Divisive is equally been abused in our political scene. For that, how about listing a series of “Most Divisive” politicians of India, contrary to the list that the corrupt Congress in connivance with the paid media trying to shove down our throats? And the list to follow doesn’t have any specific order. It is just the names those popped up in my head as I write on.

    Mulayam Singh Yadav – How many of you believe this chap is even worth calling a politician, let alone a leader? Won’t be many I guess. He made the politics of appeasement an art in itself. I won’t be wrong by much of a margin if I say – this lout of a human made a career for himself and his family by just dividing the society in as many fragments as he can. The number of riots that occur in UP vis-à-vis his party in power in the state explains this complex art of dividing people on the religious lines. It is barely two years since SP threw out BSP from power in the state but we already have more than 100 riots of various sizes in UP. Muzaffarnagar is just one of them. And what was the response of SP post the riot? Hell, yes; the Hindus are the culprit as always and the elected CM must wear a skull cap while addressing the media to update this universal fact. Though it is well-known, to which extent Mulayam can go in appeasing to safeguard his vested interests but ask him to take a moral high ground, the moron would behave as if his sole motto in life is to thwart away the communal and divisive forces from attaining power. How many of you remember the Durga Shakti Nagpal episiode and the subsequent miscarriage of everything by the SP government led by another fraud masquerading as a leader called Akhilesh Yadav? To appease their votebank these morons even didn’t spare an honest public servant from their dirty games. Divisive attitude was so magnanimous that their own goons scaled down an erected Muslim structure to give it a communal color. But ask Mulayam Singh to point out who the most divisive leader in India, his assessment won’t go much beyond Narendra Modi and BJP. By the way, I am not writing a separate stanza on Akhilesh Yadav because he is as good or bad as his tout father. Or maybe even more.

    Lalu Yadav – The Chara man and perhaps the most corrupt person this earth has ever seen. Along with his corrupt Avatar he is another master at dividing people in caste lines and communal to the core. As true to our homegrown flavor of secularism, this moron is a champion of appeasement as well. But according to our media he is a great exponent of secularism. Perhaps because he hired an Osama Bin Laden lookalike during last Bihar assembly elections and went around touting how Osamaji is with him, not with Congress. Could you believe, a dreaded terrorist is hailed to such an extent for votebank and yet this fraud would always be seen shouting, much like Mulayam, on how his sole motto in life is to keep away the so called communal forces? Like Mulayam, this moron also made a career by dividing people on caste and religious lines for decades. But guess what – he is a darling to the Congress party, for whom NaMo and BJP are the most communal outfit but not this lout after being proud to have an Osama lookalike alongside him.

    Digvijay Singh – He is a jewel and must be preserved with ought most care for future generation’s reference. He is a flag bearer of secularism and the SPOC of Congress for all religious related nonsense. All that this creature did in his life is to divide people with his unique foot-in-the-mouth abilities and lick clean some dynasty posteriors. For this rascal even the pride of our slain martyrs is an avenue to peddle his version of secularism and divide people on the go. While the nation was mourning the loss of our brave officers this moron ran around cajoling the terrorists and their families in Azamgarh and announced the Batla house encounter was fake. Such is the level of deception and divisive characteristics. Even before all the dead of 26/11 could be identified, this scoundrel has his theory to suggest how the entire 26/11 was a covert act of RSS. If that was not enough this scumbag went ahead and inaugurated a book written by a moron Mullah which suggests pretty much what he was saying. But ask him to elaborate what is communal and divisive politics, this joker would have the names of RSS, Narendra Modi and the rest of BJP readily available at the tip of his malicious tongue.

    Arvind Kejriwal – He is not only opportunistic but also highly divisive and communal. Since the Mullahs find it an insult, god knows why and how to worship their motherland and the national flag, this joker conveniently removed the image of Bharat Mata from every subsequent banner of Anna movement. Even Swami Vivekananda was rapidly turning out to be an insult to the Mullahs as he wears saffron. So his image also was duly erased from the background to appease a bunch of louts who find insult in every god damn thing. And who can forget this moron’s attempt at appeasing his Muslim votes when he ran around like a headless chicken, in the footsteps of his Guru Digvijay Singh and announced the encounter of Batla house as fake. Before the votes, this opportunistic clown was seen visiting all the Maulabis of Delhi and pledging his support for their cause (read appeasement) but was seen nowhere near a temple. And now that he is going to be the CM of Delhi, which area he promised to start implementing his 700 liter free water gas bag? Ohh, yes; the Muslim ghettos of the NCR region. Though one should never have a problem from where he want to start as long as the promises are kept but then why one would announce it if the idea was not to throw his first official appeasement dole?

    Sonia Gandhi – The queen bee among a congregation of thieves. But I don’t blame her entirely since she is driven by the core ideology of the party which she heads. Like her party, which survived on the principle of dividing people since independence, she happens to be a fair game with such rotten ideology. Her latest spectacle in dividing people on caste lines came right after the Muzaffarnagar riots. While visiting the riot rehabilitation centers, she for some reason which is no more a secret, visited only the Muslim barracks. She not only visited there with a worthless human whom we refer as our PM but also was seen addressing the media with a tone that suggest how only the Muslims were at the receiving end of some Hindu atrocities. The worthless scumbag alongside her just blinked with his share of annoyance while she was at it. The duo never cared to visit the Hindu centers or  hear their side of the story because that is not secularism. How on earth you even give a patient hearing to the Hindu cause and yet be termed as secular? But ask this lady to deliver some profane, she has all adjectives like ‘Maut Ka Saudagar’ to showcase. But as I said at the beginning, I am not blaming her entirely. She is just being true to the rotten ideology of her equally rotten political outfit.

    Raj Thakrey – He is a scumbag, no two ways about it. Though he has some point at times, but it is no way to divide people with respect to the states they belong to put your points through. This chap is a divisive character of his own type. For him anything that is not Marathi is an object to be kicked out. Doesn’t matter even if the object in discussion is a non-Marathi dog. Since the days he parted ways from Siv-Sena and formed his own lout of an outfit, all that he is doing is dividing people on the line of Marathi and non-Marathi. To accomplish such nefarious agenda he has this simple approach – just beat the shit out of any non-Marathi entity you come across. Doesn’t matter if he/she is a poor taxi driver or Pani-Puri vendor. But ask him or his clowns to come to the rescue of Mumbai during the times like 26/11, he will simply hide himself in a hole. I feel ashamed and astonished to see the number of votes he gets on such abject divisive lines. Are people of Maharashtra such idiots to take side of such divisive characters? But that said -  this chap is not as dangerous as the morons listed above.

    Narendra Modi – Modi fans, which also includes me, take this bitter pill. He is divisive and there are no two ways about it. Like Raj Thakrey he may be 1/1000 dangerous as other scumbags but nevertheless, he is divisive. It is no denying that his plank of governance and development is winning him seats tenure after tenure but can’t rule out the advantage of his divisive abilities to his success. It may be little but it is there. It is no rocket science to realize, he has perpetually molded the Hindu votes of Gujarat on his favor by his divisive qualities. As much as he may have lost because of Gujarat riots, he seems to have negated the loss by double the amount of gain. Thanks to the riot he emerged as the Hindu centric leader and he loves to carry that notion without putting any effort to shake it off. His image of a strong and unforgiving leader has even forced the Muslims to realize the ground realities to see where their interest lies; even if that means supporting Modi. But that said, there is a catch with Modi’s divisive qualities. While other scumbags are divisive with an agenda to hurt the nation, NaMo is divisive for the betterment and development. Better than the listed morons but nonetheless divisive.

    Me – I am not sure if I fit this list or not. But anyway, I love a little bit of self-assessment. Being from the RSS school of thoughts, I am biased. Biased for the core ethos of Hindus, Hindutwa and Hindu ideology. I will always put my money on whoever assures me of respecting and keeping intact these three aspects of Hindusim in the long run. At the current state, I only see BJP safeguarding my inherent interest to some extent, if not fully. And I don’t care if I end up dividing people to safeguard the core identities of my religion. At least I am not training idiots with Kalashnikovs and bombs for that. All that I want from my divisive tactics is to bring some rational into our society and thought process. My idea is simply to handover a far better and more refined India to our kids tomorrow and if I have to divide people a bit in this endeavor, I find the bargain quite affordable. I want truth to prevail and I see dividing people a little to achieve this as no crime. I want people who are put on the seat of power to realize the pain of those who are on the ground and for that if I have to divide people a bit, I will do it on any given day. I am not ashamed of it at all since my divisive tactics is not to divide the nation but to bring a more coherence among us.

    Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, herewith I conclude the list. Few ornamenting names like Mayawati are missed but there is always a part-II. So watch out.


    1. Excellently written. Good list but not extensive. Waiting for the part-ii eagerly. By the way, though you fit the list but not this one since others in the list simply may not give you a chance to compete with them at all :)

    2. You forgot Asaduddin Owaisi. He is also the most divisive leader. I don't agree with Modi being a divisive leader. Modi himself was against the riot happened in Guj. If he indeed supported the riot then number of Hindu rioter killed won't be that much. He was even in favor of hanging Maya Ben Kondnani but BJP other leaders opposed him. Because of this reason the VHP and Banjarang Dal tried their best to defeat Modi in the recent Guj election.

    3. I was listing entities who can still be called humans but Owaisi has long stooped to the level of being referred as a rabid mongrel. Hence omitted his name...

    4. Dear Author,a very well written piece.All the politicians are divisive.Off course they have to divide to get voters in their camp.Will our society ever reach a state where such divisiveness is minimal?

    5. Its still not clear whether Modi did a good job of containing the riots or was guilty of deliberate inaction or action to harm the minorities. vested interests have kept this info from coming out. Though at a personal level,I think he did a good job of containing the riots

    6. Who started the divisive and communal politics???
      This most important question should have been touched upon...
      others are compelled to do.....
      A divisive politics for the larger integration of the nation is not divisive.....
      I am disappointed to see Raj, Modi and You in the list...although for the first time I have to disagree with you in a very very small way....
      About Raj: I am not marathi but, if you push the localites to such low as in mumbai, and then do dadagiri the reaction is natural.....some times his anger is more towards bangladeshi illegal immigrants who comes via Bihar and UP...
      Otherwise very well written as always......

    7. I don't agree about Arvind Kejriwal.

      He did not want to join Politics. He was an Income tax officer and later a Social Activist. However, when he and Anna saw People were ANGRY AND FRUSTRATED with Corruption and Injustice, for which both Congress and BJP were guilty of,they started an Anti-Corruption Movement in 2011.

      Kejriwal later realized that to clean Politics and the System, you need to be part of it. To clean the Gutter, you need to enter inside it (ask the Municipality Workers, they do have experience of this).

      Hence, Kejriwal and his Likeminded educated colleagues (Manish Sisodia, Kumar Vishwas etc.) formed the AAP (Aam Aadmi Party). AAP became the ONLY PARTY to have RTI within itself, unlike Congress and BJP who were fiercely opposed to it.

      AAP has put out list of Donors on its Website. Will any other party have guts to do that ? Transparency does Matter.

      AAP promises to fight Corruption and Bring Transparency. Kerjiwal (and of course, Anna) has a Dream of Corruption-Free India. Does any Party promise this ? Have they ever promised to eliminate Corruption ?

      If it were not for Anna and Kejriwal, Will LOKPAL be ever ever passed in INDIA ? I Don't think So. Its for their Struggle that Lokpal Bill (even with few drawbacks) was Passed in Dec 2013.

      Kejriwal's becoming CM of Delhi, is the beginning of a Slow Revolution.
      Its the Indian version of Arab Spring. From 'a man on the street' to 'CM of the State', its indeed a Commendable Achievement. People want Goverance & Development, not Votebanks.

      Kejriwal's Story has proved to our Nation and especially, our Young Generation, that Politics isn't that Bad after all. Hopefully, Youngsters should get inspired and get more involved in Political Decison Making.

      Mr. Cynical, I understand you support BJP/RSS ideology, but at least give Kejriwal some due for his struggle.

      Request you to remove his name from this List, since putting his name here (who is educated and intelligent compared to the other Morons and Scumbags here), will be an INSULT to him.

      Jai Hind !!

    8. List of donors.. my @$$...whats the harm in putting a list of donors when what they get as donations is peanuts in comparison to the foreign money that flows into their account. Do you even have an idea that both kejriwal's and manish sisodia's NGO's receive a major part of their grants from Ford foundation and it runs into lakhs of dollars.

    9. Could you please let me know the e-mail id thru which we could get in touch with you? I tried clicking on the "Kontact Me" option that's there at the top-right corner of this post, but some how, it's not working. So, request you to please let me know the e-maild.

    10. You could send me a message on my twitter handle @dj_cynical on what exactly you want to contact me. Then we can take it from there. Thanks

    11. Thank you for the prompt response.

    12. I hope the second list consists of Manmohan Singh. As a PM If he says minorities have the first rights on country's resources,it's a sign of him being divisive.

    13. That can be probed. If found guilty, EC must ban the Party and sue them. Fair enough. Until then this is just an Allegation and a Baseless Rumour.

    14. I still dont believe so....And if they are readers then probably your blog has some blind followers who just blurt it out on anything and everything without being rational or making some sense...Thats not good for a blog to be popular...People may be of varied opinions. Thus there should be discussion not a troll or sort of attacks...This will certainly drive users away from your blog and never come back...Attack or being negative is not the only way to be popular..

    15. Anyone supporting Aap should be immediately put into the list ......
      AAP is the biggest fraud and harm to national politics in recent times....

    16. As if Congress and Bjp are Angels ?!
      This Nation is fed up of them !!

    17. Well, It was My response/rebuttal to you Kunal.
      BC has nothing to do with it!
      @ BC, I request you to incorporate some settings which would make people register to this site "a Must" before making a comment or at least have a single user name per user (by the help of unique IP's etc... ). Otherwise, you would be mud sling-ed by AAP/ Khangress people for being too lenient in revealing truths which they take as slaps on their ideology.

    18. And btw when you make flurry of comments about others (read Author and other readers) it is ok for you, Right? but when somebody comes up with the same kind of tone that you use, it starts pinching you. Why calling other readers / followers as blind? when you are writing here about AAP, why not consider yourself to be blind too? I know for this reason you said nothing about " YOUR FLUKE THEORY" (because you felt you were stupid to start with).

      Your lines that show complete ignorance:

      80% of the bills in parliament are passed in 5 minutes to 2 hours. Isn't that a worrisome sign? How can u decide about a bill in so less time? Don't the people who elected u deserve to be participated or involved or at the best aware about such decisions "which are for them".

      Who do you think is principally drafting the bills?

      Political Parties? :P

      Note : Take 8th class book on social studies and read about "the pillars of Democracy" in detail or ask some of your intelligent friends like wikipedia!

      And I feel some of the things you are saying might be true to some extent but you are suggesting a "system to be reformed".

      Vinod: Don't be Hasty and Nasty to other's point of view if you want your point of view to be respected or at least heard/read properly.
      And don't assume the burden of everyone visiting this blog and generalize everybody's taste. Thanks to BC, People are getting to know many things in fine details. That is what we expect out of a mature author, Don't We?

    19. I could not stop laughing and nearly scared all souls in hell when i saw you clarifying that "you aren't me!"
      You know when one is getting famous, people try to threaten and intimidate. But stay Focused BC!

    20. Dear BC, I totally agree with your analysis. I was thinking of starting s similar blog cuz i am so fed up with AK anfd coterie's Holier than thou attitude. Regarding his decision to form govt, he is doing cuz in case of repoll he will not have jan lokpal issue now that it has been passed by parliament. It is a well thought after plan to implement some of his populist schemes and then blame others for what he can't do and then go to repoll. I am also skeptical of collusion with congress as AAP just declared to fight lok sabha polls only in those states where BJP is strong.

    21. You are absolutely correct Kunal. I revisited the website :-), just to know, how cynical is going to make his point now. Ok. now AK got the support of Congress as you wished, now what your going to say Mr.Cynical? Let me again remind you, i am not yet become fan of AK myself. Yet every indian is really watching AK to understand, follow if he does right, or learn from the example his team sets (good or bad). You are again and again proved wrong. The best way not to go badly wrong again and again is not being too much Judgemental. If you dont know, please keep quite.

    22. So aap is angel!!
      U may be fed up not the nation

    23. Let us hope Kejriwal is not another VP Singh in disguise

    24. Hello, AAP will will at least 60 seats in case of re-election. There is no doubt that AK is an honest man. Why you all people blaming him? What ever he will do, will do at least some good thing and not like others as BJP and Congress. Give him some time. We all are agree that both BJP and Congress are of same type. But AAP atleast looking different. So give them some time and see what happen. AK is an IITian and IAS officer. He resigned from Joint Commissioner post of Income Tax department. So he is not greedy. He will really try to change the system. Electricity bill will reduced or not but we all should be sure that he will take good decision.

    25. good thinking, 1.3 billions Indians are cheated by only 1 lady and her culprits, ?
      It is the worst time ever for the Indians.?

    26. How may probes in the history of independent India have ever reached a conclusion? He has himself admitted that he received money from ford foundation:


    27. http://www.outlookindia.com/article.aspx?278264

    28. atleast AK has taken the initiative and started a political process that I am sure, in due course of time will cleanse our political system greatly.....
      Yes they can't fix all the maladies that face this nation, but then there is none who can do it either...
      I guess AAP definitely needs to be given a fair chance to prove their mettle b4 armchair critics like us start our vitriolic.....

      btw AAP is not centered around jan lokpal bill ...
      There is more to governance in a complex society like ours than one anti-corruption bill and AAP and AK definitely know that....
      The entire system is rotten and I guess this common man's movement in aiming for a transparent governance should be welcome by one and all...
      do not come to conclusions b4 they have even had a decent chance to prove themselves....
      A nation that can give 60 years to the corrupt, pseudo secular family run business like congress should be more than willing to give atleast 10 years if not more for AAP b4 we arrive at any conclusions......
      They r still at a nascent stage and if they can reduce the corruption and various other malpractices in our society by even a fair amount, I can bet there will millions who will be willing to join this common man's movement....

      Also taking support of congress in no way proves that they would go soft on corruption... AAP was left with no option but to take congress support to form the govt and prove their critics wrong; many of whom said AAP was afraid to form the govt owing to the promises they made....

      lastly corruption is one issue which is the root of most if not all probs facing this country......
      If the rampant levels of corruption that plagues this nation in each sector can be reduced by even a marginal amount, it can bring a huge relief to the life of common man......

    29. Modi may be a Good Administrator, but still he is looked upon with some doubt regarding his 'Communal' Outlook. He called himself in a TV interview as 'Hindu Nationalist'. This won't go down well with Non-Hindu voters.

      He belongs to BJP. BJP has not yet revealed or declared, who are its donors or fund-givers.

      BJP is also not so Clean as they claim. There are Allegations of corruption against Nitin Gadkari and Reddy Brothers of Bellary.

      Also, Nation will NEVER Forget and Forgive Advani for his Rath Yatra in 1992, that destroyed the Babri Masjid, and created UNWANTED Communal Tension in India. Those memories of Riots are still fresh in the minds of affected people. Due to this, for fear of safety and security, Minorities esp. Muslims live in specific areas i.e. ghettos.

      If Ford foundation is helping AAP, in a LEGAL way, acceptable to LAW of the Land, and has no Political or Commercial Interest in influencing India's Polity and Culture, then it is not a problem.

      If that's not the case, then Law could take it to task, and ban the same from operating in India.

    30. Hi Mr. BC,

      Do you have anything to say about corruption from BJP people? like Yeddy rejoining BJP when still the case is pending on him? Dont tell me that, the case is yet to decide in court...! If that is the case why to Sack Yeddy in the first place????

    31. Since you asked this let me clarify about Yeddy. Yeddy was sacked when corruption cases started to poo against him. Unlike Congress which protects the thugs, BJP duly asked Yeddy to step aside. Now, I am not sure if you keep abreast with the latest happening or not but if you were then you must be knowing, Karnataka Highcourt squashed all charges against Yeddy. That means the charges to begin with were fabricated. Then why shouldn't he be brought back to the folds?

    32. Modi against the Riots !! Hahahahahahhahaha !!!! Like The author being a sane man !!! Hahahahahah

    33. Typical response from 'Intellectually challenged' AAPtards. Fundamentally, I agree with the author, AK47's only hope of fooling people is to keep the 'Lokpal' issue burning. As far as policy goes, they're completely clueless. The worst part how dumb can general public can be. They're still under the impression that AAP is a active movement rather than a con party supported by Congi to form AAPCON.

    34. you forgot the scumbag karunanidhi......dividing people along aryan-dravidian lines since the 1960's......i would go to the extent of saying that he is the most anti-hindu politician in the country.

    35. can you still say he is Honest...http://www.dnaindia.com/delhi/report-arvind-kejriwal-s-exit-was-preplanned-eyeing-lok-sabha-polls-vinod-kumar-binny-1962326

    36. There is one other scumbag in Telangana KCR who wants to issue "Telanganaa Citizens Passport"exactly on the lines of Our Beloved Nations Indian Pass Port.