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    Desperation Of Congress & Our Media Is Evident

    I had never seen so many desperate people in our political scene before. Starting from the politicians to their media cronies, all seem to be in desperation of their lives. In an effort to outdo each other with their act of desperation they have made a mockery of everything that one associates with sensibility. Desperation has gone so wild that crooks are seen latching onto whatever they get hold of. Anything that remotely assures them of safekeeping their vested interest, these clowns are jumping onto the bandwagon with lots of hope.

    You may be wondering the context on which I have already finished a paragraph. Since last one decade, if you happen to be a foreigner and watched our media, you would get a feeling that the only loathsome person in India is got to be a certain Narendra Modi. The only civil instability that ever happened in India is got to be the Gujarat riot. And the only political party that works for a coherent and mutual society is got to be the Congress party. For last one decade there was this systematic execution of moroniry with an intention to nail this one presumed loathsome character by any means. While nobody ever cared beyond two minutes to discuss the Godhra train burning, the trigger point of the riots that followed, we had close to a zillion number of street Rudalis to start weeping profusely by the mere mention of Gujarat. Such clandestine was the political discourse of last 10 odd years. Our media which are equally notorious as their bosses did their best to keep the issue burning by fuelling it in regular intervals with their lies and fabrications. We had NGOs mushrooming left-right-and-center post Gujarat riots with a sole intention to malign one person and the party he belongs to. It went on and on for 10 long years all the while the crooks making a career, profession out of it. But every good thing has to end someday and that precisely what happened when a Gujarat court gave the clean chit to Narendra Modi against the decade long political vendetta that was been played against him. As they say, the wheel turned a full circle in these 10 years and left the morons in the same square they were a decade back with nowhere to go. Lies do have a very small life span and that’s what the crooks learned the real hard way. All that they end up achieving after their 10 long years of lie peddling is to make Modi a phenomenon that he perhaps never would have turned into, had the morons never peddled so much of lie. The louts with this single point agenda of ‘Modi Basing’ also understand their massive failure and now are desperate to find other avenues to somehow curtail the prodigious rise of this man.

    There comes a certain Arvind Kejriwal. Fits perfectly to the tailor made jacket of the Congress and their crony media syndicates. The love, support and respect that these jokers are showering on Arvind is not out of the reasons that they tell us. It is purely out of their desperation to derail the Modi juggernaut. All their earlier ploys failed miserably. They thought of maligning Modi permanently with their Rudiali acts for the Gujarat Muslims but they ended up fooling themselves. They tried to over project a good for nothing clueless Rahul Gandhi as the next best thing happening to India after Sachin Tendulkar but the failure there is monumental. They would have succeeded to some extent, had the Shezada not made so many blunders in his political career thus far. Every time Rahul Gandhi opened his mouth he proved beyond doubt the kind of disaster he is for his party and what kind of disaster he would be for the nation if elected as the priminister. More the crooks tried propelling Rahul Gandhi, more he became a bigger embarrassment for Congress and their media friends. Everything the prince touched turned into asses, even before the media could go gaga on what the prince is up to. In the same time Modi rolled on with his caravan and left the Yuvraj behind by some distance. While Rahul Gandhi was busy analyzing how power is poison, Modi went on to become the priministerial candidate for NDA and with all probability to become the next PM of India with no one in the fray to be termed as a competitor. The media crooks as well as the sycophants of the Congress party know that, they are far from stopping this Modi juggernaut. Narendra Modi as the PM of the nation might be a blessing to the country but would be doomsday for these seasoned crooks. The fear of losing power, which these crooks are so accustomed to, is actually giving them nightmares. Hence the desperation to somehow obstruct Modi from writing their death warrants after May 2014.

    No wonder how praising Kejriwal in everything he does is just what the need of the hour is. How many times you have seen the trust vote session of a state legislative been telecasted live on national television? How many times you have seen a party’s manifesto (in a state election) is been so intensely debated, like that of the AAP on national television? If you feel Arvind is the flavor of the season hence such close scrutiny, then you are sadly mistaken. The entire farce is to somehow pit Arvind against Modi so that the dynasty is saved of some humiliation later. The idea is simply to somehow make Arvind eat the vote share of BJP. Like the trusted slaves, these media clowns are in their business of pushing Arvind to the national stage through every door possible.

    Take for example the free water gimmick or the 50% slashing of electricity bill of Arvind Kejriwal. It is a different thing that even a kid can drive an SUV by pressing the gas paddle if one ignores the consequences. As rightly said by someone, a fool can do anything since the deportations are immaterial to him. So Arvind implementing his gimmicks in such a hurry is simply an indicator that neither he nor the clowns in his party ever did their homework to see if their gimmicks are economically viable. A fool never cares if the state plunges in to bankruptcy. But look at our media, they simply are jumping all around praising Arvind for sticking to his pre-poll promises; without even analyzing if he actually has. No thug in our media would tell you that, even the corrupt Shiela Govt was giving 90% subsidy on 20k Ltr and up to 30% subsidy on 30 K Ltr water whereas AAP talks only about 20K Ltr. So what is so different Arvind has done here? Come to electricity and Arvind talks about how a reduction by 50% would still keep the electricity companies in Green. I agree to this point provided all the pending electricity bills could be recovered. Can Arvind take the steps to recover the pending 11.6 crores of electricity bills from the Jama Maszid trusties? Can he extract the remaining 36 crore bill amount from various ministers and their kith and kins? Can Arvind bring all those industries around NCR and run on the patronage of many politicians to cough out the crores of pending electricity bills from them? He simply won’t because in the former case it would hamper his secular credentials while in later, many of his hidden friends would have serious shocks in their wallets or even worse some jail terms as well. So all that he can do is to blindly slash the rates by 50%, even if that means all the distributing companies go busted in due course. But that doesn’t bother Arvind or our media because as I said, a fool seldom cares what the outcome of his foolishness could be.

    Look how even media is going gaga on the simplicity of Arvind. I agree, he is a simple person but he certainly is not the only one. Have you ever seen media talking about Manohar Parikar? He still roams around Goa in autorickshaws and taxis but our media only finds their darling Arvind Kejriwal as the epitome of austerity. Ditto is the qualification. Manohar parikar is the CM of Goa for close to 2 years and many of you might not be aware that he also is an IITian. But ask a kid born yesterday; he will confirm that the only IITian ever to be in Indian politics is Arvind Kejriwal. But this love for Kejriwal is not for his good work. It is for the hope he brings to the table that he somehow will eat a good chunk of BJP vote share so that the Congress clowns can latch on to the power through support of other thugs. Love for Kejriwal is not because he brought a new dynamics to Indian politics but because he has some potential of countering NaMo, even if that is of negligible consequence. The hope that there is someone who can finally match NaMo in some quarters and give a dent or two to his imminent priministerial ambitions is good enough for the jokers to bank upon.

    Their dirty tricks, their ploys, their paid NGOs, their paid stooges in media and worse even their good for nothing prince; all failed to even put a scratch on Narendra Modi while this guy, straight from the streets is capable of doing it, even if on a minor proportion to what their collective efforts of 10 years couldn’t. That is good enough to do a Kejriwal Prabachan 24/7. They very well know, this is too little too late but what is the harm in putting in your last effort? You never know; just in case… Just in case, you know? 

    Happy New Year To You All.....


    1. Rational post. But I still sincerely hope Arvind Kejriwal is not playing to the hands of these Congies, either by design or choice.

    2. The post name should be "The scoundrel called - Arvind Kejriwal". The post mainly shows how Arvind Kejriwal can ruin BJP's vote.

    3. I am not a congress supprter, but I wish to ask, are BJP supporters so fickle minded that some kejriwal comes around and they shift their loyalties ???

      like muzzies and other minorites who vote for a candidate who is in a best position to defeat BJP, why can't the gullible Hindu voters unite and vote for a BJP candidate enmasse so that he/she wins no matter what ????

      The moot question is: Why can't Hindus be united ???
      Why do they vote on caste basis ???
      are Hindus so dumb that they haven't seen the writing on the wall even after 65 years of being taken for a ride in the name of secularism ????

      Is Kejriwal responsible for the disunity amongst Hindus ????

      <> AAP is no threat to BJP but will only cut into Congress votes.
      <> AAP is slowly joining the BANDWAGON OF CORRUPT REGIONAL OUTFITS like SP, BSP, RJD etc.
      <> Arvind Kejriwal - by asking the BJP to produce evidence against Sheila - has already given a clean chit to Sheila. This is a sure sign that Congress has entered into a QUID PRO QUO for the OUTSIDE SUPPORT they have given to AAP in Delhi.

    5. You know @BC I don't know your real name, otherwise I should address you by your name and that would have been great. I'm a great admirer of you writing irrespective of political affinity. And like you I also want to see Shri Modiji govern us for a few decades and take India to new heights.

      I disagree on some points though.

      Terming the AAP thing and the govt. formation in Delhi is part of "Grand Conspiracy" to prevent Shri Modiji from being the PM, I mean come on. Grow up. Don't mislead. Pakistanis usually find conspiracy in everything.

      All the media attention comes with an expiry date. Modiji gets airtime during his rallies and whenever he speaks. Now it seems the season of APP and in few days AK and APP will also become stale.

      You've a point of view so do mine. Needn't necessarily be the same. Respect your point of view. I guess you should respect/listen to others' as well. Simple.

    6. This article is spot on.

      The Indian middle class has forever stayed disinterested in politics. And whenever it took interest it never bothered to scratch beneath the surface.
      It was disillusioned with ManMohan Singh in 2009 and now with Kejriwal.

      This is the reason no political party cares for the middle class after coming to power. Middle class is remembered by the govt only to levy more taxes.

      In NaMo, for once we have a leader who cares for the middle class and if we want a caring govt, he must be the PM.

      Middle class needs NaMo more than NaMo needs the middle class. If he doesn't become the PM, middle class can blame itself for all the misfortune that will be incurred upon it in the years to come.

    7. Exactly the questions in my mind which I dont understand.These stupid congress ppl with their dirty ploys has made living hard for common ppl.Narendra modiji is the hope I see.Wish to see modiji winning with thumping majority

    8. Thats right. Time has come for the hindus to unite. The media people have always divided hindus on caste basis. In mujaffarnagar riots the media never said the actual cause of the riot or the riot between hindus and muslims. It said theriot was between the jats and muslims. So now the hindus must be uinited

    9. Can anyone give a suggestion how to counteract the paid media channels who are vigorously trying to bias the opinons of young voters

    10. @BC ...Great Article ..Spot on ....It must be made available in vernacular languages ...

    11. Fully agreed. Despite being no. One in Delhi elections, Arvind Kejriwal started making fun of BJP and saying things like both Congress and BJP are two sides of the same coin hence they should form the government, knowing the very basic difference among them. Their body language describes everything. Stopping Modi seems to be their agenda.

    12. Unfortunately free speech is essence of democracy and some media houses used it for benefit. Latest being IBN7 which did propaganda for AAP and now we know that this all for Ashutosh to ultimately join them

    13. It is very regretful that H's dont unite and as Gadaffi said Europe will soon become a Moslim state and so is India if we fail to unite