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    Book Banning And The Left Liberal Frauds

    I am not a big fan of banning books or the idea of banning books. Let that be very clear before you move on with this piece. For me, the best approach to ridicule a book that you feel grossly manipulated and misinformed is by throwing another book with facts to counterchallenge. No civilized society can withstand itself if the idea of banning books gets implemented left-right-and-center. Much less the regular dangerous precedence of shunting out books, authors, painters, philanthropists and pretty much everything in between, that happens in India. As I said, this is a very dangerous precedence when invariably always, a handful of people get annoyed out of their skulls for every damn opinion of an individual. Such notions not only kill the ethos of ‘Free Speech’ but also cast aspersions on how we are planning to build our society for the future. Our courts which otherwise should have stood vigilant to protect such core ethos are rather seen taking sides of the annoyed lot. That is again a very bad precedence since it casts aspersions on the veracity of our whole judicial system. The situation is bad, I must say and ironically it is turning to the worst at some alarming rate.

    That said, could we just shunt all those who ask for the banning of a book without giving them their fair share of say? Shouldn’t we, at least for once ask them the precise reasons of their annoyance? They may be wrong fundamentally but that no way calls for an outright rebuttal without having a debate. If the chums who ask for the banning of a book are dangerous to our society then so as the left liberal frauds who pledge all of us to kick out such intolerant people without a debate. We can’t certainly take the blind side of such frauds; those routinely crowd TV studios to peddle one or other of their many vested ideas.

    Latest literary causality in India is a book going by the name ‘The Hindus’ by Wendy Doniger. I must admit – I haven’t read the book entirely but the snippets that I could manage to go through, if are of any kind of pointer then the book is outright deplorable. I never came across any book that degenerate a religion so badly and that too without any substantial facts to support it. It may very well appear Wendy with her book was in a sole mission of humiliating Hindus and Hindutwa with each paragraph of it. From insulting ‘Siv-Ling’ with her own decorated pervert imagination to calling ‘Ram-Rajya’ as nothing but the eventual elimination of people from every other religion; she was all over the place with her highly insinuating analysis without any attempt at facts finding. The paragraph where she mentions the jubilation of Hindus post Babri demolition and the chanting that was going on the ground – “let’s kill all Muslims”, is not only without any proof but also in a real bad taste. I can go on and on with all the wrongly articulated snippets of the book. Trust me when I say, Wendy Doniger’s book is worth of throwing into a dustbin straightaway. Not because it insulted a particular religion but because the content is of loathsome nature. The entire book never articulates any facts but pushes through gallons of snake oil to poison a lot of minds eventually. So we are better off if it is been dumped at the nearest gutter without further delay.

    But have you marked the euphoric frauds, those were humming around TV studios yesterday night? The champions of free speech and many such misused jargons? While the morons were on a name calling spree they were forgetting their own reaction when Muslims were up-in-arms against a book or an individual. The same free speech advocates were jubilating when Wharton cancelled the proposed speech of Narendra Modi. The same scumbags were celebrating in private when Jaipur Litfest had to tow the lines of a handful of Mullahs to thumb down Shalman Rushdie’s presence and keynote. This is where my concern lies, much before the book banning issue. Even funnier is when the same frauds ask counter questions to those who support the ban on why their individual perception be a measure to deprive others from reading the book. Bimbos like Nidhi Razdan go ahead and ask people why they feel offended so easily. As if I had to take permission from such frauds before I could decide if something is offending to me or not, I was termed intolerant without giving much thought. This is where I find things getting little out of tune. Where I can or will get offended is purely a self-prerogative and I don’t stand answerable to anyone whosoever.

    Thankfully the bunch of people who felt offended because of Wendy Doniger’s rhetoric didn’t resort to violent response as many from other religions do. They rather thought of exercising their rightful rights and went to court to seek a ban on something which they found offending. Penguin India gave up the fight for reasons best known to them and settled it out of court and pulled away the nasty book from stands. The matter should end right there without the frauds asking why the group got offended at the first place. This very act itself is similar to the demand of banning a book. If the frauds find the discourse a dangerous precedence they should go to higher courts for setting things right. At least not going around asking people all absurd questions as if they are the only ones having a high moral while rest all are idiots. This is where my whole problem starts. My problem starts when I find these morons having two set of rules. They go silent or secretly admire the hooliganism of a particular section but turn up with leather jackets and blazers on television the moment they find Hindus objecting any sinful potation of their religion. I never found a single fraud sitting there and accusing the Mullahs for being blood hound against Salman Rushdie or Taslima Nasreen. I never found one of these certified frauds criticizing the mass outrage of the Mullahs around the world and the subsequent violence because of a documentary movie made elsewhere. But come to the scumbag called M.F. Hussain and his filthy and imaginary ideas about Hindu Goddesses, these frauds would come out of their ugly holes to play their ‘Free Speech’ trumpet. This attitude is what I find 10 fold uglier than the demand to ban a book.    

    As I said earlier, I don’t support banning of books at all and at the same time I don’t support the scumbags who call themselves as liberals either. Because when it comes to getting offended, it has got nothing to do with what I am. I could be a liberal or an orthodox but I have got all rights to get offended and raise my concern, provided I am not turning violent at the end of it. Mullahs disrupting public life and killing people as a sign of objection is fine with the frauds but Hindus going to courts to put their objection in legal way is sign of intolerance. Mullahs won’t be asked why they are killing innocents in the name of their cocooned mindset but Hindus would be lynched on TV studios if they resort to the legal ways of addressing their concerns. 


    1. I agree. Banning books is no solution. But at the same time the flouting behavior of few people whom you call frauds is more worrisome. These are the same jokers, as rightly said by you, remain silent when Mullahs go on a rampage but show their ugly head when Hindus are seen aggrieved.

    2. Absolutely true. People who call themselves 'liberal', 'secular' have no qualms about licking the A$%es of minorities for votes. For these anti-national bstds, a mad mullah is holier than anybody else. These ppl should be rightly called as vote pimps.

    3. I would like these so called seculars having a TV debate bringing in all the zakir naiks/madanis etc. and debate about how to take ban off from salman rushdie's / tasleema nasreen's book!

    4. the main problem started as votebank politics but later seeped into the mindset of pseudointellects/liberals who either lack introspection and judgement or lack a conscience(can stoop to any level for trp/money).

    5. Sir, I have always been a follower of bc. You are doing a wonderful job. In this instance, though I agree that banning a book is not a correct way but still we have to listen to the other side also who objected to some paragraphs in the book. Mr. Dinanath Batra only objected on some paragraphs but author or publisher did not go for debate over it because author considered herself as knowledgeable and final authority on this subject (Hinduism). So Penguin decided to pulp it. It was their choice. Secondly if I find her writing worthless and want to reply to her by writing another book then how am I going to do it, especially if I am not good in writing? Even if I do write will any publisher publish it? Even if it got published, will it be read by readers who follow her writing alone? Few good thing Mr. Dinanath Batra has done is, (1) he spread the issue allover the world to make people aware that what you are reading in this book is controversial. And that Ms. Doniger is not the final authority on Hinduism. (2) It made Hindus read it too and made them aware of this work being carried out by western academicians. (3) It may induce some western people to study Hinduism by reading works written by Indians also or make them aware that counter-view exists. Regarding Mr. Dinanath Batra, I would like to give following two links so that all can be aware of his efforts and reason behind it also. Nothing to do with BJP coming to power.