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    Mr. Khurshid, Who Are The Real Impotent?

    It was quite a break. Two weeks since I last saw my blog, if it is doing well. Hectic work pressure and other sundry engagements kept me away from my blog. Nevertheless – ‘Der aaye, durusht aaye’. Moving on; close to six months back I had this observation – this poll of 2014 would be fought on many grounds, not just development and corruption. People in competition would both stoop to unimaginable low as well as display some astounding maturity, all at the same time during the run up to the polling day. I predicted a slugfest as we inch closer to the D-Day. I also had predicted how Congress party as a whole and its constituents at individual level will break world records on bizarreness to malign one particular man so that the imminent routing of their own could slightly be subdued. Remember the offshoot of the famous saying – “Power corrupts but the fear of losing power corrupts absolutely”?  

    First it was the seasoned Gandhi family sycophant who was at his best. Few years back, I notified Manishankar Aiyar as the greatest shameless individual I have ever seen in my life. Though, all that he did in his entire life was nothing but showcasing his eagerness to lick polish one or all Gandhi family foot wears at any given moment, his sycophancy was seldom reciprocated with substantial gesture by his masters. He was quite unceremoniously kicked out of the youth and sports ministry for objecting the idea of hosting the CW games, though it could easily be the only mature and productive thing he did in his life span. That almost assured the closure of his regrettable public life in literal sense. Just for the heck of it, this master sycophant was thrown to a corner of the upper house through a Rajya Sabha nomination. He is in that vegetative state, with respect to his political career since then. But that didn’t inculcate any wisdom in his vacuum brain to realize the bitter truth that he is as useful as a smoked cigarette bud, both for his masters and the party to which he belongs. Like another joker called Digvijay Singh, this motor mouth, just to remain relevant and in news was seen running around like a rabies infected mad dog and profaning avowals of acute distasteful nature. With a great hope of his masters noticing his unparalleled bootlicking abilities yet again at some stage and would rocket his political career that has turned one Bindu Darasingh for quite some time, this moron is always seen crashing the barricades of absurdity with unbelievable ease.

    Latest are his blabbers against the humble ‘Chaiwala’ background of Narendra Modi. Idiocy touched all low when he suggested how NaMo could never become the PM of the nation but he can arrange a place for NaMo to sell tea at CWC meets. What one should call someone who is so brazen at someone’s past that he refuses to see the present? May be an idiot or you do have a better word for him? His own PM, Manmohan Singh literally serving tea to the lady and her retard son on hourly basis seems to be fine with this moron but he simply can’t tolerate a ‘Chaiwala’ rising from his humble background to reach the position where he is now. Rather being proud of our democracy where it allows people from humble and unprivileged background to come up and take the top post in our political ladder, the moron rather fancies with the idea to humiliate the millions of ‘Chaiwalas’ around India. Somebody must land some tight ones on this scumbag’s cheeks and explain how it is a great thing if a ‘Chaiwala’ becomes the PM of the nation but not the other way round, which his own PM has made himself of.

    It’s a different thing that his party distanced itself from his nonsense and the Mai-Baap Rahul Gandhi went ahead educating buffoons like Mani Aiyar to control their filthy tongues during the election season; but does anyone really cares for the sanctity and sensibility in Congress party? Your guess is as good as mine. I also had predicted how vigorously the Congress party and their crony media friends would push through the Gujarat 2002 riots one last time, notwithstanding the fact that the apex court has already given a clean chit to Modi on the whole issue. Anyway, the laws of the land don’t impress the Congress thugs when it comes to vested interest; ditto could be said about our paid media.

    So when the great Salman Khurshid thought of using the adjective ‘impotent’ to describe his misplaced idea of governance vis-à-vis Gujarat, it never came as a surprise to me. For me his yammers were as per the prescribed script. Since there is nothing left for the Congress to attack Modi, the old mule could be and should be flocked violently to make that whipping noise sound loudly to the corners. Their previous jibes of ‘Mauth Ka Saudagar’, ‘Holocaust’, ‘Pogrom’ and ‘Genocide’ have failed miserably. Even their acquired mule called Arvind Kejriwal isn’t giving them their much needed comfort space. That said, to describe entire state machinery as impotent urges for some discussion. And while we would be at it, why not gaze the potency or the lack of it on the part of Salman Khurshid and his party?

    First of all, I am dying to ask Khurshid, if he finds it is an act of impotency of Modi during Gujarat riots, what he would call the potency level of Rajiv Gandhi during 84 Sikh riots? I am yet to hear anything from Modi on 2002, as absurd or even half as absurd to the “Big tree falls….” nonsense of Rajiv Gandhi. To top it, the 1984 was not a riot by any manner. It was a clear cut propaganda of the Congress party and many of its thugs to kill Sikhs in as many numbers possible to avenge the murder of their beloved Indira Gandhi. While Delhi was burning and innocents were crying for help, the great Rajiv Gandhi kept on mourning of his loss. Though Rajiv has all the courage to stand up and take oath since power going elsewhere took the better of his grief, he couldn’t stand up for the innocent Sikhs whom his own party men and serving ministers were butchering mercilessly. Strangely, Khurshid finds Modi as impotent for 2002 though army was pressed into service within 24 hours but no comments on Rajiv Gandhi’s impotency when he gleefully allowed his cronies to carry out the mayhem for 3 continuous days without being objected. 400 odd Hindus also got killed during 2002, mostly to police bullets but not a single scumbag from Congress got a scratch during 84 and yet Khurshid sees all the impotency with Modi, not with his master Rajiv Gandhi. Already 150 got convicted for 2002 but not a single soul spend a day behind bars for 84 till now, that too after having irrefutable evidence but ask Khurshid to point the impotency, like a dog wagging its tail for its master, he will point at Modi.

    Forget about the impotency of his party; what about his own impotency as the external affairs minister? To term his tenure as MEA as disastrous would be a milder accusation. Countries we never know existed on the map were seen lecturing us on diplomacy and international behavior. A filthy and rogue nation like Pakistan giving us neighboring nightmares on daily basis. Bangladesh and down showing us middle finger at absurd regularity. Cordial ties with Sri Lanka has gone for a toss and we literally served our single friendly neighbor on a platter to China. Talking of China, lest we forget their regular hopping into our territories to construct bunkers at nonchalant interval is better. This is the same joker who fancies’ measuring other’s potency level, was in fact flying around India with his catering service to serve hot cooked Biriyani to the PM of Pakistan on a personal visit and that too within a week two of our soldiers were cowardly beheaded by Pakistani rangers. Talk of impotency, this Khurshid chap would end up having a book written on his own but that doesn’t deter him from mouthing awful and incoherent nauseates for an elected and highly successful chief-minister. Aren't they? But that is what these clowns are doing for last 10 odd years. They are just protecting their own posteriors by their incongruities at the same time conjuring their fear of losing power to a more deserving individual in veil of justice to the minorities.

    Little did Khurshid know that the nation is far smatter than he and his clan thinks them to be. People can see where the real impotency lies. People can see the impotency in governance when a party colludes actively with the scamsters to materialize heinous scams like 2G, CWG, Adarsh, Coalgate and Adarsh to name few. People can see the impotency when an entire party backs up scam tainted politicians from their outfit so that they are not packed behind bars. People can see the impotency when the PM remains silent pretty much on everything that is wrong for the nation. People can see the impotency when the so called VP of his party runs around like a headless chicken with his routine gimmicks. People can see the impotency when an entire party goes to silence for the merciless butchering of our soldiers on the border and that too without any provocation. Last but not the least – people can see the impotency in the interview of Rahul Gandhi. 

    Or may be Khurshid was too impressed by the potency level of the likes of N.D. Tiwari (one among his own) to formulate his own scale of potency benchmark. Quite possible!!


    1. Great post as always. BTW, other than fathering their children (doubtful though), have you seen any sign of potency among these Congressi thugs? I haven't at least

    2. Even the physically challenged persons were not spared by the Khurshids, as they have looted the money allocated to the disabled, thru the NGO that they (mis)manage. Shameless guy.

    3. Power corrupts but the fear of losing power corrupts absolutely ...... is the only best line to define this writeup... kudos.... I was waiting for a post from you for a long time..... but i must say ... this is the most polished writeup you have writted...

      And to my knowledge .... i will compare and/or see...... Congress on 3 parameters ..... forget comparing it with NaMo / BJP or any other political interests....(Past + present + Future)

      (Past) History - as you said lies with many examples like with 1984 riots...

      Present - would be more shameful with just one word - Manmohan Singh ...... I feel "impotent with vocabulary" to descibe more on present........

      Future - would be most predicted shamefulness in the history of indian politics (i say politics here as .... a beautiful word called democracy has been painted to look like a monkey by congressmen) sorry.. for diverting.......shameless future is ....Rahul Gandhi wearing the PM cap....

      Do you, in any case, draw a parallel good in congress ??? I failed ....

    4. Mr. Beingcynical .... I would like to meet you sometime ...... for the shere sincerity in your writeups .... reading these.. i feel i should contribute you in the common topics ....

    5. Sure, why not. You can mail me your details at cynicalpost@gmail.com

    6. Good write-up. Mostly agree with author's views. Except on one point -

      Manishakar Aiyar was also a Minster for Petroleum & NG. He thought of strengthening the Refining sector PSU. But unfortunately, the group of experts pooled for this exercise advised in contrary. Aiyar later expressed that he was unaware that most of India's so-called experts are in Reliance payroll. Most people in high level in Oil sector PSU still remember him fondly for role.

      In contrast, they feel threatened by the likes of Arun Shourie, who tried to dis-invest HPCL and had plans to fragment IOCL in three parts - so that these can be sold off easily at much cheaper rates to Reliance and likes. They are even now bothered about what BJP will do once it comes in power. Please note that initial discovery, mapping etc. of KG Basin was done by ONGC - and later offered on a platter to Reliance in NDA regime.

      Please note that I am Pro-BJP ..... but BJP's track record is also a bit mixed when it comes to dealing with Core energy sector.

    7. I have always been a fan of your blog and been reading your blog for last 3-4 years. Nowadays I am seeing many of my favorite bloggers going mad over AK. It is one thing to support Modi and criticize Cong but many of them seems to have gone mad and nervous as elections are approaching. I like your blog since it is frank and calling a spade a spade and I hope that you wont go blind in the days to come. Thank you for giving yet another wonderful post.

    8. Awesome article. This is what I have posted on my FB wall, WRT this useless Khurshid -

      Salman Khurshid is very knowledgeable when it comes to identifying
      impotents. He also elucidated the reason for the calling the CM of
      Gujarat so. He is the MEA, Govt Of India since Oct 28th, 2012. (BTW,
      his own website already calls him the former minister of external
      affairs - so much for being truthful and honest, and predicting one's future).

      It’s been a month since I have applied for the
      renewal of my passport. Per the MEA website, “Passport application has
      been granted to applicant on 11/02/2014. Your application is under
      processing. You would receive an e-mail/sms once the passport is

      The real reason for not getting an actual passport
      in hand until now is that the only press that prints passports ran out
      of paper, and the re-indent (for paper) was delayed!! How absolutely
      wonderful. My question to the honourable minister – if this is the way
      you are running your ministry, what should you be called? And this is
      when you are running only one ministry - What if you were given the
      charge of an entire state? What about Chinese incursions, Pakistani
      provocations, Italian interventions??

      And if this is the way this government orders for passport paper, is the state of our defence supplies surprising at all??

      As always - God is in his bright blue heaven, and all is right with the world.

    9. excellent article sir. since this kur'shit' chap is going to be jobless after the elections he can start a sex fertility clinic and find out why the 'potent' congress has lost the elections.