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    The Makeover Of Rahul Gandhi

    There are lots of desperate people. I mean lots of. Half of that desperate lot would be seen in the Congress party alone and more than half of those who belong to the Congress party are seen loitering around various news channels every night during primetime with their single point agenda. And the agenda is to picture Rahul Gandhi in some kind of larger than life avatar by any means. While few are engaged in full time boot licking like Sanjay Jha, so much so to even term the incoherent blabbering of RG interview as nothing short of masterstroke while the other lot busy full time in projecting the false magnanimity of RG as a blessing for the nation. All-in-all it is a full scale war raged against the sensible lot who know and realize how big a causality Rahul Gandhi is, not only for the Congress party but also for the political discourse of the country.

    The more we approach nearer to the general elections the louder the cacophony is beginning to be. If the unconfirmed news reports are to be taken with any seriousness then, I am told the Congress party and its sycophants are planning to engage a PR enhancing agency to elevate Rahul Baba’s image by few folds. And the budget allocated for any such noble activity is anywhere near 500 crores. That is quite some money. Though the answer to the source of such big money is farfetched and any attempt at digging out, if the said money is sprinkled with illegality going to be obstructed with full force, still we can do our bit to understand from where that kind of money came to Congress to waste on a complete hopeless entity.
    Few days back I was greeted with the following news item.

    To brush up his public image before the polls, Congress scion Rahul Gandhi has roped in public relations agency Genesis Burson-Marsteller and Japanese advertising firm Dentsu which are expected to create a campaign that will consist of short films and print ads.

    I am told; they even would handle prince’s Facebook and Twitter profile as well. Before we move forward, let me clarify if you are not aware of one thing.  The PR firm ‘Genesis Burson-Marsteller’ is the same firm which is also engaged in building the PR image of Union Carbide of the Bhopal Gas tragedy fame. Do you smell something fishy here or am I the only one to have an exceptionally rotten nose? Either way there is something terribly wrong in associating with ‘Genesis Burson-Marsteller’. Either Congress party’s long interest or love for Union Carbide hasn’t died down completely or they simply are too morally bankrupt to align with something which has this bad history of sabotage against our nation. I mean, if one has even minimal compassion left for the people of the nation, he or she won’t be associating himself/herself with anything that is remotely related to Union Carbide. But unfortunately we are talking about the Congress party, which has this bad habit of betraying the nation for every smallest of advantage. Or is it simply the Union Carbide could have suggested  ‘Genesis Burson-Marsteller’ to Congress party with a promise of a handsome share to the entire cost from their side so that their sins are kept wrapped as it is been kept by the Congress party for 30 years? Possibilities are many and in fact all of them look logical knowing how notorious this Congress party can turn into for personal gain.

    To give a mathematics on how this 500 crore sums up, the said amount also includes the cost incurred in coming up with numerous number of television and radio advertisements. Or should I say, manufacturing digital lies with a hope that it will help them fool the nation yet again somehow? Anyway, we are not debating how impactful that bile garbage would be. If the maturity and sensibility that the voters have shown in recent past is taken as any kind of parameter then it is no secret that the Congress is losing its footings in every sphere. Not only that, even their lies and dishonesty are getting too evident for the populace to ignore. The electoral humiliation Congress had to go through in recent times speaks volumes of the dissatisfaction that are brewing against the party. They had this massive add campaign of Bharat Nirman or some nonsense to that effect going on in television before the recently concluded state elections but the voters turned out to be smarter than the Congress think tank thought them to be. Even after projecting RG nothing short of a messiah, the party in quite literal sense got routed in every state it contested; including couple of states where they had their governments. So not sure of the semantics but somehow Congress seems to have fool themselves yet again by this mega step in improving the nonexistent image of RG by spending hundreds of crores. Few guys love the hard way to learn something; No? They are ready to spend this unbelievable amount but won’t agree to the fact that Rahul Gandhi is a disaster, beyond the reach of any and all PR agencies of the world put together to revive his image. Anyway, it’s none of our business to ponder on why Congress still banking on an entirely worthless entity. We should and must enjoy the fun till it lasts.

    Have you seen the Hasiba Amin advertisement on TV? What is wrong with people in Congress camp? While the mentor talks about escape velocity of Jupiter, this girl stands up and tells us about some rocket science. That said, this young girl taught me something which I was too blind to notice earlier. I am glad that it is no rocket science anymore to see how Congress party men have long shed their blood to keep India united. They have made sure religion doesn’t enter our political discourse by their excellent contribution during Sikh riots or the Sahabanoo case. They made sure the communal forces are kept away from maligning our political scene by their astounding appeasement policies and addressing Osamaji with some affection. The cherry in the secular cake also came from the same party when their PM stood atop Lalkila and dedicated every natural or otherwise resources of the nation to the minorities. Their home minister also contributed to this untied cause by writing letters to individual CMs to not apprehend any Muslim on terror charges. They kept the nation united by running around the terror accused in Azamgarh with garlands and sweets, thereby humiliating our heroes and their supreme sacrifices for the safety of the nation. The girl is correct. There are so many exemplary evidences that it actually remains no more rocket science to realize how Congress is keeping all of us united since the days of Nehru. Damn those bloody fools who have written pile of trash in the form of a book called “Breaking India”.

    The joke of Hasiba Amin and her statement like ‘Katkar Soch Nehin, Yuva Josh’ is just the beginning of a mega fraud that will keep on airing till the poll codes of conducts are enforced. But the irony is, where Narendra Modi is campaigning on the ground of development and equality, here is a clown who still prefers to pitch his secular-communal nonsense and that too in theatrical TV ads. Hope the voters are taking a note of this biggest difference. Whether it is rocket science or not, we will see to it later. Probably after the polls.


    1. Wow.. Great post. Hope Rahul Baba will look better post the lipstick work :)

    2. I thought this post could be real educative and upto point. However, by taking who is PR agency of Rahul Gandhi and connecting it to Union Carbide of Bhopal (it was PR agency for Union carbide of Bhopal) and go on writing....... I cannot understand the logic. sorry. infact, this write up seems very cynical and one sided.

    3. What about APCO ? How much they got to boost the Fake Image of NAMO ?
      Can you pls tell, Mr. Cynical ?

    4. It must be similar to the CAPCO. You must be very much familiar with the CAPCO, as it's related to the fake Gandhis.

    5. logic cannot be understood by people like you who have just one-sided view of whatever congress does is good or the best! so no point talking any further. stay ignorant as that suits you well.

    6. logic?
      What logic explains the SILENCE of ur leader when all these scams were going on?
      What logic explains the SILENCE OF UR LEADER when Mr. Vadra was ....u know what.....
      What logic explains the SCAM money and money stolen from the taxes that we pay being used to fund ur leaders lifestyle, helicopter trips, rallies...and what not...

      Will u answer?????

    7. My dear Rahul.....


      WHY WERE U SILENT WHEN UR OWN MR. Vadra was..... u know what he was doing....

      NOT ONE WORD!!!!!!



    8. Namo has proved time and again he is a true no nonsense leader by winning in Gujarat......not a fakeass like your fav raul baba...........