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    PVC Vikram Batra Killed Again

    To start with – I have deepest of my respect for the martyrs of this nation. From Bhagat Singh to Vikram Batra, I held these fine brave gentlemen on highest esteem and gratitude. As it is, these brave sons of the soil not necessarily are in want of praise from lesser mortals like me or anybody else. Much less, these brave hearts are above criticism, disrespect, recognition and accolades. As someone correctly said, a nation that doesn’t respect and remember fondly its martyrs is bound to get doomed sooner than later. And when as a nation we don’t have a martyr memorial yet, speaks the kind of appreciativeness we bestow to people who fought for us and died for us. It is a collective shame on our nation and we better should ask those powers that be for displaying prolonged apathy towards our armed forces in general and martyrs in particular.

    Coming back to the reason I am here. There was ruckus in India yesterday because Narendra Modi was alleged to have disrespected Paramvir Chakra Capt. Vikram Batra in one of his poll campaigns in Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh. Without any prejudice or bias, I went through the entire speech of Modi and to be honest, I didn’t find anything even remotely derogatory towards Vikram, much less disrespecting him. General G.D.Bakshi would agree with me, that Modi never did insult the martyr in any manner whatsoever. The best that Modi did was to repeat the last lines of Vikram while concluding his speech. Where was the argument of disrespect arises here is beyond me. For ages, we in India love to remember our martyrs by repeating their famous lines in every possible context that we find. How many times you have heard our politicians remembering Lalbahadur Shastri through his famous line – ‘Jai Jawan, Jai Kishan’? ‘Give Me Blood, I will Give You Freedom’ of Netaji has now become synonym to our great freedom movement and we fondly remember Netaji with this famous line of his. ‘Mera Rangde Basanti Chola’ of Bhagat Singh has now become the synonym of supreme sacrifice and war cry for many regiments. Are we really disrespecting Shatriji, Netaji or Saheed-E-Azam by repeating their lines? In the context of asking for votes, Modi said, how he can forget the lines of great Vikram Batra still being on his soil and repeated his lines. Where Modi disrespected Vikram here? The only complain that I have for Modi is that he should have remembered the first PVC of India, Capt. Somnath Sharma in the same length as he did for Vikram because, Somi, as fondly called by his father also belongs to the same place.  

    Now coming to the disrespect part and the foul cry of Vikram Batra’s family, the opportunistic AAP and the serial offenders Congress. Yesterday, VB’s father was there on News hour and was visibly disappointed with the way his martyr son was getting politicized in the muck of this election season. His concerns were legitimate and justified but not his accusations of who actually is politicizing the brave heart’s sacrifice. Is Modi really politicizing Vikram’s martyrdom or it is the AAP, Congress and unfortunately Vikram’s own parents? Here is the thing – Vikram’s mother is now contesting from Hamirpur on an AAP ticket. Now let’s keep the emotions to the side and be holistic in getting through the things. Why AAP gave ticket to Vikram’s mother? What she has done for the society to be a public figure. Now emotional jumbos must not turn back and tell me that she let her son to fight for India and that is good enough for her to be a public figure. Arguments taken but then there are millions of mothers who have let their sons to fight for the nation. Why AAP not given tickets to any of them except Vikram’s mother? Because, Vikram Batra laid down his life while fighting enemy and he is a decorated PVC awardee. It is no doubt that the Batra family is loved and respected across India and in Hamirpur in particular for obvious reasons. Cashing on this opportunity, the hypocrite AAP approached Vikram’s mother to fight on their ticket. There where the politicization of Vikram’s martyrdom started. Had the parents wanted their son’s name be kept outside the dirt of politics, they should have asked AAP on what ground they are offering their ticket to the mother. And I am sure they haven’t because had they, they would have done a little research on the kind of disrespect the AAP as a party is in a bad habit of showing to the martyrs. And that too quite routinely for political gain.

    Look at the kind of advertisement AAP was doing to campaign for Sazia Ilmi. Yes the same woman who was educating the Muslims to be communal in order to protect their self-interest. Is this the kind of party VB’s mother wanted to associate herself with? A party which for political gain even addresses an ex-army general as ‘Zulmi’ is what Mrs. Batra thinks would do justice to her son’s proud legacy? If yes then she must be naïve to believe so. The AAP in fact are routine offenders when it comes to politicizing everything. They ran around Mrs. Batra for their own gain, not to show respect to Vikram. They saw the kind of love and respect the family commands in the area and tried to cash-in with their dirty tricks but pity the martyr’s mother smells rat in Modi’s statement which no way intended at politicizing her son’s death. If at all anyone who politicized Vikarm Batra are the AAP to begin with and knowingly or unknowingly, the parents of the brave heart later. Not to forget the awful Arnav Goswamy, who readily provided a platform for further politicization when he allowed a hoard of people to debate on it. Little did this gramophone mouth understand that, a martyr’s sacrifice is not a matter of debate. In either way, it should have been discussed but never be allowed to have patrons running around defying each other’s point of view. Pity even to have such morons in our media circle.

    I would be surprised if Mrs. Batra claims to have not seen the Manifesto of her own party. For those who can’t read in the current form can very well click on the image to have a larger picture. The encircled point actually encircles the hypocrisy of AAP vis-à-vis martyrs and their respect. The party which now believes they are the only ones who were actually respecting the martyrs are seen mocking the same martyrs in their own Manifesto to accommodate some nasty votebank politics. As per them, they will review the investigation of Batla House all over again since they feel, the inhabitants of the flat, who fired rocket launchers at Delhi police team were actually innocent while martyrs like Inspector Sharma were rabid exponents of our law. Can’t Mrs. Batra see the pain the rogue AAP might have inflected on the widow of Inspector Sharma with this single line? It is like insult-to-injuries for Mrs. Sharma when a bunch of louts take it on their own to defame her husband even after the courts let know their judgment. And this is the kind of party that Mrs. Batra thinks would respect her son’s sacrifice. These notorious morons would one day even malign Vikram Batra himself if that assures some political milage; take my words on it.

    Even funnier is the open letter from Mrs. Batra to Modi. Let this be very straight – martyrs and martyrdom is one thing and electoral politics is another. When she asks Modi, if he is so respectful for Vikram then he must withdraw the BJP candidate from Hamirpur. Ditto lines were repeated by Vikram’s father on News Hour yesterday. I just want to ask, why? Why BJP would withdraw their candidate when the lady herself is fighting from an AAP ticket? Her argument would have made sense, had she fought as an independent candidate, not on the backbone of a highly dual standard party. Leaving the seat for an easy AAP win in fact would be disrespect to Vikram Batra since, had he been around he would have been furious looking at the way AAP carried itself till now. I am sure Vikram would himself have voted against AAP, knowing very well how this congregation of morons have joined hands with CIA and Ford foundation to carry on the ‘Break India’ engagement the political way. More to it, I never saw Vikram’s father outraging when the thug Azam Khan disrespected not only his son but all the martyrs of this great nation, not long back. Where was he then? In fact where was Arnav Goswami then? Can he and his wife tolerate and accept, if tomorrow in a rainbow coalition, AAP is seen hobnobbing with Congress and Samajwadi Party? So my respect for Vikram will always remain intact but can’t just take the blabbers of his parents for the heck of it.

    What about the Congress party and their barrels of crocodile tear? Funny, no? Can the Randeep Surjyawala’s of the world recognize this picture? Quite openly, scumbags were seen disrespecting our martyrs in Mumbai. The spectrum of disrespect ranges from breaking the memorabilia to peeing on the monument. What Congress did to counter these thugs? More so when this heinous attempt at disrespect went around for more than 3 hours in Mumbai, a Congress ruled state. The buffoons are still continuing their alliance with Asadudin Owaisi (the architect of the nonsense) in Hydrabad municipality and very well would refurbish their national tie-up post-election. Is this the party which was trying to educate Modi on how to show respect to martyrs yesterday? Is this the party whose defense minister remained oblivious when we were parceled with two headless bodies of our Jawans by Pakistani rangers, now trying to outrage and up the tempo on Modi’s statement? Is this the same party whose MEA was flying around with a portable kitchen and catering team to feed Biriyani when our soldiers were getting butchered without a reason? Is this the same party which allowed scoundrels like Rehman Mallik to mock martyrs like Saurav Kalia so nonchalantly? Is this the same party which even doesn't recognize Saheed Bhagat Singh as a martyr? Come-on, Mr & Mrs. Batra, wake up and see the real culprits who routinely disrespect not only your son but many such true sons of the soil. The party which you are associated with is no different or may be even worse. Remember, it is the same Modi who said “Chullu Bharo Pani Main Dub Maro” to the entire hypocritical Congress louts, seeing their impotent like reaction post the killing of our Jawans on LoC. In defense of their incompetence the Congress party did an Ostrich at once. Do you know, father of Saurav Kalia is running from pillar-to-post, just to make this worthless government realize that they have forgotten a martyr completely? Wake up Mr. & Mrs. Batra; wake up.

    Sorry Vikram, I am deeply disappointed at the fact that I had to write such a blog today. I respect you and will continue to do so. But when politicization of true sacrifices happens and that too so openly and nakedly, I can hardly stop myself from venting out my anger through logic. Hope you forgive me for dragging your name to all this but I had no option but to be open and deliberate in order to safeguard the significance of people like you and the kind of pride you carry for us. From an entire nation, including your own parents and Arnav Goswami, I beg apology from you for the sins we committed in making you and your sacrifice a point of dirty debate.

    Please accept my heartfelt gratitude – Jai Hind…


    1. No words, simply superb. Hope Vikram Batra's family read this and realize their mistakes... Jai Hind

    2. 1) Jai jawan jai kisan - Today, Sharad Pawar is busy in IPL matches.....sorry no time for farmers....
      2) Main tumhe khoon dunga, tum muse azadi do .... A K Antony sleeping in parliament after saying.... militants "dressed in pakistani outfit" crossed indian borders & fired on indian jawans...
      3) Mera rang de basanti chola - Congress scamsters say - "Mera bhar de notto / votto ka zola....mai bhar de .... ."

    3. Excellent! Just brilliant. I have stopped watching Times Now which is nothing but doing Congress propoganda these days and promoting Priyanka Gandhi.. IMAGINE! even CNN-IBN seems better than times now these days

    4. salue for beingcynical, dont stop writing

    5. I won't ever, as long as we have traitors and anti-nationals in our country. Be rest assured.

    6. Writer is not well informed, Mr. Batra did criticize Azam Khan's statement, please check English Tribune, Himachal edition. Secondly he is declaring AAP as CIA sponsored as if he is RAW agent. And why, just to defend a party (who already has truckload of corrupt and anti national people) and its top leader of whom he is a supporter.

    7. Sir, I'm not sure of your background. However, almost every paragraph of the write up indicates your political leanings, and then building arguments to support your political affiliate, carefully presenting half truth.
      Your criticism of AAP and congress is well crafted but alas I wish you'd shown same charity towards BJP. :-)
      When AAP is being criticised for hypocrite ( partly right and partly wrong), here is this grand old fanatic's party which grew leaps and bound in 90s by spreading hatred ( sir, you should Google sadhvi rithambra and uma bharti for their 90s speeches) and creating mass hysteria by exploiting people emotions.( by the way I liked your saying - let's keep emotions aside so I can expect the same from you ). You know how many people died post ayodhya in Mumbai alone - 1200 reported. ( with an average of 100 each day).
      How will they atone for their sins? Paradoxically the architect of those progrom - l k advani was sidelined in the same party which he built from scratch, paradoxically when he tried to shed the rightist image of his.

      Common friend - are you banking on BJP? Your heart bearting for BJP can very well be understood if you are a parry member. If not, sad to read your lopsided views.

      Ps: I agree that batra's mom is bring naive and unreasonable. Vikram is national assets, every martyr is. And all, including Modi has right to invoke his name. What's wrong in that ?

      I agree on another thing - arnab is motormouth. Many a times irritating. :).

    8. What a post!! Reading you is really a fodder to the brain. We ignore such things thinking part of our lives but after going through your writings, the need to do something for the country simply arise. At least, to keep ourselves away from some anti-national or krantikari people.
      One piece on RaGa's latest patriotism please.

    9. Mr Blogger I am reading your posts, i think since 2010 or 2011.

      You are a wonderful communicator, you have god gifted extraordinary reasoning capabilities, you can prove anything right or wrong at your will and majority will agree with it (as majority of us are doomed to follow one side or the other without our own independent prejudice free thinking).

      If you are a freelancer then I have a suggestion for you and if you are a hired BJP Mouthpiece then you are doing a wonderful job then the suggestions doesnot apply to you.

      My suggestion / request is that please use your this god gifted extraordinary reasoning capabilities for the betterment of India, for changing the psyche of Indians towards a better future without biasness of Caste, creed, community, region, language etc.

      If I want to look the negative aspect of any person we will get 1000, as to err is human and to forgive is divine and we all are human being.

      The problem of India lies with its people and not leaders, leaders are our mirror image, in our personal life we are filled with poison / corruption to the core and we think leaders from us will be divine.

      When god gifted extraordinary highly qualified people like you are so biased for Goddamn one leader / rightist view then it is natural that majority of population including our leaders who donot have luxury / God gift to be as reasonable like you will be doing the same again an again.

      A generation needs to be changed our psyche needs to be changed leadership will automatically evolve.

      According to Vedas / Puranas - The biggest sorrow of life is when you are shouldering coffin of your son / daughter. I consider myself incapable of commenting on Martyr Bikram Batra or criticise actions of his parents as I am able to live freely and enjoying the fruits of democracy and development due to such martyrs and their parents whose martydom given millions of reason to this nation to live with.

      I am not hardcore supporter of any political party as all are of same category, if you wish I can elaborate actions of each party, but in democracy we have to select the less satanic cult party.
      JAI HIND

      Indian Tiger

    10. Dear Blogger,
      It almost seems like you gave words to my thoughts. I have a hard time putting down my thoughts on paper because its difficult for me to control my anger after a point and then words fail me. Thank you for showing respect first to the martyr and then stating your logic. Its an excellent piece. Please do not stop writing.
      I know I am repeating what you have already stated but its impossible for me to believe that parents dragged their son into this dirty politics. This shows how manupulative AAP can be.

    11. I don't agree with your attack here, anyway each to his own.
      Regarding your statement
      "According to Vedas / Puranas - The biggest sorrow of life is when you are shouldering coffin of your son / daughter"
      Did you get this wisdom from Vedas, really? Either you have not understood the texts or you haven't read them at all...just pretending. This feels more like a text from Bible or Quran.
      Ancient Vedic texts have a very different way of looking at human life and conditions and don't offer such simplistic.views.
      Don't write anything that you want to and associate it with Vedas/Puranas/BhagwadGita etc..
      This statement coupled with your attack on the author asking if he is a BJP mouthpiece and few other remarks somewhat give away your true identity.

    12. Just came across this blog. A nice well written article.