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    Open Letter To Priyanka Vadra

    Dear Priyanka,

    I was wondering for some time, if I should pen you this one or not. Fact of the matter is I never found you important enough to waste my time around writing letters to you. Part of the blame should land upon you because; you simply vanish from the scene and appear only during election seasons. And pity that our wretched constitution doesn’t allow more than one election in five years. We do have odd state elections in between but you never appear anywhere other than UP. Or to be more precise, the constitution of Amethi and Rai-Bareli. Forget about your appearance or the lack of it, in fact, your name itself is getting little enigmatic to me. When there are no upcoming elections, you roam around as one Priyanka Vadra but the moment election dates are announced, you reincarnate to a certain Priyanka Gandhi all of a sudden and let yourself loose on us. That is so bad of you. You simply leave lesser mortals like me, scanter for options to whether attach one Vadra after your name or the family name you guys have borrowed some decades back. Hence do pardon me for addressing you Priyanka at the top. You might find the same as a token of affection but the truth of the matter is, I simply couldn’t arrive upon the exact surname I should tuck behind your name.

    Now you may ask why I am writing this to you so late. Valid question, I must say. Valid because, I have almost written to every member of your notorious family, including you’re so called martyr father; except you. To answer you, I never found anyone behaving so alarmingly funny and out of mind as you are in this election season. Hasn’t your astounding brother matched the absurdity level of Gandhi family standards already that you had to pitch in to compensate the balance amount? It’s a different matter if you are competing with Rahul Baba to prove who the biggest buffoon Gandhi family has ever produced. If not then I had to rethink on whom to pick as the biggest joker that the Gandhi family can ever have. If your latest vibes and jibes in this election season are any pointers to your maturity and mental sanity level then I must admit; it is really tough choosing between you and your brother for the coveted award of the worthless specimen of Indian democracy. No, your dear allay Lalu Yadav might not even stand a chance when pitted against you or your brother.

    Ok, enough of introductory bullshit. Let’s get little personal; what do you say? You may hate it but then, you shouldn’t have made personal remarks yourself to begin with. If you feel hurt for a certain degree of personalization in politics, then others, whom you attack vehemently like a cocaine addicted roadside thug might have the same notion. Since you never cared for their feelings then why on earth should I? So, picking it up from one Robert Vadra would make perfect sense, no? What that person is or his qualifications are to amass so much of wealth in literally no time? Being your husband, you must be aware that he hasn’t even passed standard 10th in his educational life? Now show me one 10th fail individual in India or across the globe who has accumulated so much of wealth without any hard work or caliber. Show me just one and I assure you, my vote for Congress would be a perpetual phenomenon. Are you struggling to even name one? Then see how Robert Vadra is one unique specimen to achieve this herculean goal. Are you smelling something fishy? Not even now? Then lets dig a bit further. Before getting married to you, he was a roadside scrap dealer with an assets not exceeding the market price of a Tata Nano but now, the same worthy is a man of 500 crores. That is quite a transformation, I must admit. But that is just one fourth of the astonishment involving the eighth wonder called Robert Vadra. The other three-fourth is the way you are trying to make it appear as if Mr. Vadra earned it himself by his sheer hard work. Quite funny. You know it very well; the means and ways your husband plundered his ill-earned money is through political clout but come to talk nonsense, you stand on the streets of Amethi and tell people how your husband is being a causality of vindictive and dirty politics. Vindictive? Seriously? Someone so against vindictive politics should have refrained her mother and brother from uttering awful avowals like ‘Maut Ka Saudagar, Hitler, Fascist’ and all. And by the way, if Vadra is supposed to have earned his wealth by genuine ways then let me assure you Priyanka, we should abolish the word crook from our Indian dictionary.

    Is it getting too much personal for an open letter? Let’s get into your ’Barsati Mendak’ avatar then. Yes the avatar that you put on whenever there is an election in India. By the way for starters – what are your precise contributions to the nation to do the loud talk in your campaign? To be honest, let alone you, none of your family member has contributed in any manner to the nation to take such moral high grounds. All that you Chinese Gandhis have done is hypocrisy and double standards. Don't believe me? Then can you note the difference in these two pictures? Ohh, yes; both these are of your's only, if you happen to get confused yourself. This is the real you Priyanka.  At other times you move around in ultra-fashion mode but come to Amethi and Rai-Bareli, you do away with your fashion statement and get into your mischievous best to fool the poor masses of India. Jeans, trousers and T-Shirts give way to neatly tucked Sarees in no time. Ditto goes with your brother. He is seen with his Colombian girlfriend in jeans and graffiti oriented T-Shirts but come to Indian politics he does a Kurta-Paijama act to run around fool. Why such hypocrisy Priyanka? Why? At least Modi, the person whom you are busy fulltime in maligning is not a hypocrite. He wears his heart up his sleeves and displays what he is. The entire Congress including you seems to have problems with his designer Kurtas but never explain the dual image that the Congress first family possesses. At least Modi never clamors around like a circus clown to appease a certain voting mass. He wears his Kurtas to public gatherings as well as private functions. He doesn’t camouflage under the pretext of looking at home as you do routinely in your life.

    Now that we are well into your campaign phase, it is only necessary that we talk about your nonsensical blabbering of last 20 odd days. Since the time you emerged on the scenes of Ameti, all that you are doing is just narrating adjectives of distasteful proportions. Time such blabbers are answered squarely and settled for once. Now, here is the thing. Since ages, and quite literary at that, Gandhi family is representing Amethi in national politics. From the time of Nehru, one or other form of Chinese Gandhi is getting elected from this region. Won’t you think Priyanka, it would have been marvelous, had you choose to describe the development that all Chinese Gandhis put together have brought in to Amethi and adjoining areas. But alas, you decided to play the filthy emotional card and continue your sojourn in the trademark Gandhi family style of Maa-Baap-Daadi saga. That said, I don’t blame you for not talking on issues because; for sure you know how weakly your family is positioned when it comes to doing something for the nation, much less Amethi. Talking about growth in Amethi would be opening a big can of warms and certainly you can’t afford to expose the loathsome political representatives of Amethi for the sorry state of people around this place. Hence the convenience of ignorance… err.. hypocrisy takes the lead. Since Rahul Gandhi has failed in everything, including as a MP from Amethi, you resort to emotional gimmicks and accusing every one of falsely targeting and insulting your family and your notorious husband. By the way, since when calling a crook a crook has become a matter of insult? But before that, since when Rajiv Gandhi has become one martyr? Did he lay down his life for the nation? In any manner? Rather, he screwed up India’s international image via his uncalled for intervention in Sri Lanka’s matter, which resulted in sabotaging the fundamental interest of millions of Sri Lankan Tamils. Hell, when he was killed he ain’t even was the priminister of the nation. He sowed poison and ripped hatred in return. Where the hell he turned into one martyr in between such mega scale hara-kiri is beyond me. If you are confusing between a true martyr and an undeserving Bharat Ratna awardee, then few facts from history should help you see the realty. As a token of remembrance, here are few astounding contributions of your martyred father for the nation. Hope you haven’t forgotten words like Bofors, Fair-Affairs, Tamil Genocide, Sahabanou and many more. Honestly Priyanka, terming Rajiv Gandhi a martyr is a huge insult to the real martyrs of this nation.

    Now, you may feel I am against you campaigning for your brother or mother. Hell, no. I have better things to worry about. Fact is, I have no qualms if you campaign for your brother or the entire useless Congress lot as long as you stick to issues and campaign on the standard line of governance and delivery. You get hurt when someone calls your crook husband with appropriate narratives but you turn up the next day with your hate filled jibes at others. When everything fails you keep blinking your eyelids at an alarming innocence and tell people how there has been personal attacks on your family members. By the way, who introduced personal spasms to our political discourse? Who said the disgusting line ‘Maut Ka Saudagar’? ‘Chuhe Ki Tarha Bhag Rahe Hain’, you said; don’t you? But the irony is, you didn’t yourself see, the line appropriates more to Congress than any other party. When half of Congress’s big thugs are shying away from contesting elections in fear of losing their deposits, someone calling others by name is profoundly hilarious and deplorable at the same time. Hope you realize this basic fact about life and your notorious party.

    Wish to see you more during times when there are no elections in this country. Hope the giggling Priyanka would come before cameras after May 16th and admit who actually was doing the real ‘Chuhon Ki Tarha Bhagna’ act this election season. By the way, all this is a possibility if you still are around post the election verdicts. I am sure bulk booking on Air-Italia is already done and the so called lions of your party are almost done with their packing to catch the very first flight to Italy, the moment results starts pouring in.  

    Warm Regards
    Someone who hates JOKERS!! 


    1. Ha ha ha... Let me tell you, I was waiting for this. I knew its coming sooner than later. One thing remained is for the dumb queen to read this and ponder. Great post as always. Keep it up BC - the mirror to all the notorious thugs

    2. Great one. As usual.

    3. Mr. Cynical,

      I want to comment on 2 of your statements made in your Blog -

      Stmt 1 -"Now show me one 10th fail individual in India or across the globe who has accumulated so much of wealth without any hard work or caliber"

      What do you say about Dhirubhai Ambani ? He never completed High School. Yet, he could build one of India's Largest Industrial Empire- Reliance .

      What about Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs (of cos they are American, but never mind). They dropped out of Top Universities like Harvard and Stanford just to pursue their Interests. Today, they are Multi-Billionaries and pioneers of Leading Brands in the World. Almost everyone in the world uses their products some way or the other.

      In the same way, Robert Vadra put the money in the right places at right time.He benefited himself as well as his Investors. It is obvious that the only thing in India which appreciates the maximum is Land and Real Estate. Vadra observed it as opportunity and put the money there. The Result is for everyone to see.

      In India, there are several examples who don't have Big Degrees yet they succeeded in Life through their own Talent, Capability and Hard work. Many people, who appear to be poor, due to their menial jobs, have accumulated Lakhs and maybe even Crores, for their future goals (e.g. House, Marriage, Parent's health, Child education). All because of their street-smartness and knack of saving money. Its NOT that they are always Corrupt. Being Smart does not always mean you are Corrupt.

      Capability matters more than Education. A person who scores more than 80 in Computers exam, may not know how to start a PC, and a person who just scores 40 can hack and break into the same PC.

      So much for education.

      Stmt 2 - "Jeans, trousers and T-Shirts give way to neatly tucked Sarees in no time."

      Will you go to a Marriage in a Bikini (assuming you are a Lady) ? Will you go on Beach in Suit and Trousers ? Will you go to Office in Lungi or Dhoti ? Will you go to a Funeral in a Bright Sherwani or Lehenga suit (again, for Ladies) ?

      Dress Code always Matters. What you wear should suit the Place and the Occasion.

      So, when you are doing a Political Rally, it is obvious that one must follow the common dress code, that appeals to Common Man. If anyone starts giving speech in a Village, in Western attire, will it make an Impact ? Will it appeal to those Bumpkins ? Absolutely not.

      You said on Twitter that you were going to Japan. It may happen that at certain places or events, you may need to dress as per their traditional Japanese attire. Lest that may cause an embarrassment or cultural shock .

      About Modi, he did wore a Pagdi when doing a Rally in Punjab, which made a strong appeal to Sikhs, who are majority there. He also wear Tribal Headgear, while speaking in North East, appealing to the Adivasis there.

      If only he wore a Skull Cap, while addressing to Muslims. He refused to wear that, which has put certain Muslims in doubt as to what will be their Future in case he becomes PM post May 16.

    4. Are you smoking weed? I asked show me one 10th fail without any caliber. Dhirubhai, Zukerberg, Bill Gates are 10th fail but had immense caliber. Comparing them to loathsome tout like Vadra is just a joke. Hope you understand what i have written.

    5. Neither of DA, ZB, BG were 10th fail ... all of them went to the university .... RV is a moron who has misused his political status to swindle ..... Chinese Gandhi's are a bunch of crooks

    6. She does it because the media fawns over her. I can't believe how many camera crews were sent to cover her addressing those small groups of 50-60 women. And the headlines were always "Priyanka hits back at Modi" or something similar. Though news channels analysed and debated Modi's Bangladeshi comments and "caste card" ad nauseum, not once did they ever debate whether Priyanka's dynasty-based rhetoric was actually worthy of a political campaign!

    7. Dear Cynical, It is ironic that you have to write a letter to Priyanka (Vadra/Gandhi depending on where she is). If and only if the Indian public had developed critical analysis capability and booted out every rouge from the Parliament in Delhi as a norm, we as a Nation would be in a different plane altogether.
      There are people who still love the dynasty and the party and happy to bring them back to power. Till you have such company, there is no escape to writing letters in future as well.

    8. As far as I go through this, i didnt even bother to think there might be any other side to the story...... because all this is so true.... also this gave me information and knowledge that Rajiv Gandhi is not a martyr & calling him one is the biggest shame on real martyrs.....
      Mr. Being cynical..... I always doubt .... dont know why.... but almost 80 % of - all bloody gvt schemes (so called for poors - which never reach them), all parks around the country, all flyovers around the country ... all research centres, all airports of the nation have only 4 names - Rajiv Gandhi - Indira Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru & Mahatma gandhi, Not to forget - Every bloody street in a city has one of these names....
      I doubt studying history from 1850 to 1950 (+/- 50yrs) - Has any other person i n a country of 125Cr populas done any good to get a name on any of above states caps for there unrelentless work ?????

      Hard to believe...... i dont even consider RG & PG any force to stabilise their or destabilise opponents political ambitions in any manner for at least next 10 yrs....

    9. "Now show me one 10th fail individual in India or across the globe who has accumulated so much of wealth without any hard work or caliber"

      without any hard work or caliber -

      i hope you understand

    10. If possible get the book in the below link ...you will get the whole truth


    11. Yalisetty NiranjanMay 14, 2014, 6:13:00 PM

      I sincerely suggest you to read media crooks blog which is same like you and I request you both to work together.

    12. On the funnier side, Air India is about to start a flight to rome soon :) . So there is still time left for the gandhi family to catch flights ..
      Great article. I just happen to stumble upon this article of yours and I keep reading related articles as well. It is a bitter truth that the gandhi family & the "secular" media have ruined this country. hope from now on it's all about development and performance and not sentiments

    13. look at her beautiful,innocent face.if she had tried her hand in modelling she had been great success.now she can consider that.