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    What Priyanka Gandhi Is So Fearful Of?

    I have said this uncountable number of times. A party like Congress which largely remained anti-citizen throughout their existence managed to survive this long because of our corrupt media. More so in last decade. For their every sin, their every loot and mis governance, our media stood as the first line of defense. Precisely because of our media, the Congress could easily divert the focus from core issues or worse even, managed to draw the fault line in 6 years NDA rule for every misdeed of theirs. Like trusted lieutenants, our media parroted the lines the Congress party wanted them to. For every crime the party committed, rather being holistic in finding the answers, questions were molded to give a communal spin and deliberate attempts were made to revamp the 2002 Gujarat riots; as if no communal riot has taken place in India after or before 2002. The systematic lie peddling continued even courts after courts exonerated Narendra Modi from all the charges he was accused of by our media and Congress. Notwithstanding what even our apex court has to say about Modi and Gujarat riots, the Congress party and their stooges in media kept on ranting the same old lines. It was not the quest for truth as the media crooks would make you believe, but the idea was to somehow derail the Modi juggernaut which has taken a shape and size, good enough to engulf the entire Congress party and the first family in one go.

    But do you believe the planned sabotage of Modi, based only on imaginary and falsified notions would have stopped since merely 100 odd seats are left to go to poll? You bet, it hasn’t. Not if you happened to see the Sunday News-Hour debate yesterday. For one complete hour Arnav Goswami debated on the fictional fear factor that Priyanka Gandhi has brought on the table of BJP. The self-imagination of Arnav were so telling that he simply disagreed to listen to what Ravishankar Prasad has to say, much less understanding his strong arguments. For 10 long years our media used lines like – Pogrom, Mass Murderer, Holocaust, Butcher Of Gujarat about Modi vis-à-vis Gujarat riots. Since those lines failed miserably in impressing either the courts or the voters, our media was desperately in need of some fresh ideas to counter Modi with fabrication one last time. And advent of Priyanka Gandhi to poll campaign is like God answering the prayers of the media cronies. The otherwise subdued media sprung back to their mischievous best once again. Lines like – Priyanka Tears Into Modi; Priyanka Defends Husband, BJP Clueless; BJP Running Out Of Ideas To Counter Priyanka; started to polluted our TV screens. But none at our media houses tried to analyze the reasons of such eleventh hour aggression of Priyanka Gandhi. I am not sure if it is by design or our media are completely clueless on how to air news in some meaningful sense; but the approach of our media in accepting What Priyanka Gandhi says on its face value as if her words are straight picked from Bhagwat Gita is quite astonishing.

    Here is the thing. Priyanka Gandhi has all the rights to campaign for her party. And as Narendra Modi said, she also has all the rights to defend as a sister and wife. None should dispute her outburst on these two accounts. What bewilders me is the timing and her ‘Once-In-Five-Years’ appearance on the turf of Amethi and Raibareli. As someone correctly described her escapade in these two places as an act of ‘Barsati Mendak’, she must be asked about the vanishing act she does for five years after each election. But none in our media seems too inclined in asking questions that makes sense. All that she was ever asked about were her reactions regarding one statement or the other of Narendra Modi. And she conveniently was allowed to take a stand without being questioned. Deliberate attempts were made to show her as one tough competitor to fight with. Modi could be asked on Gujarat riots after 12 long years but Priyanka was never questioned on how her husband amassed so much wealth in double quick time. None asked her, if she is so convinced about her own family and the ill intentions of Narendra Modi then why on earth she never pitted herself against Modi for a direct fight in either Varanasi or Vadodara. None even asked, if Robert Vadra is in true sense a private citizen then why the entire Congress machinery is doing over time in defending a private person. Can’t Mr. Vadra defend himself or is he too indefensible to let him fight his own battle? Why the entire party should build a protective shield around Damdaji, in connivance with the media crooks? Defending your husband is fine but at the same time the defense should be well backed by logic and facts, unlike rants and gimmicks that Mrs. Vadra and the entire Congress spokies are busy with.

    As far as I know, Narendra Modi is a person who doesn’t believe in vendetta politics. If he does then believe me, a lot of people would fear the 16th of May like one bad, bad nightmare. Not only Vadra but close to 5000 people who actively participated in the ‘Hate & Malign Modi’ campaign must fear the judgment day when they have to pay hard for their decade long lying. But I can’t see anything of that short happening. Modi would have far better things to do post May 16th than running behind a bunch of crooks who kept selling their moral for easy gain. And knowing Modi and his kind of politics, he for sure won’t repeat the mistakes that the Janta Party government did post 1971 verdict. In the pursuance of vendetta politics, they kept on hounding Indira Gandhi, thereby keeping her in the news all the time. When people were desperate for some good governance, more than half of Janta Party leadership kept themselves busy in harrying Mrs. Gandhi. So no wonder, Mrs. Gandhi bounced back strongly at the first chance and as they say, rest is history. Though not quite similar to emergency era but the populace are desperate to witness some form of governance post the 10 long years mess by UPA under Congress party's leadership. Modi would concentrate on that front to deliver the goods and meet the expectations of a billion plus populace. So how far non-important entities like Gandhi family, their stature or the lack of it would matter for Modi is anybody’s guess. I am sure Modi would treat the entire Gandhi family and the bogie of stooges as nonexistent entities. But that said law must take its own course, as told by Modi. Mr. Vadra has to pay for his crimes, if he has committed any. And looking at the dubious land deals that involve Mr. Vadra and his company, I expect lot of skeletons to tumble out of many closets when honest investigations would be carried out. If the outcome of the investigations warrants for Mr. Vadra to face the law or go behind bars, then so be it and none should complain much.

    So I am not sure what Priyanka Gandhi is so fearful about, that she has fully engaged herself in mindless blabbering for last 15 days. If at all one has to fear for the prospect of a Modi government are the criminals, scamsters and anti-nationals. If Priyanka Gandhi or any of her close confidants, including her brother, mother and beloved husband doesn’t fall under these three categories then I don’t see why she should lose her peace of mind. Since Priyanka Gandhi is taking the path of absurdity with her daily yammers, it makes me jittery of the thoughts that she probably would be hiding some dirty secrets or at least hoping those dirty secrets to never come out. If so then, she is sadly mistaken. For sure the enemies of the nation; be it in any form would be severely dealt with once Modi takes the charge. Those who need to be apprehended and duly punished for their crimes against the state would be treated with appropriate medications. Neither one should complain nor should one display his /her frustration so openly.

    For me, the mindless outburst of Priyanka Gandhi is a resultant of some inherent fear which she wants to keep away from her near and dear ones. It is a different thing that she is used to have a lame duck priminister on the payroll of the party high-commands but that favorable situation may not last forever. There would come a time when true statesmen would be elected to serve the nation. And true steersmen would ask toughest of questions to the anti-nationals and sought reasonable answers. If Mrs. Vadra feels she can drag away the focus from criminals by her ‘Baap-Daadi’ emotional cards, then she is again grossly mistaken. She must realize the time for payback has come and it should happen sooner than later, not only for the nation but its billion plus population who till date were routinely hoodwinked by playing family and emotional card. Feel sorry for Mr. Vadra, but if he has done wrong, even to the tune of half what BJP is shouting about then he must pay for it, even if it means paying through his nose.

    So a little piece of advice for Priyanka Gandhi – Either she answer which ‘Dariya Dil’ made sure the exponential rise of her husband or she should simply let the law take its course. Maa, Baap, Bhai, Pati, Daadi and few more ancestral emotional cards can wait. 


    1. Media seems too much against Modi and running a vilifying program on instructions of their political masters in Congress. I don't give a shit to Gandhi Family.. The reputed papers like TOI are part of this campaign makes me worried.

    2. it is very good article I tried to put in some news and print media as msg but my msg is deleted.

    3. Media pitting Priyanka Gandhi "against" Narendra Modi is very insulting to Modi, I feel. They are pretending a CM with a 12-year long tenure who presided over significant agricultural and infrastructure development in his state has a similar political stature as… a housewife from Lutyens' Delhi with a famous last name? Is it supposed to be a real competition?

      It was smart of BJP to exclude Modi from the press conference and not have him mention it in his rallies today (at least, I don't think he did)

    4. Priyanka's campaign is as stupid as it gets. She has been only uttering non-sense (nothing better is expected) since last two weeks. There is not a single word about how his dear brother can make our life better.

      Such a stupid and negative campaign is bound to get thrashed.

    5. Modi has 14 years experience (of running a state). Priyanka has 42 years experience (of being a part of a family). You decide which weigh more.

    6. For scams, misgovernance, tanking economy n other relevant issyes-Cong wraps the cloak of secularism! Bashing Modi also keeps one in media's good book and in news- filthier the better. Mrs Vadra doing exactly same-lest intelligent Smriti or the poet get media space n show the parhetic condition of Amerhi/RB

    7. Indian 'leftist' and 'pseudo-secular' Media is the world's worst prostitute and traitor.

    8. You are so right. Modi debating with Priyanka is unimaginable. She cannot say more than naani, daadi, mummy, daddy, chooah, some recipes of tarla dalal, sanjeev kapoor,etc. The media is absolutely shameless. There are no standards in Indian politics. The precious air time sponsored by reputable companies is wasted in discussing useless things - like snoopgate, Modi's marriage, etc. The media is so such a low IQ that it is unable to set the standards for debate and bringing the real issues before the viewers. Never seen media sink its own quality and standards. Shame on them. Since, the time the standard of dropped I stopped watching so called main stream channels. With the sinking political standards the media standard is also falling. Only God can save this country.

    9. sexy digvijay yukMay 3, 2014, 12:44:00 AM

      u put it so very correctly she is indeed a barsati mendak...and she does these silly outbursts , like some mentally retarded individual. she cannot be called childish. this pelican woman is simply ranting and there is no bhartiata . it is usual for people to say ....he is like my brother, she is like my daughter. why even MK Gandhi has called her grandmother daughter....and here this pelican female telling only Rajiv is m father ...as if Modi had told that he was soniyas husband...she doesn't take things in a proper manner and passes cheap thoughts

    10. Sharmistha SikdarMay 8, 2014, 9:48:00 PM

      I think this blog is long awaited..and must congratulate you for your pointed facts...I do not understand why Indians are still bedazzled by the Nehru/Gandhi clan...in one of the news broadcast there was a clip showing a man around 50+ touching PG's feet...and I was like what the hell?? Who is she? What has she done for the country? Why is a man old enough to be her dad touching her feet? This shows why the Brits ruled over us for more than 300years... And I guess after the Brits its time for the Gandhis.

    11. Varadarajan RavindranOct 18, 2014, 6:42:00 AM

      The Congress party tried to survive by projecting Caucasians or Caucasian-resembling people from the Nehru dynasty as candidates for the post of prime minister. The Indian media tries to provide more time for such Caucasians to impress their Western counterparts. The era of Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Vadra in politics was a fictional creation of the Indian media. Motilal and Jawaharlal Nehru had built up good political reputations based on certain merits and qualifications. The problem arose when the Congress party was jettisoned by incompetent leadership under the guise of Indra, Sanjay and Rajiv Gandhi, followed by SOnia and Rahul Gandhi, and Priyanka Vadra. The party has to move away from the Indra Gandhi family if it were to achieve anything in the near future. No wonder the Congress is losing all the important elections at every level.