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    The Naked Dance Of Pseudo Secularism

    The voting has started. Public intent is almost sealed and going by the opinion polls, Congress and other fringe secular parties (believe it at your own risk) are in a desperate situation to remain relevant after the election. For last 10 years, Congress and their cronies took a very good ploy to hide their loot and misdeeds. Camouflaging their crimes under the silk wrap of secularism (read Burqua) the thugs have long defamed BJP and Narendra Modi. And they are still continuing with their silly mischiefs. But what the scumbags have not noted that, people of this nation have matured a lot in the same period and now they can clearly see the fault line and more importantly, where it lies. Clear-cut example is the manner in which these so called secularist parties are biting the dust time-and-again in every electoral exercise. Like the old habits seldom gets cleansed, these flag bearers of secularism are giving one more nasty attempt at the 11th hour to see if they can still peddle some much needed lie one last time.

    Look at how these secular morons were busy off late. Sonia Gandhi, the best thing happening to India ever was seen rushing down to meet Sahi Imam Bukhari of Jama Mosque. Now you may wonder, what the problem is if one meets a religious figure. No problem, if you ask, as long as the meeting is for religious reason only. Sonia Gandhi wasn’t there to shower her gratitude on Mr. Bukhari for his good work or anything. She was there to plead and may be beg for Mr. Bukhari’s support to save the already half drowned ship called Congress. All she wanted the Sahi Imam to do is to announce his open support for Congress and ask people from his religion to follow his request (read Fatwa) to vote enemas for Congress. The Sahi Imam just can’t refuse such a pious request from a tall secular leader belonging to a highly secular party. There goes the Imam on April 4th, exactly three days after his meeting with Sonia Gandhi and announces his support for Congress. Does the ploy sound familiar? Not yet? Then let’s dig it little bit further.

    For starters let’s look at the arguments furnished in for of this uncouth approach of Sonia Gandhi for poll benefits. Almost every Congress spokesperson that came to TV debates were seen as if heavily sedated by the drugs of secularism. According to them, Sonia Gandhi was perfectly right in approaching the Sahi Imam as she wanted to safeguard our constitution indirectly by safeguarding the virtue called secularism. For them, the visit of Sonia Gandhi was to protect the secular votes. Secular votes? Really? Does that mean the Hindu votes are communal votes? In which page in our constitution it is mentioned? Where it is been written that Muslim votes are secular votes and there is no crime in cajoling their religious leaders to protect the same? I am afraid, the same loathsome media which is running after Modi since 2002 never bothered to ask Sonia Gandhi and her notorious spokespersons these precise questions. In a single statement, the thugs not only jeopardized the core ethos of our democracy but also insulted the Hindus and yet none seems to care an ounce. Is this secularism or as Modi says – Burqua of secularism? The same party and its worthless Yuvraj are seen touting how voting Modi is equivalent to breaking India but at the same time they themselves are full time busy breaking every fabric that India holds to its heart. But you know what; breaking India for personal gain is nothing new with Congress party. They in fact survived this long by breaking the nation on various lines. But this sinister attempt at passing their poison through religious leaders like Bukhari looks most rotten; not only for the nature but also for the kind of arguments that were dished out as a defense.

    Look at another scoundrel called Azam Khan. It is no more a secret that SP is nothing but a perfect partner in crime of Congress in everything that deals with the business of minority appeasement and breaking India. While the masters take help of religious leaders to break India, this hopeless idiot took the onus on his own self. In a rally, this selfsame was seen addressing all on who exactly defended India during Kargil war. According to him, there were no Hindus on the mountains of Kargil but it is the Muslims who defended and sacrificed their lives for the nation. How big a shameless one can get can now have a better and safer benchmark, I must say. For own dirty gain, such louts don’t even think twice to drag our defense forces into the muck. I am sure what exactly the family of martyrs like Vikarm Batra and Saurav Kalia must be feeling. They will be feeling ashamed to have such rogues in our political discourse, who even are capable of shaming the brave sons of the soil for few votes. Now what was the reaction of the secular brigade post Azam Idiot Khan’s verbalism? For the sake of it, the associates in Congress shed some crocodile tears for our brave soldiers and condemned the outburst of Azam Idiot Khan. This is what I call convenience of mutual back scratching. Since SP did a favor by not pitting any candidate against Sonia and Rahul Gandhi, the ayatollahs of secularism decided to repay back the favor by playing ostrich to such naked and vulgar display of appeasement politics. Just imagine Narendra Modi saying the exact lines in favor of only Hindu soldiers. The entire Congress brigade would have asked for Modi's head by now. Dr. Rahul Gandhi might also have deduced already that how this one statement of Modi must have encouraged the ISI to get in touch with Muslim youths of Muzafarnagar, Azamgarh, Kashmir and planet Mars.

    Now look at the contrast vis-à-vis Sri Sri Ravishankar. Azam Khan can get away after committing murder but not certainly anyone remotely related to Hindus. A simple and honest article against the joker Arvind Kejriwal and the entire Congress brigade was up-in-arms to fight it out. Interesting is the amount of hidden love for AAP that burst open from nowhere. The same party whose leader went rushing to Imam Bukhari are seen advocating how one shouldn’t polarize the election. Bukhari asking his followers to vote for Congress is fine while Ravishankar or Baba Ramdev asking their disciples to vote for the right candidate is a gross miscarriage of democratic process. Here is the thing. Imam Bukhar in all likelihood has only Muslims as followers but both Sri Sri and Ramdev have followers from almost all religions. Can the secular frauds assure me if the gathering in any Ramdev Yoga Sivir or Sri Sri’s camp only comprises of Hindus? So where the question of polarization comes to picture in case of Hindu religious figures while it disappears in case of Imam Bukhari is beyond me. There was one lady thug in Newshour yesterday, who was vehemently defending the Congress party and Sonia Gandhi. Per her, Sonia Gandhi was absolutely within her rights to visit the Muslim religious figure since she was just protecting our constitution but that can’t be said about Sri Sri or Baba Ramdev. According to her, indirectly though; Imam Bukhari can ask Muslims to vote for Congress because he is secular but Sri Sri and Ramdev can’t because they are Hindus hence highly communal. For the first time words are failing me miserably to narrate out such abject disrespect to Hindus, India, its constitution and to some extent even the Muslims.

    Such rotten our political discourse has gone down to. If people like Azam Khan and his nasty party; people like Sonia Gandhi and her equally deplorable political outfit are allowed to remain relevant in Indian politics for one more year, we will end up administering irreparable damage to our nation and in all likelihood break our nation to pieces even we can’t count. Hope the voters will teach these rogues a befitting lesson so that they will remember for the rest of their pathetic lives.

    So guys, come out and vote. Make sure you throw these guttersnipes out of public life, once-and-for-all. Jai Hind!!


    1. Good article. This pseudo-secularism causes me much rage. Hope the usage of words "secular" and "communal" in MSM goes down drastically after May 16. Though that might be optimistic as the pseudo-secular parties would probably encourage anti-Modi rioting. Mayawati has already indicated it

    2. Still waiting for a article which speaks of NaMo (be it for or against)....

    3. NaMo refused to wear a Skull Cap, which is traditional headgear for Muslim. If he can wear a Pagdi, headgear of Sikhs in Punjab rally, as well as Turbans and Headgears of different cultures based on region, why not Skull Cap ? Doesn't this show his dislike towards Muslims ? (Skull cap is generally worn by Muslims, while doing Namaaz, their daily prayers).
      Also, he now only claimed for LS Poll Nomination, that he is married to a lady called Jashodaben. Why he hid this for so many years ? Why he never said anything about his wife ? Why he deserted his wife ? Jashoda lives in a small hut in a remote village of Gujarat, in Utter Poverty, while NaMo lives in GandhiNagar enjoying all luxuries of power. Is this Fair ? Is he really Fit to be PM ? A person who can't respect his own wife , how do you expect him to respect Women of this Nation ?

    4. abey chaman-lal.... its upto a person's personal interest to decide what he wants to wear and what he doesn't want to wear. Sunny Leone is extremely comfortable in a 2 piece and quite a few times without it too. Will you do the same ????
      Democracy is about respecting other religions and not about wearing skull caps and then screwing up the muslims big time.

    5. Please spare Sunny Leone. Just because she was a Porn Star in US years ago, are you going to target her again n again ? She is a Mainstream Actor now. Wants to do some serious movies. Please change your Outlook towards her and respect her as a Woman.
      BTW, speaking about Women, what do you have to say about Jashodaben ? Ever wanted to talk about her plight ?

    6. Nachiket ParasharApr 14, 2014, 7:32:00 PM

      Aditya, you are so funny. No where did the guy above said anything against Sunny Leone but you are so aggressively defending her for no reason. So funny.

    7. 10 years back kerala was a peaceful state. Now it is ruled and managed by muslim league with the support of congress . In the recent LS election the tickets were distributed based on religion..Congress is the curse of this country !!!

    8. Just wonderful! Hats off to you for articulating so well what we all know about Mr. NRN.

    9. You live in some remote place in India, does not have good job, barely able to meet basic requirement. You have to compete to get job and earn money hard way. Whereas people you like and spread propaganda for are damn rich, born with silver spoon in mouth, Billions of USD bank account in overseas bank. Is this fair?

    10. Sri Rahul Gandhi respects women very much. One poor girl in Amethi was gang raped by him and 3-4 other white men under influence of alcohol. Forget the past, just few months back, Sunanda Pushkar was killed and her murder has been hushed up, she had accused congress politicians of Sashi Tharoor openly telling to get rid of your wife.
      Hence every woman in this country feels empowered( to beat him up) when likes of Rahul Gandhi talks about women empowerment.

    11. Looking into medical journals for some kind of decease this aptard Aditya is infected with....

    12. India needs 1000 Ambani's and Adani's. What we don't need is CIA/ISI agents hell bent on creating anarchy in India. As for mass murder - wish you and Salim (YY) have the guts to see the design of topi's of M'nagar. You deserve the likes of AzamKhan and AK49

    13. One thing we can certainly do is create our own credit/debit card and stop printing 500/1000 currency notes. Let ppl have no option but to spend thru card which is linked to PAN. this will automatically generate a database of spending which can be linked to income.
      Inverse taxation system suggested hereabove is also a good idea.
      Bonds directly issued by infra project company is welcome as banks eats away lot of money inbetween.
      for right to vote - lets allow ppl to vote from their cell phone using fingerprint technology which can be verified by AAdhar. that will help police and armed forces as well. Agreed that AAdhar has some bad elements but which scheme will not have so. We have spent so much money now lets use it. All numbers like PAN/EPF/Credit/debit card etc. can be linked to AADHAR.