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    Open Letter To Indian Voters

    Dear Indian Voters,

    You guys could easily be the most loathsome people I ever have come across in my life. The mess that you guys routinely find yourselves in is a self-created affair and I don’t have any sympathy for your rotten situation. You guys deserve all of it or may be even more. For more than sixty years, you have wasted your votes quite unceremoniously and allowed a bunch of louts to keep you hoodwinked every single time. The dirty political discourse in our country is largely because of you, and can be termed as the single biggest example of a collective foolishness. You guys remained oblivious of your rights and responsibilities; either by ignorance or for a bottle of liquor. In fact you are the only other shameful artifact of this world’s largest democracy other than the vandals who fight these elections as your leaders.

    That said time has come again at your disposal after turning a full 5 year circle for you to grab. For last many times you have squandered such opportunities without any fuss and I am half sure the scenario might not be any different this time. Knowing your hatred towards a frivolous thing like casting your votes, I shouldn’t harvest much hope. But you know, I believe in miracles. I hope (against the hope itself) that for a change, this election year would see a more mature, responsible and obedient you. For a change you would prefer to fight it out in the sun and cast your votes. My hopes are even going double fold looking at the amount of first time voters in the list. At least the youngsters would do justice to the shameless apathy that our traditional voters showed in terms of the voting percentage till now.

    In next three days, you guys will have the opportunity to show your power. No not the routine power of you being ferried in trucks to crowd a political rally. When I say power, it is the real power I am talking about. The chaps who come begging for votes during a particular period and vanish for next five years would have to be taught a lesson. A very harsh lesson at that. Time is also ripe to let know those morons, who after being elected by you, go around coining terms like – “Elected & Electable”. People who loot you also need to be fixed. People who routinely show their middle fingers at you need to be packed back to the places they came. People who make a mockery of your plight and aspiration also need to get their share of drubbing. In fact there are many people who need to be set right if we wish a vibrant nation tomorrow. Time is ripe and it can’t offer you a better opportunity than what you will be having for more than a month, starting this Monday. But the real question is – are you guys up for it?

    You know, I don’t call you loathsome, not without a reason. Though you guys get cavort by few rascals on regular basis, you still find it as someone else’s responsibility to elevate you from the fitful of shit you are in. You don’t rise to the occasion but sleep with your sweet dreams thinking someone else will turn your nightmare to paradise. Horrendous even is when you inculcate such uncouth attitude in your children. That is the precise reason why generation after generation, you guys swarm around like gutter bugs with no self-esteem or pride. Had you guys left with slightest of shame, you would have not let absolute morons getting elected from your region. People like Lalu Prasad Yadav and other rogues of his magnitude getting elected again and again are a testimony of your uncouthness. As long as I see notorious entities like Lalu roam around our democracy, I will continue to address you as repugnant. Because no sane person would allow such self-inflicted injuries without much protest. Lalu is not an exception. In fact there are more Lalus in our political circle than you can count. And all these Laluls thrive and turn around every now-and-then to bite off your own asses because you shower them with your patronage for decades. The patronage didn’t just stop at the Lalus alone. It smartly gets percolated to their kids and grandkids even. In a disgrace to yourself, you let a family of crooks to loot, manipulate and batter you at regular intervals. But rather than doing something about such horrendous situation, you shame yourselves again and vote the same jackals to power again. Some time for money or free liquor while many other times because the thug belongs to your caste or religion, you forget the humiliation you brought on yourselves when you elected him/her last time around.

    How many of you think on the national perspective before pushing the EVM button? Do you really expand your cocooned brain beyond your regular selfishness to see if you are voting for a true leader or a thug? I am sure you don’t because otherwise we shouldn’t be having idiots in our parliament who fancy with the idea of throwing sandals and broken mikes at each other or tear apart each other’s Dhoti. Had there been urgency on your part to elect the right representatives, we wouldn’t have absolute nutcases like Kalmadi or Raja getting elected. It is you loathsome people that elect criminals like Raja Bhaiya and Azam Khan. Mayawati can be shameless and vouch for corruption free governments because you loathsome people forget her own mass loot the moment she utters the word ‘Dalit’. You are the main reason why vote bank politics and language of appeasement has taken the front seat, leaving governance, development and growth way behind. Touts keep you uneducated, slandered and in perpetual fear and yet you guys are shameless enough to vote for those very touts since he shed some crocodile tears for your religion. They feed you poison and sell you snake oil but you barefaced hacks never ever oppose such blatant miscarriage, much less a tough protest.

    Those of you who stay in a place called Mumbai are in fact bigger louts than the average. While others at least do think of voting, you guys are worthless enough to treat the voting day as just another day to sleep late and get drunk. You are the same louts who start crowding the Gateway Of India from 4 PM if there is a candle light march scheduled to start post 9 PM but never show a tenth of that enthusiasm to cast your votes. You guys in fact are a rare breed of morons who score negative in your self-esteem and responsibilities chart. While I still have some hope for others, I had lost everything on you when I saw a precarious turnaround of 40% post the tragic 26/11 attack. There was barely a square inch available to plant your feet just three days back during a funky candle light march but none of those big mouth clowns were seen anywhere near a polling booth on the voting day.

    And yet, it is an irony that you morons feel you should be taken seriously by the politicians. May I just ask why? Why on earth one should take you oafs seriously? Have you taken yourselves seriously to start with? As I stated earlier, you people simply don’t deserve anything, let alone anyone being serious about your scheme of things. The ‘kick in the ass’ treatment that you are getting from your representatives is appropriate because you asked for it.

    Yet, I feel the swelled buttocks of decades must have taught you something. It must have taught you to at least stand up and fight for your due unlike the earlier times when you get blinded too easily to stop differentiating between the right and the wrong. I hope you will finally stand up and vote for an India that you all wish to have than doing the routine of lying low with nonexistent pride and chosing the same buffoons once more to dance on your head for another five years. Well, these are just my hopes and that, as I said earlier, against the hope itself. I wish otherwise but I know you guttersnipes will fail yourselves miserably again.

    Warm Regards
    Another Voter.


    1. politically incorrectApr 4, 2014, 1:51:00 PM

      arre yaar, stop writing. Hindus are Ch00tiyas, koi nahi jaagega. Seriously every god damn muslim is so openly conspiring against BJP. Sonia gandhi is meeting imams, muslims are strategically consolidating for the sole purpose of defeating Modi, AAP is strategically fielding to defeat Modi, Media and their sting operations are tirelessly, desperately trying to find a last minute hail merry to screw his image.

      All said and done, it is sodisheartening to see the whole world including Hindus opposing one man who actually can do some good to the country and hindus.

      Hindus are a bunch of ch00tiyas and hijdas and there is no future for them. Just give it up! We are the future jews.

    2. I wish, Britishers were still ruling India !
      INDIANS do not deserve Freedom and Democracy.
      INDIA would have been in a MUCH BETTER PLACE, had British
      governed our Nation. Also, Nation would not have got decided in 3 parts.

    3. What a MASS MURDERER will do good to the Country ? A Person who orchestrated the worst and bloodiest carnage in our Nation ? A Person who is Full of HOT GAS ?
      Modi uses Adani's choppers to fly places to Rallies, where he can vomit out his Gas.
      Isn't that evident enough that he is a STOOGE of Billionaries like Adani and Ambani ?
      Modi cannot Run the Nation. He can only Burn the Nation.
      He is called #Feku on Twitter for a Reason .
      Snooping on Innocent Girls, Doing Fake encounters, Putting Honest Cops like Vanzara and Sanjiv Bhatt in Jail and ruining their careers. You call this Governance ?
      Isse achcha toh Kejriwal hai !
      He may be a Dramebaaz, but yet he is no way Corrupt and Arrogant as compared to Assholes whom we call as Netas.

    4. politically incorrectApr 4, 2014, 3:36:00 PM

      Thanks for demonstrating my point in point blank range.

    5. very true..h1nd00s r the biggest ch00tiyas roaming on this planet, itna organised game plan..hats off to the people who hv already ruined this country and the other bunch who r preparing to. har haath lolipop-chooste raho

    6. haan bhai modi mass murderer hai fir bhi hum usse chahte hai kyunki hum communal hai aur kuch bolna hai bha.

    7. Rajiv Gandhi, is NO More. LTTE (Tamil Tigers) killed him. Why criticise a Dead Person so much ?
      When Modi says "I am a Hindu Nationalist", what will Minorities esp. Muslims feel ? Is it that they have NO right to live in this Nation ?
      When Modi uses Choppers and Charter flights borrowed from Adani , it clearly shows whom he is really working for.
      When Modi unreasonably delays the formation of Lokayukta in his state, its clearly shows how serious he is in tackling Corruption.
      When Gujarat still lacks behind in Literacy, Malnutrition, Healthcare and Mortality rates, it clearly shows how good his "Development Model" is.
      When Modi accuses Kerala of being "cradle of terrorism", won't Malayalees feel offended ? That their home town, a paradise for Tourists is called a Terrorist Hub ?
      It is reported that Modi's working style in his Govt is Autocratic,in contrast to our democratic system. He is often compared to Hitler.
      That is about Modi.
      There are cases in several cities, where Muslims are denied Flats/Houses for staying because of their religion. Noted actor Emraan Hashmi once had complained about the same.
      Is this correct to show hatred and alienation to them ? Think about it.

    8. Aditya, the paid pimp is back. Go commit suicide on May 16 , else run away to Porkistan taking as much secular bastards with you as you can And please do not return.

    9. Well said, I m indian but ashamed to be one!!