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    Desperate Congress And The Self Goal Count

    I was away from my blog and from Pune for last 10 days. Agenda was to cast my vote in my home town. I did my bit for the democracy and I am proud of it. I am proud because of two accounts. First, I showed respect to our democracy and accomplished at least one of my responsibilities towards the nation as any average nation loving individual would do. Second, I did my bit to make our nation a “Congress Mukt Bharat” for the benefit of the future generations. The thugs, who have made a mark in the business of loot and dividing India, must have to be shunted out and I made sure they are. The loathsome selfsame of Congress deserve a complete wipe out act and I contributed to the speed up of the action. Those who are a danger to our nation are dealt hard through the ballot. I am sure people of India are doing their small bit in eliminating these shameless divisive buffoons through the scripture of democracy.

    I am not here to describe on what I did or didn't during my home visit but for an entirely different reason. I am not sure if all have marked but I see an overkill of desperation among the Congress louts as the days are progressing. Not only Congress but an entire bogie of secularism bigots, namely SP, BSP, JD(U), RJD, NC, NCP are running over each other to oppose Narendra Modi for the silliest of reasons. They not only are opposing but are also pulling out stories from their arses to somehow show Modi in a very, very bad light. Case-in-point is a rogue joker called Sanjay Jha. Over the last fortnight, a lot of people are day dreaming heavily on how to somehow malign Modi by any propaganda. The ‘Hate Modi’ brigade is not only doing overtime but also expanding among the liberal frauds, beyond just the crook politicians. Even the secular morons from other walks of life are scintillatingly showcasing their talents in the art of hating for the sake of hating. No logic or rational whatsoever but the goal is unified and focused – Just hate Modi with your life for reasons know to none.

    First was the noise that emanated from the expected quarters regarding Modi’s marital status. Just how trivial and hypocritical it was can be evident once we dig a bit into the entire cacophony. First the pious seculars cried foul on why Modi all this while hidden the fact that he is a married man. To pity the morons, they never realized that disclosing one’s marital status was an optional clause till December 2013 elections. Modi was within his rights to not disclose the same. Though why he didn’t disclose can be debated on the moral grounds but to call that as an act of illegitimacy and jokers like Kapil Sibal running around ‘Chunab Ayog’ office to lodge complains is little out of place. More so when the man himself never disclosed the companies his wife owns in any of his affidavits till now. Anyway, lets focus on Modi here. Here is the thing - Modi was married off when he was only 17. That itself is illegal under our laws. Modi has all the rights in the world to disown something which is illegal but forced on him by others/family members. By asking Modi, why he didn’t accept his marital obligations is nothing short of encouraging and condoning the great institution of child marriage. But the scumbags are so blind that they don’t realize they are shooting their own feet because of their unconditional hate. Even if we accept the legality of a child marriage for a moment, still Congress as a clandestine congregation should be the last entity to accuse Modi or for that matter anyone on moral grounds. Here is the so called wife of Modi who is caring for her estranged husband and keeping fast to see him become the PM of the nation. But the clowns are running around with their tails up and shouting morality. She has no grudge whatsoever against her husband but there are lots of outraged Congress louts pouring their highly unwanted concern for Modi’s wife. Now look at the death of a certain Sunanda Puskar. The woman was dissatisfied with her husband and was revolting time-and-again. She was vocal on how senior Congress leaders were advising Sashi Tharoor to keep his wife quite. Ultimately she was murdered (at least her death was quite murky). But irony that it can be, there was no outrage from the same scumbags who are now running around like mad dogs for Modi’s wife. Rather there was a large scale effort to hush up the matter and the same Sashi Tharoor is back to his business of ogling and merrymaking. Rahul Gandhi's version of women empowerment may be.

    Not to let the politicians have all the fun, the certified seculars of Bollywood tried to out run their masters in the game of secularism. Though I never heard these cads voice anything against the abject loot that we witnessed in last 10 years, they decided to appeal the nation to vote for their beloved secular party Congress since they feel Modi is a dangerous man to be lurking around. How notorious things can get is visible looking at the usual suspects those signed that letter of appeal. One name of prominence in the list is the seasoned Modi, Hindu and India hater Mahesh Bhatt. A person who finds Pakistan 1000 times more loving than India was seen here advocating for communal harmony and national interest. I am not mentioning others those featured among the signatories. They are worthless, both in terms of their morality and their third rate achievement in the movie industry till date. Their movie prowess is only limited to canvasing the shining rears of the seculars in politics, in return for favor and recognition through various fraudulent awards that the central government announces round the year. For them, Modi and Hindu hating pays handsomely. So the usual suspects even are seen sitting beside Sayed Ali Shah Ghilani and clapping ferociously when the scoundrel was busy insulting India in the heart of the capital. It pays for Mahesh Bhatt since, neither he nor his retard son were ever questioned on how from 2 crore people of Mumbai, David Hadley managed to befriend the retard. It pays when suspected terror involvement is hushed up officially under the carpet called coincidence. No wonder the Mahesh Bhatt types would find people like Modi a danger to the nation because he is a danger to their sinister plans. But ask the clowns on what they feel about Sonia Gandhi meeting the Sahi Imam, the tails would be tucked between the legs right away and the hoard would be seen running for cover.

    Giriraj Singh’s statement on how to deal with the antinationals is just another place where the secular frauds are exposed like never before. Though I admire the courage of Giriraj Singh for speaking the truth, I can’t approve the same since we are taught to maintain civility by not overlooking utterances like – ‘Maut Ka Saudagar’, ‘Modi should be send to Kalapani’, ‘Boti, Boti kar denge’ etc. Look at Congress reaction. The same people who have consumed the entire dictionary of filthy adjectives for Modi are squawking like a salt sprinkled leech on what Giriraj Singh has to say. Was Mr. Singh wrong? Before the Faigate broke the scenes, there was a race among the left liberal frauds on Facebook to outsmart the other in accumulating more friends from Pakistan. Does third grade India haters like Burqa Dutt, Mahesh Fart, Vinayak Krantikari Sen, Azam Idiot Khan, Digvijay Lout Singh, Maniac Shankar Aiyar deserve any place in India? All the jokers who are shouting against Modi are the ones who were regulars at Fai’s lavish parties. If you are struggling to recall – he is the same Fai who was employed and funded by ISI to break India the sophisticated way. And whom exactly the agent of anti-India found to brew his friendship? Yes the frauds that are getting jittery when someone suggests, throwing out the sold out bigots to Pakistan.

    Outcry of the secular frauds is worth a mention when Modi compared wearing skull caps with minority appeasement. Here is the thing. Perception is developed based on what one sees around him. For decades the left liberal frauds have made a mockery of the entire Muslim population, let alone the skull cap. If one says, the thugs of Congress wear skull caps to show respect to Islam, then immediate admission to the nearest mental asylum of repute is the need of the hour. All know to which extent the Muslims in India are exploited by the Congress touts for political gain. Be it shedding tankers of crocodile tear or wearing a skull cap at the drop of a hat – the Muslims only got stiff middle fingers at the end of the day. All know the facts behind the skull cap and its misuse in our political discourse but refrain from voicing the actualities to sound more politically correct. To the dismay of the frauds, Modi is one politician who is speaking from his heart and on matters where he has some kind of conviction. No doubt the frauds are finding such propositions grossly to their disliking. They don’t like the truth be spoken since the easier route to do nothing but loot and yet keep a particular community voting for them is absurd lies and some stinking appeasement. Hence the usual suspects were bound to blow their rears at one go and call Modi by vicious names; much like what the morons did when Modi made the Puppy remark some time back. For the louts, priminister dedicating the entire national resource to the minorities is fine but not someone convinced enough to disagree for a skull cap.

    I am not even going to the details of the crimes of the notorious serial offenders like Digvijay Singh, Beni Prasad Verma and Manishankar Aiyar to name only few. While Diggy keeps his feet permanently parked in his mouth Beni makes us wonder if he belongs to human species or he is actually a guttersnipe. Ditto goes true for the 5-Rupee satisfactory meal man, the Raj Babbar. Least talked about this four decade Gandhi ass worshiper Mani Aiyer is better for our mental coherence. He finds democracy similar to his routine rear licking activity. He suggests, if people by mistake elect Modi, the secular morons must unite at once to topple any such government. By mistake the scumbag says. Here is a blind sycophant who not only is questioning the wisdom of the voters but also insulting the voters squarely. And this is not the first time that Mani Aiyer showed his arrogance. He is doing this since the time he first lick cleaned Rajiv Gandhi’s sandals. A person who is a disgrace to his own party, so much so that he is been shunted out unceremoniously from all party responsibilities is hell-bent on not looking at the walls, much less reading the writings. Frustrated soul he is, he is suggesting his other partners in crime to not lose hope when the routing eventually will happen on May 16th but remain vigilant for opportunities to topple the government. And irony we have such vandals still polluting our democratic frameworks.

    Hope the frustration and desperation in Congress has scaled the peak and it is only downhill from now. Else I am sure half of the jokers in the party might end up having massive cardiac arrests by the evening of May 16, 2014. Hope their doctors are keeping a close watch on the blood pressure level and administering proper sleeping pills, for them to sleep peacefully, minus some scary Narendra Modi nightmares.


    1. First of all, We should welcome such FOUL MOUTHS to VOMIT more and more expletives against BJP in general and Modi in particular.
      The more they utter nonsense, the more it benefits BJP, Modi and hence India.
      Each time these morons FOULMOUTH, a million votes get added to the BJP/NDA kitty.
      Coming to the SURVEY FIGURES shown above, the predicted seats to congress seem to be disproportionately exaggerated.
      When the ground realities show that even Sonia and Rajiv are going to bite the dust, 92 - simply looks ridiculously high. Congress may not score more than 40. The excess 52 will go to NDA's Kitty.

    2. Secularism will get a new definition once Modi becomes PM !!
      Republic of India may become "HINDU REPUBLIC OF INDIA" .
      Minorities will take time to adjust such kind of life. Doles could become a Thing of the Past.
      Development could become much Faster. Justice may become more Quicker.
      But, Life may not be the same. Media will be Censored, and be made PRO-HINDU.
      Pluralist and Liberal society will be in Jeopardy. Minorities will be under pressure to change their way of Life to adjust with Majority of Hindus.
      This could damage our relationship with the Gulf, considering the way Muslims are affected, affecting the Oil Prices.
      Our Neighbours are NOT comfortable with Modi becoming India's PM. He won't let them have their way it was happening so far. They will re-consider their policy towards India.
      In a NutShell, Modi can change they way Things happen in India, or are perceived in India.

    3. Does this piece of bile makes any sense? Why should we bother if our neighbors like us having NaMo as our PM? It is we who should decide keeping the larger interest of the nation as an yardstick, not just minorities. Policies should be common and result oriented, not to appease the whims and likes of a particular community. Those who may find a unified and growing Indian a hindrance to their personal aspiration of appeasement and doles, then queuing up in front of the Pakistan Embassy isn't that difficult a task to achieve. For goodwill we, the true and patriotic Indians can very well request our government to buy one way tickets to Lahore on Pakistan International Airlines.

    4. What about Statements by Pro-Hindu persons like Togadia ? He yesterday said that Muslims should not be allowed to buy properties in Hindu Majority areas. Is this correct to say like that ? He even said that Muslims should not have Power of Attorney . BJP and even Modi has avoided to comment on this. What does this all Mean ?

    5. And may I know what you have to say about Kashmir? I guess that is also a part of India. The Italian waitress meets maulanas and requests that the secular votes not be split.. why .. are only the muslim votes secular?? Looking at your first post on this thread I realized that you talk like Sanjay Jha. Ask him a question on anything from his date of birth to the capital of honolulu.. and he will talk about the 2002 riots and secularism. It is only because of people like you that Hindus in spite of being the majority are treated like second class citizens and we are ruled by an Italian waitress and her good for nothing son and a puppet PM.

    6. नफरत की वजह से कुछ लोगों के दिमाग इतने कुंद हो चुके हैं कि उनसे किसी उम्मीद की उम्मीद करना ही बेकार है. ऐसे लोग जितना कीचड मोदीजी के ऊपर उछालते हैं, हमारे इरादे उतने ही मज़बूत होते जाते हैं. पहले हमें बहुत गुस्सा आता था, लेकिन रजत शर्मा के "आपकी अदालत" में मोदीजी के जवाब सुनकर लगा - अगर कुछ बेवक़ूफ़ हमारे देश में ऐसी ही लचर पचर सरकार चलाने के पक्षधर कुछ भी बकवास करते हैं, तो उनको जवाब देना भी मूर्खता है. और इसमें संभवतः उन्हें अपनी जीत दिखाई देती हो कि हम कम से कम कुछ बदबू तो फैला रहे हैं समाज में झूठ, लोगों को गुमराह करना कि "फलां आ जायेगा तो मालूम हैं कि देश पर आफत आ जाएगी" अब उनके ऐसे थोथे तर्कों से भारतीय जनता बरगलाने वाली नहीं। इन लोगों ने तो अपनी आने वाली नस्लों का भी इंतज़ाम कर रखा है, आम आदमी कहाँ जाएगा. कुछ लोगों के बाँटने वाली राजनीती और मोदीजी को रोकने वाली चालों से ज़्यादा हमारी दुआओं में भी तो कुछ असर होगा। अब तो बस १६ मई का ही इंतज़ार है, वो भी जल्दी ही ख़त्म हो जायेगा।

    7. go to northeast india and try buying a tiny plot of land...i dare!

    8. Lol! Ask Sanjay Jha any question about failure of UPA-2, he will start praising Sri Rahul Gandhi.

    9. BC, you're not above name-calling, eh? :-) That's good... you're no different. What's more, you're the same as the hydra-headed loudmouths on TV justifying every transgression with the other party's transgressions. Forgetting entirely that to be different you HAVE to be different. And no, please do not use tired old clichés of fighting fire with fire.
      Oh btw, before I forget, your self-marketing on Rediff--and elsewhere I daresay--under pseudonyms like "Saurya" or "Ajatsatru" using nice little self-praise with words like "great read" and such like also work: I came here from there! ;-) But alas! I find there's nothing "great" about this, mere ranting and slander. But that's your style and your capability... so you're going to remain limited to that. Can't expect Shakespearean flight of expression from say a Bhagat (with due apologies to the latter). Just a fact.
      Now, as far as Mr Modi is concerned. The country will be blessed IF he turns out to be what his acolytes assert he'd be. If not, as usual, the country will suffer. To pin your hopes on one is foolish perhaps but certainly not wrong. But to vilify everyone else in order to enhance his stature is only belittling him, no one else. And of course, to stridently claim dissenters and those who do not see eye to eye with Mr Modi and his ways have no place in this country is laughably absurd. But potentially dangerous. If Mr Modi fails to curb those with loose tongues and they end up fanning enough passions to actually cause the rightwing lumpen elements--and there're plenty of them you'll admit surely-- to put spoken venom to action, well, the dangers I spoke of as potential will be more than realized and there'll be hell to pay in terms of the country's suffering.

    10. You are trying to be Smart Alec, aren't you? And by the way, I am not in the business of advertising myself. That's what is reserved for your beloved Gandhi family. I am not sure which school of thought you went through but it is always one individual that one pits his/her hope. Pitting your hope on many makes you one Barsati Mendak with no ideology but self interest only.

      So least I expect from morons around is gyaan which they believe is the best that one can find in the entire world. So please spare me from your rubbishes with rotten logic.

      Thanks and have a great day.

    11. What the F$%^ is wrong in being pro-Hindu in a Hindu majority country?
      Paid Bstd, if you are actually a Hindu, I feel sorry for fools like you. It is your clan who are actually ruining this country to buy votes from traitors.
      If you are a muzziepig or a churchslave hiding under a Hindu name, well, get out the country on May 16 and don't return.

    12. Paid slave, have you read the S%^t that you have written here? If you are so worried about the Gulf countries or India's neighbors, then please get a PR to any one of those countries, and get out. Traitors like you should either be sent out like that or executed in public.

    13. Kashmir has section 370 as per our Consititution, due to political and demographic factors. It was a Princely State ruled by Hindu King - Raja Hari Singh until Indian Govt took over in 1948. Since that region is disputed with Pakistan, section 370 is still applicable.

      Nevertheless, Any citizen of this Nation, irrespective of which Religion, Caste, Community, Language, Color, Race he/she belongs to has Full Right to ---

      - Practice one's faith
      - Practice one's profession
      - Work in a Company
      - Use Public Transport and Utilities
      - Buy Property
      - Make Investments
      - Make Friends and Social Circles
      - Any other task or activity performed by Citizens & Legal Residents
      Imagine, there are so many Techies working in Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India, and some outfit like KNS - Karnataka Navnirman Sene (Just Imagine) comes and bashes up Non-Kannadigas, just like Shiv Sena and MNS do to Non-Marathis in Mumbai, how would it feel ? Will Bangalore remain an IT Hub ? Will it retain its cosmo culture ?
      Give it a thought.
      We are a PLURALISTIC society (if you object to word Secular) , where People from DIFFERENT Backgrounds and Cultures live together with their own perceptions and differences.
      A Few Netas can't destroy this nor challenge this.
      Beware of such Rascals !!!

    14. Now you are talking like Prashant Bhushan and Khujliwal. Political and demographic..my @$$. Article 370 was created by Sheikh Abdullah and Nehru, the two of the worst men in the history of India, to prevent J&K from becoming an integral part of the Indian Union and it is one of the laws due to which all Kashmiri pandits were driven out of Kashmir and nobody questioned the ethnic cleansing that happened in the entire J&K region.

    15. politically incorrectApr 25, 2014, 3:43:00 PM

      All Hindus, read after me,

      - We are HINDUS

      - and we are proud of it

      - and we will show it off whenever and whereever we want

      - and we are not ashamed of it, as you all "liberals" want us to

      - and we do not have any guilt towards any situation of minorities in India, because they came here as invaders and not slaves like Black people in USA

      - and we do not wish to be in the good books of "liberals" on the cost of our self-respect

      - and we are not afraid of the "seculars" for our safety on the cost of our self-respect

      - and we have started seeing the truth behind secular/liberal propaganda very clearly

      - and we will not let our land be contaminated with poisonous ideologies, which flourished here in India because we were too liberal to give them benefit of doubt

      - and we are awakening to the real threats to our culture and heritage and our future

      - and we are not ignorant of the practical emerging situations

      - and we can tell apart truth from propaganda

      - and last but not the least...... we are angry in the face of truth from which we were kept ignorant by people like your masters, dont underestimate us. Live and let live, and we command the respect that we deserve, for our GENEROSITY, for our TOLERANCE, for our SECULARISM, for our CONTRIBUTIONS, for our POSITIVE ATTITUDE, for our real CREED which you people insult so easily and fearlessly....

    16. Agreed with politically incorrect. Yes we Hindus are proud of ourselves because we are open minded people believe in "Sarvdharm Sambhav" and believe in "Live and Let Live".

    17. Idiot...Jst keep urself quite. Other wise u wll be shooted at sight.