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    Of Course We Are Serious Mr. Robert Vadra

    I have always said this – whatever we are seeing at present in our political discourse is just the symptom. The root of the problem lies elsewhere. Talking about problems, no political party (barring JD(U) and BSP) seems to have more of them than the grand old party of India, the Congress party. Call the root of the problem as abject arrogance or blatant corruption or unbelievable over the top charlatanism, the Congress party couldn’t possibly be in a more problematic situation than they are presently in. You may even blame it on Manish Tiwari or Mani Shankar Aiyer or Kapil Sibal and their wretched disrespect towards the wisdom of Indian voters but the fact on the ground remains where it was 15, 20 or may be even 50 years back. Be it Manish Tiwari blatantly exposing his ego by terming himself and his partymen as the only ‘Elected & Electable’ specimen or Mani Aiyar’s arrogance breaking all boundaries of civility while uttering his infamous ‘Chaiwala’ jibe at Narendra Modi, these are nothing but the rotten symptoms while the bigger malaise is somewhere else. When Rahul Gandhi advocates paradigm shift in the party, I hope for the good health of this old party that he isn’t missing the woods for the trees. Hope, he knows where the real problem lies and more important, interested enough to take the bull by the horns than concentrating on the symptoms only. It seems these are hopes only while the ground reality might be entirely different and I will tell you why.

    Is the much needed change happening in Congress? May be or maybe not. While I don’t dispute the noble efforts of RG, people like Robert Vadra force me to revisit my conclusion vis-à-vis RG and his attempts at resurrecting Congress from inside. The more I look at people like RV and their rogue approach in everything they do; it doesn’t entrust the confidence that RG is actually imparting his ideas of changes within the party. Because had there been any real impact of RG and his ideas then notorious characters like RV would have mended their behavior for good when in public. Had RG been serious about the changes he wants to inflict within the party he should have asked his spokies not to defend a serial offender like Vadra but would have instead pulled up Mr. Vadra for his obnoxious behavior towards the media. But what happened post Vadra’s naked display of arrogance at a function in Gurgaon is completely tangent to what I was expecting as a resultant of RG’s goodwill teaching. I didn’t see an iota of change to what I had seen earlier with respect to Vadra and his public misdemeanor. The same set of people falling over each other to defend Vadra, all the while shouting how media is unnecessarily hounding a private citizen; the same shamelessness thrown at the audience in various news channels; the same set of excuses furnished; the same louts like Digvijay Singh, Randip Surjyawal, Renuka Chaudhury defending the indefensible and last but not the least – a complete silence of both Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi on why the first son-in-law of Congress party is always in the news for all the wrong reasons. While we are at it, none at the Congress camp seems too interested to answer on why Congress party is defending Mr. Vadra so vehemently if he happens to be a private citizen? Will the Congress party show as much agility as they always show in case of Vadra if I ask them to defend me when I am in real soup? Perhaps they will since private citizens are so dear to them.

    All said-and-done and jokes apart, can we really blame Vadra alone for his noticeable rogue behavior? Who inculcated this sense of elitism in this man’s character when by every means he is just a scrap dealer? For answers we may not have to go too far back in history. During UP assembly elections in 2012, Robert Vadra was on a motorcycle rally to campaign for Congress. Campaign and all for the party is fine but the catch was, he never asked for permission (or he may not have to for being the Damad of Sonia Gandhi?) from the local authorities for the said rally. Rightfully an honest officer stopped Mr. Vadra and his cronies from carrying out a political rally without the required approvals. Now how many of you feel the honest officer should have been rewarded for displaying exemplary courage in the face of adversity and for executing his duty efficiently according to the law? Well he was awarded but in a manner that was unheard of. He not only was chided for respecting the rules of the land but also got suspended and later transferred for his honesty. The last I heard of this honest officer is that, his promotion was withheld for two financial years. Now what such kneejerk and unethical response suggests? Yes – how dare a normal mortal can stop the first son-in-law of Congress from doing whatever he wants to, even if that is illegal as per law? At least Narasimha rao was better. He not only praised but also awarded Kiran Bedi at a public function for towing the priminister’s car for violating traffic rules. 

    If you feel the above example is deplorable then wait, I am not done yet. In Delhi an honest and hardworking executive of a multinational learnt it the hard way that Mr. Robert Vadra is actually above the law. On a busy Monday morning the executive did the unpardonable sin of overtaking ‘THE Vadra’s’ motorcade while on his way to office. Soon the Delhi police sprang into action and promptly took the poor executive in custody for interrogation. Well, the NSG security guards guarding Vadra also joined in the farce. The executive was harassed for 5 hours and questioned of his intentions when he thought to overtake ‘THE Damad’ of Congress party. After 5 hours of grilling Delhi police came to the conclusion that though the arrogant executive has no ill intentions to harm Vadra but it still  is his mistake that he didn’t recognize the motorcade of the ‘Zahapana’ of Delhi. Mistakes are after all are mistakes you know; more so when perpetrated against the royal family of India. So as punishment the man’s driving license was withheld for 6 months so that he doesn’t commit this horrendous crime of insulting the Damad even in his dreams. Honestly, the only thing I second Mr. Vadra with is – this country was actually a banana republic during the UPA regime.

    So what we inferior common citizens should learn from this? Learnings are many but in nutshell, Mr. Vadra didn’t ask the question ‘Are You Serious’ without a reason. In fact the question was a metaphor of a bigger question. And the bigger question is – how dare you question me, THE Robert Vadra, Son-In-Law of Sonia Gandhi, about his culpability in land grabs and other sundry loots? Aren’t you aware of the above mentioned two examples on how I am treated above the law by the outgoing government? Aren’t you aware that I am the only scrap dealer and private citizen to have his airport security checks revoked because I can’t stand in the queue with those lowlife sweaty people like you? I mean, ‘Are You Serious/Nuts’ that you are not aware of the things that can happen to you for this unwarranted adventure of yours? Yes, this is the exact question that ‘Are You Serious’ closely followed by ‘Are You Nuts’ nonsense beautifully wrapped inside it. More than his aggression and supreme qualities of a potential goon (if he is not one already), he wanted to showcase the nasty entitlements he is so used to for decades. He is so used to being officially pampered that he wanted to dismiss the poor journalist from his presence because he did the mistake of asking him of his master’s degree in loot and loathsomeness. I guess “Chori Aur Upar Se Shina Jori” never had some practical example like this before.

    By the way Mr. Vadra, if you are serious in asking if that journalist or for that matter each one of us is serious or not then ‘Hell Yeah’, we all are serious. We are serious because we see a clown who enjoys the SPG security on our money is asking us if we are serious. We are serious because it is we who pay from our pockets for your other sundry luxury and different Page-3 orgasm. We are serious because we see someone who lives on tax payers money, our money but have all the audacity of the world to show his middle finger to us financers at an unbelievable regularity. We are serious because we see a scrap dealer looting us imperturbably for decades and then turns back to mock us with his undeserving arrogance. Hell Yeah Mr. Robert Vadra, Hell Yeah – we are dam dead serious like never before and hope you along with your mother-in-law, brother-in-law, your beloved wife and the thousands of sycophants in Congress party must have seen some glimpses of our seriousness in 2014 general elections and the state elections that followed. Irony if you haven’t noted that seriousness yet or you want to get to that coveted ‘ZERO’ number of seats during 2019 to realize how serious we were all this while. Don’t worry we will arrange for the fulfilment of that wish as well. As it is we were arranging your SPG cover, evening scotch, Harley Davidson ride, that six pack and everything else till now, no? Bloody skunks….


    1. Are you serious?.....Are you serious?....Are you serious?

    2. "Because had
      there been any real impact of RG and his ideas then
      notorious characters like RV would have mended their behavior for good
      when in public. Had RG been serious about the changes he wants to
      inflict within the party he should have asked his spokies not to defend a
      serial offender like Vadra but would have instead
      pulled up Mr. Vadra for his obnoxious behavior towards the media" - were you really serious when you wrote this?