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    Sadvi Niranjan Jyoti Is Wrong But So Were Others In The Past

    I was on vacation, and it seems, all possible controversies erupt during these small windows. Among many of the controversies that amalgamated while I was away, the most interesting of the lot is the one that involves a lesser known BJP leader cum minister of state, Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti. As expected from the profound secularists of this nation, they didn’t waste a single minute to boil into an episodic outrage. The outrage never limited itself to Twitter and Facebook alone. Every secularist worth of his/her salt, their nephews and nieces, consumed rims of paper in describing how grossly unhealthy are the words of Sadhvi Jyoti were. If you ask me, how I see Sadavi Jyoti’s verbatim? Well they were distasteful to say the least. After all, how true it may be, you are not supposed to use words like ‘Haramzada’ in public speeches. The Sadhvi was entirely wrong with her utterances but that is not where the debate and outrage should stop, and I will tell you why. By the way, this very post is not at all an attempt at condoning Sadhvi Jyoti and her civility or the lack of it but to elaborate the grossly misplaced pique culminating out of this selective amnesia.

    Was it the first time that we saw someone in public life using profane of worst order, as our media syndicate and their closest buddies, the secularists would make you believe? Even the outrage of opposition in both houses desperately begs an answer to this very question. Political outfits like Congress, TMC, SP, NC and many alike have a severely tainted past when it comes to maintaining a basic decorum in their public behavior. But come to Sadhvi Jyoti, these were the same parties which let lose their cannons on the well of the house to teach us morality like never before. History is a testimony that, all political parties, irrespective of their core ideologies (if they have any) are in a bad habit of delivering jarring examples of rotten communication skills at the drop of a hat. Few parties may be lesser criminals than others but none is Dettol washed as they would pretend. Even few parties like TMC and SP have gone a step and two ahead from just abusing others and adopted the finer skill of political murder and Mafiosi as their party policies. When such parties and their representatives rush to the well and demand the resignation of the accused leader, it becomes little irritating.

    Let’s start with a certain Narendra Modi. When it comes to Modi, not only his political opponents but also our media and the secularists therein, all have crossed all lines of courteousness a long time back. The same Congress party which is now objecting the most had once their president referred Modi as ‘Maut Ka Saudagar’. And I am sure; I won’t be called insane if I say – that very line of Mrs. Sonia Gandhi started the degradation of civility among our political class, particularly during election campaigns. This is not the only instance where Modi was palpably addressed with worst choice of words. Holocaust, messenger of death, hero of hatred; are few of the many adjectives that our media and their friends in the secular domain used to address Modi with. Why I never saw anyone outraging then? Congress members may have a short temper and even a shorter memory but Manishankar Aiyer’s regular nonsenses are still fresh in many minds. What was it when Alcoholic Aiyer said – I can guarantee, Modi would never be the PM of this country. Yes, if he wants we can arrange a space here at AICC for him to sell tea. What was that when Digvijay Singh said – BJP aur unke sare allies Tawaif hain? Not going too much into past, the frustrations of Omar Abdullah were legendary. All those who attend Modi’s rallies are bastards, the junior Abdullah was seen quoting. How this line equates with those of the Sadhvi? If one outrages for Sadhvi Jyoti and quite rightly so then it just bewilders me how the same bunch can afford complete silence in above cases.

    Not to remain too far behind, the serial offenders of our democracy and a tragedy called TMC had their guns ready. How can they forget their own Tapas Paul before pointing fingers at Sadhvi Jyoti? How it sounds when you switch on your TV amongst your family members and hear Tapas Da issuing threats of rape and violence to all CPI(M) cadres? It may sound like Raag Vairavi to Ms. Mamata Banarjee’s ears but all ears are not that well equipped as those of Ms. Banarjee’s. Forget Tapas Da, even Ms. Banarjee’s recent ‘Bamboo in the back’ statement is noteworthy. Does it qualify on the part of a ruling CM to use such degrading lines in her public address? What kind of CM you love to have in your state – composed and civilized or a Mamata Banarjee? Making a choice can’t be simpler than this, I can assure you. For a moment let’s forget about profanity and the habitual tendency of Ms. Banarjee and her party TMC to be on the wrong side of civility. How they would rate the statements of Kakoli Dastadir vis-à-vis Mahabharat yesterday? Didn’t she say that Mahabharat teaches rape and violence against women with respect to ‘Draupadi Vastraharan’ episode? Though I don’t blame Ms. Kakoli since understanding the nuances of Mahabharat requires some serious IQ in the upper tire; I object to such vilification of a religious work. Least I say – I am amused, it is close to 24 hours and the usual suspects are yet to outrage. But come to Sadhvi Jyoti, the useful idiots started outraging by the time she was done with her statement.

    Even the great AAP had their share of comedy cracking. But, have they forgotten one of their own going by the name Somnath Bharti? Isn’t he the person who referred a group of women as prostitutes and drug peddlers not long back though the medical tests didn’t reveal anything close to his disparaging claims? Not only that, he also made the poor women to urinate in public so that their urine samples could be taken for biological tests. To top the shamelessness, he was the then law minister of the state and had the audacity to conduct such obscenity without having a warrant and that too in the mid of the night. How that action of Mr. Bharti equates with the statements of Sadhvi Jyoti, if may I ask? But logic strays to wilderness the moment you start debating with AAP chaps; so I give it to them.

    Even more hilarious was the claim of Congress that Sadhvi Jyoti has degraded the veracity of our constitution. If so then let me assure you, the degeneration of our constitution has started a long time back. In fact right from the time of Pundit Nehru. Wasn’t it degeneration when Dr. Manmohan Singh, to commemorate Sonia Gandhi’s birthday said – Muslims have the first right to national resources? Wasn’t it degeneration when we installed something as wretched as ‘Ministry of minority affairs’? Wasn’t it degeneration when Sahabanoo case happened to please a bunch of uneducated Mullahs? Wasn’t emergency of Mrs. Indira Gandhi to safeguard her vested interest a classic case of demeaning our constitution? What was article 370 in that case? What was Rajaniti Prasad doing while he was tearing up the Lokpal bill in Rajya Sabha? What was Rahul Gandhi doing when he gate crashed the federal government’s press conference and termed something with PM’s nod as complete nonsense? What was it when we see a certain Robert Vadra entering and exiting our airports without being frisked? What is it when Priyanka Gandhi enjoys a sprawling government Bungalow without being a member of parliament even? The lists of such deplorable instances are many. Then why Congress woke up from their slumber just now?

    By the way, ‘Haramzada’ was a wrong word but then, isn’t there some truth in Sadhavi Niranjan Jyoti’s comments? If not then why is such an outrage? 


    1. Sadhvi Jyoti was wrong, as correctly pointed out by you but then others in the past weren't either. But irony is the secularist does have very thin and ever so decreasing memory to forget every sin of other seculars in a jiffy. Great post as always and I am a big fan of yours since 2009.

    2. mohammed zikriyaDec 11, 2014, 2:29:00 PM

      The real face of BJP is coming out, Sab ka sath Sab ka vikas,

    3. mohammed zikriyaDec 11, 2014, 2:35:00 PM

      why can't modi control these jokers!!!!

    4. I had no clue Haramzaade's true meaning. I havent learned it in school. I have only heard it in Hindi movies being shouted by heroes. I just thought it meant a person of low morals.

    5. Whatever the BJP does, your perception is not going to change. If acts of a few individuals could be generalized and used to have an opinion of a party / organization / group, then those, who blame communities for terror acts across the world, are also not wrong in blaming some faith that way. Do you agree with that? NO and you know the reason.

    6. You r a muslim. your perception of modi will NEVER change. You will look at everything thru the prism of godhara.Even allah is not capable of changing you.

    7. mohammed zikriyaDec 12, 2014, 5:52:00 PM

      GHAR VAPASI = Rs. 5 Lakhs + BPL Card + Health Benefits Schemes etc., but who will pay for the restructure of the foreskin??????

    8. Dont insult sweepers and underestimate the value.. if they shun work... you will end up instink.... btu this guy only spills stink wherever he goes.....