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    Barkha Dutt – From The Heights Of Kargil To The Pits Of Radia Tapes

    Let’s get this crystal clear – Barkha Dutt has been shacked from her post in NDTV. This is as good as it gets. Frauds may term it as making a move to something absurd called ‘Consulting Editors’ group but we know what that really means. Don’t we? If not, ask Lalkrishna Advani about his migration to the ‘Margdarshak Mandal’ of BJP. Honestly, someone as clandestine as Barkha, either leaving or getting sacked from her job doesn’t really bother me much. I in fact wouldn’t have bothered either, much less writing a post on it. But the way, she as a journalist, a public figure and as a human, acted against Hindus all through her professional career, kind of fills me with vindication when she was finally shown the door from the post which she was abusing all these years. In one line, I am not only feeling vindicated but also happy to see another media moron shown her due place.

    I still remember the date when I got a threat mail from her with words like ‘legal and criminal proceedings’, ‘defamation’ and many more such nonsense to that effect. What were my specific faults to invite such wrath of her Excellency? Yes, I asked few uncomfortable questions based on logic, which I presume Barkha had no logical answers to reply with, except throwing her weight around. Chaitanya Kunte was another poor blogger who was also threatened no ends by this selfsame journalist for being upfront in condemning her clownish act during 26/11 media coverage. She was seen throwing her rotten weight that time as well. Poor Chaitnya was worried to the hilt and decided to back-off while this blogger stood to his ground and that is the last time I heard from this great liar cum truth manipulator ever. Like her fake image which she along with her cronies have webbed for years, her intimidations vanished at once when I asked her politely to go ahead with her threats if she finds it exciting to answer my questions in a court. Trust me, the brave girl in Barkha did a ‘Tail Between The Legs’ act, not to be seen threatening me ever again. In fact it is not only me but there are other bloggers like Sandeep Balakrishnan who also have given back to this lady in square terms. Now, I want to ask the Padma Sri Barkha Dutt here – where she stands now? Can she recognize the ground she is walking now? But look at this mere nameless and faceless author, who is standing exactly where he was when he was threatened by this media’s ugly child. Who is shamefaced today Barkha? Me and thousand others whom you took liberty to abuse or you yourself?

    But there is a pattern here. And the pattern is the magic that destiny plays. I always say this – destiny has this naughty habit of keeping itself relevant every now-and-then. The moment these frauds think them to be higher than the rest, destiny comes back and slaps them hard at places that can’t be elaborated in a civilized blog. Look at what happened to a certain Rajdeep Sardesai. The man with a wolf skin kept on tarnishing Narendra Modi and each one of his supporters 24*7*365. While NaMo marched ahead and became the PM of this nation, this wolf became a street thug. When world recognized NaMo as a global leader, Sardesai went ahead and behaved like a ruffian in front of Madison Square Garden. His wife is no different when it comes to getting reduced to naught. The ‘Bloody Mary’ of Indian media is struggling to make two breads out of her nonsense while at one point, the lady of ‘Guttersnipe’ fame was giggling around with her majestic lies in open. I want to ask all these jokers – where each one of them stands now? Where does Rajdeep stand? What was that when in frustration (apparently) the great Rajdeep termed this blogger a lowlife and a lower middle class religious bigot with acute civility bankruptcy? Mrs. Sardesai, do you remember calling me both jobless and worthless? How grossly wrong you were, no? Who is the real lowlife here? Last I remembered I never behaved like a street thug in public.   

    Coming back to Barkha and her regal lie peddling of 23 years which another fraud called Pranoy Roy terms as the journey from a young girl to a beautiful woman. It is all shoddy. A two decade long of slapdash and deplorable journey of a news trader. From the heights of Kargil she falls into the ditch of Radia laps. She shamelessly calls them sources in her defense. By the way, sources are those who supply you with genuine news. You don’t sleep around with your sources to manufacture news. That is called pimping and that is what Barkha was doing all this while in her so called journey from a young girl to a beautiful woman. I am not sure how our laws have become so toothless in-between or else I don’t see any place other than jail for such flabbergasting uncivilized individuals who swarm our drawing rooms every evening. Barkha tried her best to evolve a party animal called Rahul Gandhi to the epitome of Indian politics but failed to answer (read threat mails of suing) how she evolved herself in the fraudulent scotch circuit of Lutyens’ Delhi. She taught us about her version of duplicitous secularism while she forgot what the specific learnings of a journalist are. She told us about the art of self-righteousness while she forgot that the citizens are far smatter than the collective wisdom of all media morons like her put together.

    But that is called payback perhaps. Not only Barkha but majorities of our media thugs have a dirty underbelly. The warehouse of lies which I fondly refer as pig farm called NDTV is at equal fault to harbor such liars in their fold. But that is then what ‘Birds of same feather…’ suggests. While Barkha marched to her filthy oblivion the syndicate of deceitful means called NDTV is dragged to the ambit of an investigation to go through their ill-gotten money of 2G. It is time even the master craftsman Pranoy Roy pays through his nose for having as dirty a past as an average city gutter. The great Bong who asks another of his fraud stooge called Sekhar Gupta to chop Sazia Ilmi is himself on the chopping board finally. Remember the destiny and its habit of proving who the godfather is? Even Sekhar Gupta is not far behind in getting paid handsomely one day. It is only a matter of few months when his dirty land deals around Haryana would be combined with the crimes of another fraud and in all probability the son-in-law of Congress and this seasoned Congress doormat would march to Tihar with all their glory. But trust me, this lowlife blogger would still be there standing in a corner and laughing his lungs out.

    This is the power of honesty dear Barkha and many such morons. I am no winner of a Padma award but then I never pimped for someone for personal gain. You see, being from lower middle class is no crime as long as you don’t pimp around in a high class society for money or seen like a drunkard anti-social at a public gathering. It is no crime being jobless if the only job one can do is to sell his morality, ethics and the nation. I may never be able to send my kids to Manipal medical college by paying a whopping 50 Lakhs as donation but then I never would sell my morality either. You see, I am a lowlife and nobody pays a lowlife in lakhs to narrate lies in public. I am a lowlife and nobody honors a lowlife with Padma awards either.

    On a separate note, Mrs. Sagarika Ghosh, do you remember guttersnipe? Or, may be I should ask you this on an appropriate time.


    1. What happened to Barkha Dutt? Is she out of NDTV? Last time I saw her, she was in conversation with Poet Vishwas of AAP. I have discontinued the habit of watching NDTV as I feel the channel is full of lies and is always against Hindus-RSS and BJP. Are we not going to see her face again? Good riddance. However Sardesai and Sagarika seem to have landed other jobs. Sardesai has elbowed out Rahul Kanwal in Headlines Today and Sagarika is in Times of India.

    2. Hi,
      As much as I admire your views, I urge you to seriously reconsider what you said about Arun Jaitley. While it's true that he lost his seat, that doesn't make his cabinet indication any less legitimate. Jaitley is a man of sagacity and is the urban face of the bjp. He is the troubleshooter who is capable of deftly handling issues that pose a threat to modi and the government. He is the go to man for all legal advice. You will have also noticed that in the rajya sabha, where the govt is in a hopeless minority, it is jaitley, who by the strength of his arguments and his oratory has gotten the opposition to listen to him and allow them to pass key legislation. A subramaniam swamy would've ticked off every opposition member n would 've forced the govt on it knees in the rajya sabha.


    3. No correction required on Anurag...people of Himachal will be happy if Anurag is groomed for Delhi or elsewhere...another corrupt in making!!!