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    When The Frauds Rushed In To Save Teesta Setalvad

    Let me give a little history to this. No, not about the woman. We will get to that a little later. Let’s first talk about the case for which Teesta Setalvad is hiding around like a criminal pig. But even before that, it needs some elaboration on how this started. They were syndicate in crime. Ms. Setalvad and one of her cronies, who also happen to be his assistant in her heydays as a minority messiah, broke all links for reasons best known to him and his yesteryear mistress. The crook then tried to be an incarnated saint, perhaps to save his skin from impending wrath of Ms. Setalvad, turned to the laws of the land and spilled some of the beans that all of us knew Ms. Setalvad is hiding in her cupboard.

    The first among the many skeletons that tumbled out were the uncanny affection of Ms. Setalvad to go for exotic shopping on other’s money. For a change, here, other’s money not necessarily was limited to just the cash that was getting transferred to her account/s from Congress bank. She in fact went to Europe and other such nice places by spending the money she once collected from the riot victims of Gulbarga society to build some short of memorial. By the way, she once had cried wolf on the apathy of Ahmedabad municipality for not giving permission to build the said memorial and NDTV played that barking for three straight days at a stretch. Sagarika Ghosh also visited the streets of Juhapura for the 67298513th time to substantiate how actually Modi is even dead against a memorial coming up for the people who he himself butchered on the streets of Ahmedabad. But that is a different story and a lie in itself. Coming back – so the assistant furnished the list of donors for the said memorial and even brought 6 donors from the list, who testified two things. First – they had paid the money. Second – the minority messiah in Teesta was evasive to every question around the said memorial and the status. She just tried to skip the question by blaming the then Gujarat government for the delay and ran away to Mumbai when the society members asked for a refund in case of things not falling inline. That is a clear cut forgery as you know. More than the forgery according to IPC 420 and section whatever, she also warranted few minority related penal codes to be attached along because she on prima facie seem to have cheated a lot of minorities. National Minority commission, I tell you… Anyway!!

    Now, this is for those secularists who regularly smell conspiracy rather than smelling some strong coffee. Good morning!!! Here are the facts. No body acted on Ms. Setalvad just because her yesteryear stooge turned Jaychand. If that is the case then let me assure you, Ms. Setalvad has committed far more serious crimes in the past than just syphoning riot victim’s money. She is spared till now in want of proof and the then secular Congress government. Had somebody wanted Ms. Setalvad to rot for nothing then Ramgopal Verma would already have made a movie on her plight by now. So let’s keep that conspiracy, sabotage, etc at the far corner. Things settled? So, the revelation of Jaychand saw an FIR getting filed against Ms. Setalvad and her equally dubious NGO for financial fraud. From thereon Ms. Setalvad turned as hostile with the investigating authorities as she was with her donors. She in fact was so overconfident of the powers of her masters that she at first declined to submit the donors list to the authorities citing some privacy nonsense. When arrest threats were made, she reluctantly furnished something which the authorities claim are both unconvincing and half complete. The list which the authorities prepared themselves by questioning the Gulbarga society members varied vastly from what Ms. Setalvad furnished, both in terms of the names and the amount. No satisfactory answer could be procured from her on this discrepancy and neither did Ms. Setalvad look like co-operating with the investigation. Gujarat police made their intentions clear of taking Ms. Setalvad to custody since she was unwilling to open up in public. She might open up in private, thought the cops. Petitions were filed in Gujarat high court for anticipatory bail by Ms. Setalvad when arrest became imminent. The court first ordered the cops to restrain their excitement till they finish the hearing. Things only got to public domain when recently the honorable high court turned down her plea finally.

    From here on, it is all about frauds and frauds alone. First – when Gujarat police arrived at Ms. Setalvad’s Mumbai residence to arrest both her and her husband, the fiery lie peddler was found absconding like a third rate criminal, which perhaps she is. This development happened at around 11 in the morning. As I have been told, a NDTV reporter who was desperately waiting at Ahmedabad Gulbarga society to report this since morning seven was directed to control his excitement and stop doing any such nonsense. He kept on waiting for his face to appear on TV which never happened. But when around 3 PM the same day Ms. Teesta finally got some relief from the Apex court, it was NDTV who were the first to euphorically announce the good news. Fraud exhibit -1 right there. Now, who was arguing for Teesta Setalvad in the apex court? Yes, the zero loss syndrome of Congress. The one and perhaps the only, Kapil Sibal. Fraud exhibit -2 for you. Then it was frauds galore all over the place. The usual suspects in our secularists’ brigade started barking from every street corner. Few like the shameless Nikhil Whagle were in fact barking from the time when the high court turned down her plea. The overactive secularist in Mr. Whagle was so concerned that he let all of us know how he desperately wants to believe our judiciary but because of some scoundrel judges in Gujarat high court he is turning a rebellion. Ditto were other frauds who laid out their pledge in various hues and form. One such honest lout was Tushar Gandhi. He promptly pledged to stand by Ms. Teesta and for obvious reasons, I guess. Hope my request to him to keep on standing with her, even in jail for India’s good would be considered with some seriousness. Anyway there were many who were tearing each other’s Kurtas and Skirts to prove him/her a bigger friend of Ms. Teesta. Not sure what were the rationales but they were there nevertheless. So, as I said at the beginning of this paragraph, there were frauds all around.

    But there is something interesting if you think things are not as interesting yet. The louts who were there to fight for Teesta Setalvad are the exact frauds who rushed in to save Tarun Tejpal as well. Same NDTV, Whagles, Gandhis, Congress doormats, litfest mafias, Idea Of India fakes, left liberal rascals; I mean, all were there. What made Kapil Sibal argue with the judge over phone is still a mystery if the close door association of Ms. Setalvad, her Modi barking and Congress party doesn’t hold any truth. Same goes with NDTV. They were there to save and throw blows to Modi during Tejpal spectacle and they were here as well, pretty much for the same reason. The scoundrel in Tushar Gandhi was also equally vocal when Tajpal guy was getting spanked for his unholy lift act. Idea Of India louts like Sekhar Gupta were also seen loitering around, just about controlling their rotten mouths to burst open. Many ex-NAC jokers were not too far behind either. I remember Harsh Mandar getting uncannily delirious inside his weekend wear once in every 15 minutes. Somewhere on this planet, even the gladiator in Arundhati Roy also declared mutiny against the state to save Ms. Setalvad. Who is that late nonsense on our televisions? Yes, Kavita Krishnan or something. She was getting into episodic outrage of her own in every 786 seconds. Barkha was silent because she was planning how to give her final spin to her imminent sacking. A secular martyr can wait for another day perhaps. Overall, that was fun, I tell you.

    But I am happy. Happy because whenever I see these frauds in a ‘Jhund’, I am sure there is some reprobate somewhere in the world that is getting traumatized for his/her earlier crimes. And for the government of the day – whenever you find these NDTV, Whagles, Gandhis, Congress doormats, litfest mafias, Idea Of India fakes, left liberal rascals getting a group orgasm, carry on because you are moving in the right direction.


    1. Universal law & divinity will always prevail even when the SC is bought through elite money!
      In this life itself, one sees either the result / consequences of bad deeds / good deeds done.
      Call it Retribution / Nemesis ....

    2. Dear BC,
      While agree with you on Teesta Setalvad and her exalted friends including those in the Congress, I think by rushing in to take her into custody the Gujarat Police erred in giving her unwanted publicity and time to pedal her wares again. Now Supreme Court has stayed her arrest till they give the clearance and she has started playing martyr with orchestra from Prashant Bhushan and the editorial teams of all the English news papers. It would have been better to ignore her for some time as after Modi '' became PM her TV appearances had become rare and she had almost faded out.

    3. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/bengaluru/Violence-rips-Shimoga-Section-144-imposed/articleshow/46304418.cms , http://indiafacts.co.in/pfi-goons-unleash-terror-in-shivamogga/ We [Muslims] are 20 per cent in India. You [Hindus] are 70 per cent. Others are 10 per cent. But you still can’t break Islam. Where is 70, where is 20? However, no matter what you do, we will stand opposite to you. But think about what will be your fate if we are 70?

    4. Teesta's crimes are two fold. Financial crimes and crimes against nation. While her financial crimes must be dealt with (and I am happy about it), it is only 1% of her crimes. The bigger ones are like treason against nation, unsubstantiated lies causing immeasurable damage between communities, non-stop non sense in electronic media and English press media, damaging country's reputation, constantly tarnishing NaMo (and BJP's) reputation without a strad of truth and the list goes on.

      I am not sure if there is a way to punish her for these crimes.

    5. Surya Narayana Venkata NishtalApr 12, 2015, 12:57:00 PM

      Just perfect ! Very good article ! The adjectives are very apt !