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    Is Narendra Modi Listening?

    Dear Narendra Modi,

    I am sure you would be going through the learnings post the Delhi debacle because that is the best takeaway from a pathetic score line of 67-3. Let’s admit it; it was disastrous on the part of a party that is not only ruling at the center but in nine different states. The thrashing that BJP as a whole and you in particular got from Delhi has a reason to it. May be more than just one reason. People around you may advice you to introspect but I won’t because that is a wrong word. In fact you should procrastinate. Procrastinate your thoughts and go back to the days of Gujarat and try to stop that unlearning that you are doing after 2014 elections. Stop that at once since there where your strength lies, unlike the current playing to the galleries act that you are doing. Be thankful to the almighty that Delhi is comparatively a very small price that you had to pay to learn the good things that you seem to be in a hurry to unlearn.

    People of India voted you for a reason and most important, with a vision. The prolonged corrupt regime of Congress had taken a toll on individual’s mentality. They wanted a change and you appeared to them as one. They voted you to act on the very things that Congress allowed to plague the nation for sixty years. Have the voters got what they wanted in you? May be to some extent but not to the extent that will make them proud of their collective decision. That is why I request you to go back to the voters and the reasons why you are there at the first place. And in that endeavor, the first thing you should do is to stop unlearning the learnings of your Gujarat days.

    Running up to the 2014 elections, there were two major points you based your campaign. Corruption of the ruling regime and development. But it seems you have forgotten both of them. Cajoling up to big powerhouses of the world is fine but Barack Obama is not your voter. It is the people back home who have voted you and dare I say again – for a reason. Has your government acted on the corrupt that you claim would act once assuming power? At least I don’t see any credible evidence to admit that you are sticking true to your pre-poll promises. Corruption and your lethargic approach in dealing with it is just one of it. There are in fact many points that need a serious revisit from you. Hope, you care for this author as much you cared before the elections and would take out some of your time to go through my suggestions to see if anything can be improved.

    Punish The Corrupt:

    As I write this, you are sucking up to Sharad Pawar in Baramati. The party which you yourself claimed to be corrupt from top to bottom suddenly becomes clean in your eyes. In fact you find Sharad Pawar’s development agendas worth noting. Really? I am sure and you know it as well, SP could easily be the biggest corrupt politician of the entire world, closely followed by his nephew Ajit Pawar. But rather you or your TV enthusiast CM of Maharashtra Devendra Fadnavis acting on them, you suck up to them and go on attending SP’s birthday bash because that is where Maharashtra political equation lies. People of Maharashtra voted your party to act on the very corrupts with whom you now are raising toasts at their birthday parties. How you are different from Congress vis-à-vis relationship with NCP? Why people won’t feel cheated now?

    Same goes at the center. In an old post I had said, nothing will happen to the Gandhis or their close relatives since your tall claims of prosecuting the corrupt will stop at the doors of the Gandhis. And that is precisely what is happening. Why your government hasn’t taken National Herald case on priority? The Gandhis are clear criminals in that case but your government, reasons best known to you only, is dragging its feet for way too long. There are enough evidences to send Robert Vadra behind bars the next second but your government turned a blind eye towards that as well. Where are your claims of acting on corruption? There are criminals roaming around you and laughing to their banks but you don’t act on them, either by giving flimsy excuses or turning a blind eye. How you are different from Congress in this regard? The Rajas, the Kalmadis, the Kazimohis, all are living their life so comfortably which they don’t deserve. They should be behind the bars now. P Chidambaram is the fountain of many financial crimes that got engineered during UPA times. But your good for nothing finance minister Arun Jaitley was seen cozying up with him, rather than acting against his earlier crimes. So why people won’t feel cheated? The very things for which they elected you suddenly vanish from your ToDo list.

    Relook At Your Ministry:

    I will request you to relook at your ministry once again. I have asked this earlier and I am asking this again – what are Arun Jaitley and Smriti Irani doing in your cabinet? They are rejected by voters and that should be it. Why I don’t see a genuinely capable man like Subramaniyan Swamy in your cabinet? While you can allow absolute incompetent people like Jaitley to have three ministries at one point, you can’t find a single opening for Dr. Swamy. I don’t see a reason why Nirmala Sitharaman be given a chance before Meenakshi Lekhi. I for once disagreed to believe that an astute man like you would accommodate a voter reject like Smriti Irani but ignore a genuinely talented Meenakshi Lekhi. And this could be one reason for the wrath of Delhi voters. They find you no different from the earlier Congress high-command who used to reward their sycophants only.

    In Delhi, you were not ready to believe the local leadership but trusted on someone like Kiran Bedi to win you elections. In one go, you insulted your own wisdom as well as those of the Delhi voters. You vouch for young leadership but never thought of grooming Anurag Thakur for Delhi once Dr. Harshvardan was moved to the center. In fact Dr. Harshvardan is another reason why Delhi voters are annoyed with you. When he was moved from health ministry there was a sigh of relief in Delhi BJP that he would be released back to the state. But surprisingly you pushed him into some irrelevant ministry for reasons best known to you. What kind of cabinet management is this? When you have leaders in your own party who can win you elections on any given day, you conveniently look outside and bring in absolute tragedies like Sazia Ilmi and Vinod Kumar Binny in to your fold. I don’t want to sound harsh but this is like someone searching for love at a brothel house rather than from his own wife. And you know, people are really smart to pick these nuances cum nonsense easily and that is what they did in Delhi.

    Don’t Forget The Core Agendas:

    Believe in what you were doing. And don’t forget that this is what gave you immense success in Gujarat. I am not sure what happened between May 16th and now but I don’t hear you talk about uniform civil code or article 370 anymore. When the apex court rejected a rabid Mullah’s claim to have a second wife, the time was ripe to bring UCC debate to the floor. More than an agenda, it is a bare necessity for the democracy to have common civil laws across religions and castes. Pass it through the cabinet without any prejudice. Why no efforts are been given in that direction? Trust me when I say this; this is another of the reasons why voters voted you to power. The very appeasement of Congress which has made the masses breathless is resurfacing its ugly head in your government’s functioning, even though in a milder form. 265 temples reported theft in Delhi in last one year but you summon the Delhi police chief for one theft in a Church, just because a shameless arch Bishop gave it a communal spin in connivance with our media.

    No talk of article 370 either. The same separatist with whom the Congress conveniently slept for way too long are now seems to be your guide and philosopher. It is no greatness in forgoing your own philosophy to have a government in J&K with PDP. Trust me; the voters would have been happier if you would have stuck to your article 370 demand and sit in the opposition instead. You failed to act against the traitors like Ghilani but went ahead delivering deplorable statements against Indian army in Srinagar so that the hawks are kept happy. I for once expected the entire Huriyat and their rabid supporters in Delhi be punished like anything for conspiring against India. But you sucked up to them in the name of secularism, just like what Congress used to do. Is it really difficult to nab these seasoned scoundrels and attach sedation charges against them? If no then why there is a complete silence of your government on this? People who simply hated the way Congress handled the J&K issue voted you for a decisive outcome but surprisingly you imbibed up to the very rascals like never before. Why?                   

    Don’t Play To The Media Hands:

    Calling the Delhi police to discuss about a theft is exactly what I want you to abstain from. You are smart enough to realize that, our media with their vicious agendas are against you from the beginning. No point in proving anything to the media or their screwed up ideology of secularism. Media is not your voter. As it is they would never vote for you, no matter how Indian version of secular you try to become. By jacking up to the media, you in fact are questioning on the wisdom of your voters. Our media is overtly anti-Hindu and your unconditional resilience towards them might be hurting your core voters. Remember how you were dealing with the media as the CM of Gujarat. You cared a damn for them back then and I wish you continue doing that even now. It is entirely unnecessary to react to their mischiefs. They are pigs and best be left to do mudslinging among them and their parties of choice. You act against NGOs and their funding, which is good but stretch that initiative to our media houses as well. Many have dark underbelly and that need to be exposed, along with their funding. That is what your voters want.

    Ask your spokespersons to be judicious in which kind of debate they are attending during primetime. Any debate of importance needs the governing party’s presence, not for every damn nonsensical topic that is getting discussed on TV. Arnav Goswamy can show an empty chair for the BJP representative for one hour at a stretch but that should be fine. You are not bound to answer all their nonsense. By allowing BJP representation in every stupid political debate, you only allowing the media to spin it the way they want. That should be stopped at once. These media morons are not worth it. If possible, boycott NDTV entirely.

    Hope this post finds your kind attention.


    An Indian Voter


    1. Arun Jaitley (AJ) is the COMPLETE MILLSTONE around Modi's neck. And I don't understand how someone as capable as Modi is, cannot understand this. AJ with is status quo attitude will take BJP and NaMo downhill very soon, unless he is replaced. My distinct fear is that NaMo has AJ as his conduit to buy peace with the Delhi media over a period of time. As you have pointed out in the article, the Lutyen's Delhi will never reciprocate. We wanted a Strongman Modi and we ended up with a 'Statesman' pretender. Very sad.

    2. Slight Correction - Anurag Thakur is MP from Hamirpur. So the 'grooming' will be for Himachal not for Delhi.. Agree with your point on Mr Pawar, Sonia and Ms Lekhi..But not on Nirmala Sitharaman.. She has done a splendid job in the WTO deal and many other key initiatives.. Been some time that BJP had good spokesperson who can counter Media crap.. Without an Article 370 based pitch, BJP is close to being part of J&K govt.. UCC debate wont take place now owing to three big elections which can change the fate of East India, thereby India - Bihar (2015), WB (2016), Assam (2016).. Bloggers like you have played a great role in the run up to May 16th - This blog was more like you losing all hope...Please hang on brother and let the messaging be more positive so that good measures of govt becomes more popular.. like do the salaried class know about the changes that happened to EPF. At least we 'Bhakts' should be a bit pragmatic and practical.. Jai Hind

    3. Arun Jaitley is an intelligent man. Someone like him is required to keep the government sane. Modiji is great, but he may get carried away by new ideas. I agree with you on Smriti Irani. She is a misfit for education ministry, in fact she is single handedly responsible for a lot of negative response to the government in last few months. Education ministry is a great opportunity. You can do a lot of good without any risk or opposition. But idiot Smriti has not only wasted the opportunity and earned the wrath of people. Meenakshi Lekhi is 10 times worth of her. I can understand why Subrahmanian Swamy is kept out. Party may want to distance from him since he creates scandals by talking the truth. Personally I feel swamy can do much better outside the ministry than inside it.

      I hope BJP learns from Delhi results and cuts all nonsense.

    4. Dear BC,
      Chetan Bhagat has given a "17 commandments" to Modi. Your open letter to Modi is also welcome. PM should know that people like you and Chetan Bhagat are interested in the country's welfare and progress and hence in BJP and PM's success. While some of the points raised by you may be a little over board out of genuine anxiety, the one with which I wholeheartedly agree is the need to participate in useless debates engineered by gthe English TV channels. Arnab, Barkha (her boss Pronoy Roy too) and Sardesai belong to the same brigade which does not and cannot stomach the fact of BJP's ascendency. While they cannot help Congress return from the dead in spite of their best efforts, they will always hold up others to spite BJP. Modi should focus on delivery now and not on promotion. He should also respect and solicit advice from Advaniji and other seniors. It is to the credit of Advani that he has not said a single world on BJP's loss in Delhi - to spite Modi and Shah - although he would have been severely pained by the party's debacle in Delhi which he has nurtured and brought to a formidable position from the Jana Sangh days. Yes it is true that Advaniji;s days are past. he cannot lead the nation again. But that does not mean he is irrelevant.

    5. I find it strange & inexplicable that the Indian Voter who penned this article is still under the impression that Narendra Modi is an ideal & exemplary mix of Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Patel.
      The true colors of Modi have to the open now exposing the actual villain hiding inside
      Modi has proved to be a deadly combination of the rascal Pawar and treacherous Manmohan.
      Through surreptitious & suspicious approval of GM Technology in foods Modi has shown he is more of a MONSANTO AGENT than the PM of India.
      Lakhs of farmers have committed suicide in Maharashtra due to the Toxic Bt Cotton by Monsanto. But Modi has no time to meet the farmers, mollify them and take steps to assuage their feelings & avert the misery. But he had the whole day to cozy up with the thief Sharad Pawar who was behind allowing the Bt Cotton into India.

      Please remember he is not NARENDRA Modi any more. He
      has become NARASAMHAR Modi

    6. There are few facts which we need to remember always:
      1. Minorities are never going to vote for NaMo/BJP
      2. Media, English media in particular, will never support NaMo/BJP
      3. NaMo's strength is execution, speed and determination.
      4. NaMo can never become a "likeable" personality, which could be a disqualification to be an able ruler.
      If someone forgets his strength and try to ape others the results will be like Delhi polls.

    7. " NaMo can never become a "likeable" personality " - I hope you meant never become likeable personality for minorities.