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    A Disintegrating Aam Aadmi Party

    For many, stupidity is a virtue and we may have to live with this fact. But for the first time in my mortal existence, I found a group of people went stupid at one go; not just for once but for twice in a row. Yes, I am talking about the Delhi voters. Pardon me for my generalization but doing something horrible first time can be attributed as a mistake but when you repeat that and that too in quick succession then it leaves no option but to call you a stupid. That is what the voters of Delhi did when they gave a highly camouflaged party like AAP a thumping majority, which it doesn’t deserve by any stretch of reasoning. After the horrendous 49 days of farce outing that Arvind Kejriwal did, it begs for some sensible articulation on what ground the Delhi voters decided to go with the same man all over again. Plain hallucination or misplaced priorities or abject foolhardiness or mixture of all three?

    It is no denying that AAP came as a refreshing change. With all their hypocrisies, AAP still stood as that spark of light at the end of the tunnel. A frustrated citizenry with array of problems, not just corruption, in their day to day lives, found AAP to be the answer. Mistakes happen and we can give that liberty to the voters of Delhi for once. Even mistakes are prudent when they occur on the prospect of a lot of promised free stuffs. So that was fine. But how AK repaid that faith? If anyone tries to describe AK’s 49 days escapade without attaching disaster to it then he/she is either an AAPTard or doesn’t know a thing about democracy or simply may be having a retard brain. Even disaster would go bankrupt in describing AK’s 49 days governance which was nothing but fracas with one drama or the other every day. The only bright side to the 49 days pain was the quick ending to the torture. Delhi breathed again. Though the advent of president’s rule shouldn’t delight any democracy loving soul it still was better in the comparison between devil and the deep sea. But that was short lived too. The farce is back again at the helm after a year and doing what he does best. That is immediately picking up a quarrel with insanity for supremacy, albeit, this time the quarrel is among their own.

    Great power (read mandate) requires even greater responsibility to do justice and unfortunately both AAP as a party and AK as a leader lack it by some margin. They call their party is for all whereas the ground truths are far from being that rosy. AK is one man who loves being there at the center stage. The last thing this man wants is a share in the power and rapport that he enjoys. In his mission for that self-solemnizing bath in the pond of power, AK found Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan as some kind of hindrance. Quite rightly, these two guys also wanted to share some of the pie that AK till then was enjoying alone. And I don’t blame them. With all his internal surveys, Yogendra Yadav did work out of his skin to uphold the rapidly deteriorating image of AAP post 2014 general elections. Ditto goes with Prashant Bhushan with all his Kashmir rhetoric. For all their work, dirty most of the times, these two faggots certainly deserved more than what AK offered them. Egos clashed and personal ambition took the better of their so called core values that these guys were seen touting all this while. There came the call for the national convener post to be released by AK for someone else, presumably for one of these two guys. But AK loves keeping everything to himself. So the sycophants of AK were let loose, not alone on us but also on YY and PB as well. The sycophants got so overboard that they started bashing each other in public. Arsenals of worst kind were used by both sides to suppress the other. In just a matter of 3 days the entire AAP lot became a laughing stock. As expected, both YY and PB were shunned out from the decision making body of the party quite unceremoniously. That is almost like getting expelled. 

    But the internal fighting in AAP or the ouster of YY and PB are least of my concerns. Pigs fighting in mud is not my cup of tea and I least bother on the reasons or the outcome of such fights. What bothers me is the latest travesty that is quite ungodlily exposing itself in the open. In response to their ouster, the master in YY and PB released a tape containing some telephonic conversation of AK with one Congress MLA prior to the Delhi elections. Now this is what worries me; no, not AK having a telephonic conversation with someone but the nature of the talk. In about 3 minutes, AK defied all that he claimed his party and he himself stands for. In 3 minutes flat, AK showed how big a rot he is when it comes to attaining power. The tall claims of cleansing our politics from inside suddenly looked like a big lie of this lie factory called AK. Not that it came as a surprise for me. A dubious character like AK was always in my list of most non-trustworthy characters that one can ever come across; just that I didn’t have any proof to substantiate my beliefs till now.

    The nature of the discussion that AK allegedly did is quite worrisome. The ignorant and the blind believers of AAP got the jolt of their lives when they found, even their beloved party AAP has such dirty underbelly. AK in the telephonic conversation also made one more fundamental thing clear. Like an average gutter produce politician of this country who finds everything that is Hindu to be dismissed, AK also strongly believes in minority politics. That is perhaps why he said, the Muslims would never vote for BJP and a breakaway faction from Congress with Muslim MLAs would invite all Muslim votes to pour in themselves. How dirty and obnoxious it sounds when a so called corruption crusader talks the lines of a third rate communal faggot for power? Where has the anti-corruption plank gone? Isn’t this very act of inciting skullduggery is corruption in itself? Though I initially termed AK and his team of buffoons as Congress – B, now I want to differ. Not differ in the gist of my earlier assessment but by a fraction. The fresh assessment is; the Congress thugs were never aware that they were creating a Frankenstein in the process. To shun Shiela Dixit so that she never becomes a threat to a useless Rahul Gandhi, the sycophants in Congress did a mistake in allowing this selfsame Arvind Kejriwal to taste power. The moron was always a power hungry leech anyway. The combination turned out ugly in due course and rest is history, as they say.

    The nature of this discussion is even more worrying for another reason. It is quite surprising to realize that AK in reality was fooling everyone all this while including the voters of Delhi and his bosses in Congress. His rhetoric as an anti-corruption crusader was a big farce and lie. The core motto in any such initiative was to pit himself against the BJP in due course, riding on the ill gotten money from both Congress and Ford foundation. That is the precise reason why this moron ran all the way from Delhi to Banaras to pit himself against Narendra Modi when there were many corrupt scoundrels of other parties filing their nominations left-right-and-center in various parts of this country. Surprising, our media which gave more than just adequate air time to this jerk, never asked why he showed that horridness in fighting against Modi. Perhaps they would never ask because that would put many people in a really uncomfortable position. And most of them are the ones whom our media frauds are highly obliged for various reasons. The truth behind AK’s move to go to Banaras may never come but how foolish the Delhi voters can be to ignore such glaring gobbledygook?

    Funnier is the manner in which the clueless spokespersons of AAP handled the mess. Leading from the front in this hara-kiri were one Ashish Khetan and a certain Raghav Chaddha with a buffoon called Ashutosh tucked somewhere in between with his incomprehensible English. All three of them are clowns of first degree. For the moron Ashish Khetan, AK’s fraudulent means of attaining power is nothing but political realignment. Realignment? Seriously? That is like a rapist proclaiming his act as not crime but a PR activity. What kind of jerk can term a clear-cut bastardization of our democracy as an act of political realignment? It may be a political realignment at ‘Ashish Khetan School Of Politics’ but for most of us, it is nasty horse trading. Raghav Chaddha is another crook in the making, albeit, he is not aware of many things, including but not limited to the reasons why was he there in various TV studios that day. He was going tangent to each and every discussion he attended. It was surprising that none of the anchors asked this Chaddha chap on the specific narcotic he was smoking since morning. Ditto goes with Ashutosh but then, cluelessness is his strength and virtue. It was only necessary that Arnav settled this moron at his rightful place for deviating from the core issue of the fraud factory that AK is.

    This is just the beginning of the end of AAP. Rakhi Birla may appear as an individual from a distance but in reality, she is just the beginning of that end which not many here ever foresaw. It is only a matter of time before this AAP disintegrates to pieces because the foundation of this horrendous political outfit is on the rocks of forgery, lies, deceitfulness, back stabbing, opportunism and hypocrisy. 


    1. Sir, the spark of light at the end of the tunnel that you have referred to, has turned out to be the head light of an incoming & fast approaching train, for the voters of Delhi.
      If what AK was doing could be 'political realighment', why AAP, without any proof, was balming the BJP of horse trading? If AAP does it, it's "political realignment" and if AAP thinks / assumes that some one else is doing it, it's "horse trading". May be only AAP could answer this (if they really have an answer).

    2. What a mess the Delhiites have got themselves into. They sure will enjoy the ride.

    3. Mohammed ZikriyaMar 18, 2015, 2:45:00 PM

      Though I am not a supporter of AAP, but I wanted to ask BC from where did they get prominence in a short span of time, when the Anna movement was On, who helped them, who supplied moral support, who were the people in the movement, i am talking about the masses who were there, In simple terms for BJP it has backfired, Today if i announce that i will be contesting election against Narendra Modi, will not the media keep attention on me, I hope you are a well learned man especially i think you are well versed in Political Science

    4. well! many other contested in Varanasi too, if you mean that, then why their names are not being called out? Mr. Kejrival did a good job as an RTI activist and was well known then. It's Anna's movement that catapult him to this glory, and his claim that he'd bring changes as a messiah of 'alternate politics', like Didi did in WB shot him to power. And him being 'over'ambitious nature is showing this result

    5. mohammed zikriyaMar 18, 2015, 7:20:00 PM

      In today's life communication / information is very fast, it can make or break, this very same guy had done lot of social service but it was not highlighted, when he used the podium with Anna, things started changing, even media is also responsible to make AK. Long back in the 90's a film was released starring Amitabh Bacchan, Film name was MAIN AZAD HOON. just watch that film you may get some idea about how in a democracy a person is used. atleast he has some sensible democratic values when we compare to other parties. e.g. party donations

    6. "Sensible democratic values"? Tried for horse-trading, but blame others of doing it even without having any proof, is that part of those sensible democratic values? When it came to open, they have been trying to give a new polish name "Political realignment". If his act of horse-trading could be given such a polish name, why they were trying to blame some other party even without any proof? Why the so called "Political realignment" can't be done by others?

    7. still they are better than other national parties.

    8. AAP will eventually go down. But I think they will cause huge damage to the country by their fraud and treachery before going down.
      People know perfectly well about Mulayam, Lalu, Maya etc. And they don't really care about their deeds even if they vote them for different reasons.
      However most feel AAP is honest even though they are bunch of jokers. Also AAP has the full backing of media. This make them much more dangerous than people whom I mentioned above.

    9. Whether they are better or not, only time will tell us. As of now, one of their main election promises happened to be free water. But heard that the charges for water have been raised by 10% by the Delhi government. Let's wait and see what else U turns that they are going to take and what exactly they are going to do, going forward.

    10. mohammed zikriyaMar 24, 2015, 1:32:00 PM

      that those who consume more than 20 kilolitres a month will have to shell out 10 per cent more. Those who consume less, (even 19,999 litres) have to pay nothing. (for your information friend).

    11. mohammed zikriyaMar 24, 2015, 1:35:00 PM

      BC, why don't you ask V.K. Singh to prove his Patriotism.

    12. Deepika PadukoneMar 25, 2015, 2:14:00 PM

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