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    The Overactive Liberals Of India

    Our liberals have a very peculiar problem. All their life they just remain busy in shifting the goalpost as per their need. Eventually when the dawn arrives they always look fool and end up eating crow. They always do. These liberals who came to prominence post 2002 Gujarat riots are rapidly turning out to be the biggest irritant in public discourse. For every damn thing, this clueless lot seems to have an opinion or two. Surprising even, our media for which these liberals are darlings, propagate the stupid nonsense further till the point it become intolerable. Don’t believe me? Then let’s just look at two things that are making a lot of noise in last week or so. One is the Beef ban that Maharashtra government imposed and the second is some stupid documentary made by an equally stupid journalist from UK on the horrendous December 16th Delhi gang rape that suddenly has become the new holy grill for ethical learning for our liberals. Let’s go one by one.

    The Beef Ban :

    Let’s take an unscientific estimate of the % of people in India who eat beef or would ever have eaten beef. I bet, even an optimistic estimate won’t put it beyond 10%, including the Advashis and the tribes of Northeast. I for sure know many Muslims who simply hate beef. Ditto with many of my Christian acquaintances. Now how that sounds when the liberals headed by a political outfit called Congress, term the ban as anti-minority? These guys get so blind by their own conviction that it is them who end up stereotyping many things, including a particular food habit with some religion. But when situation looks conducive, these same jokers would jump out of their seats and start accusing everyone else of stereotyping the Muslims. Any logic? Well, logic and liberals are as far from each other as farming and Robert Vadra are but then, with all his flaws, Robert Vadra at least doesn’t lecture us on farming ever.

    Every liberal I encountered was of the view that, because of the presence of a BJP government in Maharashtra, such an anti-minority step was possible. They are correct but partly. The beef ban for sure was possible because of a BJP government and no two ways about that. But is it anti minority, I asked one liberal on my timeline. He was quick to say yes and runaway before I asked him – if also our constitution prohibits one from consuming beef, will he still consider that to be anti-minority? On the expected lines like many liberals, this particular one was also found out to be grossly ignorant of the nation he is living in. My request to furnish required links for his cocooned brain to open fell in deaf years, in line with all liberals. There you go – he neither has the required knowledge nor does he want to upgrade himself. Can anyone help these stupid jokers in such scenarios? Little they forget that the bill was signed by none other than the president of this republic and the president always executes his responsibilities on the dotted lines of our constitution, provided we are not talking about the national shame called Partibha Patil.

    But ignorance is just part of my worry. The bigger worry is the hurriedness of ours in making intellectuals out of clueless individuals like Richa Chaddha or that Twinkle Khanna. But these new born intellectuals are actually great friends of our liberals. And they have reasons to befriend each other. And the common thread that strengthens their mutual love is hypocrisy. This is the same Richa Chaddha who goes about half naked in educating us how Fishes are our friends while on the other hand she advocates cows as legitimate food item. How that whole thing fits in? How one can be right in both scenarios? If at all such acts require anyone to introspect then more than Ms. Chaddha, it should be the donors who donate to PETA. I would request all of them to ask for their donations to be returned if PETA accommodates such foolhardy idiots as their ambassador. Either PETA is fooling people or these selfsame jobless celebrities who go half naked for money, without knowing what they are propagating. In both cases our legitimate money that is been donated must be returned to us with interest. I don’t see why even we shouldn’t file cheating cases against PETA, if our money is not returned.

    The second category of idiots that I came across is the ones who were more than happy to do a comparison. For them, if beef is banned then so should be pork. Though the whole beef banning is not at all related to religion, it would only be good if I can answer this childish lot right now. Beef eating is considered a sin in Hindu religion because Hindus worship cow. Mark the work WORSHIP in capital. Wherein, Muslims not eating pork has got a different reason. Do the Muslims worship pig? Prophet advising Muslims to refrain from eating pork is because of the hygiene qualities that we don’t associate pigs with. They eat pretty much everything. And I am sure; during the time of Prophet, people weren’t grooming specialized pigs with sober vegetable eating habits for consumption as food. Now how this suggestion based purely on hygiene factor compares to something that a religion worships as God/Goddess? And those who advise all of us to stay away from attaching sentiments to someone’s food habit – cartoons can be attached to sentiments but not living and loving animals?

    BBC Documentary:

    The west has this notorious habit of picturing India in real bad color. They did it in Slumdog Millionaire and they did it again when a BBC journalist did a documentary on December 16th Delhi gang rape and tried her best to project the entire nation as a pile of perverts with no respect for women. In both the cases there is a striking similarity. The liberals back then celebrated the insult of India with joy as if they all had won a Nobel Prize each and the liberals are barking their full throat now since the government of the day banned any such abject generalization of the nation. I asked the west patrons to do a movie on the beggars of the wall street back then and I ask the west to do a documentary on the rampant rape culture that is getting groomed right in their schools but that is a separate debate. My concern is not how others look at us. My concern is how we ourselves get so motivated to call ourselves pathetic in front of the world just because a jerk thinks so and he/she is white skinned.

    First argument given against the ban is the learning that we can have from the documentary. Really? Have our 5000 year old civilization become so bankrupt with values that people who were living like apes not long back would teach us morality, ethics and value system and that too with crappy documentaries? And what kind of learning it is when someone tells you that the culture of Rape is part of your upbringing just because she found a moron who not only was accused of that crime but also a heinous variety at that? Liberals might find it fancy to see someone mocking our thousand years of culture for fun but I object to such vilification. What the documentary maker was expecting from the rapist? Was she expecting the rapists to talk the lines of Jesus during her interview? What our liberal frauds were expecting? Piousness from the scoundrel and since he never showed any trace of piety in his words or actions the entire nation ought to be of his type. Is that so? Have you ever seen any better simplification of nonsense?

    Now coming back to the learning part. Our culture itself teaches us to be respectful towards women. Great epics like Mahabharata or Bhagwat Gita teach us the importance of civility towards women in our lives. Not only that, they also teach us about the repercussions if even a single woman is insulted. As far as I know, these great marvels are there for thousands of years. What our liberals were doing all this while? Didn’t they find it suitable to learn them till yet that they need the support of a half blind BBC thug to inculcate that learning? The liberals at one hand vouch for having our kids educated the values of being civilized towards the woman race but they shout wolf when someone proposes the teaching of Mahabharata and Bhagwat Gita in our schools. If someone wants our kids to learn through Hindu epics it becomes a crime towards secularism but the same frauds would go gaga when a white skinned ignorant faggot makes mockery of us. How our people can become shameless and that too so easily is just beyond me.

    Now for the ban. It is banned because the BBC thought them to be above our government decisions. If they have the audacity to defy government’s dictate and go ahead with their nonsense then I don’t see why the government shouldn’t make it clear on who the boss is? For those who think the documentary is banned because we don’t want to see our own rot then let me clear this – if you can’t identify your own mess then none can make you see that either. If our liberals are blind till date and only got their doze of steroid after a BBC clown did her juggleries then I am sorry to say, the rot may well be residing within the scotch circuit and the frauds therein. By the way how about BBC making a documentary on this? Would be fun to see the dark side of UK as well. And, please stop making a satan of an entire country because of a handful of scoundrels and the liberal frauds shouldn’t cheer any such filthy extravaganza if they are left with an iota of shame, which I guess they don’t. 


    1. You sir are an idiot!
      Which type of country do you want to live in- do you want India to become like Pakisthan ?Well that is the direction you are headed- you want to destroy everything that is great about India with your intolerance
      Have you watched the documentary at all- it is needed and well worth watching- it shows the terrible attitude of supposed educated people like the idiot lawyers. Also taht there are people in India who fill you with hope like the young man who was Jyoti Singh's tutor, her remarkable parents and the amazing life of Jyoti herself.

    2. Being an idiot is better than being a shameless, no?

    3. Not really- because being an idiot you don't have the brains to improve your condition.

    4. Hi..Having been following your articles for a long time now, i feel you are getting a bit defensive nowadays as opposed to the days of previous govt where it was fun reading your posts (I understand...your political viewpoint may not allow you to be critical of today's Govt). I saw BBC documentary on youtube and was shocked at the extent to which some people can stoop to. Instead of cribbing about the west's intent, isn't it more wothwhile to do a documentary on English values and expose them.

    5. Absolutely. And btw, readers can themselves figure out who's the idiot. Don't be concerned about idiots BC. Being idiots runs in their blood.

    6. While I agree it's needed, i must mention it's needed only for ignorants like you.

    7. Hmmm... that's really a problem madam, that it took you so long to get shocked and agitated if I may say. I was outraged to the core by the careless statements of some right after the incidence.

      But i that's about me. Some just need everything to come through west...

    8. Sir or madam, whichever applies. Sorry I don't know how to edit the comment.

    9. BC have seen the documentry ????

    10. BC have you seen the documentry

    11. How many people watch the laxmi Movie (The based on True face movie ) and promote this movie, How many people knows knows horrific satanic sexual abuse case in Pennsylvania usa how many

    12. please read this:https://mariawirthblog.wordpress.com/2014/01/27/why-this-focus-on-rapes-in-india-by-world-media/

    13. Indians behave like hijda who thinks by demeaning himself he is shaming others.

    14. Boss I HV watched. R u so naive to believe that the Indian masses will watch it . what percentage of Indian population watches BBC? I think rape accused tejpal n pachauri might HV followed Dec 16 events unfold very keenly but what happened. Rape is often the result of an impulsive act under influence of alcohol or other drugs. Do u even know how many girls in west suffer from PTSD due to sexual abuse by step dads/brothers ,its such a humongous problem but the west never does g8 propoganda for their own problems. Just read breaking India by rajiv malhotra u will find answers for ur questions (only if u want to seek truth)

    15. It is very easy to talk about politics and indian culture when YOU don't have to face the prospect of being raped everyday.
      What do you think is the greater problem facing India today - portrayal in the western media or the hundreds of rapes and harassment of women we see everyday in our country?

      What kind of person are you - you more bothered about tourism and "India's image" instead of ensuring the safety of your female friends, mothers and sisters?
      If you have any family members who are female, please ask them if they feel safe travelling in public spaces alone. There is no great improvement in public safety after the Nirbhaya protests. People still think it is a woman's fault if she is raped. The comments made by the rapist are similar to the comments made by many normal people in our country.

      When a high profile lawyer can make such disgusting comments and get away with it, what does it tell you about our attitude to women?
      Don't hijack the issue of women's safety and make it about some political rubbish.

      Watch that video and see the interview with Nirbhaya's father. It is absolutely heart rending. Do you think he is the only parent suffering this way? Doesn't this issue need more attention?

      When it comes to Hindu/Muslim issues, political parties etc, then all of you come out on all sides to defend. When it comes to women's issues you simply don't care.

      Tell me has any Indian BOTHERED to make a documentary about this issue? All I see is activists like Sunitha Krishnan being stoned for defending rape victims.

    16. Why should you CARE whether it comes through India or the west?
      Are you so insecure?
      If more people watch learn about this issue after watching the documentary, so what? Rape is wrong no matter who does it.

    17. So your "pride" is more important than the safety of women?
      Will you say the same thing if something happens to your sisters?
      You are the one being shameless here.

    18. I'm happy to see atleast one sensible comment here.
      More than the documentary, these kind of articles by being cynical are destroying India's image - someone who cares more about India's image than a social issue.
      As a woman, I really salute all the Indian men who have actually come out in support of the documentary and also come to all the protests etc. THEY have actually done something positive for women's safety and India's image.
      Unlike the people who write horrible articles like this.

    19. 1. Rape is often the result of an impulsive act under influence of alcohol or other drugs.

      Not always. Please read about different rape cases in India. Some are done by friends and family members. And sometimes men are victims too. So don't write some rubbish because you think it's a women's issue and you need not care.

      2. "Do u even know how many girls in west suffer from PTSD due to sexual abuse by step dads/brothers"

      They have made HUNDREDS of documentaries on the same. They have made documentaries on serial killers also. They have released books and movies on the same. But in India, even if it happens , we don't want to talk about it. Even if Indians try making such documentaries you people will say "feminist issues" and not even bother.

      3."R u so naive to believe that the Indian masses will watch it ."

      Are you so naive to think that rape is something that only happens to poor people? My own father says rape is girl's fault and I'm from a middle class family.

      All you people are bothered about India's image. How many of you are ACTUALLY bothered about your fellow citizens?Women are not people or what?

    20. Well said Anitha - I completely agree - instead of focussing on what can be done to improve the situation for the women of India the Govt and people like this are focussing on who made this program - so they really think sweeping it under the rug will make the problem go away - I think they are heartless and don't care
      I used to think this person writing this blog had good points about certain people and their behavior even if he only pointed out the flaws in other parties , but this has become a small minded and bigoted blog.

    21. Read this

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    23. Dear Anita first try to read n understand before reacting .1. I used the word often and not always. 2. There r hundred of documentaries agreed but not so much hype n propaganda attached to it as in this case. I went for an interview to US , the interviewer sked me .y do u Indian men rape? I was shocked but I kept my calm n asked him back y do Americans go on a shooting spree? He got my point n smiled. Then we discussed about stereotyping n about formation of public perception about a country. N when u live abroad u have to face questions about ur own country n these propaganda affect the lives of many indians. 3. Yes u r still naive in believing it..m more bothered about the solutions rather than being emotional. N I mentioned earlier of tejpal pachauri so its not only limited to poor..finally I discuss this openly with my dad n sister n they don't share ur father's opinion. Moreover for ur kind information I have helped 2 girls being harrassed by a cabbie in Delhi and dropped them home safely. Bottom line read "breaking india , by rajiv malhotra once. Rape is a big problem which should not be brushed under the carpet but focus should be to constructively find solutions n not use a perverted criminal's version to stereotype Indian male psyche n use for trp . We have to think about nation as well

    24. Are you on drugs Mam? Where you found my pride is above safety of India? And what is this if this has happened to your sister? Do you think, this crappy article had all the sisters of India, including mine, you and yours safe?

      The discussion was, why BBC showed such an agility in showing a rape case in India and insult an entire society as Misogynist when UK has Rape Percapita, if I may say so, far higher than India or may be entire subcontinent put together.

      Don't just go bla-bla, just to sound intellectual, which you may be not.

    25. Ballam, since you appear to have more intelligence than the writer of this blog, I will attempt to have a rational discussion with you.

      1. First off, let me commend you on your response to the US guy. That is the correct way to deal with stereotyping. I am not saying that stereotyping does not exist, it is there everywhere.

      2. Your entire comment focuses on how this documentary affects the image of india OUTSIDE INDIA. I don't care two hoots about what some foreigner thinks of India. I care about how india IS, because I live here.

      3.Yes, this documentary should have been made by an Indian. But did anyone make it? You have not answered my question.

      4. If you have watched the documentary, you will know that it highlights your point - India is the only country where there were such massive protests for rape. Also you think it stereotypes indian men. Watch the interview with Nirbhaya's father. He is a man, yet see how much love he has for his daughter. This documentary clearly draws the line between rapists and the good indian man.

      5.My father, like several people in India believes that rape is because of girls. This attitude is bad. It needs to be changed. That's what all the protests are about. If you have met these kind of people, you will know they do not listen to logic or rationale. They blindly follow what people say, And until society tells that it is WRONG, they will continue.

      6.Good to hear that you care about women's safety.When you have actively participated in it, then why are you against spreading the message.

      7. "We have to think of the nation". NOT THE NATION'S IMAGE.
      We have to think of the nation's PEOPLE. Not the one's who go abroad, the ones who live HERE EVERYDAY.

      I hope you have understood the point.

    26. Ha ha...I'm not sounding intellectual, I am speaking from the heart about humanity.You with your comments about per capita rape are the biggest psuedo intellectual on the planet. Something you may not understand, since you have neatly not answered my question.

      "Will you make the same statements about this documentary if the victim is your sister?"

      Will you agree to ban it because some foreigner in some far away place will stereotype Indians? Or will you want people to see it, so that they change their attitude?

      Do you know that Nirbhaya's dad has said that people should watch it?

      You are analysing rape as though it happens to some distant person somewhere. Come down to earth boss, with us mortals.
      For many of us, it is a fact of life everyday.
      As for your bullshit about statistics, do you know the number of UNREPORTED rapes in India?
      Don't forget that many people in India are BPL, with real problems. We don;t have the luxury of sitting on the internet and writing shitty, psuedo-intellectual articles about "liberalism" .

    27. Good one abhi.
      Atleast from a human perspective, instead of people writing rubbish articles like this one with high sounding words.

    28. Exactly, these people have their priorities wrong.
      In fact,as a BJP supporter, I think people like this blogger are bringing down the party. No one wants to be associated with people who write rubbish like this.

    29. As for your stupid tweets against Sunita Krishnan.
      That woman, herself a rape survivor, has done so much for Indian women and children. Much more than you will ever do with your paltry blog and political grandstanding.

      And you have the nerve to write such stupid comments to her? You think you understand more about rapes than a victim?
      Pathetic and disgusting. That more than ever, is proof of your arrogance and heartlessness.

    30. Again if u read properly, process the information n reflect before penning down u would not have accused me of concentrating alone on India image..there was enough outrage ,protest ,debate n discussions even before the documentary was made. In the history of India there was never such a prompt reaction by our lawmakers n India is not a banana republic to hang someone n not follow due course of law. N as u said mindset of society needs to change n it cannot overnight it will need lot of time but still there would be rotten tomatoes which u cannot wish away irrespective of country.if u don't care about India's image renounce ur citizenship like tarek fateh of Pakistan did. A little knowledge about politics would give u some clarity on the temporal relation which the masses won't notice , but u r educated n with little effort u can read the book which I have repeatedly mentioned , breaking India. Or another good read is chanakya niti how information can be used as weapon. Meanwhile u can read some articles



    31. Which Tweet and which Sunita Krishnan? I don't know her then why I should I tweet about her? BTW, are you confusing it with that looser Kavita Krishnan? If so, then lady, watch out your words before posting here....

    32. So this damn documentary will change people of their attitude? May be in your world. Good luck and don't bother convincing me.

    33. Look at your feed. You have replied to a tweet from Sunita Krishnan. And if you don't know who she is, simply proves my point about your arrogance.

    34. It will certainly help more than banning it.

      By banning it, we have ensured that the only people who might benefit from it do not see it. The rest of the world still sees it.
      Of course, we don't like to think logically about things like that, do we?

    35. Comeon!! I am supposed to know all rape survivors of India? How many you know other than her? And by the way - is arrogance a crime?

    36. Dear Anita, having read through your comments, i do understand the high level of emotions on display and empathise with you. Just want to make a few points and then a suggestion:
      1. I do not agree that one has to actually undergo the horror personally to be able to empathise with someone. You seem to be harping on that...pls dont
      2. We as Indian's very rarely, specially in an open forum, agree to change our views even if the other sode makes sense. So pls lets stop trying to change each other's view. lets all just chew upon the views shared on this forum and then make our own conclusions and decision....btw that is the Hindu way as per Geeta (i added this just to spice up and encourage a few fence sitters to jump in :)
      3. I think the crux of what BC and Ballam are trying to say is, that all changes will come to fruitation and stay for a long time, only if they come from within (remember Raja Ram Mohan Roy?). The reason for producer of this documentary was not to transform India, because if this was the reason then there is plenty of rottin stuff in UK for her to concentrate on.
      Now to my suggestion....you mentioned (very honestly and bravely), that your own father may be holding a very negative view on rape and its cause. Why dont you try this at home...1) make him watch the documentary and then 2) have a open discussion with him on his views and then share your own views in a calm manner. I beleive there is a better chance of you spending time with him on the subject will have a better impact than him watching a documentary, which i would like to call as an attempt by "a preacher trying to convert a converted".
      Hopefully we will all hear back from you in due course on the outcome of this experiment.

    37. Mindset of society does take years to change, doesn't mean we shouldn't start now. And this case got so much attention, so much protests only because of the media attention. More media attention will surely help, not harm.

      And if you're only bothered about how outsiders see India, and not about what WE can do about OUR problems, you should be the one renouncing Indian citizenship.
      I am interested in making the country a safe place for both men (who are also rape victims) and women. Part of this is to remove the victim blaming attitude,which we are still far from.
      That, any day, is more important than political agendas.
      Being an educated person does not mean you forget humanity.

      Your first link is to an article by Meenakshi Lekhi. Someone who said we should ban the documentary because "it affects tourism".

      As if tourism is a bigger concern than rape.

      As for the second, a negative fallout, surely I agree. The solution is not to ban documentaries but to ensure that there is no cause for this misconception. And the only way to do this - social change.
      Also , is some rich student not getting admission in Germany more important than the poor labourer who may get raped for going out at 8.30 in her own country?

    38. Interesting comment Ankur
      1. It is not as if I went through the horror personally, but as a woman I have been threatened with it since I was 6. But these people seem to be dismissing a very common problem faced by hundreds, as though political agendas and world views are more important. They talk about "our nation" as if that does not include "our women".Hence my emphasis on empathy.

      2.Very frankly, I agree with you one hundred percent on this. My rather hyper response is motivated by the tone of this article and the nature of the comments on this blog, Anyone with a differing view is generally battered down.
      If you say you don't like crackers on diwali, they will call you pseudo secular.
      Since they push their point, I also push mine.

      3. BC is simply spouting whatever comes to his mouth. I agree that Ballam might be saying what you have indicated.
      But my point is, we can argue about what Udwin's real intentions are but nobody knows truly, except for Udwin. As you say, social change MUST come from within. But nobody has made such a documentary in India. There are 4 films planned on Nirbhaya which were stalled due to political reasons. So in this case, instead of bothering about who is pointing fingers at us, shouldnt we atleast address the problem

      4. If I was a filmmaker, I may choose the topic of racism in south africa. Or violence in the US. Or misogyny in China. Does that mean that these problems do not exist in India?Does that mean that other countries should ban me?
      According to me, the most likely reason Udwin picked this topic - it's a major event which no one,even from our own country, has documented fully! Simple, no ulterior motives.

      5.I agree with your methodology to deal with my dad, I might try it out. My point is, if this was on TV instead of youtube, then more people would have watched it. More people would have discussed it. And there is a chance that more opinions would have changed.

      Anyway, please do not see this as a fight, I've simply expressed my views.
      Also, I commend you on your very thoughtful response. Internet politeness is very rare(especially on blogs like this) and I've really learnt something from your approach. Peace!

    39. 1. So you agree that you did respond to her tweet.

      2. Arrogance when coupled with ignorance is definitely a crime, especially when it comes to issues like rape.

      And just to educate you, Sunitha Krishnan is an award winning activist who has done a tremendous amount for sex trafficking victims.
      Responding to her tweet with a comment like "so you learnt only from the documentary?" is insulting and downright bizzare.

    40. "BC is simply spouting whatever comes to his mouth. I agree that Ballam might be saying what you have indicated." - Really? Mam, I am a professional blogger and least I do is argue with my readers. Can refer any of my posts and see my response to my readers. I have the minimum civility to not spout whatever comes to my mouth. I appreciate differentiating view, not fight like you do.

      1. One GO-SHALA (cow shelter) with 1000 cows within will:
      a. employ more people than any other Industry occupying a similar area.
      b. Generate COOKING GAS needed for almost 800-1000 households
      c. Generate Electricity requirements of almost 500 houses.
      d. Can save the expenses on HARMFUL UREA & TOXIC PESTICIDES used on 6000 hectares of land ( i.e. about 1 million rupees)
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      Leave alone "religious", "ethical", "moral", "clinical" reasons - If at least on economical grounds, TOTAL BAN ON COW SLAUGHTER is not fully implemented in India, no power on earth can rescue India from total collapse.

    42. sir, give me a break, have you ever visited a slaughter house, have you seen the animals which are slaughtered, no cow is slaughtered since a long time, even the bulls and calves are slaughtered after obtaining a certificate issued by the village panchayath and doctors certificate that the animal is no use and it can be slaughtered, why will a cow which gives milk and the farmer is earning will sell his cow to the slaughter house.. plz do not give me that prani daya sanghas or animal shelters are doing great job, plz visit a animal shelter and see the pathetic conditions of the animal kept. i welcome the decision of Maharastra Government on banning of cow slaughter including bullocks and calves. certain things the government needs to understand by practically implementing it and i know this same government will make a U turn. a bullock which is of no use to the farmer will fetch rs. 30,000 if he sells to the slaughter house, will the government will give that much amount to the animal which is no use to the farmer. you meet me when there is drought in the state.

    43. Zikriyabhai,
      Thank you for analyzing my comment and your counter comments.
      However I differ greatly from your observations.
      You justify slaughter of animals based on their PATHETIC CONDITIONS

    44. In that case more than 40% of humans can be slaughtered considering humans are in a much more pathetic condition today.
      Please analyze, why there are in a PATHETIC CONDTION. Because of MAN. Greedy MAN. Selfish MAN.
      Man has destroyed all the FOREST WEALTH today and contaminated all the RIVERS.
      Also the GREEN REVOLUTION, the biggest fraud perpetrated on mankind using UREA, TOXIC PESTICIDES and GM has wiped out BIODIVERSITY and deprived the animals of their source of food.

    45. If Pratibha is NATIONAL SHAME, Pranab Mukherji is NATIONAL CATASTROPHE
      Both are products of the MAFIA CONTROLLED UPA - while Pratibha is a subdued figure
      You sound as if Pranab is paragon of all virtues.
      There is INCONTROVERTIBLE EVIDENCE linking Pranab in the rice export scandal with Ghana.
      Pranab is the architect of all the treaties India entered into with several Tax Havens which make repatriation of stashed black monies almost impossible.

    46. हंस: श्वेतो बक: श्वेतो को भेदो बकहंसयो: |
      नीरक्षीरविवेके तु हंस: हंसो बको बक: ||

    47. Dear Anita
      I am a woman and I don't see why this documentary is something we Indians have to see ? Pray, tell me what are you hoping to learn from the convict's sick views on why they committed the heinous crime? Will learning how his sick mind works help me come up with solutions to prevent rape ? Supposing he said, a girls roaming about after 8 pm, triggers rape thoughts in his head. The obvious conclusion would be to not come out after 8 pm and hence prevent rape, at least by this man. Other than that I don't see any conclusion coming out if listening to this criminal mind. Do help me here, if you see any.
      I have over-protective parents, what happens if they listen to this man ? They get even more protective and restrictions increase. Should it ? Isn't that letting a sick mind dictate our living?

      The Nirbhaya case itself should have rocked our societies conscience and not the documentary by anyone,

      Having said all this , you know what documentary should me made ? A documentary on the kind of people who didn't help Nirbhaya when she was thrown out on the street? These people worry me more than the criminals, they don't care when someone suffers and these are the people who make the criminals think they can get away with anything.

      P.S I haven't seen the documentary and I don't have the stomach to watch a criminal sermonizing crime on women.

    48. Nan bhashe gottidare maataadrappa, illandare kai kat, bai much!! Dhanyavadagalu.

    49. I find it funny that someone can make a judgement on a documentary without even watching it.

      1. If you watch it, you will understand that the rapist is painted as a psychopath.

      2. What is disturbing is that some of his comments such as "girls are responsible for rape" are very commonly heard in India. Im sure as a woman(if you are), you would have heard it atleast once. This is not to say that all indians are rapists, but that MANY indians indulge in victim blaming, especially if the victim is a woman.

      3. The point of watching is to express the hypocrisy of such view and to illustrate that only SICK SOCIOPATHS think that way.

      4. Im not saying that this documentary is perfect.
      But if you look at the govt's reasons for banning it (and all the views expressed by the very PATRIOTIC commentors on this blog), its all about India's honour, India's image etc. What about India's women??

    50. Professional???You mean someone PAYS you to write this stuff?


      I remember a very "professional" post of yours from 2012.


      Some great quotes from this beautiful post

      1." Since when it has become an achievement to roam around the streets half drunk and half naked? "
      “Accidents don’t just happen, they are caused”.

      Classic victim blaming. Congratulations. The second statement sounds especially familiar.....

      2."Let me not even get started on the debate surrounding someone’s comment suggesting girls to avoid wearing almost nothing clothes. I support his views since just because it is responsibility of the state to provide us healthcare it doesn’t mean we eat absolute shit from the gutter and complain when we die."

      Brilliant. Do you have some similar advice to give to the 8 yr old kids who were recently sexually assaulted in schools also?

      3."Would you prefer a Dhoble bashing you up for staying late night in a pub or getting raped brutally in a moving bus? Choice couldn't be simpler than this I guess."

      So basically you have given women have 2 choices, getting bashed up or raped. Wow!

    51. I guess you don't know what professional means. Professional doesn't mean you always write for money. And selectively quoting two paragraphs of an entire post, leaving the context is exactly what liberal frauds do. Did you understand the context or just scooped for couple of paragraphs to reproduce?

    52. Haha...maybe you should look up the meaning of professional.

      "engaged in a specified activity as one's main paid occupation rather than as an amateur."

      So you use words without knowing what they mean, tweet at people without knowing who they are.....very professional indeed!

      And judging by the angry comments on that article, looks like everyone understood the meaning of the post and its "context".

    53. How by protecting India's image and honor is working against Indian women?

      You know what mam, you are not worth debating. Can't waste more time in flimsy arguments. Gave more than enough time to you.

      Thanks for the entertainment and take care.


    54. Dear Anita, here it is...

      The horrific gangrape itself would have waken up our conscience. If it hasn't and it is apparent from your argument that it didn't in your case at least, then these crappy documentary won't. Were you sleeping till now with your conscience and suddenly woke up with your prabachans now?

      So think again before behaving as if the sole torch bearer of nation's combined conscience. As said somewhere else, I gave far more time to you personally than you deserve with your logic less arguments..

    55. Boss, you don't need to lecture a woman on waking up to rapes,understand that first. I have to deal with it anyway since it is a REALITY for me, not some topic for discussion.

      As for illogical (which is the correct term), I haven't seen YOU give a logical response to any one point. With responses like "is arrogance a crime?" you've displayed your apathy and callousness for everyone to see (which is good).

      I've had better,rational discussions with the commentors on this blog, which tells me there's some definite hope that people are not easily swayed by bad writing.

      And thanks for your "valuable" time, you did nothing but prove all my allegations that this is an insensitive one sided perspective on the issue

    56. Lol BC....I don't think I have met any "professional" bloggers who are as narrow minded, CHILDISH and unwilling to engage in discussion as you.

      For all that ballam disagreed with me, he raised valid points.
      Ankur was even better in his articulation. Mudpies here has also said a few interesting things.

      Please look to them for tips and pointers on how to carry on a discussion in a CIVIL manner and defend a position.

      As for your question, tell me, how does banning the documentary defend India's honour/image (it makes us look like Pakistan) OR help women?

    57. Dear Ballam, Ankur & Mudpies,
      Though we had differing views, I appreciate the way that all of you expressed yourself.
      Please don't see these arguments as a fight, but as an exchange of ideas.
      As this is an issue which is very personal for us all, I'm sure you'll understand why I was rather aggressive in my approach.


    58. Guess what, there is a difference between illogical and logic less. Hope you understand this :)

      Great day and take care of yourself from the rapists that BBC thinks the entire Indian population is.

      Have a great day!!

    59. But your usage is still wrong :D

      Anyway, our 7th std fight aside, please understand that I mean no serious offence. Simply arguing a point.
      Have a great day too.

    60. "please understand that I mean no serious offence" - so you mean plain offence then, not serious though ;)

      Take care and it was nice talking to you....

    61. 1. The documentary and the subsequent debates were looking to generalize a criminal's (supposedly) viewpoints as that of every Indian male. That is where the problem lies. There are many Indian men who neither behave nor talk like the accused and their lawyers. This number is much more than the likes of the accused.
      2. The attempts to break the self esteem of law obeying/ God fearing Indian/ Hindu males (who are a majority unlike the accused) has been happening since hundreds of years. Feminism, Secularism, Liberalism, Socialism and many such 'isms' have ensured this at the end of the day rather than the real purpose for which they were meant to be.

    62. 1. As I have mentioned before, please note that the documentary also features Nirbhaya's dad who is a STUNNINGLY progressive MAN. There is no generalisation. But there are still a number of men AND WOMEN who speak badly about rape victims, this documentary was aimed at them

      2. It is a knee jerk reaction to associate feminism and secularism with anti-Hindu sentiments. To do so is the anti-thesis of hinduism - remember that as hindus we are accepting of all genders(including the third) and all creatures made by God.

      3. Also can we talk about the attempts to break the self esteem of God fearing Hindu WOMEN? How many Hindu WOMEN priest do you know? Who stopped women from learning the vedas?
      It is one thing to babble about nationalist sentiments, but we also have to clean house. If more of the "god fearing hindu men" worked to remove oppression of women, we would never need this documentary,

    63. Anita "god fearing" is a more Christian ideology. Have you ever come across any Hindu teachings which have said " Fear God, He will punish you for your misdeeds " ? Hindu believe in Karma. You get punished or rewarded as per your actions without any interference of God.
      Don't just confine Rape problem to Hindus, India and for that matter males. Women have been known to molest men too.Rape happens all over the world. I